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Text Comments (383)
Dylan Welsh (2 days ago)
When you think their stream sniping but they are actually just playing tracer for the fun of it and having a friendly competition
TheSnake DK (3 days ago)
Reuxo RL (12 days ago)
Casual Minecraft gameplay at the beginning
Mimix (15 days ago)
Isn’t that Dafran that toxic guy who thrower games?
GermanSniper (16 days ago)
Rawr Hayley (23 days ago)
The enemy team is just pathetic. They’re defense: whack MVP’s POTG: whack The way that Zenyetta just stood at random times: whack But Dafran is tight!!!
Trikkster (25 days ago)
I actually thought this was going to be Minecraft game play. Ik danteh used to play high level Minecraft so I really wasn’t that surprised too
ManiX207 (27 days ago)
like in the first 1.5 minuts im like yo this staged or what ? ... i mean come on not even getting hit .. the rein leterally just needed to swing his hammer 1s for dafran to need soem sort of rewind in the next seconds... ? eh like sry the neemies do kow htat you move with wasd right ??? RIGHT ???? THE HELL ? .... i mean yeah hes is insaly good in mechanics but this is no gm game .... well second round was more convincing
Sam M (1 month ago)
The queue sniper want doing anything wrong though. Singling out someone, especially the carry is how you win games. If you can't deal with someone always being on your ass then you've obviously never been a healer.
isaac 96 (1 month ago)
i love how he sounds like kabaji lol
Sammikins (1 month ago)
Right at the start of the game, HOW DOES IT HE MAKE IT LOOK SO EASY?!
Evelim (1 month ago)
The boop xD
Jeremiah Shields (1 month ago)
That mcree kill on you was dope.
MorphsHD (1 month ago)
2X speed mccree gameplay is so satisfying
Robby Woolums (1 month ago)
Dreamkazper "Hold my beer" That's enough internet for the day
i cant think of one (10 days ago)
The title should be why defran is the best thrower
hamad alotaibi (1 month ago)
U took the HP while Ur HP is full !!!
hamad alotaibi (1 month ago)
Buihongquan W (1 month ago)
What's a stream sniper?
Emo- mi (1 month ago)
theres also a que snipe where you que at the same time to be placed in the same game
Emo- mi (1 month ago)
someone who intentionally targets a streamer by finding their location, team strats, comms by watching their steam while playing the same game
eviLsoulZ (1 month ago)
Why dont you put a delay on your stream?
Deven Lucchi (2 months ago)
Dafran was the one stream sniping
elkgunner (2 months ago)
What does not kill us makes us stronger.
Alec Skinner (2 months ago)
They cheat by stream sniping and still lose lmfao
thisissolipsist (2 months ago)
19:00 why does he say he's not allowed to report anyone?
soteria (2 months ago)
honestly that teammate dafran had, YoYoYonnY seems like such a nice friendly pleasant person
Pilot3689 (2 months ago)
I mean, if you're going to try and stream snipe Dafran, at least be somewhat good. This guy was just trash! OMEGALUL
Ethan Busse (2 months ago)
"Shows why he is the best tracer" *has to switch off of tracer*
Abdulaziz Alrasheed (2 months ago)
Stop hacking dafran
Wren (2 months ago)
The stream sniper’s trying to prove himself? If he wanted to prove that he’s shit he succeeded.
Mr IDK (2 months ago)
I don't understand is this channel just about stealing content from players
WeeABoo (2 months ago)
Does all the good player plays Minecraft ?
英語English (2 months ago)
1st song pls
Doge (2 months ago)
That's why you put a delay on the stream by like 20 secs
John Luu (2 months ago)
#riplucio 20:51
Hamed Abdullah (2 months ago)
His aim is cheats lol
rich pauls (2 months ago)
Stream snipers are the biggest losers
des6late (2 months ago)
that’s fucking hilarious, just go hog all your problems are solved
Romario Cano (2 months ago)
He really sounds arrogant
tetsuo (2 months ago)
but sbb has and always will be the #1 tracer
Demarco Goss (2 months ago)
Beginning had me so confused
Mitchell Li (2 months ago)
He played so much more then tracer shit title
rayaan ashraf (3 months ago)
This thumbnail and title DJEBAITED ME!!
CanisoGaming (3 months ago)
Lmao that guy sucked big time... boosted GM wants to stream snipe?
Kingen himself (3 months ago)
8:50 he took the health pack when 150 hp?
Delano Teruel (1 month ago)
Yo wtf
Emo- mi (1 month ago)
you need to play minecraft to be the #1 tracer
Lmenzol (3 months ago)
tracer game is weak... if this is the number one ranked guy maybe I should start streaming too
StrangemanVEVO (3 months ago)
How far the mighty have fallen
ArcticShadowz (3 months ago)
how do you know when someone is stream sniping? i don't understand
cuck bunns (3 months ago)
Dafran hanzo is so embarasssign
AKUMA (3 months ago)
That first fight was a EZ clap
Mirias Gates (3 months ago)
Gonna be honest, not really satisfying. I expected him to win the fights most of the time as tracer, but 10 minutes in and its still pretty mellow without much entertaining content. We’re just watching him play the game while he complains. Not any actual “get rekt u snipers, im tracer king”.
Minter Daly (3 months ago)
The hog strat lol. Thank you Dafran
Perkless Noob Nurse (4 months ago)
"can't get banned for manipulating people." well you should be able to get banned for "witchhunting" online. yes sure it's legit in your case but i had many games which ppl said they should report someone for no reason.
GG ! (4 months ago)
How did he know he was getting stream sniped? That stream sniper is ass.
Swag (2 months ago)
GG ! Well the tracer knew where he was and tried killing him everytime
NoMercy (4 months ago)
"i get stream sniped, boohoo river of tears" Um, then dont stream, problem solved. "But I AM a streamer" Tough shit then
Ez0rus (4 months ago)
Stop spamming hello
OneDerscore One (4 months ago)
I don't get it, how can people stream snipe dafran? He's the best tracer, if not the best player in the world, doesn't that make him un-snipeable?
Nexus (10 days ago)
No, he's not lol.
Cogito ErgoSum (4 months ago)
how many time u need to get this aim dafran...
liam bayliss (4 months ago)
So your #1 tracer but got bullied so much by a streamsniper you had to go hog ?? 😂
Corey Berg (4 months ago)
First song is anima libera nightcore version
a dude (4 months ago)
SBB is #1 Tracer lol
Martin Hall (5 months ago)
The F.B.I Is Here (5 months ago)
TeenGrasper=DreamKazper LUL
Harlem chambers (5 months ago)
What's a stream sniper?
Arturo Cruz (5 months ago)
Like it or not, that's strategy. He's the the team's main dps. And I can totally get why he gets stream sniped, he's a jerk himself a lot of the times he plays.
EVILxoRi (5 months ago)
10:43 after killing the smurf, mans hears the mercy footsteps and has the game sense AND moral code to know a res on a shitter is coming. Insane... He's reformed.
Pacc T_T (5 months ago)
Why isn't he allowed to report?
HoshiBaka (5 months ago)
And yet they both still shoot into Zarya's bubble.
Baww i (5 months ago)
So, dafrans basically a minecraft streamer now.
flamin yong (5 months ago)
Next Video: “Sausage shows why he’s the #1 Widow”
ghoubLiN (5 months ago)
who sits in their room and takes the time to stream snipe someone? you have to be a really sad individual with an even sadder life...OMEGALUL!
PolarBearMsp (5 months ago)
Can u go to jail for stream sniping
EldarCorruption (5 months ago)
So hold on why can't he report them?
Crazydudegonecrazy (5 months ago)
what is the name of the song at the start of the video while he is playing minecraft
XDeadBeDX (8 days ago)
Anima Libera
Docker282828 (5 months ago)
Only true gods play anime music and play minecraft on live streams
Larry Sunshine (5 months ago)
Ooooo he said bitch and fuck I think he should get reported and banned from Overwatch. Overwatch doesn't tolertate bad language!
ZathC (5 months ago)
Dafran just casually kills 4 people barely even trying at the beginning.
sam (5 months ago)
8:35 omg his accuracy is INSANE Kappa
Ryan Firmin (5 months ago)
Great Vid! The laugh tracks were kinda strange though...
我不会说中文 (5 months ago)
Dafrans csgo aimbot rubbed off on him
king potato (5 months ago)
is anyone else wondering how he dosent have a golden tracer gun
Ewan Whiteley (4 months ago)
Random videos alt acc
BlitzTM (4 months ago)
Random videos Because he doesn't wear it So simple...
Tomás Scheel (5 months ago)
This guy is really awesome
TheMepwep (5 months ago)
Who would try to stream snipe the best dps in the game? 🤔
Dk guillotine (5 months ago)
is there anything bliz can do to stop stream sniping surely there is some way
Colby Simpson (5 months ago)
Is Dafran a pro Minecraft streamer now?
JustinHit (5 months ago)
put a 30 second delay on your stream... real easy.
Jay Du (5 months ago)
Dafran the thrower
colin - (5 months ago)
why cant he report him ?
Busky (6 months ago)
These are the people who make “I killed ninja” videos
Busky lol
Jacob Yoensky (6 months ago)
Dafran really played a dirty Mcree in the first round
RemiBox Games (6 months ago)
How does dafran know if he's a stream sniper? Is there proof. I'm just curious about this guys
Andrew KVK (18 days ago)
Seemed like luck, the person he said was sniping wasn't focusing him the whole game. Dafran sprayed him down at one point and seemed surprised that he was chased, it wasn't sus at all. He was being spawn camped not stream sniped Imo, unless I missed something in chat or another hint
RemiBox Games (5 months ago)
Oh okay that makes sense. Thank you! I was wondering how Dafran knew this
Chill Phoria (5 months ago)
RemiBox Games I believe it's the fact that certain tracer knew all the time where he was and always tried to kill him so that could be a reason I think c:
Kieran J. Weir (6 months ago)
Not gonna lie my hanzo is probably better than dafran's with how he played on Eichenwalde
GoodRobloxFame (2 months ago)
Kieran J. Weir In Dafran's defense, he has 3 accounts in top 500 and he is the #1 tracker. It would be pretty hard to be better than him.
EVER (3 months ago)
Kieran Weir never really thought that the mind of a subhuman mongoloid such as yourself could comprehend something "intelligent", my bad
Kieran J. Weir (3 months ago)
Seems like you have nothing else intelligent to say. I have nothing more add to a lost cause like yourself.
EVER (3 months ago)
Kieran Weir no ur just a bot, though a confident and an angry bot
Kieran J. Weir (3 months ago)
You've got a superiority complex. Kill yourself
Kieran J. Weir (6 months ago)
And people say tracer isn't op just walks in the backline and kills zen for free
Kieran J. Weir (2 months ago)
blekut no, three blinks so you can easily duke people out and a free reset. Literally wait for a few seconds to be able to escape
blekut (2 months ago)
Kieran J. Weir they're not forgiving, literally one of the most intensive kits in ow lmao
Kieran J. Weir (4 months ago)
linKuss it's not hard to be good with tracer because her abilities are so forgiving...
linKuss (4 months ago)
Shes not op, just really good if u know how to play her (like dafran)
Lucy 道 (5 months ago)
Kieran Weir teamplay op
"thank you reindhart, I appreciate it" xdddd toxic
Nep Nep (6 months ago)
Hey dafran why are you number one Hold my beer
Рис добрый :3 (6 months ago)
William Fog von Qualen (6 months ago)
Very nice editing! I hate when people over-meme vids
Overnite (6 months ago)
Music at the beginning??? Title please
Trey Mason (6 months ago)
I thought I got Jebaited for a sec at the start
vaikos (6 months ago)
You show your screen to everyone and bitch they are watching it? And even go as far as ask for a report of people who kill you? Damn
PerciusLive (6 months ago)
20:02 made me choke so hard

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