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NEW Game of Thrones Spin-Off Announced!!

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Let's talk about the new spin off show pilot for Game of Thrones! 💘T-SHIRTS: https://teespring.com/stores/rawrist 💘 ●SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/1yRf3uR● Support the Channel on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/rawrist ♥BIG THANK YOU TO THESE PATRONS♥: A big fan, Jerry Carrie Ashley Conkel-Porwoll https://www.etsy.com/shop/aspenandamelia Craig Mulvey PEGLEG TriangleWineCompany Peter Lorenz Brooke Geer Person Maturin Shardik BomberPidgeon The Wrath Of Ruthless Podcast Alex Adams Laurie Alberts Tiffany Shredder Ronnie South Allie Meyers Robert Cintron Laura Roberts Daisy Tillman Mary Haney Kathleen Vangola Joy Amalaos Childe Roland BornBuckeye John Cadena Lacy Adams Katie Metileos Shelly Kytos Cameron Rapoza Evan Johnson Eric Caper Alisha Smythe Alexandra Evans Susan Harper Marc Joseph aka The Snow In Winterfell KidFresh32 Sean Powell Will Kozup Kelly Faullen Ashley Ellis Alisha Frank Craig Mulvey Jared Mills Clifford Morgan John P Ibbotson Michelle Williams Nathan Effiom John Gonzalez Mike Palmerio Rebecca Hill Ada Karloi Eleanor Puckett Christiana McPhee Lizzie Henderson Adam Escaloros Harold Burns Twanna Ware-Niemi Lauren Wagstaff Chris Harris Marci Matthews Theresa Massey Walter Fletcher Timothy Johnson Marilyn Benitez Roxanne Marie Araña Sophia Curry Mia Bridges Bryan Osterhout Kathleen Cotter ◀◀ PLAYLISTS ▶▶ ✖All Game of Thrones Videos: http://bit.ly/1zpkcxZ ✖Targaryen History: http://bit.ly/1C1IlIb ✖Star Wars: https://goo.gl/gq9LBV ✖Comics: https://goo.gl/zzSZZZ ✖#Ask-A-Geek: http://bit.ly/1DNKh9C ¸¸.•*¨*•*´¨) ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) (¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ FOLLOW ME ✰MY SITE✰ https://www.myrawrist.com ✰TWITTER✰ https://www.twitter.com/rawrist ✰INSTAGRAM✰ http://www.instagram.com/rawrist ✰FACEBOOK✰ http://www.facebook.com/myrawrist ✰TUMBLR✰ http://www.rawrist.tumblr.com _ Game of Thrones Artwork: ------------------------- Love Game of Thrones artwork? Check out these amazing artists! M.Luisa Giliberti: http://www.winterfell.altervista.org/ http://www.karlaortizart.com/illustration/ http://qarlos-art.tumblr.com/ http://enife.deviantart.com/ http://martinacecilia.deviantart.com/ cmbaggs.deviantart.com http://n1k0-de51gn3r.deviantart.com/ http://mattolsonart.deviantart.com/ http://maya-chan96.deviantart.com/ http://aidinera.deviantart.com/ http://gudulett-e.deviantart.com/ gudulett-e.deviantart.com http://dahasiah.deviantart.com/ shadowhunters13.wordpress.com http://mevelan.deviantart.com/ http://die-blaue-rose.deviantart.com/ http://shn57.deviantart.com/ elia-illustration.deviantart.com dreambeing.deviantart.com http://asiulus.deviantart.com/ http://pojypojy.deviantart.com/ http://voyagehour.deviantart.com/ lyanna-targ.tumblr.com the-khaleesi-sucks-at-acting.tumblr.com asoiaf-headcanons.tumblr.com http://miguelregodon.deviantart.com/ http://underdogmike.deviantart.com/ http://silvenger.deviantart.com/ http://en.amokanet.ru/gallery/martin/ http://jordigart.blogspot.com/ http://themico.deviantart.com/ http://magali-villeneuve.blogspot.com/ http://marcsimonetti.deviantart.com/ http://gorangligovic.deviantart.com/
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Text Comments (263)
Alisha Riaz (8 days ago)
I really wanted a show on Ancient Valyria coz of all family drama, incest, beautiful people and badass dragon magic. But thats really unlikely since 3 CGI dragons are expensive af but imagine the hundreds that were in Valyria.
Dave the Rave (13 days ago)
By the time Georgie boy is finished writing ASOIAF my balls will be hitting the sides of my knees
Jordan Clark (20 days ago)
Wanted Aegon I conquest but centered on the Dornish
Eddy Lindsey (1 month ago)
how many white walkers do u think there are
Alan Hembra (1 month ago)
Screw prequels.
SneakyMosquito (1 month ago)
I’m scared HBO will steal my idea but you heard it here first-“Craster and girls” an edgy cute sitcom like Roseanne! Every episode ends with the girls going “Craster!” In a funny sarcastic voice and he shrugs and gives a wink in a cute Craster way👍🤓
soyon manlai (1 month ago)
Lann the clever will he be like Tyrion or LittleFinger?
Nick Smolinski (1 month ago)
I am a huge game of thrones fan. A spin-off is not necessary. let it go out in style.
Scott Garvey (1 month ago)
Just started watching your videos. Love your humor.
97epicman (1 month ago)
Honestly I would have preferred something else. The problem is that the Age of Heroes is supposed to be mysterious. It's not supposed to be clear whether or not Bran the Builder and other legendary figures actually existed. I liked it that way, it's part of the mythology of the story. Oh well, I guess I'll give it a chance.
1st508th Airborne (1 month ago)
Great video Rawrist. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with this. I hope this isn't the only one they make. I'd like several of the stories put to film.... Robert's Rebellion, Dance of the Dragons, Aegon's Conquest, ect... :-)
Azazel_Bree (1 month ago)
I'm confident that I could pull off being a Targaryen in whichever spin off 🤔😁
Dan N (1 month ago)
This is amazing. I don’t know what some people are upset about. The Long Night....cmon people. We will witness the birth of these houses too, I think. Wondering how they will cover all of this though...will it be like many short stories?
overload81 (1 month ago)
Hm, a show set in a time of seemingly endless darkness. While it sounds interesting i have to wonder if this would not become boring to watch after a while, being limited to shots in the dark, some more shots in the dark, interupted by shots in a torch lit hall, then followed by some more shots in the dark...
MultiMindGamer (2 months ago)
A spin-off they could make… the Andel invasion.
PJ If Ice and Fire (2 months ago)
Has potential of being a great series. Glad to know that Georgie will be advising. Concern: will there be source material material or is HBO going to make their own? And now that George has another distraction, will we EVER see Winds of Winter 😰
lillith summers (2 months ago)
I am 99% sure the last 2 books are in the done pile. GRRM is a bit of a control freak and i find it hard to imagine he would leave finishing them to anyone else. I suspect there is some agreement w/HBO to not drop them until season 8 is done or close to done. That way, each genre will receive it's share of clammer without competing with each other.
Ryan Lucis Caelum (2 months ago)
I Just Hope we get some intrigue again between the different Houses and Not Just the Fantasy Elements. Although I hoped for the Blackfyr Rebellion I am still very excited to See the Age of Heroes especially If George is involved🤔
arj1997 (2 months ago)
This is by far the best option to go with for a spinoff prequel, because it will get a lot of its influence from the last season of GoT.
Lucy Brown (2 months ago)
Azor aHYPE!
croy2032 (2 months ago)
The next one should be Dance of Dragons or Aegons Conquest
Tommy X Lourdes (2 months ago)
There should've been an anthology series focusing on different characters, eras, and stories. A great template would be American horror story.
Ayat Salim (2 months ago)
I want the first blackfyre rebelian ☹️
celter.45acp (2 months ago)
So more white walkers.....laaaaame
Sugar Magnolia (2 months ago)
I'm actually really excited. I hope they show the ancient cultures that disappeared and the cities .
Essey Next (2 months ago)
Really wanted Dance of the Dragons, but I trust in HBO to give me a good-great spin off regardless.
Rushie (2 months ago)
just means we are gonna have to wait for that show to find out the reason why season 7 will end the way it does....... I BET 10 DOLLARS ON IT
Jason Garcia (2 months ago)
Hey Rawrist will you also be doing videos about the Sci-fi show GRRM is doing the Night Flyer
John Gomez (2 months ago)
War of the ninepenny kings ( tyWIN lannister!)
fjimeno13 (2 months ago)
How about a movie about Robert's Rebellion 🤔🤔🦌🦌🦌🔨🐉❌ lol
Rhanda Lopez (2 months ago)
I would be fine if they only did the prequel and that’s it. Either way it’s more GoT content for us addicts. Lol
nathan hall (2 months ago)
If Isaac plays Bran the Builder I will shit
Brandon Guimond (2 months ago)
There won't be any spin-offs involving Dragons unless this first one is a massive hit. Even with it being Game of Thrones, HBO isn't going to give a 10+ million dollar budget per episode that it would take to CGI multiple Dragons, Direwolves, etc. HBO didn't even want to shell out the cash to have GHOST CGI'ed into GoT's the last few seasons....they certainly aren't going to shell out cash for multiple dragons fighting in a spin-off. We're likely never going to get a spin-off with Dragons unless the first spin-off proves it can earn them $$$$
Shaun McLaughlin (2 months ago)
Any new GoT show works for me. Hopefully it draws enough numbers to tell a good and fulfilling story
Michelle Kaylan (2 months ago)
Dang, I sure as shit hope it’s not all Long Night! I’m already depressed enough. Although, they could save on CGI bucks by keeping it dark
john st. baptiste (2 months ago)
I want Lan and Krakens, and I'll be a happy boy.
Hastur Nz (2 months ago)
I just wish George would man up, and admit he has no hope of ever finishing the mess of a book series he started and let spiral out of his control / abilities.
Donnie Locklear (2 months ago)
Hey, I have been trying to find out where the Three Eyed Raven came from and how Brenden Rivers became the Three Eyed Raven. Everyone else is giving me smart ass replies because they don't want to admit they don't know. Please tell me!
David MacDowell Blue (2 months ago)
I would suspect this might be more akin to the coming of the Andals. Maybe.
Dave Lastname (2 months ago)
I dunno about this, part of the reason I think the Age Of Heroes is so cool is its mystery, not knowing whats legend and whats history, bu hey it could work.
Debra Monahan (2 months ago)
Since Game of Thrones is supposedly taking place during Medieval Times or even Dark Ages this show would have to be like early Egyptians time. I believe.... maybe even the cavemen. LOL. It would be a whole new tone. I'm excited.
Christophe (2 months ago)
Prequels 🤮
franco mayer (2 months ago)
Thank god, fuck D&D
Horror Head (2 months ago)
Heres my thing...GOT is gold because the books they used were gold, without that can the writers make it as badass as GRRM? With all he’s got going on can he really write this show like he basically did for the GOT series? I mean that took YEARS and still isnt finished. Just saying, theres not near enough material from this era to use so they will b writing as they go, hopefully we will get something close to GOT quality-wise.
Lisa Hayden (2 months ago)
The Doom of Valyria would be pretty badass to see as well!
Jack B. (2 months ago)
Not Dunc and Aeg? Booooo
Rawrist (2 months ago)
It was confirmed by GRRM many months ago he doesn't want live action Dunk and Egg yet.
Phosphoros (2 months ago)
As long as the Bloodstone Emperor features, I'm sure that the show will be good enough. Though I wonder if the show will confirm the theory that Azor Ahai & the Bloodstone Emperor were one & the same especially since the rulers of the Great Empire of the Dawn as shown in one of Danerys's dreams in AGOT seems to indicate that they bore some physical resemblance to the Dragonlords of Valyria.
Roger Melius (2 months ago)
will it turn out to be like "fear the walking dead" that ruined TWD...???
Mel LF (2 months ago)
The people who are bitching about GRRM not releasing TWOW have clearly never tried to write anything of substance themselves...writing a story this deep and complex takes a lot of time and has to be mentally taxing. I'd rather have him take the time he needs to make it amazing instead of him rushing it.
William Janak (2 months ago)
I hope its a good show. And it seems that they will have every incentive to make it so. As for the Winds of Winter...I am actually we gotten as many books as we have out of Martin. Kinda expected him to die before finishing the last one. Thank you for sharing this nice little bit.
Asmo day (2 months ago)
R.I.P ur expectation for the season 8.... if they make a sequel then we wont have any answer on the whitewalker because they want us to check they new serie ....so we waited more then 8 years for answer and we wont have them before the next serie....and probably just in the end of that serie so what another 8y of waiting? lol no ty
Cristhian Vargas (2 months ago)
I feel like Jon snow will be sent to the past with ghost and he is Azor Ahsai
JCO2able (2 months ago)
I want to see a cameo of silver haired valyrian ancestors!
Minkley McMoo (2 months ago)
Meh. Prequels are dumb. Destroy any kind of tension. West of Westeros would have been far, far more interesting.
Mprator (2 months ago)
My new sigil, George literally chained to his desk, a tantalizing plate of fried chicken just out of reach.
Shop-a-Holic (2 months ago)
I really don't care for the spin off.. They fucked Games of thrones up.. It wasn't the story of the book what was told... And waiting 2 years for a season? Got better things in life to doo
Troy Martin (2 months ago)
I was hoping for something with The Night's King
Chi_Sox4ever (2 months ago)
George needs to be chained to his desk until the "Winds of Winter" is complete. How dare he have a life outside writing. All I have to say to George is "Shame, shame shame." *rings bell /sarcasm I so want to see this new series. I hope they go all out with the magic and mysticism.
randalthor741 (2 months ago)
I was hoping for something in the Dunk and Egg era, but this could be great.
Khal Excarne (2 months ago)
For the Empire!!!!!!!!!!! I would love that get a chance to see the story that the old wet nurse told oh yea
TJ Suydam (2 months ago)
I wish you did audio for all of ASOIAF
leonpride (2 months ago)
I'm going to be waiting for the winds of winter my unborn kids will be waiting for the winds of winter we're all will be waiting for winds of winter
Jon A. (2 months ago)
I was hoping for Dunk & Egg.... but i'm pretty happy with this, the books have a lot of bits and pieces about the Age of Heroes, so it's promising, i'm sure GRRM would have a boatload of notes on that stuff as well knowing him, so it's not like they'd be working from scratch. I'm wondering what kind of show they'll cobble together though.... I'm gonna make a prediction, i think the premise and structure of the prequel will essentially be "Vikings" meets "Quantum Leap." and "Tales of the Cryptkeeper" Having survived the second "Long Night" Bran will be entombed inside of an ancient weirwood slowly rotting away to bone as the tree devours him spending his time recounting stories to his attendees (crypt-keeper style), maybe they're some children of the forest or maybe even just maesters, doesn't really matter; Every story-arc is Bran using the weirwood to view the past (quantum leap style) and tell the history of heroes/events. Which I'm betting will just have a Vikings(Thenn in this case) vibe too them mostly, but that'd be for the Westerosi/First men & Andals. It'd be cool to see other stuff as well though, i'd like to see an episode or two about the emperors from the east, the bloodstone emperor i think one was called? I imagine that as a lot more traditionally oriental, long silk robes, fu-manchu beards, classical chinese styled weaponry and military tactics, etc. but with space-magic! lol
leonpride (2 months ago)
I can't fucking believe they went with this my money was on Targaryens TheBattProductions money was on Targaryens I can't believe it
Sennie Kerby (2 months ago)
george . he doesn't ever disappoint us just makes us wait to want it more
D'Arcy Jousset (2 months ago)
They have a wonderful world with a rich history already. So much they can flush out into different series. I hope they don’t do more then one at a time though. If anything do it so that one airs in the others off season.
aqueen04 (2 months ago)
Color me intrigued! I'm there with popcorn! *dances* And who knows, maybe they'll do other spinoffs in the years to come, maybe just one at a time or something.
the fatimagic (2 months ago)
as a non-book reader, i'll be forever disappointed that we aren't getting robert's rebellion, but this prequel sounds pretty cool. i mean, honestly, it could have been anything now that i know we'll have a female showrunner and david and dan won't be anywhere near it, and i would have been happy. seriously, fuck d&d.
marshall hunt (2 months ago)
What if the others didnt lose but left
Daisy Kowalczykowski (2 months ago)
waiting for season 8 while trying to avoid pictures and spoilers is already a long dark night of sorts.. it just got longer. can't fucking wait I'm so psyched. 💕😢
Rei 89 (2 months ago)
If Rawrist made ASOIAF audio books I would totally buy as much as I could afford
Viserion Targaryen (2 months ago)
So we will get House Targaryen of Valyria? YES PLEASE
Wolf Girl Night (2 months ago)
I want to see ice spiders!
magister343 (2 months ago)
I like having a prequel based on this premise, but I would still like to she another spinoff set in the time of Nymeria, showing Valyria at its height in their war with the Rhoynar and the voyage their princess took through Sothyros, Naath, and the Summer Isles before joining with Morss Martell to unite Dorne.
joyfulf33 (2 months ago)
More GoT is always a good thing!
Spök Raket (2 months ago)
Im still hoping for a modern version got... sci-fi-ish
Laura De Groote (2 months ago)
I want dragons!
Spök Raket (2 months ago)
So will... bran appear in the new show?
TraciPeteyforlife (2 months ago)
Well it's going to be very interesting, to see the start of the truths behind the legends. Maesters won't able to lie there way out of this. Calling the body count is huge. Do not get invested into anyone! Everyone's going to die!...............one thing that confuses me however. How the hell did anything live during the long night?
Melinda S (2 months ago)
This is gonna be awesome!!
ChristheMad (2 months ago)
I don't really care anymore about the last two books quite frankly. I started reading ASOIAF 20 years ago, I just want an end already. So, when season 8 airs in 2019, I'll be done (no matter how it turns out). My own personal bittersweet ending...
The Alpha Nerd (2 months ago)
I don’t think I’ve ever seen you look so happy and excited.
Mark Housel (2 months ago)
I thing this is sad. The current stoy is about the current long night. Wish it were the conquest, dance of dragons...something else.
TheRonster9319 (2 months ago)
To be honest I was hoping for something during the Targaryen dynasty like a mini series based around The Dance of Dragons or something but I'm still pretty damn excited for this!
Dan's Factory (2 months ago)
Oooo sounds like we might be getting the Long Night! Or about the black forts in the east!?
TheDarrenizer (2 months ago)
Frank Lord (2 months ago)
Kinda disapointed, what makes the age of hero so great is how its really a mystery and what we do know has been mythicized over the years. Showing exactly what happened might ruin that.
Joseph Seger (2 months ago)
This is gunnabe so fuckin epic
Cesar Geney (2 months ago)
tell me you dont say that. tell me you dont think that fat fuck should enslave himself to the desk and finnish those god danm books. sure have a nap, eat something, have a stroll. but write motherfucker, write
Victor Alferez III (2 months ago)
The fact of the long night lasted a generation where men were born and grew to manhood and died without ever seen the sun is what makes it so terrifying.
Peglegpete 1 (2 months ago)
Let's trade. I will clean your house [despite my allergy to Sansa & Daeny] do the laundry, and cook you enough good meals to last the next week. All you have to do is trim all of the cactus' in my front yard.
Peglegpete 1 (2 months ago)
Long Nights are great for you & all the other Gingers. No sun to burn you.
is that what empty means (2 months ago)
Poor Dan and Dave, they thought Game of Thrones fans were temperamental. Wait til they go to a galaxy far, far, away.
Adam Ethridge (2 months ago)
Eh the book comes when it comes
Mazze Whiteley (2 months ago)
The only downfall of this is that there are no Targaryens or dragons 😢
Chris19W ;P (2 months ago)
I hope we get to see the Golden Empire of the Dawn.
Harrie V (2 months ago)
Hi think they're gonna fuck it up, I think the tech and clothing is gonna be the same as GoT eventhough its thousands of years earlier.. I pray to the old gods they can let go of the look and feel of GoT
joesoly1234 (2 months ago)
I kinda don't like this idea. I like the fact that we don't really know how it all happened.
m7medx502 (2 months ago)
Thank God D&D won't make the new show!!
Mariah Sinclair (2 months ago)
I cannot wait for someone to say "The night is dark and full of terrors."

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