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The Night King's Biggest Secret Exposed! - Game of Thrones Season 8 Theory

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Welcome back for another Game of Thrones Season 8 Theory Video. This Theory is compliments of Milos, from Blastingnews.com. It involves the Night King and his secret identity. According to the showrunners, they said there would be three twists in the Game of Thrones Series, and two of those already happened. Since the Night King's identity, and motivations have not been revealed, the final twist most likely has something to do with that. There is also a good chance he's based loosely on the Night's King from the books. He was the 13th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, and Old Nan believes he was a Stark of Winterfell.. This Theory states that Azor Ahai became the Night's King after his wife came back to him. When Azor Ahai forged Lightbringer, it turned his wife, Nissa Nissa, into a White Walker. And she was the female other that visited the 13th Lord Commander. I thought this was a very interesting take on the Azor Ahai and Night King's Identity Theory. Special thanks to Milos for reaching out. Let me know how you feel about this one. Thank you for watching! Images and video clips from Game of Thrones are property of their creators, used here under fair use. Sources: Blastingnews.com article by Milos. https://us.blastingnews.com/showbiz-tv/2018/02/game-of-thrones-the-night-kings-biggest-secret-exposed-002366565.html Night's Queen Artwork. https://elleann.deviantart.com/art/Night-s-Queen-Portrait-578011148 Azor Ahai & Nissa Nissa Artwork. https://junepage.deviantart.com/art/Close-Up-from-Azor-Ahai-and-Nissa-Nissa-701376813 Night's King Artwork. Oriana Wiesner Outro Music: Light of the Seven Remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXCuTo-x0Wc&app=desktop Support my channel on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/TalkingThrones Follow me on Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/Talking_Thrones
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Talking Thrones (1 month ago)
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Thebreedman C (5 days ago)
Really enjoyed the video, but I have one question. Didn't Beric Dondarrion had the power to imitate the power of the sword lightbringer (at least in the show). Since Dondarrion can create such a weapon trough the will of the lord of light, sacrificing Daenerys would be pointless. John is clearly favored by the lord of light, because, like you said, he is probably the hero from the legend. The favour he has gained, by returning to land of the living, might mean that the cicle was broken. That, in my opinion, would also be a good twist.
SummerS (25 days ago)
My money's still on Jon Snow becoming the nights king in the finale making the ultimate sacrifice & heading back over the wall with the army of the dead leaving a pregnant Danerys behind ad some sort of arrangement/treaty for peace
Toys hanger (22 hours ago)
Bran reverse everything and goes full circle
Denys Riznychenko (2 days ago)
Can anyone tell me what’s this music?, in the beginning
Mbuyekezo Ndlendle (3 days ago)
i am looking forward to season 8 because this all doesn't make sense to me. but Bran i doubt very much that he has something to do with this.
CubikMaster (3 days ago)
The picture is jon snow killing daenerys with longclaw
CubikMaster (3 days ago)
All game of thrones is about the night king he is the story
Michael McCulley (3 days ago)
Jon Snow has already put his sword through Daenerys metaphorically speaking. He impregnated her. She'll most likely die in child birth.
Leo Scarpoli (4 days ago)
Another twist. Azor Ahai was warged into by Bran before he was turned into the Nights King by the children of the forest. The original Azor asked them to do this and Bran warged into him and was unable to escape nor convince them to stop as the 3 eyed raven warned him would happen if he stayed anywhere too long or went too far.
Akash Lakshmanan (4 days ago)
I think that the theory is great. It makes sense, but i think that sword "Light Bringer" should have either forged out of Valyrian Steel or a derivative of dragon glass or a combination of valyrian steel and dragon glass. Otherwise, it doesnt make sense that Valyrian steel and dragon glass is able to kill a white walker.
Kay E (6 days ago)
Bran can’t be the night king guys he can’t walk ...he won’t ever walk again but will fly ... he’s the 3 eyed raven that’s always been his destiny.. I don’t think the night king is anyone we know as yet but I think where bran took over as the next 3 eyed raven , someone will take over the night king
Roshan Leslie Jones (6 days ago)
The series have already shown how the Night King was created by the children to protect them during the battle with the first men and protect the red trees of faces. This theory is neither likely to come to pass as the theory and the actual series have gone in two different paths.
El Tigre (7 days ago)
Plot twist: the real father of jon snow is the night king.
Evana L. (8 days ago)
Branislav Bogdanović (8 days ago)
Following that theory that Nights King is Brandons brother Night King would be todays Bran. He is the only living brother of Jon Snow who was at The Wall, just role reversal or karma :D Or am I talking nonsence...History will repeat itself but with role reveersed somehow
Jael And Leo (9 days ago)
It certainly changes the creation that we see with the Singers. He could have been a willing participant, tied down as one might be in preparation of a procedure without anesthetic.
Ashu Billi (9 days ago)
Can’t stop watching your videos!!! Great work 👍🏼
Talking Thrones (9 days ago)
Thank you!
TSK-METE MACHETE (10 days ago)
His weakspot is that there is only one season left. ;) And Bran and thr night king have something familiar...both are ugly as hell and complete overrated.
Stephen Parallox (12 days ago)
Everyone knows who the Night King is.... it's Anderson Cooper.
Bam Bam bigmouth (12 days ago)
Jon’s gonna have to go into the winter lands to take the place of the night king ,, after he kills dani with the sword , that’ll make the prophecy come full circle ,, something horrible like that knowing GOT Wasn’t Dani called missa at one time ? It’ll end badly ,, no doubt 😂
Who Told You That? (13 days ago)
00:59 His name is pronounced ME-LOSH, not MYLOS.
nope. ash (13 days ago)
Nisa Nisa being the white walker that the Night's King falls in love with is a really good theory, the rest not so much.
Kelly Chambers (14 days ago)
Hodor will be a White walker! Oh man...
TheSoni30 (15 days ago)
Plot twist: Night King love interes will be Cersei
mia bonita (16 days ago)
If you remember the vision Danni had on tv, she was a white walker going beyond the wall.. until she went into the tent with drogo
Tapas Samanta (16 days ago)
may be night king got cancer..?? and cant get beard and hair stuffs
Alex Johansen (17 days ago)
why would azor ahai become the 13th lord comander not the first. this theory aslo thinks that azor ahai was very recent. it makes 0 sebse timeline wise
Chewitt12 (17 days ago)
But why would Jon stab Dany tho??
Tito Brozzi (17 days ago)
The new sword will be forged through the sacrifice of Daenerys .
jSkaffaa (18 days ago)
Is Jon being a Targaryen not a plot twist?????????
Sea_ Nettles (19 days ago)
*Ghost is Nissa Nissa. At least in the books, imo. Ghost will die so that Jon's spirit can be returned to his body. Just my two cents.
Sea_ Nettles (19 days ago)
uh... the Night King is definitely in the books. Many times.
Jinn Mallik (19 days ago)
I don't know may be its been discussed dealt with and I've gone and missed it... The thing I am unable to understand him the Knight King, Night King has the power to raise the dead enlisting to his army of the dead, since the Kings last appearance kind of sure many have died Meaning why don't the King raise the dead, when passing a cemetery enlist many more Kind of bothers me help rest the mind, thank you...
Yet another Azor Azai theory?
Black Panther (21 days ago)
This is the best theory yet!
dave reel (22 days ago)
So nobody els noticed that they switched out the night king actor?
Suzie Wheeler (23 days ago)
Do u think the night king is a targareon? Maybe even John snows father?
m2karateman (23 days ago)
If you recall, in Season 7 when the Hound finally comes face to face with his now 'changed' brother the Mountain, he tells him 'you know who's coming'.  That tells me that somehow the Clegane brothers are tied to the Night King.  As such, I believe the Night King is actually their father.
Carol Ley (24 days ago)
So Jon snow ends up stabbing daenerys turning her into a white walker? That sucks. Can't she German a break? She deserves the summer lands with drogon and their sin.
evolved monkey (24 days ago)
For me is kind of more prosaic explanation, the Night King was created by the children of the forest as we saw on the video, it has even the same facial features of the man that was turned into it, but he was never killed and retreated to the North to build his army of the dead yet again, as you said, they never claimed to kill the Night King, so he went north and after thousands of years came back, of course there can be a lot more to add to his motives, or it is simple and utterly destruction of all living beings.
Adam (24 days ago)
2.05 looks like brann
yaman khanal (25 days ago)
What if the night king shaved his beard off?
Arma Thirteen (26 days ago)
Or maybe he just shaved...
mlooky1221 (27 days ago)
I think that the 13th lord commander was banished beyond the wall and then went to the children of the forest and asked them to convert him into a white walker and then he killed the night king and became the shows night king and he want to revenge
Feridun Batuhan ZEREN (27 days ago)
Cripple Brandon Stark is the night king. He went back in time and entered that’s man body just like he did the hodor jn order to make a deal with children of the forrest and he stucked in him. he couldn’t go back because he was no longer human coz he bacame white walker. Watch that scene which is creation of the night king then you will understand
SuspectedPotato (27 days ago)
I don’t see why the Night King couldn’t have just cut the beard off. Craster’s sons didn’t have much hair and the white walkers that they become have really long hair. I guess they wouldn’t have given him a beard unless there was a reason for it
Rex Rip (28 days ago)
Wow,talk about butchering names! its m-ee-l-aw-sh
Carole Reeves (10 days ago)
THEORY #1: Bran is actually the old three-eyed raven. He warged into Bran just before he was killed in the cave by the Night King. So when Bran said back at Winterfell that he really isnt Bran anymore, would make sense. The "true" Bran is slowly dying while the original Three-eyed Raven takes over. I think Arya is going to kill her brother Bran with the Valerian steel dagger Bran gave to her. The dagger was in the book that Sam was looking at. Bran gave it to Arya and I believe knowing she will be the one to kill him in order to defeat the Night King and Bran knowing she is the only one who would. He gave it to her as there is some resemblance of him left. THEORY #2: The other thing is that Bran was in the past when Hodor was younger in Winterfell at the same time he warged into him. So it is possible the way to defeat the Night King is Bran, the now original Three-eyed Raven, wargs into the present Night King as he is visiting the past. Then Arya killing Bran/old man (original Three-eyed Raven) with the Valerian steel dagger killing Bran, the Night King as he is now and the man before he was the Night King. And the connection that the Night King has with Bran and with Jon as we know from when the Night King was staring at Jon when he went to rescue the Wildlings, as that they are related (Bran the Builder) And off topic...Jon is the Song of Ice and Fire (Targaryen-fire and Stark-Ice)
abhishek sharma (29 days ago)
So if he's not dead how can Jon would be him , for a reincarnation to be born isn't previous one to be dead
Pugiron (29 days ago)
Do you ever come up with a theory that turns out to be right? I mean, obviously you never make videos out of them, but do you ever think of any?
Cursed Fyre (30 days ago)
Dude...you really think we'll choose a theory in which Daenerys will be turned into a white walker.....nope i choose the 'bran is the night king' one.....
Pallav Kant (30 days ago)
Wuts with the spooky background music!!
Debbie Stewart (30 days ago)
Anyone else notice in the last episode of god bran was in a vision then it cut to the wall what if and bear with me he is seeing the future and it hasn't been destroyed yet .yes i know he can't see the future but we all know not everything is right and he has see buts of the future before in visions so now he is able to control his power more maybe he can what dos everyone think
Debbie Stewart (30 days ago)
Got not god sorry lol
Eccentric Horse11 (1 month ago)
Why did Daenerys marry the night king? Because he is the significant OTHER.
I haven't read the books and came to GoT after season 5 aired and binge watched 1-5 over and over til s06 aired...ireally really love this theory. and its so plausible. its basically a love story and i can see any man trying to free his love,might take him centuries but he wouldfind a way.. the night king would be no different and if he's a stark then maybe he already had green-sight, and his connection to Bran is so strong because their bloodline, was he ever drawn to blood-raven? This is why it s happening now,he must have foreseen his moment, maybe,the three eyed raven had to be a stark and the birth of Bran awakened something in The night king. i dont know they're all theory's till nxt season airs.. I have watched it all at least 15 times now and even just the episodes that involve Bran's story line, just finished s07 again I cant wait for S08 but your videos really do dull the wait. thank you and keep making these videos..
Shuchismita Hassan (1 month ago)
There's a loophole in this theory, if the first Azor Ahai killed the first night king, all the other white walkers would die because he turned all of them.
vojak izvidnik (1 month ago)
I hope night king wins. No more difrend things. Only one.
BG method (1 month ago)
Interesting but nah, I can’t see it ending that way. What about the children of the forest turning that Stark into The Night King? I think Lyanna is Nisa Nisa, Rheagar used his uh ‘sword’ on her and Jon is Lightbringer in the flesh. Good one tho
Luudt (1 month ago)
the misa misa and winterfell part is really interesting!
Leslie Parrish (1 month ago)
Could this be why the members of the Night’s Watch are not allowed to have wives??
Talking Thrones (1 month ago)
Could be 🤔
Brandon McCarey (1 month ago)
Just subscribed! Your channel is a 100% better than emergency awesome.
Rhonda Hossain (1 month ago)
I believe he's Bran...I mean, come one, look at his face.
Ewoks_On_Drugs (1 month ago)
The thing about the King of The North couldn't kill his brother. I was just like I would without second thought if my older brother turned that far evil I would without a doubt kill him. At least Jon Snow know what needs to be done. I hope he won't hesitate killing his possible evil ancestor if this theory turns out to be true.
Brandon stark is the night walker king every body ,oops my bad !!
gematria79 (1 month ago)
Like Robert's Rebellion, events happen but motives & details are distorted by the victors to save their honor & mk them the "good" side in heroic tales/songs. Within 15 yrs no one in Westeros knew or ever spoke of the truth every noble house had to know; that Rheagar was infatuated with Leanna Stark & that always indulged Leanna Stark didn't want to marry Robert Baratheon. Rheagar & Leanna probably never get a message to HER father revealing their secret marriage b4 he & her brother confronted the Mad King(if the Mad King knew it's doubtful he would hv told the Starks anything). The whole truth mattered to know one alive after Robt's Rebellion but the two Targ children hiding in exile & Ned Stark's baby nephew who Ned had turned into his bastard to gv him a long, safe life. I think the truth abt the White Walkers, the Long Night & the Night's King is hidden in the bowels of Winterfell, but I don't believe their is anything alive & hibernating in the crypts of Winterfell(myths abt Winterfell hide facts, not mystical creatures). GRRM already said this White Walker king is NOT that origin WW leader, but these creatures are mutated from humans & also keep their own histories/mythologies. We've seen their symbols, sacrifices to their "gods", they communicate in some way because they made a pact with Craster in exchg for regular human sacrifices(prob only Craster cared abt the sex of the children he sacrificed). These White Walkers are the sons of Craster who know the original history of their species & the name of those who broke their treaty with men, the "Stark's". Bran might be the only man now they can communicate with, but they wouldn't mk peace with the previous 3-eyed Raven or The Children. They were unbeatable in the Age of Heroes but there were no dragons fighting against them, few weapons of dragon glass & only 1 Valerian sword.
gematria79 (1 month ago)
Thank u for posting this very interesting theory. I do believe the story of the Night's King twisted reality as much as the lie of Robert's Rebellion (I think GRRM wants us to know that every myth/legend is a concocted LIE based on some true facts). I believe the Night's King was a Stark. I think he & his Night's Watch made sacrifices to the Others according to their peace agreement that ended the war that was about to exterminate The Children & The First Men. I think when Bran the Builder, The Children & the Wildling King figured out how they could construct the impenetrable WALL they did so & broke the peace pact. They destroyed the records relating to that Peace Pact, how the Wall was made & that Lord Commander because what they did to isolate the White Walkers was dishonorable(we'll learn more details, I'm sure). With no recorded info they could concoct their own version & songs abt this era(re-distorted by a 1000 yrs & millions of storytellers adding their own imaginings). s
lucidity (1 month ago)
I have one problem with this theory. Why wait until now? if this is the case the nights king could have taken his revenge/save Nisa Nisa ages ago. so why didn't he? why wait to take revenge on decedents who cant even remember what happend? why not save Nisa Nisa earlier, if the intention is to get back together why stay apart centuries?
Raisa Romaelle (1 month ago)
I don't think this theory will work for the show, and it would disappoint so many fans. Let's hope they don't go in this direction.
naved (1 month ago)
So, azor ahai is night's king and is a stark ?
Nobody (1 month ago)
Alright damn you all, hodor is the night king
Brooklyn Loesch (1 month ago)
So how old are the children? Wouldn't that make leaf about 8 thousand years old? If she made the first night king?
Izzy (1 month ago)
I feel like I’m spoiling season 8 for myself when I’m watching all these theories videos
Alfred (1 month ago)
why the disabled ratings? gives a bad vibe
Talking Thrones (1 month ago)
You prove my point. They are an unnecessary distraction. You should focus on the video, and not what other people think.
Some Guy (1 month ago)
i dont particularly believe the part about royalty stabbing their wives to make a weapon you mean to tell me they would'nt grab some random chick instead. Doesn't that make the story cooler if a random chick is sacrificed to make a weapon then gets powers.
Jordan Ly (1 month ago)
Bro this is so monotone I’m sorry I almost fell asleep yo 😂😂
Joshua Camplin (1 month ago)
Game of thrones fucken sucks
Akaakaaka ak (1 month ago)
You're giving D&D too much credit, unfortunately the Night King is just some guy and his motive is just to kill all humans.
Young Byun (1 month ago)
I liked the full circle theory of John Snow. But you have to think about why the red god brought John Snow back to life. In the end, in season 8, I think Cerci will be killed by Jamie just like he had to kill the mad king, Arya or Brianne will risk her life saving Sansa, The Hound will face his big brother, the Mountain with the fire sword. Most of the armies will be dead, only few survives and the imp will rull the 7 kingdoms.
Roong Burket (1 month ago)
Thst is also the reason Ben Stark is semi-dead and still able to help Jon.
I think it's rehgar
jovan jankovic (1 month ago)
kazi bre lepo milos to ti je srpsko ime a ne englesko
Jasmine Jennings (1 month ago)
I love this theory.
UrBanNerd Company (1 month ago)
Bruh!!!! 😫😫
Arcade Faciole (1 month ago)
Get a life!! 😂😂😂
Raff Muse (1 month ago)
damn blow your nose bro..
M0D goes HAM (1 month ago)
You talk weird man just spit it out
Hariwins ' (1 month ago)
Winterfell will be destroyed and then the WW will build a new wall, who says this is the only wall
Kimah Unbothered (1 month ago)
Well this is alot to take in 1) I would be so upset if Jon sacrificed Danny 2) I stopped watching at season 1 epi 4 soo this is alll so confusing... so many names 4) gonna go binge watch the rest now😂😂😂😂
Montague Monro (1 month ago)
Where is the evidence for any of this? Its just fanfic
Montague Monro (1 month ago)
I would have assumed the third big twist would be jon being a targerian
Marcquez Palmer (1 month ago)
So then why did the children of the forest stab him with dragon glass
Mike Fisher (1 month ago)
The children cannot become wights? Children white walkers? But dragons are ok to turn hmmm something to think about...
g b (1 month ago)
Does this picture of the night king look like mike pence
Clement Cupido (1 month ago)
Its simple really kill him & they all die.
JSanchez ElOnce (1 month ago)
Black Jordan (1 month ago)
Sounds like forest gump, no hate tho
Jeff Greene (1 month ago)
I enjoy this theory because it actually gives some depth to the Night King. It is looking more and more like the White Walkers will end up being weapons of mass destruction that went out of control, which doesn’t sit right with me. They have not killed every human they have come in contact with when they easily could have, and they clearly have an intelligence to them. When it comes to the final episodes we definitely could fill in some gaps since I don’t really know if there is a great deal of story left to tell between the final battle with the Night King and then the final battle with Cersei.
Brett Cormier (1 month ago)
This story is spot on except Daenerys dies giving birth
Ploppy Ploppy (1 month ago)
I wouldn't be surprised if the writers forget to mention him in Season 8. They managed to completely butcher season 7.
Tony Randall (1 month ago)
It might be true, since white walkers are all male and cannot breed, without Crastor's sons being given to the Night King, no Nissa Nissa for the Night King to get his freak on with..
nihal ekşi (1 month ago)
There is one season left and i don't think tv series will show who is azor ahai who is not. In the books maybe it can be detailed but we won't see any of these. Dany will die, john will kill night's king, their kid will bring happiness to westeros. End of the story.

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