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Homer's Iliad - Achilles speech

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Homer's Iliad excerpt. Instrumental: "Who You Were" - Footage from Troy (2004).
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Erich Zahn (1 year ago)
“Compare me now, fellow citizens, a ‘new man,’ with those haughty nobles. What they know from hearsay and reading, I have either seen with my own eyes or done with my own hands. What they have learned from books I have learned by service in the field; think now for yourselves whether words or deeds are worth more… I cannot, to justify your confidence, display family portraits or the triumphs and consulships of my forefathers; but if occasion requires, I can show spears, a banner, trappings and other military prizes, as well as scars on my breast. These are my portraits, these my patent of nobility, not left me by inheritance as theirs were, but won by my own innumerable efforts and perils.”
Erich Zahn (1 year ago)
- Gaius Marius
Anubis Osiris (3 years ago)

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