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NEVER BEFORE SEEN! - Monster Trucks! - Rules of Survival

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What do you guys think about all the new things that are going to be added to Rules? Huge thanks to Gameflip for sponsoring today's video! Check them out here: https://bit.ly/2sXeR3F Want to keep up to date with everything? Check here: https://twitter.com/MedalCore Discord link: https://discord.gg/wD37kjE If you scrolled this far down, you are one amazing person and I wish you the best for the rest of your day!
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Text Comments (190)
Tiny Little WarriorYT (3 days ago)
Hi medal. I really love your channel. Its so entertaining and amazing. I hope you wouldnt quit Youtube :)💖💖
Thea Fox (4 days ago)
Wow ilove this! Nc!
Prabal Nath (6 days ago)
MY NAME-LoofShakina25 server-Asia
Prabal Nath (6 days ago)
Dino Saur (6 days ago)
Yo medal hazmat suit is in english version
Poor boy13 zaid (7 days ago)
now i know men its a big C
Lucy Inzon (7 days ago)
i want a tank, a combat tank skin for the small tank with built in machine gun. idk how to explain it but i want a battle tank XD
ғrance caт (7 days ago)
тнey alѕo addιng dance'ѕ eмoтe. wнen eхacтly , ι ғorgoт
WarCry Surname (7 days ago)
Ohh that boy skin looks like kaneki
Nelson nodalo (7 days ago)
adding skin remove cheater
Emmanuel Obias (8 days ago)
Ken Dude (8 days ago)
Your movie is amazing
Darlene Garcia (8 days ago)
I leave in philipines
Good waiting
CeSeGaO (8 days ago)
Ya keep adding shit and dont fix the game, see whether ull have more players
jhwhy28 (8 days ago)
Thanks for the info on things we can possibly be looking forward to. I’m sure they’ll give us more awesome skins and I wish the animations could be seen by everyone else as it is. Maybe they’ll fix that at some point. That monster truck is badass for real. I think it’s sweet.
KaerelGamingYT (8 days ago)
can i havea link of chinese version of ros?
Xander Chan (8 days ago)
Shout out from the Philippines metal
Renz Valenzuela (8 days ago)
Ey im From Philippines Thank you :D <3 you
PieRules7 (8 days ago)
There already is a red truck skin. I think it is an orange truck skin
Deneil Gaming (8 days ago)
Weird video
Mark Fabian (8 days ago)
Thank you for the shout out medal!
Blue Devil (8 days ago)
My game crash and I saw a commander mode
paewand barwary (8 days ago)
hi guys how to get the chinese version?
Kenneth Merida (8 days ago)
U don't do to much Ros now🤔😅😥
Hyper Tunerz (8 days ago)
Im exited in the flaming Hand Like a Fist of Fury
Axcel Landicho (8 days ago)
Do a giveaway+!!😁
lj Apit (8 days ago)
Looks like tokyo ghoul of outfit 😄😄
xXfe4rlessxX Yt clan (8 days ago)
Nice video
Shriram Jagtap (8 days ago)
Not any free 😂😂😂😂
Lulzim Murati (8 days ago)
The monster truck skin is probably going to cost more than 100 dollars
Love u and ur vids bro....!!!
Gordon (8 days ago)
Great vid medal cant wait for new vehicle skins
Kessler Pineda (8 days ago)
Bye gotta go to school ☺
ICAG Phil (8 days ago)
Why i cannot switch male to female help me on this
CrispyCream (8 days ago)
The monster truck looks bad to me
Hans Arano (8 days ago)
Get noah back
The Don (8 days ago)
I called the auto royale a month before and monster truck skin a week before next is gocart skin for warthog
Kirky Esco (8 days ago)
did u know they removed the frying pan?
Mr Epic Gaming (8 days ago)
Ummm... iFerg released a video before this...?
Vitoik (8 days ago)
Ros is trash :(
LiL Donke YT (8 days ago)
Only monster truck here is medal
I'm from Philippines
Rhose Angel Azur (8 days ago)
steam key pls. medal
Cleo Tan Sucro Jr (8 days ago)
Im a fan medalcore. From the Philippines 💕
lil rex (8 days ago)
Uo wtf
Abdullah Hafiz (8 days ago)
Y netease update dumb things
Kenjii Chan Bautista (8 days ago)
it's really great if you see your gun skin in first person mode together with the hands skin (clothes)
Axlerated Z (8 days ago)
Janiela Marie (8 days ago)
woooh, trucks coming in hot🔥
CalmMe Please (8 days ago)
I think Zah and Medalcore broke up.
Jelly Fish (8 days ago)
net ease should give more free animated gun skins on next update to be fair with pro playera who dont have diamonds to buy gun skins
That will be the next monthly top
Omar Safwat (8 days ago)
Ur titles are like tv commercials lol
T.C. RATANA (8 days ago)
TheBoss From Youtube (8 days ago)
it was a tik tok shirt and shout
Justine Goblin (8 days ago)
Ayeeee medal tnx for d shoutout from pH here
Poop Emoji (8 days ago)
Never seen before*
Mike (8 days ago)
I don’t like or play this game anymore I play Fortnite this game is really broken
-Jang Kenet- (8 days ago)
When are you gonna actually play the game again ?
Edsel Ian Sotto (9 days ago)
bro how can I contact you?
Edsel Ian Sotto (8 days ago)
I need your help on something important please
-Jang Kenet- (9 days ago)
When will netease give us our money back?
KaidZ Canete (9 days ago)
Steam key plssss🙏🙏
ROS TV (9 days ago)
My dream is to get a heart from medal :)
Ray Julius (9 days ago)
Medal im from the philippines and im a big fan of you
WitelightingHWD 7 (9 days ago)
Are u gonna go for the monster truck?😊
NoobLoL League (9 days ago)
Can I get one pls I love you medal
NoobLoL League (9 days ago)
How can we join the giveaway
ZanderyZzGS 1212 (9 days ago)
Medal in gonna be jealous if you get the skins oh and I want to get those skins but I don't have any diamonds because I don't know how to get diamonds
Vian RICH Dela Cruz (9 days ago)
Medal plsss shout out for me because i love ur vids bro😊😊
itsjust Nathan (9 days ago)
cool medalcore
Angelo Velasco (9 days ago)
Sad that i have no steam account for rules of survival.🙁
Sanryuu (9 days ago)
Wish we could just get it, not chance to get it.
Monster Bounty (9 days ago)
Can you give me link for the chinese ver so i can download
CUP CAKE (9 days ago)
I need wro skins💕
JosHmir14 (9 days ago)
Cmon medal play ros! dont review new update
IdioticSky (9 days ago)
YES it’s basically turning ros into Mario kart 8 😂
Zeus Morley (9 days ago)
Oh I only knew that the TikTok(an app like snapchat I think) parachute skin is only given out in the Philippines or other asian countries
Mazoune Bakkour (9 days ago)
Mazoune Bakkour (9 days ago)
I have game flip now b
HarizX (9 days ago)
Nice video man!
JMR_ VIZ (9 days ago)
Medal why do you not have a permanent intro and sometime you dont have intro
Jacob De Luna (9 days ago)
Jhon Ray Plays (9 days ago)
Yeah the Tictok Parachute i was not able to get that even i live in the Philippines
perfect gamer (9 days ago)
Please like this
Karl Diaz (9 days ago)
Geoff Gracilla (9 days ago)
Hi im a filipino
Alex TM (8 days ago)
Geoff Gracilla No one cares
Cyka Thanos (8 days ago)
No one cares idiot
Aj Sanchez (9 days ago)
Tanginamo walang may pake pati si medal gago
Prince Daniel Rivera (9 days ago)
Noticed me pls
Hyper Tunerz (9 days ago)
When NetEast fix The Hackers?
Deavor Plays (9 days ago)
when it's going to be released medalcore
Saitama Sań (9 days ago)
Medal pin me ☺️
Aaron Rudio (9 days ago)
Can I purchase half year gala monthly pass more than once??
Ean Urbiztondo (9 days ago)
Kimmy's portal have the bear parachute skin Where are the fans watching Kimmy and medal and other YouTubers?
Kelly From Youtube (9 days ago)
I bet 30.000 diamonds that ros will add a batman skin
Elmer Castillo (9 days ago)
can you translate the words?l
Chrisstian Cajigas (6 days ago)
Elmer Castillo lol fuck you too bitch! STFU
Hi You! (7 days ago)
ELMINO (8 days ago)
its a chinese version for a reason.
Elmer Castillo (8 days ago)
Chrisstian Cajigas fuck you bitch you dam ass
Chrisstian Cajigas (8 days ago)
Elmer Castillo no U suck
Mr.Genius (9 days ago)
Play Creative Destruction!
Mang LuLu (9 days ago)
Love your vids mahn!
x Clark (9 days ago)
Hey medalcore lets 1v1 on pubg mobile if I win buy uc 😅 ign: 512277656
john p90killet (9 days ago)
Thx medal of talling methx man have a good day
Alizwa Lutya (9 days ago)
Yoh tht truck looks sick

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