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How To Make CLAY from DIRT

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Get a luxury Casper Mattress and check out with the promo code thekingofrandom for $50 off (#ad): https://goo.gl/HJWUAk In this video we're taking dirt and turning it into moldable clay for crafting and pottery. Credit to Primitive Technology: Tiled Roof Hut: https://goo.gl/pXYRSA Forge Blower: https://goo.gl/UTkRhX Termite Clay Kiln & Pottery: https://goo.gl/h1Pgs3 Thatched Dome Hut: https://goo.gl/DVt2Uu Subscribe & “Ring the Bell”: https://goo.gl/618xWm See What Else I’m Up To: Instagram: https://goo.gl/C0Q1YU Facebook: https://goo.gl/mQbwtK Pinterest: https://goo.gl/Gbffq4 FTC Disclaimer: This video was sponsored by Casper.com Business Inquiries: For business and sponsorship inquiries please contact us directly: https://goo.gl/Z2L6yM Music by: Niklas Ahlström - "Lights Out Work Out 3" Music From Epidemic Sound: https://goo.gl/jlJWJO WARNING: This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK. ✌️👑 RANDOM NATION: TRANSLATE this video and you'll GET CREDIT! Click Here: https://goo.gl/rLuwwG Want credit TRANSLATING other videos? Click Here to see where else you can contribute: https://goo.gl/Dmpwbq THANK YOU!! ✌️👑
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Text Comments (16147)
mason Perhach (2 hours ago)
Put cement in the vacuum chamber. (Last name pronouncing Pear-hotch)
Jack Ahah (2 hours ago)
1:34 I see what you did theare
MarcusTube Gaming (3 hours ago)
Or what if you just used mud
Thee Canary (4 hours ago)
What if dirt ITSELF is not dirty... but when it comes in contact with other things, THAT gets dirty. DUNDUNDUN
Norma Cox (8 hours ago)
You're doing this in the kitchen and your wife lets you????? all the sand and clay filling up the sink trap?? But you probably know how to clean it out.
i can make clay *goes on little alchemy*
Danny Plessas (9 hours ago)
That sounds like minecraft.
RippedEmu 772 (11 hours ago)
Why would you not have paper towels?
Helena Simic (11 hours ago)
I dont see any twigs or rocks
Eduardo Pulido (11 hours ago)
Why u make it so hard
CubsFan0918 (12 hours ago)
Casper is my dogs name
40% of that clay is gone
Dr. W.D. Gaster (20 hours ago)
Can u color it?
Andrei Voinea (1 day ago)
*watch 17 min to make clay...* Next day Went to store and buy clays... I won
docter_sans Sans (1 day ago)
Am I the only one that would drink i without thinking twice
PandaIsMahName 0 (1 day ago)
It’s cool and it definitely works, but it takes up a LOT of time for just a handful of Clay. Besides, you might not even have most of the items to make the clay itself. Cool vid though, and if I had to make this I definitely would try it, and it might make something useful.
Icecream Snek (1 day ago)
I don't even sculpt.
Angela Gamino (1 day ago)
So dirt is dirty??
"Its very dirty" Well... it's dirt.....
Diamond Drivetrain (1 day ago)
6:16 umm, very small box? Maybe for a mattress...
Joseph Harker (1 day ago)
>not sleeping on the floor
Michelle W (1 day ago)
You might have clay at the end of the demonstration but I can hear the wife now, "You rinsed the strainer in the sink??" The stuff in that strainer isn't all biodegradable!
Team 6 (1 day ago)
Can it work with pond clay
Beast_Boy_ M55 (1 day ago)
Shake it sh-shake it
Beast_Boy_ M55 (1 day ago)
3:56 as well
Beast_Boy_ M55 (1 day ago)
And 2:45 😹😹😹😹
VoidBreaker (1 day ago)
Casper vs Purple?
Master Burner YT (1 day ago)
Godd Life (1 day ago)
shahmeen ZAIDi (1 day ago)
who else watched this and didnt even do it😂
Soviet Pooh Bear (1 day ago)
Am I the only person who finds it disgusting that he hops on his bed with his shoes on?
Catser Fredrick (1 day ago)
Here in virginia, all you have to do to get clay is dig a half foot under the ground and voila, clay
sugneA (1 day ago)
8:06 make sure to tell everyone it’s not an ice coffee
WildFire Gaming (1 day ago)
anybody watching this in 2018? like if you agree
weekly gacha (1 day ago)
when you said 'vigorously i was like, hey, thats one of my spelling words! :0'
Square Crafts (2 days ago)
he turned a bucket of mud into a lump of clay. i turned a bucket of mud into a lump of mud....secret must have been in the mattress commercial i skipped
Adgerlina Sneed (2 days ago)
KK M (2 days ago)
his DIRTY shoes are on the mattress!
Bob McCabe (2 days ago)
But peterhead doesn’t have rivers.
Truth & Justice (2 days ago)
Why don't you use a turkey baster.
Ryuu_Kun _Art (2 days ago)
What if i cant go near a river can i use dirt in my backyard
Juan Carlos (2 days ago)
that’s how africans make NESQUIK and PLAY DOH
Arod Via (2 days ago)
I each it to
CaseyCo (2 days ago)
This dirt isn't clean its dirty That's why its called dirt XD
Volntyr (2 days ago)
can you use normal dirt?/?/?
Donna Cheek (2 days ago)
Money Turtle (2 days ago)
Why is it that this guy always compares things you shouldn't eat to food
Aarani roblox (2 days ago)
Shiv G (2 days ago)
so dirty... i mean clay -eee
Germain Rodriguez (2 days ago)
I want that Casper mattress!
Growterz A (2 days ago)
Filtration or titration
Heather Murphy (2 days ago)
Was he talking about a mattress
WePurpleTaekook (2 days ago)
How'd I get here? I was watching a taekook analysis then now I'm watching a grown man practically clean dirt... Um?
ayan soomro (2 days ago)
I wana buy tkor shirt
Xso (2 days ago)
I do it and i let it sit in a bucket for 17 houres and as i pold the water away and it start to be hart as i put it in the towl
Loser Baby (3 days ago)
Why do you want clay?
Стас Береза (3 days ago)
Давай познакомимся
Justin SEAGULL (3 days ago)
This is what I call _organic slime_ 😂
Deathslash 258 (3 days ago)
I will definitely try this because i LOVE clay and i'm in ceramics...so yeah
Mørk _ (3 days ago)
How To Make ICE from WATER
Bart Simspson (3 days ago)
15:30 thank me now
Trish (3 days ago)
Sponge woulda been easier
Pupzilla 228 (3 days ago)
ItS A little bit dirty what do u think it'z dirt
Lockie Dockie (3 days ago)
It feels like a phone
Anthony Cruz (4 days ago)
12:57 okay
Mahesh Kumar (4 days ago)
Can you please put floral foam in your vacuum chamber
Sea master (4 days ago)
Refeat (4 days ago)
Me and my friends used to make and dry clay together in the sun, we had easy access to it because my grandpa drill water wells so when ever he had reached clay we would collect some and mold it and dry it in the sun!
TheCherryOnTop (4 days ago)
*Problem Michael’s?*
Purple Cat City (4 days ago)
he Cleaned Dirt.
CS:GO combat surf (4 days ago)
12:49 look like hulk ate too much taccos
Moosh (4 days ago)
"its very dirty", well thats because it's DIRT.
MLG SAVAGE THEO (4 days ago)
Roman Atwood?!?!?
FitmoGamingMc (4 days ago)
Real clay not the one where it has a gray color and is hard I WANT THAT CLAY xD
Firas Ashak (4 days ago)
i saw a condom
Suleiman (4 days ago)
Can I do this with sand because that’s all I have near me
Ducks And more ducks (3 days ago)
You can make glass
alice elvo (4 days ago)
no actually i also know him
Derrick Setropawiro (4 days ago)
I love primitive tech 😍😍
Joseph Wertich (5 days ago)
CaN YoU mAkE a PiPe tHoUgh
Karen Mullen (5 days ago)
Dude you could have just said baby diaper instead of runny diarrhea while you stuck your hand in it and rubbed it around
So question. In the middle of the outback, where you find the water faucet? Really I need help, do they grow naturally in the america's.
MyIgn_ (5 days ago)
"In the wild you probly dont have clamps", WE DONT HAVE BUCKETS OR GLASSES OR TOWELS ETHIER
MyIgn_ (5 days ago)
This is nt how he makes clay it take like 20 min for him
Edgar Coverzz (5 days ago)
12:57 isn't all diarrhea runny?
Canadian Mapping (5 days ago)
Yay you crated me
Kristy Frey (5 days ago)
So cool
JewelGaming (5 days ago)
1:28 It's dirt what do you expect?!
My Art Days (5 days ago)
my local river is in my backyard and it is apart of the Mississippi river lol :P
ツAcidicAli777 (5 days ago)
Welp I’m gonna eat some clay today :D
Everything kid (5 days ago)
Hey, I live in Canada
TrainBoyGaming 1983 (5 days ago)
Have you ever slept on the purple mattress
Will Conrad (5 days ago)
When is dirt not super dirty?
Awesome Dragonz (5 days ago)
5:22 to 7:45 I’m I the only one that feels like it’s a commercial?
IHTHISHA M (5 days ago)
97 k dislikes !!!!😳
Gacha Donutts (5 days ago)
I thought it would be a little easier to do that clay... 😅
urbane mess (5 days ago)
Out in the bush
Ryan Bradshaw (6 days ago)
Primertive technology is my teacher cousin
Teri Cohen (6 days ago)
That is so cool I like that
Cheetos Dog (6 days ago)
10:32 the poor towel XD
Corey Bates (6 days ago)
How is dirty gravel “very cool” 😂
natzu wynter (6 days ago)
i don't understand English well.. i just have 1 question.. should i use the casper mattress to dry the clay?

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