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Tour the Game of Thrones Set with Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) // Omaze

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Watch Daenerys Targaryen’s behind-the-scenes tour of Game of Thrones! Spoiler: Kit Harington (Jon Snow) and Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo) may or may not make eyebrow-raising cameos. For the chance to win a trip to the GoT set in Belfast, ENTER: http://bit.ly/Emilia-Clarke-Lunch-YOU You'll hang with Emilia Clarke (“Solo: A Star Wars Story”, “Terminator Genisys”) and experience Game of Thrones season 8. Every donation supports the Royal College of Nursing Foundation. Subscribe to Omaze’s social channels for the latest updates! YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/omaze?sub_confirmation=1 Twitter: https://twitter.com/omaze Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/omazeworld About Omaze: Founded by Matt Pohlson and Ryan Cummins, Omaze is an online fundraising platform that makes giving fun and easy by offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences and exclusive merchandise in support of incredible causes. Our campaigns connect influencers, nonprofits and donors to create lasting impact, and they've raised funds and awareness for more than 200 charities with donations from over 175 countries. For more information, check out omaze.com.
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Text Comments (4655)
Omaze (2 months ago)
Who/what would you want to see on the GoT set?
SockBomb (2 days ago)
Old nan
Anika Potter (2 days ago)
Omaze Emilia Clark
one more thing.Im that guy on Facebook who sent the message of love millions.Im Otto Lehtonen and i want to talk with Emilia Clarke, because i love her
i want to see Emilia and everyone else for iam a friend to all mankind and the true king in the north :) a humble man who is with all the people of this world.My life belongs to the gods and i serve them for the good of all
Itachi Uchiha (6 days ago)
Henry-Bart (11 hours ago)
wow nice eyebrows xD
Markinpuff (1 day ago)
Imagine getting to go out with her , if only for one night. Wow.
Grace B (2 days ago)
“Closed set” “not for me” lol wtf
Bharaduaj S (2 days ago)
John snow.. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
The Gamers (2 days ago)
winter is coming
Dumbleblock 38 (2 days ago)
I am french
Priscillia Keys (3 days ago)
I would fix this
Monkey Man (3 days ago)
How can she move her eyebrows like that?
podrick fucked all he can :D
i want to see Emilia and everyone else for iam a friend to all mankind and the true king in the north :) a humble man who is with all the people of this world.My life belongs to the gods and i serve them for the good of all.
well Emilia im ready when you are :) come and see me if you love me for i love you more than anything :)
Bear-ly Andrej (4 days ago)
I don’t want it to end ;—;
zzginigzz (4 days ago)
shes just amazing isnt she
john117 mastercheif (5 days ago)
Fight with the deads in westeros then. Costume is the hint??
Danijel Umicevic (5 days ago)
She rocks
Devlin Davenport (5 days ago)
That went about as well as I thought it would.
The Batman (6 days ago)
LOL!!!!!! Kit Harington!! He still knows nothing! In the show, Emilia is the true Queen, but in real life, she is just an average Jane hahaahahahahaahaha. Apparently Emilia is still obsessed with Khal Drogo even though he died in the show and the actor joined the Justice League as Aquaman, as well as the Frontier show(Canadian Fur Trade show) and some other films/tv shows.
Ashutosh Dey (7 days ago)
That pooch is adorable
HALO SHAFER (8 days ago)
porn she did ha
Red Pills (9 days ago)
What a personality she has!
Kim (9 days ago)
Yawn. Six pack, whatever. hahaha I love emilia
Omaze (9 days ago)
Isn't she hilarious?
Cervantes (11 days ago)
Cervantes (11 days ago)
You gotta know something is wrong with me and I'm not quite sure what it is -_-
Cervantes (11 days ago)
I hope you enjoyed watching him dance.
Leon Wesker (11 days ago)
She is very sexsy^^
Bärchen [LP] (11 days ago)
dragonique Gaming (12 days ago)
Screw this piece of crap I didn’t win and I’m such a big fan of this show screw the bloody winner I’m so pissed
Daniel Micle (13 days ago)
Keus Vapour (13 days ago)
The pdf copy of the full script has been hacked. Will leak in a few hours.
Richard Joganah (13 days ago)
she is gorgoues ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤and amazing 😊😊😊
IzzyG Edits (13 days ago)
Emilia Clarke: Yawn. Six back whatever lol 😂
Ed James (13 days ago)
Those eyebrows
jbravo70 (14 days ago)
She’s hilarious!
Smegul14 (14 days ago)
Keen Desiree Gabales (14 days ago)
let's have a read, shall we? *bites lip* 😂
Dominic M. (15 days ago)
😂 omg shes so funny
Autumn Brown (16 days ago)
I know this is all a joke and everything but... we’re those 7 words she read from the script real? Cause I’m that desperate
Baulderdash (16 days ago)
I'm that lucky jerk. :D
kein spaß (17 days ago)
Did someone notice that the Sign changes from 0:34 to 0:36 ?
Leslie Begazo (17 days ago)
Quién es el perrito 🐶😍🤗?
Nikki Morris (13 days ago)
Leslie Begazo it’s Emilia’s dog
Grondunn BloodBone (17 days ago)
I don’t know why but I loved the way she walked away from the camera at 1:30.
Kamil Bolka (17 days ago)
I'm on Session 1 episond 2 :D
blakcorb375 LFS (17 days ago)
I’m only 10 years old and I have seen all of GoT and read all the books!
Hauptstadtgamer (17 days ago)
Poor Emilia
Hauptstadtgamer (12 days ago)
She wants to show us the set and she is not allowed to
Nikki Morris (13 days ago)
Hauptstadtgamer Uh, why?
Sarah Jewell (17 days ago)
She has the *best* sense of humor, I swear 😂
Ciro Falanga (17 days ago)
I want to be the dog at 3:59
stephen kamimo (17 days ago)
I love this what an intro, it is smooooking...
Pelo (17 days ago)
She is perfect
Cervantes (18 days ago)
Please stop cashing tonnes of cash. It makes me feel sick.
Nikki Morris (13 days ago)
Cervantes please stop commenting on social media.
Neil Hunter (18 days ago)
Emilia Clarke just makes me laugh so much. Id hate to meet her coz id just turn into a giggling mess.
MD.Rahim Shak (18 days ago)
Realizes fast pls we can't wait more what will happen,, and love to you M O dragon....
Oh SeHun (18 days ago)
She's very cheerful
Yahya Zouine (18 days ago)
omfg 2M views in 1 day
machinaxephos (19 days ago)
Soooooooooo when do the results come out, it said 5-8 days but it’s been like 2 weeks rip
machinaxephos (13 days ago)
Nikki Morris well it said 5-8 business days which had already been significantly passed, and I know they’ve released it now I posted that before they did
Nikki Morris (13 days ago)
machinaxephos already announced and they said it would be announced on June 7th and it was.
Schatz Jean (19 days ago)
Gorgeous and hilarious 😂😂
Diego ConceiçAo (19 days ago)
Love you❤
Abdullah Amin (19 days ago)
Please i wanna come visit
Short-cut Jocson (19 days ago)
Eyebrows! Wow!
Shir Shir (19 days ago)
i wanna see iron throne
When will the winner be found?
Eric Fartman (19 days ago)
Martin is on his way hahahsdsadafas
Adam Welsh (19 days ago)
When will the winner be announced
mrlopez2681 (19 days ago)
3:14 LMAO!! all those teen magazine-ish pin ups of Khal Drogo tho!!!!
Yahya Zouine (19 days ago)
I love herrrr
Leanna Williams (20 days ago)
omfg lmao
DailyDragon Trainer (20 days ago)
"Yawn. Six pack. Whatever. Let's go!"
blazodeolireta (20 days ago)
4:43 no electric vehicle? Way to go!
Vessy N (20 days ago)
Long live our Queen.....of fun and eyebrows!!!!
Devil may cry (20 days ago)
she barks a lot
Colin Mcgee (21 days ago)
Charity topic landscape motive re grant snow darkness.
outofscenes (21 days ago)
this video just proves again women aren't funny. Can I give like a 150.000 dislikes??
May04bwu (21 days ago)
Still waiting for the winner to be announced.
May04bwu (17 days ago)
Oh ok, thank you for the reply :)
Omaze (21 days ago)
We'll be announcing the winner very soon! We apologize for the delay.
Ash JK (21 days ago)
tere maa ki...!!
Alexandre Ximenes (22 days ago)
near to the building of titanic??
Humza Tufail (22 days ago)
I think I am in love😍😍😍😍
Epic Winz2017 (22 days ago)
Those eyebrows and the lines on her forehead would seriously annoy me.
Harrison T (22 days ago)
“Please don’t tell George” lmao
she looks really beautiful
Jason Cahillane (22 days ago)
yawn, six pack, whatever :P
mikehtv (22 days ago)
She's mad funny
tronicson (22 days ago)
i was hoping she has a Dragon on the leash.. or so.. :)
Apoorva Lundchuse (23 days ago)
Anything to get the world interested in GOT again after a one year lapse from S7 to S8
RUwatching (23 days ago)
Hahaha shes so funny
Locke Lamora (23 days ago)
Daenerys needs more of these eyebrows.
Aashish Gogna (23 days ago)
BUA Marne wali hai :'( :'( :'( !!!!
Luthien greenleave (23 days ago)
Emilia you are AMAZING!!!
AzoRonics (23 days ago)
God that was a waste of time
1.21 Gigawatts (24 days ago)
Does it make me a shitty person if I want to make love to her eyebrows???
Akande Adedolapo (24 days ago)
She is so funny 😂😂😂
ice wollow come (24 days ago)
Lol forgot to add the green screen magic
Cervantes (24 days ago)
I love you Emilia. And it really was such a pleasure the whole way. I am glad we meet. What ever happens now. I will not look back.
nora11 heggler (24 days ago)
Nick Lawson (24 days ago)
“you don’t need to see this” make me laugh so hard so much drogo
Lianna Nakashima (25 days ago)
I'd love to be friends with her
Ragen Reyes (25 days ago)
OMG my love khaleesi! so adorable and funny
TJSlinkerton69 (25 days ago)
Holy cringe!
Cervantes (25 days ago)
Please excuse me I must cleanse myself of that debacle.
SuicideBunny6 (25 days ago)
She's so adorable!

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