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How to Win Street Fights in the Hood - Epic Funny Prank

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Text Comments (32)
Lucas Garcia (15 days ago)
mad respect to the guy at 1:04. seem genuine and stood up for himself and freind
Sanghyun Kim (1 month ago)
Sanghyun Kim (1 month ago)
TheLegendaryChe (2 months ago)
Unrealentgaming at 1:18
Afroishere (3 months ago)
I was laughing so hard when he was like oh hell no
Niko Pleci (3 months ago)
Adrianna Poitier (5 months ago)
One of these times you're going to find someone that isn't going to run
Kman W (7 months ago)
Funniest fucking pranks I've ever seen!
오션 (8 months ago)
ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 미친 코끼리
Braydan Daychief (10 months ago)
I had the best idea ever trip them and see there faces and say this tho that's right you like it
Ruze Beats Prod. (3 years ago)
Last outro song name please? D:
MrElectricSkittles (3 years ago)
That is one of the best pranks i have ever seen
EWKification (3 years ago)
I laughed out loud.
alexc 241 (3 years ago)
Best fucking thing ever respect
Beam me up Scotty! (3 years ago)
Namikaze Minato (3 years ago)
3乃oodリ A (3 years ago)
What if its a gay dude
MarkThisWayAfter (1 month ago)
Gay people would still be confused as hell at a psycho just stripping in public tho lol
spike gaming (4 months ago)
quite literally lmao
Khalil Scarboro (5 months ago)
3乃oodリ A they would be fucked in that situation
dbcb1997 (3 years ago)
Probably one of the funniest things I have ever seen lol
islam islam (3 years ago)
А чё по русски не молвят
Zachary Potts (3 years ago)
More please more
MrEternalpk (3 years ago)
So staged
Holostyaki Com (3 years ago)
Поясните мне, русскому, что они испугались? В России чрез секунду получил бы меж ног с башмака. Шутники ))
Nish Veer (3 years ago)
Hahah have to admire your courage.
Jack Zjp (3 years ago)
very good video haha nothing more terrifying than a penis lol
Kody (3 years ago)
This just made my day
Noor Ahmad (3 years ago)
That was freaking awesome
RosieMoon (3 years ago)
Too funny
Speed Stacking Maniac (3 years ago)
Rambler 7 (3 years ago)

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