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10 Things ONLY Stealth Gamers Will Understand

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Stealth games are the BEST. Chances are you've been playing them for years. Here are some things you might appreciate. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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A Walf (27 minutes ago)
Ahhh 7 reminds me so much of the stupid things you can pull off at night in MGSV, I just literally crawled backwards towards two enemies who were busy watching a wormhole Fulton before throwing them both on the ground
Aidan Warren (38 minutes ago)
I like in assassin creed starting all out brawls in the streets for no apparent reason
Justin A. (40 minutes ago)
As a ninja, this is too relatable.
Fenress (1 hour ago)
there is one thing that keeps happening to me.... everyone know that one level as haythem in assassin's creed 3? where you gotta save connor's mom's friends? yeah THAT FUCKING LEVEL is annoying why? because you can fail this mission without doing anything wrong they just spot you i even once finished the level but at the same time was spotted so i had to do it again
Vlad 117 (1 hour ago)
2:52 I'll let you that I won hide and seek with that trick once.
Gregory munoz (2 hours ago)
Rush in and kill everyone when noticed right here
Raees Daniels (2 hours ago)
10.always me
Papa Mason1 (2 hours ago)
FEARLESS GAMER (2 hours ago)
I love assassins creed it’s funny and the way you look cool while being stealthy
Tejas Khadke (2 hours ago)
I play FORTNITE with stealth
Ryanian (3 hours ago)
Honestly I want to recommend a channel named StealthGamerbr cuz that dude he goes in on his stealth he’s the real master I swear.
Toston (3 hours ago)
The feeling of waiting for NPC's to make their rounds so that you can either kill them or sneak past, but it takes them two years to complete their circuit, so you sit behind the same piece of cover doing nothing for that entire two year period.
sideways gaming YT (4 hours ago)
I love stealth games, I always try to kill every enemy without being detected
Bob The Pea (4 hours ago)
I'm a fan of sneaky stealth stuff. I'm also a fan of delishiously enticing clickbait. You got me. `~`
R3D PH1573R (4 hours ago)
What I love about stealth games is that you are *never* the archetypal hero of a story. You are a knave, a skullduggerer, a rake.
Clayton O (4 hours ago)
Choke points
Henkkutsu (5 hours ago)
Sorry but i dont play with xbox.
Calob Mcbee (5 hours ago)
Having the power to choose to knock some one out or snap a neck. Stealth game staple!
BEWARE-OF-SQUEEKR (5 hours ago)
Only stealth game players will understand: 2 guys stare straight at you,you:slowly puts a box on,guy1:this dude just dissapeared!guy2: what guy i dont see a guy, just a moving box, totally normal
Mr. TOPE (6 hours ago)
Haaa!!! Me??? Stealth games???....... K.. kills everyone *STEALTHLY*
Revolutionary Gaming69 (6 hours ago)
I usually look at a situation and think "can I do this stealthy?" And 8 times out of 10 I can, but those 2 times I try to have the loudest gun possible. It's fun to do for some reason
Stein Dicker (6 hours ago)
Im going stealth when Sekiro is coming out
Lukas Schulte-Vels (7 hours ago)
Soooo relatable
Lucas Gomez (7 hours ago)
In BO1 I have this class that I use where I use a ghilie suit, use a suppresed sniper rifle, combat axe, and a crossbow. Then I lie down at the edge of the map and wait for ppl to come. Its not very effective but it get me more joy than using a famas and getting a 3.00 K/D ratio
Atlas Ravenwood (7 hours ago)
2:55 Fuck that. It does! XD So many times. I have personal experience. Admittedly, not against a fortress, but against about 5 people looking for me, it works so much.
thesoulsurvivor 9X (8 hours ago)
I play battlefield and still play a little sneaky it sounds stupid but it works (multiplayer btw)
Arkon 696 (8 hours ago)
Stealth is a useful skill in most video games, especially in multiplayer with scenarios of trying to sneak past enemy teams, eliminating them, or earning more points with lesser deaths on your part as well.
Doktor Spy (9 hours ago)
Number 1 is me. No doubt.
Tyler Spinella (9 hours ago)
#4 applies to watchdogs 2 really well
DanFire Flare (9 hours ago)
I don't think I've ever done brute force when I could do stealth, and if I have it would be one or two times
a nominal (9 hours ago)
#1 that's it
BlueNight (10 hours ago)
Deus Ex or Splinter Cell Dishonored or Theif
Bluehater (10 hours ago)
What do you think of Styx: Shards of Darkness? It's really challenging and has a lot of references
Codyfireman (10 hours ago)
I love 100% completing a level with out being noticed and if it's possible try not to kill any one in a full room. It's a great challenge.
Talat Steelgleam (11 hours ago)
Spending an extra 15 minutes on a level you find interesting just looking aroumd only to execute the plan you made 30nseconds in.
HadesFlames93 !!!! (11 hours ago)
In cod I perfer the ghost sniper I find a spot hold if nobody comes in 15sec's I move I get a kill I move and repeat to make my opponent panic as they don't know if I'm right behind them or acrossed the map or in a bush or in the shadow and when I get really into it I go mic silent nothing more satisfying than that 😎
N8man 42 (11 hours ago)
*tries to be a heavy armor brute in Skyrim* *becomes light armor archer of death in Skyrim*
Demonos3 (11 hours ago)
Stealth gamers? You mean me avoiding everyone while I play my games?
John Vanvalkenburg (12 hours ago)
I do ever single one of these
Brinley W. (12 hours ago)
My brother convinced me to give fortnite a try, and so I did and I literally just snuck around the map until there were only a few players left and killed off a few. I died in 6th place and he was furious that I got that high on my first try— I CANT HELP MY SNEAKINESS
Your Mom (12 hours ago)
#10 always happens when I try to liberate an outpost in Far Cry 4
Ienzio _ (12 hours ago)
I love stealth games, I even play WarFrame as a stealth game when I'm able to and I'm definitely the person to just kill everyone once they're caught
Benjikrafter (12 hours ago)
When you have the perfect plan for a level, then right when you try to do it something seems to change and you fail majorly.
John Doe (12 hours ago)
I understand 🙂 but also love blowing shit up
maximusmech9 (12 hours ago)
I'm like Sherlock Holmes when I wait for a good opportunity to catch my opponents off guard. Especially if it's in Arkham City.
John Doe (13 hours ago)
1:27 what if I like getting caught with my pants down when I'm jerking off in public? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Shan Khaliq (13 hours ago)
Number 1 was just for me 🤣🤣 in my last PUBG game i was against team of 3 and i ended up 2nd but with handsome kills
MLG BloodDemon (13 hours ago)
It’s fun to pick pocket Guards and see them run around naked XD
MLG BloodDemon (13 hours ago)
I always go stealth on accident
CamTam456 (13 hours ago)
You just said my gaming life in a nutshell
MLG BloodDemon (13 hours ago)
My commando build on fallout 4 turned out to be a stealth sniper assassin who using all silent guns and fast melee weapons and sniping from half bar harbor away and head shooting raiders well the build when well
John Adams (13 hours ago)
dont worry i have snek: 100
RADIUM MONKEY (13 hours ago)
Corner kills are best kills
ZMan1471 (13 hours ago)
Enemy spots you < Shoots in face before they can alarm everyone< Suddenly everyone is aware of your presence anyway< Gets shot from some guy 3 miles back<
Chase Clippard (13 hours ago)
My dad and I are so different because we bond by playing shadow of mordor/war and he hates how I play cause I will wait on a rope for an hour till my enemy walks under so I can kill him
My name is Erwin (13 hours ago)
I am a stealth gamer and bought doom...
Zayne Miller (13 hours ago)
You didnt show metal gear survive, also i love being sneaky and pissing other players off in games just by hiding and traping
richboikaleb (14 hours ago)
5:43 did he have the master sword
Joys In links (14 hours ago)
I normally am stealthing in Fortnite, I also like to sneak up behind the enemies and snipe them away but I rarely get snipers so I always lose with normal guns lmao
Drunken Gamer (14 hours ago)
So glad for this post. In my cadre of gamer friends, I'm the only stealth fanatic. I felt like a bit of a gaming weirdo, but now I know I'm not alone!
The Triggered Cracker (14 hours ago)
0:39 lol I was doing that with farcry 5 until I just shot all the bad guys
Carloskingjr892 (14 hours ago)
When you hiding and the enemy somehow finds you anyway.
Deez NuGz (14 hours ago)
2coolcase5 (14 hours ago)
The feeling of walking through a giant base you just captured without ever getting spotted in Metal Gear Solid V
Gaming beast (14 hours ago)
Yea I'm the type that if I get spotted by the enemy I just blow everything up
The Forceful AX (14 hours ago)
What’s the game at 5:50?
Aeredhael Redfalen (14 hours ago)
Yep, #1 definitely sounds familiar. I'm known for taking games that are supposed to be fast paced run and gun types and playing slow and cautious stealth. Sure, you get called some unfriendly things (camper) if you don't run around constantly, but pausing for 10 or 20 seconds to listen before you crouch-walk to your next point or target is hardly the same as "camping" despite what some people think. Not that I think there's anything wrong with setting up a sniper post and busting every idiot who runs out a doorway without looking, mind you. If you call someone a camper for doing that, what you are really saying is that you are not intelligent enough to use a different approach and dislodge the sniper. A good sneak through a path behind the sniper and you can easily take them down, or sneak close enough to grenade them. And if that fails, use the smoke grenade- that's why the game devs put it in almost every FPS ever made that features sniper rifles in multiplayer.
Saeed Khan (15 hours ago)
I'm a stealth gamer
Matthew Mason (15 hours ago)
I tried to sneak in far cry 5 and it made no sense, one of the enemy looked right at me and didn’t notice that I was there
David Burgos (15 hours ago)
The second I get noticed I go guns a blazin.
Nightgore (15 hours ago)
I totally agree with everything. Especially Metal Gear Solid 5 when I get spotted, I run out with my assault rifles and go pop everyone I see
I'mShurikeN (15 hours ago)
Can someone tell me what the game at 0:43 is? Thanks!
Me: *sneaks around in a shoot everyone to win game* My friends: WTH are you doing?
Gorea Alexandru (15 hours ago)
When i get a stealth/invisibility option ,I go full ghost mode
young_buck_productions (15 hours ago)
#1 is so me lol
LightTheFuze (16 hours ago)
I am professional, trust me. *ONE MASS MURDER LATER* Minor escalation, don't worry about it.
Ezekiel Garcia (16 hours ago)
Every time I get spotted I either kill myself or restart, also if non lethal takedowns are a thing then I will restart if I accidentally kill someone.
Matthew Yee (16 hours ago)
E3 no Splinter Cell.
Animation Creation (16 hours ago)
Why did I get an add of Jacksfilms using a chrome book? 😂😂
the real assassin alpha (16 hours ago)
Me what side is fine is when I take out many people at once I just love that feeling
M.D Gaming (16 hours ago)
Stealth gamers need to whisper while playing becuase the enemy's will hear you.
VEDANT KASHYAP (16 hours ago)
Everything's true man
OMNOMNIMOOSE (16 hours ago)
batman is not what i would call anywhere as good a stealth series as hitman and metal gear
Nub Monkey (16 hours ago)
When i bought lego star wars the force awakens i yoused to sneek up on storntroopers😂😂😂
Ethan Smith/Balicki (16 hours ago)
Ark survival evolved stealth 👌🏻
Meghnath Das (17 hours ago)
I play counter strike stealthily only to get kicked for being a camper
Juniau the Queen (17 hours ago)
I wouldn't say we play like a coward necessarily, but we play smartly.
Scotty P. (17 hours ago)
#1 is totally me along with a few other items you listed like number 4. I like to think i am great at dishonored
Roland DuSon (17 hours ago)
A new suggestion for a character type: FINNESER
foxysworker (17 hours ago)
Do a far cry 5 vid it's a great game
The Mute Gamer (17 hours ago)
I just want a stealth game that doesn't punish you for being a crazed blood lust killer. It's realistic in MGSV:TPP when Snake kills so many people that his mind becomes corrupted with all that guilt, blood coats him and he can't wash it off. I just want a game where it rewards you for being a badass stealth maniac. Hotline Miami isn't really a stealthy game but you get to kill as many people as you want without a score making you look bad for killing guards. Civilians I can see being a problem but guards. Why?
foxysworker (17 hours ago)
Farcry 5 is the best game in the world
Gravewalker (17 hours ago)
It feels so good when you pull it off
Watch and See (17 hours ago)
All true about me
Lukio Robinson (17 hours ago)
Even though I play mostly fps games. I've always had a love for stealth. And the fact that I don't play stealth very often anymore, does not mean I dont love the trickery, and sneaky factor of gameplay anymore. Sometimes I'll do something so unexpected that the enemy doesn't notice. It doesn't happen all the time but when it does I feel super smart XD
BON K (17 hours ago)
I like sneaking around in the outfit of an enemy
Scott Drahos (17 hours ago)
Telling your friends to shut up cause you think the NPC will hear you
Tomb raider?
Gojin The Rage (17 hours ago)
I enjoy stealth games but I'm not good at them I start resetting then get so frustrated I Rambo it up
S_H_V_E_R L_U_N_A_T_I_C (17 hours ago)
Where is alien isolation...I guess the title isnt "horror stealth games" lol

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