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The Adventures of Jon Snow - Game of Thrones (Season 6)

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If these assholes can post unreleased episode material. HBO sure as hell should let me post this. Okay here we go the fourth attempt at Season 6 of Jon Snow. Played by Kitt Harrington
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KaL M (6 months ago)
You gonna make a part 7 soon?
Irene Tan (16 days ago)
ang ganda...lalo pang pinaganda...can't wait another season...
gasmask_creations (16 days ago)
+Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 thanks for your hard work im able to recap important details because of it man.
nj the best (3 months ago)
edd ed (3 months ago)
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 just subscribed at your second chanel.. Keep up the good work 😁
Don Best (3 months ago)
Game of thrones season 7
Wayne McLeod (12 minutes ago)
"Good....now go fail again!"
Craig Young (1 day ago)
This Ramsey fella seem like a real jerk.
gammkrab (7 days ago)
Hte logics of starting wars to kill tens of thousands in a minimal chance to save a random highborn son/daughter etc.
michele galderisi (9 days ago)
Why Rickon didn't zigzag?!
LastCynicStanding (10 days ago)
Jon Snow can always be counted on..... to do the dumbest thing possible in every situation.
Will R (10 days ago)
you got great music taste. Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin a couple videos before this!
Michael Kim (10 days ago)
Remember Tywin said true king doesn't have to say he is king? This is how you become a king.
Andy Soter (10 days ago)
Run in a zigzag you spaco xD
Carlos Zarate (10 days ago)
Rickon annoys me, who runs at a straight line from an archer as a stark he should have known better... And Bolton is a savage but he is so good at torture.
nickgreu4ever (10 days ago)
I laughed my ass off when i saw ''LAZARUS'' :P
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (10 days ago)
few people get that one :)
TDONLEY91 (11 days ago)
i was yelling run zig zag at rickon as he is getting shot at!
DoNot my Donut (12 days ago)
AWWWW sansa and jon he always cared about his sisters
MassDynamic (12 days ago)
boy, was Ygritte right. the guy's clueless!
FPS Dovah (14 days ago)
I wanted Jon to say your just as much a bastard as I am bastard
FPS Dovah (14 days ago)
I just realised Sansa rode off before Ramsay said he hadn’t fed his dogs in 7 days... how does she know that when she feeds them him.
Major Media freak (14 days ago)
That was fantastic. Thank you for making this video. It was well edited, I’m a fan and a new subscriber!
MCP/ChronicBuzz (14 days ago)
"throw them in the cells where they belong!" how about "throw them off the wall just for my own amusement!" instead?^^
Mighty Warrior (15 days ago)
Sonika Khajooria (15 days ago)
All the seasons of these movies are interested my favorite movie
Sonika Khajooria (15 days ago)
Shivster28 (15 days ago)
Why did Ramsey choose to shoot the giant and not Jon when he had the chance. Neither of them were looking at him he could easily have killed Jon.
Pat O (15 days ago)
In a show replete with really messed up things happening to various characters, the youngest Stark getting literally shafted like that might be one of the more heartbreaking moments.
yungtaco (18 days ago)
yungtaco (18 days ago)
every one of these vids gets more potato
WOW_THERE #FOKI (18 days ago)
15:55 her magic doesn't fucking work 😂
Purple Guy (19 days ago)
55:55 “What? I didn’t say stop?”
Salman Khan (19 days ago)
Oh my GOD ,from 29:00 to 31:40 these two minutes and forty seconds are Amazing ...
DemiT (20 days ago)
rickon cant do zig zag
امير الروح (20 days ago)
من فظلكم جاي اواجه مشكله بمشاهده مجاي. تتناسب الاجزاء ممكن حل😢
WhatTheFucckk (20 days ago)
Jonny "fucking" Snow. Still knows nothing.
john doe (22 days ago)
Melisandre is so fuckin sexy
kommisar (24 days ago)
The last scene still gives me chills when Lord Manderly and Glover apologize and pledge their allegiance, and the entire room is chanting, "The King in the North!" especially with the music in the background. Easily one of the best and emotional scenes in the entire season, perhaps even series.
Jeff Bell (24 days ago)
What's the song/music at the end of the video?
Katallylos (29 days ago)
Thanks for these edits...it really makes it the whole story line of the show more transparent and I like how it is possible to compare characters with each other....like Jon and Tyrion - not wanted bastards who ended up to be the most important characters in the show
Garry Cotton (29 days ago)
21:20 - First time you hear that musical cue for Jon that plays frequently in S7 when he's with Dany, awesome looking back how these little touches are slowly introduced.
Lauratou B (1 month ago)
I've always hated that Rikon ran in a straight line.
Sheketo Shentazu (1 month ago)
still wondering how 100,000 became 3,000-
lisa gaye (1 month ago)
Thank you for all the hard work you put into these videos we greatly appreciate it my thanks to mr. Martin for sharing his imagination with us I love & appreciate you both!
lisa gaye (1 month ago)
This reminds me of a time when real man stood for their beliefs and kept their word. There are so few men like that nowadays so few people who even understand the importance of keeping your word.
Hey, you done, a really good job...😉
C Fogg (1 month ago)
i still dont understand they only hung 4 there was atleast 6 or 7 that stabbed him
byindani (1 month ago)
Sir Davos- “ Does the wolf know ya?” Ed- “Like... in a biblical sense?”
Nate (1 month ago)
"Don't knock it down while I'm gone.". *1 season later* Night King: Heya!
Parth Chaudhari (1 month ago)
Kya uske sab ke sab part net par he
Parth Chaudhari (1 month ago)
Yee film ke 10 part dekhe he hammered
Parth Chaudhari (1 month ago)
Iske dusre part bhi rakho
Abel Salazar (1 month ago)
48:04 Jon, ajem, I mean, Aegon sure is thinking "When am I going to get ready to fight the Night's King, oh yeah, this is practice, I guess".
Luke Saleem (1 month ago)
Find you a man the way tormund looks at brienne
Pamela Miller (1 month ago)
Thank you Ser Blackfyre!
William Smith (1 month ago)
Fantastic compilation, thank you so much! Is it just me that wishes they lightened things up a bit though, especially at Castle Black, put some more torches up or something? I get that winter has come and it's atmospheric, but does that mean it has to be permanently 9pm or 2am? Some of the scenes the acting gets lost in the darkness.
keto3883 (1 month ago)
dany melts the snow away and reveals the name written under the snow :-O
Berzerk Berezza Studios (2 months ago)
He died, so his vows are finished.
Ashburn (2 months ago)
Tormound must be like, "We do not kneel" when they all shouted "The King in the North!"
Rico 6 West (2 months ago)
listen from 24:05 - 24:52 what do you guys think about that?...
Frank (2 months ago)
Daemon, you really know how to make my nights! There are not enough words to tell you how grated I am that you take so much of your time uploading these episodes . Your dedication in making those addicted to this show like me more than satisfied! is so super awesome. I often wondered how the writers would play Jon Snow's character out. Thanks to you I now know "Jon Snow" has deservedly become king... I am truly beyond exhilarated at this moment....All thanks to you!! You are appreciated my friend!!!
B A R C O D E (3 months ago)
Love how this is set up. Nobody else on youtube has it. Really appreciate it. Waiting for the next installment for sure.
1.618 0339887 (3 months ago)
What's the story behind the giants?
1.618 0339887 (3 months ago)
I had heard that their lines predate the first men. I don't know if I heard that wrong.
Zohar Uzuki (3 months ago)
53:33 "hm I have two options here, I could put him on my horse and have my men take him to the red bitch to try and bring him back, or I could pretend I don't know anything about all of that and just rush at the army for no reason at all"
Ran Nevermore (3 months ago)
A king, appointed by destiny and chosen by people.
Ran Nevermore (3 months ago)
Oh man I wish capes never went out of fashion.
Noah Hastings (3 months ago)
Truly, all those who have wielded LongClaw were worthy of the blade
diepaddler 299 (3 months ago)
The film: Jon Snow
Olav (3 months ago)
Rickon should have zig zagged
james keegan (3 months ago)
How can you not include the battle? Geeze the best part of season 6 and you go from dead brother to dead giant.
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (3 months ago)
I know wtf.lol
Jon McCloud (3 months ago)
To the 2nd guys last words: No I will not tell your mother you died fighting the wildlings I will tell her you broke your Oath and murdered your Lord Commander. You lived without Honor so that’s why you got sent to the wall the first place now you will die at the wall without honor
Pippa robinson (3 months ago)
Lyanna mormont can basically have whatever the fuck she wants now, Jon fucking owes her
james moreton (3 months ago)
How’s it going with the next part?
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (3 months ago)
That whole scene with Rickon I was screaming “ZIGZAG RICKON! YOU NEED TO RUN IN A ZIGZAG”!
domingo Togiram (3 months ago)
shah znin (3 months ago)
ممكن رابط حلقات الموسم الاول
endworldkrawky600 (3 months ago)
Steve Hammond (3 months ago)
Once again , Thank You.
Issac Boonyakieat (3 months ago)
jon snow and sansa should have been together. >:)
Mr. Wick (3 months ago)
А на руском дудки языке.
Peter Senior (4 months ago)
The second arrow never landed
Akinlolu Oderinde (4 months ago)
Tormund et Brienne just never gets old 32:30 - 33:30; 40:45 - 40:55
CH4L4H4Z4N (4 months ago)
i wish this was 1080p
Snydpython 16 (4 months ago)
Why would u skip the entire battle scene?
Vernillion (4 months ago)
i hate Sansa, i really do
Roger Lee (4 months ago)
why would you run straight? arrow cannot change direction once they are fired.
Krehlmar (4 months ago)
For being a show that has so much naked- and gory scenes, it really weirds me out how they just put fake blood on Ramsey, and in no way put fake skin or such on him. As in, if you beat someone in the face, especially with a gloved hand, that much, you'll tear their flesh. You'll rip out the soft cheeks as they smash against the teeth, and with enough force even the teeth and jaw will be malplaced. This isn't that hard for makeup-artists to do, so why didn't they?... Why in this case did they just cake some b-grade fakeblood on him and call it a day.
N. A. Owen (4 months ago)
The parallel's between Old /New Testament Biblical events and GOT is subtle yet consistent....
Corrupt Blood (4 months ago)
am i the only one who just realized tht when the red women was cleaning all the blood off Jon that it was all kings blood
Ken Sharki (4 months ago)
love watching these videos over and over. Thanks
omar oñate novoa (4 months ago)
No sean cagaos....ponganle sub-titulos si quieren manito.chao
MrWooaa (4 months ago)
43:00 Glad to see that Tormund's negotiating skills have improved beyond "Beat a man to death with is own stick"
imfromtambunan (4 months ago)
Sooner Admirer (4 months ago)
What would they have done if they had realized he can't burn?
Isis Miller (4 months ago)
The best shot of Jon standing as the Cavalry charges in was not here :(
Aldecir Silva santos (4 months ago)
Cenna muito boa
mark butil (4 months ago)
this is one of my favorite part "the king of the north" jon snow.
Lets Watch Anime!! (4 months ago)
I like how Ramsay keeps calling Jon a bastard. Irony at its finest.
Adam C. (5 months ago)
Jon Snow avenged the red wedding. He is the White Wolf! 🐺
Ryan Christopher (5 months ago)
I wish the talk with Lyanna Mormont was included. And the whole battle between the Starks and the Boltons.
Ryan Christopher (5 months ago)
Oh Okay, I understand, sorry about being another person badgering you about it.
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (5 months ago)
Michael Schultz (5 months ago)
Where is Season 7 of Jon Snow?!!!!
Jason Rojas (5 months ago)
Best opening music ever!
Ric Dweld (5 months ago)
I never did like that little fucker Ollie im glad he got hung
Fenrir World-Eater (5 months ago)
it might just be clever writing , but another hint towards Jon, Being the great other rather than azorahia , when they are about to hang Sir Alestor and he makes this comment to Jon " i fought, i lost, now i rest. But you, you will be fighting their battles forever...
Michael Gagliardi (5 months ago)
Anytime and every time I hear Lord Glover say "The King in the North!!!" I get chills. Thanks for an awesome video Daemon...again.

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