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April Blizzard in MN

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Just going for a leisure drive on April 14th, 2018
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ضياء عبد (7 days ago)
ضياء عبد (7 days ago)
ضياء عبد (7 days ago)
It'z Skullslice (7 days ago)
Minecraft server admin tutorial: SNOWMOBILE PLUGIN
It'z Skullslice (7 days ago)
This is astonishing
Koz4Christ (6 days ago)
n00b_asaurus (7 days ago)
Also I though I recognized the church around the 2:50 mark - I used to live in the apartment across the street from it!
n00b_asaurus (7 days ago)
*Category Gaming*
Koz4Christ (7 days ago)
n00b_asaurus GTA VI confirmed
TheBlackBeltPanda (7 days ago)
So tired of this mid-April winter, lol. We finally had a nice day here in NY a couple days ago but the temps quickly dropped back down. >.<
TheBlackBeltPanda (6 days ago)
Lucky. 40's and 50's here until next week. >.<
Koz4Christ (6 days ago)
Same here. Supposed to be up in the 60s this week.
Reachouts (7 days ago)
Snow in April. Here in Florida we have thunderstorms.
Ardentcrest (7 days ago)
lol with the vid speed up I went Power slide time :)
Koz4Christ (6 days ago)
maxsword8 (7 days ago)
Koz4Christ (6 days ago)
Chrisgaming66 (7 days ago)
The snow is bad in MN rn.
Woodchuck Games (7 days ago)
McMuffin (7 days ago)
you are an amazing youtuber, been watching for a while now.
Unseen Minecraft (7 days ago)
I live there too! What county?!
NecosGenesisTCG (5 days ago)
Ha! I'm North West of Minneapolis as well! Im about a 1/4 of a mile away from the twins stadium and have a nice view of downtown!
Unseen Minecraft (6 days ago)
Koz4Christ (6 days ago)
Still too young for school :)
Unseen Minecraft (6 days ago)
Southern for me! I got a 2 hour delay! Did Lil' Koz get one too?
Koz4Christ (6 days ago)
North West of Minneapolis here

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