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The Night King's Biggest Secret Exposed! - Game of Thrones Season 8 Theory

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Welcome back for another Game of Thrones Season 8 Theory Video. This Theory is compliments of Milos, from Blastingnews.com. It involves the Night King and his secret identity. According to the showrunners, they said there would be three twists in the Game of Thrones Series, and two of those already happened. Since the Night King's identity, and motivations have not been revealed, the final twist most likely has something to do with that. There is also a good chance he's based loosely on the Night's King from the books. He was the 13th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, and Old Nan believes he was a Stark of Winterfell.. This Theory states that Azor Ahai became the Night's King after his wife came back to him. When Azor Ahai forged Lightbringer, it turned his wife, Nissa Nissa, into a White Walker. And she was the female other that visited the 13th Lord Commander. I thought this was a very interesting take on the Azor Ahai and Night King's Identity Theory. Special thanks to Milos for reaching out. Let me know how you feel about this one. Thank you for watching! Images and video clips from Game of Thrones are property of their creators, used here under fair use. Sources: Blastingnews.com article by Milos. https://us.blastingnews.com/showbiz-tv/2018/02/game-of-thrones-the-night-kings-biggest-secret-exposed-002366565.html Night's Queen Artwork. https://elleann.deviantart.com/art/Night-s-Queen-Portrait-578011148 Azor Ahai & Nissa Nissa Artwork. https://junepage.deviantart.com/art/Close-Up-from-Azor-Ahai-and-Nissa-Nissa-701376813 Night's King Artwork. Oriana Wiesner Outro Music: Light of the Seven Remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXCuTo-x0Wc&app=desktop Support my channel on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/TalkingThrones Follow me on Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/Talking_Thrones
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Text Comments (2078)
773 p (3 months ago)
Glad your getting the recognition u deserve great channel, great content great opinions/theories
Jason Morley (2 months ago)
Jon snow is not gonna stab Daenerys in the heart that would make zero fuckin sense lol
Greenmachine87 (2 months ago)
Don’t think the timeline adds up because Azor Ahai fought at the first long night, the 13th commander of the nights watch lived many lifetimes after that, unless Azor lived for hundreds of years, which isn’t likely. White walkers, however, may live for an unknown amount of time... it is very possible that Nissa Nissa did become the female WW and later seduced another descendant of Azor, from the stark line. This would fit with the theme of cosmic balance, which seems to run through Martins work. All power and magic in GoT has a high cost, and things tend to stay in a symbiotic balance. There is a theory that the reemergence of the white walkers was what allowed Danny to hatch her dragons or vice versa. So, creating a “hero of fire” would offset the balance of the world unless the process required also creating a “hero of ice” as well. One being male and the other female. It is also interesting that Azor could have been a Stark? Ice turned to fire?
Carol Liubicich (3 months ago)
Amandeep Singh (5 hours ago)
How did white walker even came into existence in first place ?
Sara De Jesus (11 hours ago)
I favour this theory
dialingdust (1 day ago)
Aw damn I don't want dragon lady to die.
dialingdust (1 day ago)
I don't know why I watch these vids, I'm only spoiling it for myself.
Robert Woko (1 day ago)
night king wins and darkness covers the world forever , the end
MCU Fan (1 day ago)
Jon kills Dany??😭😭😭
MCU Fan (1 day ago)
Playback speed at ×1.25 , thank me later
Kermit (2 days ago)
I can see why you had to disable ratings
Liam Riley (2 days ago)
Jay R Richard (3 days ago)
hmmmm Jon will be the next Night king and sit on the Iron Throne!
Aaron Sutich-Ursell (4 days ago)
Probably the closest version that will happen. Of course it’s all just happening in a giants eye 👁
Michael Jensen (6 days ago)
Looking at it's nose, he could be Walder Fray :P
Mohsin Amin (6 days ago)
They showed us how the night king was created and the night king and night's king are different as in the show n books.Also melisandre will b nisa nisa theory is more appropriate than danny .And in that case jon dosent love melisandre so there is no chance of this happening that jon will b mad in love with her n become the night,s king after killing the night king
TheKnightDrag0n (7 days ago)
daenerys cant die you moron, she is the closest thing we have to a main character.
Azam Syed Syed (8 days ago)
is this film base on real story?
James Register (8 days ago)
No, I believe Nisa Nisa is the Red Queen, hence her interest in Jon Snow, she realizes what she did, and seeks revenge against the Night King, she told Lord varis she will die in a foreign land, and I believe she'll die when the night king does, Jon Snow is Azora, Jon Snow will be the ultimate hero, he was stabbed in the heart, so was the night king, milisandre was Nisa Nisa, and was stabbed in the heart long ago by Azora, I don't know the end game, but I think I'm right
James Register (8 days ago)
I've also always thought, and heard some of your theories about Bran bring the Night King, I'm still convinced he had something, maybe indirectly, but involved in the creation of the Night King
Steve Davis (8 days ago)
I have one question tho! Jon's sword that he's killed white walkers with already, is it also supposed to be able to kill the night king or did I miss something and why does he need the light bringer sword?
Steve Davis (8 days ago)
Talking Thrones thanks for the reply, great video....
Talking Thrones (8 days ago)
I just assume the Night King can't be killed by the same weapon his lesser soldiers can be killed by. It's not a fact though. Just my theory.
Irate Black Man (8 days ago)
Too reliant on untold backstory. Would be a shitty ending that came out of nowhere. Lore is fine and all, but if it's not presented in the show how do you expect a big payoff for the audience that invested their time watching the series? It'd ultimately just piss people off. There's no way they'd end the show like this. You know it's going to be a conventional good guys triumph over evil type of ending. Which is exactly what GRRM wouldn't write. It's a shame, really.
PMONEY34 Simon (8 days ago)
That was an awesome intro. Nice job 👍🏻
Talking Thrones (8 days ago)
Thank u
Nasorean (8 days ago)
This makes some sense. And to add a bit of literary allussory evidence to this theory, Daenerys is called "Nissa."
bruh (9 days ago)
YCEBEAST (9 days ago)
What happens if Dany turns into the female white walker or the neca neca and jon snow or the OG jon snow gets a vision and professes his love to her in public and she turns him into the current white walker... this is just a theory since dany and jon is in love......... SHOOT AS SOON AS I WAS ABOUT TO FINISH AND POST MY THEORY HE SAYS THE THOERY DAMNNN ITTT... stilll
Jennerman J (9 days ago)
great video BTW just wondering could that be the reason why there must always be a stark in Winterfell as they do mention it a lot in the show and when thereon took over Winterfell could that be something as well. Thats if the night queen is in winterfell its just a thought
Shafquat Rafi (10 days ago)
I miss Hodor :c
Lord Fire (10 days ago)
Hay Talking Thrones why is no one talking about the baby that was turned in season 1. We haven't seen the baby since and I dont think the baby was sacrificed but turned. You said it your self in the cave we see a different Knights king, so what if the baby that was turned has been left behind in an unknown fortress to grow and become the next Knights king just in case the current one we have seen is defeated. Something as old as the Knights king would be patient, careful and have a back up plan in case he is defeated like last time. I think in the end J and D will defeat the knights king but the last scene of the show will be of the baby from season 1 now grown into a child.
Cervantes (10 days ago)
Like don't blame me if some women love a man with a beard and have idolised that pose. What about the facial hair I choose when things matter. I.e Like I dunno Engineering robot day. Or the good times of my life or when I go for an interview. What ever man.
Cervantes (10 days ago)
Most pictures in my life I have no beard.
Cervantes (10 days ago)
Ok why do I have to deal with this kind of incompetence.
Joey B (11 days ago)
I'm thinking Azor Ahai / the Prince that was promised prophecy will not play a role in season 8. I like the theory regarding Bran being killed early in the season (epic 3) which sounds ridiculous. Until the wars are won at peace is brought to Westeros before it cuts to the final scene of a white walker carrying Brans seemingly lifeless body before the show closes with Bran raising his eyelids revealing piercings blue eyes.
FolonRNG (11 days ago)
it's a cool Theory since dragonglass and valyrian steel seem to have same magical properties. i think the connecting link is dragonfire. valyrian steel and Dragonglass propably are both imbued with it. the reason no Smiths can reproduce valyrian steel is propably due to no Dragons being around the Knowledge of how to utilize their magical properties for the steel was put aside. it propably still resides somewhere in the ruins of valyria which is currently crawling with stonemen. this is also the reason why the current Smiths can reforge it by smelting it down but they cannot recreate it. but then again the Question arises why something touched by dragonfire, plunged through the very core of a human being turns them undead and drains the life and warmth from them, leaving Nothing but a seemingly empty Cold husk. usually something imbued with potent energetical dragonfire should have the opposite effect of energizing, Burning but this seems rather void and vengeful, absorbing all Energy of Body and Soul that it can get its Hands on. perhaps the valyrian steel and dragonglass are won through dragonblood and i kinda get the Feeling that Dragons are the emmissaries of the Lord of light and killing them for worldy gains is a sacrileg. so i could see why crystalized dragonblood (dragonglass) and dragonblood-forged weapons would be cursed but given that they are cursed they are also the key to either lift the curse (killing whitewalkers) or finish the Job in taking the last bit of Soul, life force and Energy of the host, leaving them crumbling to dust like the couple of whitewalkers that have already been slain by that type of weapons. going further down the Rabbit hole it is worth thinking About what brought About the ruin of valyria and the loss of all the Knowledge. a civilisation so advanced that even to this day in game of throne Terms People cannot reproduce their technological feats. from an earlier Episode we know that Dragons bring About a age of great magical power and they boost the magic capabilities of all the magical beings around them greatly. think About it, in old valyria Dragons were propably so common that they were regarded as more expandable and knowing human nature and the clichee endings of human high civilisations that get too greedy at some Point they open a pandoras box at some time which leads to their ruin. let's assume the Lord of light, his emmissaries the Dragons and the valyrian People were Living together Hand in Hand in harmony and happiness, but of Course some People tried to have more and be more than others out of greed. they Need to become more powerful than others. how do you do that in a civilisation where magic is common practice? you Need something to either boost your own magical prowess or to completly nullify the enemies magic to gain the upper hand. since valyrian steel seems to have magic+countering abilities it wouldn't be too far of a stretch to believe that it could also have been used for armor to protect users from magic of all Kinds, even perhaps from dragonfire. greyscale might be a sickness derived from very brave individuals trying to directly infuse themselves with dragonblood to gain a magic boost which worked at first and later turned them into feral scaly creatures and since then like a curse plagued humankind for it's crimes. a civil war might have broken out in which Dragons were willingly killed by either one side or at last even both sides because the means justify the Ends which eventually led to the ruin of old valyria. further and further losing the Benevolenz of the Lord of light he retracted, losing all hope in humankind. he later on decided to Show his face again because he perhaps saw hope in the upcoming Generation, People strong enough and willing to do the Right Thing, to lead humanity back onto the Right path of Peace, justice and happiness (danaerys and jon). at this Point i'm starting to imagine that the Lord of light perhaps is a very old, powerful and huge Dragon hidden somewhere in a cave. Dragons are considered to be super intelligent. Maybe the Lord of light is so old and has grown so Mighty that he aquired abilities similiar to brans, seeing past and future Events, being able to telepathically communicate with other Living creatures and distribute portions of his power between his faithful subjects. another Thing that is very interesting in that aspect is, that melisandre used bloodmagic to fullfill the Lord of Lights will to kill remley baratheon. since blood magic is so frowned upon and it propably is even highly illegal to use it and most People that aren't in the know About magic since it's Pretty much died out with the Dragons (my guess) don't even know About it it makes me wonder why the Lord of light which is supposed to be this good character with this ultimate masterplan to save the world wields such cruel and dispicable magic. my guess is, that at some Point he might have turned mad by seeing how his emmissaries or Children have been slaughtered by man for their own personal gains and even the supposed good ones turned bad and he wants to take Revenge on all of humankind. the Lord Always has strucken me as wicked. being cruel with bloodmagic, Burning and killing People to utilize their life force for magic, yet seemingly pushing the as "good" and "righteous" perceived characters to further their… or his ultimate Goal. at this Point the final Nemesis in the game of thrones series might not even be the nightking but the Lord of light. the other gods seem to have become very passive, kinda letting nature take it's own Course. the only god activly meddling with human quaries is the Lord of light, either making him more or less powerful than the other gods, but definitely different. kinda sticking out like a sore thumb and not letting nature take its own Course which leads me to believe that the Lord of Lights Motives are selfish which leads me to believe that it is actually a super powerful, yet mortal creature which only solidifies my ancient Dragon Theory as they usually grow more powerful the older they become. The Lord of Light, the legendary Sword lightbringer (lucifer = lightbringer), the disregard for human values (Burning pure People alive for power gains) all make this "god" seem vicious. He is fooling everybody with his Supernatural magic tricks into believing he is the real deal, that he is good because he is seemingly aiding humankind in a war against a obvious foe of which we don't know much yet, especially not that foes Motives. Or perhaps this was all a Setup from the getgo. creating the whitewalkers with dragonglass that he willingly provided for the Children of the forest, creating two huge Forces that will nearly annihilate each other to seize Control in the Moment when they are the weakest. kinda reminds me of how littlefinger goes on About his Little powergrabs and schemes. :^)
APJinks (11 days ago)
Why is it the people who do these videos always have these half broken accents or ways of speaking?
savi_ gocrazyy (12 days ago)
Im watching this video months after you posted this. You posted another video saying that you had recently been sent a photo from where the game of thrones were being shot...saying that in the scene jon leans in to kiss danny...you also said something about jon stabbing danny in the video i cant remember why but you did i watched it earlier.
savi_ gocrazyy (12 days ago)
I now feel like that what you said in that very video was true and me watching this video just pads onto my believe as to jon eventually being relatively the same thing
Allanjames Alexander (12 days ago)
Yes it would be very exciting it ended this way that is a true sweet Bitter ending end it makes more sense wonderful theory
Ryan Hodges (12 days ago)
It may be different in the books I know it’s bad but I’ve never read them. But off of what I’ve seen on the show they showed the night king being created by the children of the forest. If it wasn’t the actually king it was at least a white walker. And if I remember correctly it was Brandon stark from how ever many generations ago. Now like I said I’m going entirely off of the tv show and not the books so there may be a few details I’m missing or could be completely wrong seeing as how the show does make a few changes in the show.
Jack Thomas (13 days ago)
Honestly love this theory a “bittersweet ending” indeed and very what’s the word... poetic. I knew from the end of season 7 that GRRM was not going to let Jon and Danny both survive and Melisandre said that they will both play their part in the war to come and that could mean Danny will sacrifice her life for the good of her people making her what she wanted to be and Jon giving up everything (killing Danny who I think kinda is in love with 🤔) to guide his people to survive the long night. I just don’t see what will happen after the war and with people such as Jamie, Cersi, Bran, Sansa, etc. However besides that this theory makes complete since.
Henry Gallego (13 days ago)
Do you all know Nan?
Kath Olive (13 days ago)
Khal Drogo is the night king XD
Mohammadreza Hemmati (14 days ago)
John snow is reborn of night king, who will kill deneris to create lightbringer to kill night king.
Ben Symonds (15 days ago)
Well that would be epic but I don't get how can Jon c the King a denerys also b out with 3 dragons well 2 now and be locked in wintefell crypt but that would blow my mind though and it's a good theory I like it and if u r right then everyone is fucked
eastweymouthchris (15 days ago)
2019 is too long; I am trying to care but it is hard.
Theresa Cassar (15 days ago)
I love this theory and think it’s totally possible. GRRM has always said there is good and bad in every character, we need to get a better understanding of the NK for the story to be complete. Thanks for the video!
Manas Pandey (15 days ago)
1.25x recommended
Ted Style (16 days ago)
Looking at his face, he looks like Bran
Robert DaPoppa (16 days ago)
nice twist but just a twist
sarmica8 (16 days ago)
MrSkillen805 (16 days ago)
Sword lit up taking her fire and making her cold. This is a really good theory, thank you for sharing.
Josh Cox (16 days ago)
I'm sorry yeah but the knight king looks like the kid ? Don't anyone see it
Mark Peterson (17 days ago)
I thought the third twist was Jon Snow actually being Targaryan, Heir to the iron throne and not a bastard...
lord Honour (17 days ago)
Why didn’t the Night king 👑 use a spear that he threw at the dragon 🐉 Just use one of these to take out Jon Snow and his band of men on the Rocks?
Rishav Mitra (17 days ago)
How the lightning sword became magical on killing azora's wife?
Honey BBQ Wings (17 days ago)
I don’t get how people say shereen was a twist. If people didn’t see it coming I don’t know what show you were watching. I would say the night king becoming the 3rd dragon rider was a bigger twist
Dixon (17 days ago)
I dont think anyone is prepared to see the dragons dead.
That indian fangirl (18 days ago)
Or dany would stab jon
That indian fangirl (18 days ago)
Wow that is an Omfg theory! If jon stabs Dany... woah that scene would be the most tragic
Animesh Sonowal (20 days ago)
I would love to see Cersie turn into one of those of the dead army
TOM JERRY (20 days ago)
I just fell in love with pronunciation of the name nysa nysa and I have watched your video for the first time and I loved it and congratulations for you getting recognized by so many people because your work is amazing stay happy and keep uploading!👌🏻👍🏻 +you have a new subscriber😎
will owens (20 days ago)
Democrats all say summer is coming.
Aman Agarwal (20 days ago)
if Azor ahai is stark, why is he wearing a Targaryen cape with his armour?
BlackRed CE (21 days ago)
Its true because in season 2 episode 1, The red witch told stanis that a lord will bring a sword of light out of fire. The fire is dani ofc and jon would be the one bringing out the sword.
paola sassi (12 days ago)
BlackRed CE the sword of light is the baby that jon “brings” out of dany
KYBULA (21 days ago)
Look for the South, not North. Heat is coming...
Art Beyond The Wall (22 days ago)
Best theory I've heard yet... anyone have anything they think could negate this? Super interesting 😊
heather haze (22 days ago)
Unless they are lone or totally supernatural i think ALL villains are just the hero's of the other side!
Natasha Carrall (23 days ago)
Its all in bran’s dream from season 1 sorry everyone. But that’s how it ends. True story
Jack Magnell (24 days ago)
The way you talk pisses me off so much lmao
Dan T (25 days ago)
I thought that this was quite apparent if you read the books?
Emanuele Favuzza (25 days ago)
I love this. I also believe the crypts are very important and this wraps it all up. However I only wish Dany and Jon both survives.
Manitra Andria (25 days ago)
The night king is bran himself
william anderson (27 days ago)
So who did the children of the forest stab in the ep. " The Door"?
Martha Glatt (27 days ago)
Thank you 💕👌
Dave Nolan (27 days ago)
It makes more sense if the story of azor ahai is just so skewed over time that it was originally a story about a white Walker and his 12 dead companions
thesurferdude223 (28 days ago)
This sounds spot on. Just like the r+l=j
erika fournier mcgarry (29 days ago)
also more like hear ya later :p
erika fournier mcgarry (29 days ago)
it would be a cool backstory but not for john to turn into the same thing lol i dont think he will stab her she could have his baby in there :o
Yasi Soufi (29 days ago)
Villain is the hero of the other side ha?!!? If it doesn’t go this way I suggest HBO make one like this coz it was really good!
Yasi Soufi (29 days ago)
Now u talkin’!
Cammie Ward (29 days ago)
this guy sounds like forest Gump :)
Talking Thrones (29 days ago)
What do you mean, Jenny?
Tom AcM (29 days ago)
Why does stabbing her in the chest turn her into a female white Walker which there are none ? I'm lost on this part
Cecelia Passarella (29 days ago)
Great therory and the repeating theme of tragic romance - Epic gothic awesome
Andynorway (29 days ago)
Cecelia Passarella yeh. I really like twist like this in movies or series. Would be pretty cool
Timothy Jerrow (29 days ago)
That picture is Jon Snow stabbing Longclaw in Daenerys. The scare on the eye of Jon. The handle of the sword. Daenerys hair.
Michael Sweeney (30 days ago)
I believe the Night King is taking on Winterfell to retrieve /Free his lost love Nissa Nissa trapped in the crypts of Winterfell.. However I don't believe the show ever mentions the collapsed section of the crypt also the living cant let that happen and will have to destroy the Nights King & Nissa. (Kinda like a Mummy storyline) . I believe the big twist lies hidden in the crypts and Bran's (aka 3eyed Ravens) visions,  and that part of that story tie-in will be revealed in season 8   There are so many ways George RR Martin or D & D could spin this story and how it may play out....
Adam and Eve Reptiles (30 days ago)
There's 4 of them. Sort of like the 4 horsemen... What if they are just being controlled and he is just the lead general of a higher power... It seems cliche but maybe.
rchippex (30 days ago)
Max prime (1 month ago)
Who do you think is going to win? The Night king and his army or One big vitamin D
Lurch685 (1 month ago)
Jon is a badass swordsman but I don’t think he’d stand a chance against the Night King in one on one combat.
Talking Thrones (1 month ago)
I think you'd be surprised.
Memory of the Stars (1 month ago)
Nah I don't buy any of this. Also they have changed the story to fit with current understanding of people with current situations. I also believe they will start ww3 with the end of the GoT.
Ryan Bram (1 month ago)
Sounds like forest gump
Ajinkya Ganoje (1 month ago)
stupidest theory hv ever heard !!
Josh Handyside (1 month ago)
I would agree and I really like it but the show. In the show the night king being created is the same guy as the current night king with no facial hair.
G-dog (1 month ago)
Ned Stark is the night king
archi (1 month ago)
sad to live in a time where every movie/book/series has to have a plot twist to be satisfying...
radioactivman23 (1 month ago)
Number 15...
saemus hailstorm (1 month ago)
Night King = Bran
lillith summers (1 month ago)
Neat theory except that light bringer DESTROYS white walkers (sort of the point of forging it) instead of creating them.
liz Sobol (1 month ago)
Mind fucked, but great theory.
snow sankaf (1 month ago)
Bran need to kill NK in the end to finish the circle.
Daniel Griffin (1 month ago)
i think jon is lightbringer. rahagar killed his love when he put jon in lyanna's gut.
Debra 2-10 (1 month ago)
Three world ages. The first world age is when the white walker wanted to rule the world and was taken down. The king destroyed the first world age and the second world age began. The white walker is here to destroy the people and turn them against the king. The king will return and save the people and this is when the third world age began. The king will destroy the white walker and they shall live free from evil for entirety. The End.
TaurusTrio (1 month ago)
While I find a lot of these Azor Ahai etc theories interesting. However I think what a lot of these people sharing their theories always seem to over look, is that Azor Ahai is a legend. Yet people seem to be touting it as historical fact. I think part of the legend most likely has some truth to it, but over time the story has been distorted and exagerated to the point where the legend is a mix of truth and things that have been made up.
workrase1 (1 month ago)
I just have one question. If she isn`t killed by a white walker,how can she become a white walker. And since she is killed by Azor ahai that should link her to the lord of light instead of the ice so in my opinion she could have became a fire wight??? Would like to hear an opinion.

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