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The Complete History and Lore of Moira

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The Complete History and Lore of Moira. We continue our series of Complete History and Lore of Overwatch videos, this time with the morally ambiguous support hero: Moira 🔔 Subscribe to TGN for daily video game videos: http://bit.ly/1KJq3G2 🔔 We love making gaming videos and we can only do it with your support. ⭐️ Donate through Super Chat by clicking the 💲 icon during livestreams Voiced by Jonathan Moxness Written by Jeffrey Harris Edited by Pedro "Fgeitas" Thumbnail by Nancy Teeple Music by Epidemic Sound http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Text Comments (200)
이영주 (20 days ago)
DGB218 :/ (25 days ago)
Do Brigitte
Tyler Church (29 days ago)
@TGN, do mercy
Vault Dweller (1 month ago)
I wonder when Moira joined Talon. Was she already in Talon while she was with Overwatch and Blackwatch? Blizzard really needs to start giving us more lore. There’s so much to explore here.
*science will reveal the truth*
Sam Kelly (1 month ago)
I’m Irish and when I heard her voice I immediately said she’s Irish and support heroes are my favorite type of heroes
Mezing (5 days ago)
Same here, I also live near to a place named Moira.
Luke Davies (2 months ago)
Moira's scars are not scars, they follow her veins and alow for the distribution of the health she absorbs
Toa Arania (2 months ago)
0:12 "Morally ambiguous" Don't you mean "*MOIRALLY* ambiguous"
Sensei Iron (2 months ago)
What an interesting hypothesis
snowman 1 (2 months ago)
Why does Moira still looks young?
Carlos Penna (1 month ago)
snowman 1 she mastered genetic manipulation , so she could stop aging process
Yusuf Gazi (2 months ago)
Moira's sick
Glitch guyzero (2 months ago)
She or he
Survivoreborn (2 months ago)
Little of her youth is revealed because she is transgender
Aim Fire (3 months ago)
pls lore of dva
Golden Dragon Gaming (3 months ago)
Moira is the best to get most kills I got 13 kills with her on quick play
Kurk Kobee Arana (3 months ago)
I have one question, does she had a connection to mercy
SphinxTechGT (3 months ago)
I like Moira she sucks life juice from people and sprays it on people
a1Abs.28 (3 months ago)
The shot at 4:55 gave me chills as I have trypophobia
Shattered Reaper (4 months ago)
Pro 7 (4 months ago)
So Reyes shouldn’t have had his moves during retribution but I wraithed hundreds of times . . .
DZalva14 (4 months ago)
I think I got it! Gabriel was experimented on before Retribution (which would explain his wraith-like powers in his human form during the event), but the fight with Jack and the explosion damaged his body, maybe even Moira couldn't fix it, that's why he goes by Reaper! That's why he says it's Jack's fault to Ana when she takes off his mask. (well, that's my theory anyway) :)
Too bad this was released less than a month before the retribution event
BASED HITLER SWAG (5 months ago)
Just more proof that science is bad! #flatearth
kenzie (5 months ago)
Love her ❤️
Timothy Davis (5 months ago)
Seeing as Moira practically turned Gabriel into Reaper, I’m surprised the two of them aren’t as heavily shipped together as other pairings are.
Sophia Astatine (5 months ago)
While I personally agree with Moira's philosophy, she should've gone for physics over biology. Biology might as well be a pseudo science at this point.
Carlos Penna (1 month ago)
Sophia Astatine Biology has too many moral limits to be fully pursued... That’s why i prefer physics/Quantum physics over biology even tho biology looks more appealing for me
SpiderKrabVlogs (5 months ago)
4:27 “coalesced well” eehhehehehehehehehehehhee
Please do mercy
Voncloud (5 months ago)
"What an interesting hypothesis"
arachnophilegrrl (5 months ago)
Morally “ambivalent?”
Wanda Melm (5 months ago)
Galaxy Pancakes (5 months ago)
When I started playing overwatch (not a long time ago) I legit thought that Moira was the dementor of overwatch because of the ball of life sucking death Shs shoots out of her hands loll
Dimitrije Jovanovic (5 months ago)
A textbook example of scientism.
Pusheen Lol (5 months ago)
Yay I’m from Dublin ireland
AnytimeMinutes (5 months ago)
O'Deorain is Oh-deh-rayn. Meaning descendant of the exile.
I love my kookie (6 months ago)
This video is good,but now do mercy!!!!!
mooseyluke (6 months ago)
I love how she's technically a bad guy, but not in the way that people normally perceive them. He ultimate goal is rapid, unhindered scientific advancement, which could be seen as noble from a certain point of view. Common morality is the only thing stopping her, a concept that always seems to change from generation to generation
yellow_X (11 days ago)
Ya, she's quite a complicated character.
XxSparkXx6 reynolds (6 months ago)
Is I True that he made a sombra one
Alexandre Guerreiro (6 months ago)
Can you do one for Zenyatta
Mockett Lily (6 months ago)
Nettle (6 months ago)
Moira? You mean David Bowie right?
oh jheez (2 months ago)
oh yeah yeah
Rob Wilf (6 months ago)
Do history of Zennyatta
therealsamtheman (6 months ago)
Why would you make this now, it's specualted that we will get Talon lore in the Uprising event next month and this could be wrong XD :)
MadTacoGaming (6 months ago)
Nerf her please
υмвяα ʝєαииє (6 months ago)
MadTacoGaming stop whining on every Character, Whiner kid
Obsidian Nebula (6 months ago)
Where is it coming from? Is there some official source of that story or You just made it up?
Clorox Bleach (6 months ago)
Obsidian Nebula I mean, Blizzard has a legit forum and there's a website where they upload character lore and comics
jak jak (6 months ago)
We don’t know if Gabriel and Morrison fought in the HQ before it’s destruction, that’s speculation and from recent comments made my the developers regarding the two’s very amicable and almost brother-in-arms like relationship it’s unclear if they ever came into conflict even in the final moments before their supposed deaths
johnny nathan (6 months ago)
Now I know why Moira's ginger she's Irish
Si-Fi Matrix (6 months ago)
It feels good knowing that Moira is born in the same county and country as me.
Sexaki (6 months ago)
Tgn is not going really well is it?
The Mug 69 (6 months ago)
Moira probably got kicked out for tunnel visioning genji.
RiZe Eclipse (6 months ago)
ANY tips on using her
Catomato (6 months ago)
Spam the orbs 👌
RiZe Eclipse (6 months ago)
Pink Unicorn thanks
Pink Unicorn (6 months ago)
Ultimate Umbreon I have a forum post on the official forums called “How to be effective with Moira”. It’s lengthy but it covers most of what you need to know
loolya3 (6 months ago)
If only she wasnt misunderstood she could have become a hero
Tiny Grass (6 months ago)
I see a pattern,sombra next to complete the talon group?
Wolfgang (6 months ago)
I love my wife
Mercy Ziegler (6 months ago)
Can you please do Angela Ziegler aka Mercy
space monkey シ (6 months ago)
guess you could say a loira
Tekuinitive (3 months ago)
Mihnea95 (6 months ago)
your statement further proves that humanity has more hidden talents it has yet to discover
Mili.NL (6 months ago)
space monkey oof
evetrix (6 months ago)
Pew pew peww pew woosh woosh wooshh
andy arroyo (6 months ago)
So when are you going to do soldier 76
Yrel Light of Hope (6 months ago)
Zayd Kazi (3 months ago)
One Trick Moira yes same. I usually heal at least 35% of my teams damage as Moira
Yrel Light of Hope (6 months ago)
Autocorrect You Moira is the way to go... I have 14k healing average over 10 mins average... Raw healing output is is almost double mercy's
Mihnea95 (6 months ago)
holy shit how are u not dead rn most mercy mains are becoming suicidal because genji
Auto Correct (6 months ago)
One Trick Moira Same I was once a one trick mercy Now I am one trick Moira (I nearly have 100 hours on mercy 0_o I have no life)
Mihnea95 (6 months ago)
ur username describes me in 3 words
Mercy Ziegler (6 months ago)
Mercy Ziegler (6 months ago)
Exact same name yay
Mercy Ziegler (6 months ago)
Mercy Ziegler Yassssssss a Mercy Main OMG me tooooooo
KontagionOW (6 months ago)
Heres a question, whats with the long-ass nails?
Auto Correct (6 months ago)
Not Mitch Lucker to scratch her back. Jk probably grew because of the self experiment
Hi Hungry, I’m Dad (6 months ago)
Thanks...we really needed this
Margie Peru (6 months ago)
54 comment
ProGamer playz (6 months ago)
I remember I had 1 hp and got hit by Moira’s orb from enemy spawn
Lola Mcarthy (6 months ago)
Where the hell is sombra’s 😭
Gnar (6 months ago)
For some reason, you made this sound so creepy and clichè at the end xd I loved it
Sappy-Seaman (6 months ago)
Moira comes off more as Northern Irish.
Clorox Bleach (6 months ago)
Sappy-Seaman IKR, i look at her and I'm just thinking "She's differently Irish"
ghostwriterx (6 months ago)
In a Michael Chu video about Overwatch characters, he said that Gabriel looked for Moira because he had a genetic problem and needed of scientific help, I think that's a important information to we know what happen to Reaper's body/face. (Sorry my english is not good XD) https://youtu.be/lPXKBFXS3wk (Michael Chu video)
FuzzyStingRay (6 months ago)
You forgot about mercy she was in there too
Minute Long Memes (6 months ago)
Todays my B-Day 😀😊
Crazy Junkrat Main (6 months ago)
Please do symmetra
Kytrex (6 months ago)
nerf plz
Gawdzirra93 _ (6 months ago)
Lol, poor little Genji scrub. Keep crying
Sonny H. (6 months ago)
Audrey Faye (6 months ago)
Blackwatch Moira skin on uprising event please 😍😍 .
Audrey Faye (4 months ago)
Sylar Barnes-Laufeyson-Rogers : at the time I did comment my comment I didn’t knew the event and thanks for answering me I already knew that it’s retribution event before you comment
Audrey Faye (4 months ago)
Sylar Barnes-Laufeyson-Rogers : Yes and there is this uprising event as well :) .
That's the retribution event, not uprising.
Javier Hernández (4 months ago)
and I didn't get it :c
Audrey Faye (5 months ago)
Obviously lol because she was a blackwatch member
Erma Gurd (6 months ago)
Sweet! 😍😍😍
Angela Ziegler (6 months ago)
Do you guys like mercy or Moira more?
Dj Bunny Mix (1 month ago)
I love both. I main both as well.
Aesthetic Baguettes (3 months ago)
M o i r a (aka best support) >:)) please don’t kill me-
Tekuinitive (3 months ago)
Moira is best
Carolannnmac 48 (5 months ago)
Auto Correct (6 months ago)
Yo Dog yeah, i feel the same
kill me (6 months ago)
Do torb or bridgeet
Issy (6 months ago)
Fuck moira bitch ass
Mr L (6 months ago)
Do a soilder76 one
Its Just RC (6 months ago)
Its Just RC (6 months ago)
Wait this wasn't a waste of time
KalKenobi83 (6 months ago)
Genji was smart not to trust her I Main him
Mihnea95 (6 months ago)
kinda tru
jak jak (6 months ago)
FuzzyStingRay yeah genji was just unsure of her.. of course now, as she drains his life as he desperately jumps about and deflects nothing, I’m just he imagines he never trusted her at all 😋
Mihnea95 (6 months ago)
and I main moira
FuzzyStingRay (6 months ago)
KalKenobi83 um it was mcree who didn’t trust her....😄🙃
Pimp Daddy Liz (6 months ago)
Thank you so much for this, also perfectly timed :D Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit🍻
υмвяα ʝєαииє (6 months ago)
Liz DeWitt Translate: Happy Patrick day for you and me
Si-Fi Matrix (6 months ago)
Translate: Happy St Patricks day. I go to an irish school.
Cool name (6 months ago)
Liz DeWitt lol thank you
Pimp Daddy Liz (6 months ago)
Cool name thats a cool Name you have there and nice Picture :)
Cool name (6 months ago)
Liz DeWitt very perfectly timed :)
Kevin Axelsson (6 months ago)
Hi. I like tgn
Jennifer Jaral (6 months ago)
Put a new video on the Irish weeb scientist on St. Patrick's Day. Lol
MrPanda (6 months ago)
Jennifer Jaral lol you're right
ICDisney 19 (6 months ago)
This series is pretty interesting!
FTWItachiPlays (6 months ago)
Matthew Sadlier (6 months ago)
My hero Trevor has a history with Moira. He was her guinea pig for an legal steroid when he was a teenager. After he ratted on her thanks to the help of Mercy, she's always been annoyed with him. This experience made him more hesitant around needles.
samuel johnson (6 months ago)
Fifteenth comment
XxSparkXx6 reynolds (6 months ago)
Do overwatch sombra lore
XxSparkXx6 reynolds (6 months ago)
II Jïñx ll how do I know then idc if u are TGN
Jinxusu (6 months ago)
XxSparkXx6 reynolds Idk I’m not TGN. Am I?
XxSparkXx6 reynolds (6 months ago)
II Jïñx ll why did he deleterious then
Jinxusu (6 months ago)
XxSparkXx6 reynolds bc I watched it
XxSparkXx6 reynolds (6 months ago)
II Jïñx ll how do you know
AlaZenH (6 months ago)
F#*K Moira
cunt (3 months ago)
AlaZenH are u sure? aim bot? The definition of aimbot is that 'the computer is aiming, not you.' Moira doesn't have auto-lock like the old symmetra had. It isn't aimbot you dumbass. You're just bad at playing her.
Tekuinitive (3 months ago)
Fuck you
AK 47 (4 months ago)
A lot of us would love to alas shes not real ;_;
Suits Rockin (6 months ago)
GUYS Calm Down .....
AlaZenH (6 months ago)
Autocorrect You she has aimbot
PewSepticPlier FTW (6 months ago)
TheTrappedPheonix 05 (6 months ago)
For once I’m earlyish
GamingSaiyenYT (6 months ago)
I think I know how Reaper looks under the mask. You see how Moira right hand is the one that fires the black mists that looks like Reaper’s smoke when he goes in raight form, I think that Reaper’s face looks like it.
ShortyPenguin (2 months ago)
You're saying "I know his face like the back of her hand"?
Pixel (3 months ago)
Mr. Username Guy LOL XD
Pixel (3 months ago)
Well and he also said that was him in the video
GamingSaiyenYT what? Ana was so scared cause his face was the same face every mercy main made when she got nerfed
Resurrekt (5 months ago)
GamingSaiyenYT Ye you are right Check out Reaper's skin BLACKWATCH REYES... check out more lores for further info
The Greatest Trash (6 months ago)
The weaboo scientist
Stars AtTheSky (1 month ago)
She even dresses like David Bowie too.
[GR] Verzockt Expert (1 month ago)
Henrique NS Who gives a fuck
spooder man gaming (6 months ago)
Henrique Nunes and throws pokeballs
Foxhat (6 months ago)
Henrique Nunes yeah u right
Tinhornsnow59 (6 months ago)
Dragunov (6 months ago)
izuku (6 months ago)
I love that video
Charence Bell (6 months ago)
6th :D
ITS GAMEBOY5 (6 months ago)
Yes been waiting God bless all.
Derek Pulley (6 months ago)
New character comes out. Let’s make a video all about the character that came before the new and better one.
Cormar Schmitt (6 months ago)
Derek Pulley "Better"
Óðinn Ísaksson (6 months ago)
yes another one!

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