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Margaery and Tommen Hot scene HD

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Margaery Tyrell and Tommen has some fun after their wedding Game of Thrones season 5 episode 3
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slashbuzz (15 days ago)
Tommen was so much better than joffrey
Titan OF Knowhere (1 month ago)
When you have sex for the first time. This is all I want to do all day, everyday, for the rest of my life.
Gwenyth D. (1 month ago)
Daniel Williamson (1 month ago)
Natalie looks really stunning in this scene.
Kryptonim Niuchacz (2 months ago)
Oh sex
Utopia Lord (2 months ago)
Tommen really love Margaery and he was in so much Sorrow when she died.
Nick Casperson (2 months ago)
Tommen was such a good person
Benjamin Lundbäck (3 months ago)
I don't think that Margaery loved Tommen, but she did like him. They had something going on
Aziz2022Qtr (3 months ago)
Game of Pedophiles.
Erin Lustado (3 months ago)
How the frick is Margery’s hair still perfect?
Just Kid (3 months ago)
Margaery: I think we are going to be happy together, you and I. Tommen: I do to. Me and Cersei: I don't think so.
Hei Hei (3 months ago)
0:34. You and most of the straight men in Westeros.
Zairfin Rosechilde (3 months ago)
what is it,, like 10 seconds.. hahahah
L S (3 months ago)
honestly I think they could have been really happy :( not the most powerful king, but good at heart and got a gREAT queen by his side. I wish they could have taken down Cersei instead, but I understand why the series would have been more boring had tht happened. there's still hope in the books though! (lol kind of)
Edospher (3 months ago)
"this is what I want to do, all day, every day, for the rest of my life" Does not Everyone
The Wraith (3 months ago)
1:46 - *Tommen* - "Do you like to sail? *Margaery* -"I LOVE to sail." :) *Tommen* - "Oh, because I HATE to sail." *Margaery* - "Really?...er...um...I HATE to sail too!" :)
_true_ _APEX_ (3 months ago)
Guter (4 months ago)
**breathing heavily** no shit xd
John Hutchins (4 months ago)
Tommen is really falling for her.
bitter coffee (4 months ago)
0:18 the sweetest lie that was ever told
Abdul Hameed (4 months ago)
Why are people discussing ages?
Malakas2 (4 months ago)
Margaery is actually in fact what is definitely closer to the very definition of sociopath or psychopath than Tywin or and Joffrey. She is just benevolent and she doesn't make a scene because she doesn't seem to have feelings to get them hurt unlike Joffrey who can't control his emotions. Tywin doesn't think ahead and he got himself killed because of it. You can admit she doesn't want to hurt Tommen and she genuinely likes him.
ChiickenSalt (4 months ago)
James Hawking (4 months ago)
Young naive bastard... Got a pussy once and throw himself out of the building because he can't get more...
JimiTip (4 months ago)
James Hawking That must have been some fine pussy
gobblefish 64 (5 months ago)
That looked like fun
Zareen GULABI (5 months ago)
Shameless woman
M Bayrak (5 months ago)
'I think we're going to be happy, you and I' Cersei disagrees!
Braeden Patmore (5 months ago)
Nikko Nikole (5 months ago)
She had more fun with Henry Vlll according to her facial expression in the first 10 secs
Zawn Kostean (5 months ago)
Whis I was him
Charlie Bank (5 months ago)
Love king Tommoz such a fit actor and a great king y did he die 👎🏻👎🏻
LEMON FACE (6 months ago)
“ So the penis goes into the vagina? Amazing! “ -Tommen Baratheon
1135782 (6 months ago)
But... Tommen... He... He was... Fuck, that happened to me for reading the books and not watching the series... But now... It's all too much... For me...
plamen ivanov (6 months ago)
before he become a fucking zealot Tommen was a sweet kid but after he came under the influence of the High Cunt he turned in to a little shit like his brother
Blacksherman20 (6 months ago)
What if Margaery was 12 years old and Tommen was 33. Imagine the outrage! LOL come at me you feminazis
Friendly Jester (6 months ago)
Man....If I was the king, I'd be like. "Look margaery, you can have the fucking kingdom, rule them i do not even care. As long as you are naked everynight in my bed"
HolyknightVader999 (6 months ago)
And to think, if Tywin didn't die, this could have been Westeros' happily ever after...........
VMC Status (6 months ago)
It happened so fast - king lol.
Thanos The Great Meme (6 months ago)
Shall I have them bring you some pomegranate juice? NO POMEGRANATE! SAY IT! NO POMEGRANATE NOOOOO POMEGRANATEEEEEE
Thanos The Great Meme (6 months ago)
Lucas Dias (6 months ago)
kiwi kiwi
autismoose (8 months ago)
Dont care about their ages. That shits hot my dude.
Waffle Teh Sm0l (8 months ago)
We ALL got clickbaited lol
gothatway09 (9 months ago)
They would never film a scene like this with a 33 year old man and a 15 or 16 year old girl. Even with a woman and boy it's weird as fuck since he's underage.
Karie Salimger (9 months ago)
I don’t understand why people call Margaery manipulative and evil and state it as the reason to dislike her. I don’t see anything wrong in what she’s doing. As she herself said to sansa that women in their position should make the best out of the circumstances. They have no power themselves, they are being sold basically in marriages and even if they are lucky to get a “decent” position they still have no control over their comfort. Cersei married the king, was a queen, had character, had a bright mind yet still she was powerless and her father could sell her like cattle for political reasons, her husband beat her and cheated on her and all the rest. Cat didn’t have the power to save her family, even tho she tried her best. She tried to talk Ned out of everything, she tried her best to save all of her children and she was strong and had power and yet still her life was a tragedy. I won’t even talk about others. Margaery was also sold off THREE times. But she was smart. She tried to make even the worst situation somehow good for herself and for people around her. Joffrey could abuse her just like the rest, she tried to put herself in a position where she would avoid that fate. She was trying to make Tommen love her with all his heart to make him, her HUSBAND, protect her because she wasn’t safe, no woman in Westeros is really. And ofc she cared about her family the most because they have the power to sell her, they have power over her and instead of being unhappy all her life she chose to always care for her family so they care for her back, make herself a comfortable position in her marriage. She just tried her best to do what most people try to do. She never wasted time crying about how unkind fate was for her, it’s only a moment or few seconds you can see her being sad or disappointed but she sucked it up immediately and smiles. She refused to be the victim. You can also se that shift in Daenerys, when she finally stopped feeling sorry for herself and started to learn about the people and made Drogo love her instead of just being something he bought. And he protected her, she gained power by the same tactic as Margaery. That was before all the magic and dragons tho. Well, Margaery has none of that, she’s just trying to make the best of her circumstances, whatever they are, even if it’s a prison cell.
Alex Arand (10 months ago)
Corek BleedingHollow (10 months ago)
Fuck that boy. That pisses me off she slept with him. I want her all to myself. I'd bang her so hard and show her what a real man can do.
La Le Li Lo Lu (10 months ago)
Every guy's first girlfriend controls him with sex like Margery controls Tommen
Enchanted Soda Splash (11 months ago)
I want to trade places with Margery. Tommen is bae, AND he's my fav character's son
Sly Cullen (11 months ago)
I enjoy pressing the '4' key on my keyboard while watching this video, im not sure why...
FatLi TheLi (11 months ago)
He's cute honestly
Tanvir Alif (1 year ago)
He thought he was hurting her with a 14 year old wiener. Lol
Das Bitte (1 year ago)
2:01 wtf moment
Gerard Le Vaar (1 year ago)
Tommen gets laid while Joffrey dies a virgin. WAIT WHAT
zazanga (1 year ago)
like, yeah she's a little bit manipulative but you can totally see her falling for him a bit here.
Harrison Bright (1 year ago)
I know she is evil but she plays it so crazy well, she seems lovely, kind and concerned, I know it's not but god, she is so likeable in this scene.
Nikki Benavidez (4 months ago)
Harrison Bright How is she evil? She's a manipulator, yes, but she's no Cersei. She's doesn't enjoy the suffering of others or relish the pain of the people, she's just looking out for her own interests.
luvbug24910 (1 year ago)
Tommen had such a sad fate....much like Rickon Stark (not as tragic) but similar in ways....he was the youngest of his siblings, thrown into such a mess at such a young age....never having the chance to be a child....I feel very sad for Tommen
Jake S (1 year ago)
I find this cute and not hot tho. They didn't deserved to die.
Valentina Silvestri (1 year ago)
I find this cute not hot
Shot in the Heart (1 year ago)
Tommem was so sweet I feel sorry for him. And I miss Margaery, she was my top choice for The Queen
MAGNUM DONG (1 year ago)
Dragons, Zombies, Incest & Pedophilia. Greatest show on TV.
NafiSoFresh (1 year ago)
I need to take notes from Margaery, she knows how to manipulate with kindness
Traduttore Traditore (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who wasn't shocked at all by the difference of age (didn't notice) when I watched the episodes ? (But is a little now ? Lol)
VM (1 year ago)
This scene is horrifying knowing what happened to your them. Fuck you, Cersei.
Svante (1 year ago)
Great fan-service at the end there!
Michael Castillo (1 year ago)
"Shouldn't we rest for a little bit?" Bitch, I'm the king! Round 2 means round 2 lol
Sub Killer (1 year ago)
giving a child who hadn't even had his first kiss yet sex. Nice idea.
Sub Killer (1 year ago)
all day errday
Mike G (1 year ago)
"This is all I want to do, all day, every day, for the rest of my life" Has he never masterbated?
The Hound (3 months ago)
Mike G how does beating your meat compare to pounding the sweetest ass in the 7 kingdoms.
zoe Johnson (1 year ago)
"I think where going to be very Happy you and I" The bitch knows her grammar
Saralo Ha (1 year ago)
She's right they could have been happy together.
Fabian Frerichs (1 year ago)
Margaery is the Hottest Women in Got
Limmamikegamma60 (1 year ago)
Tommem was a real dude. R.I.P.
Unpretentious Wind (1 year ago)
Can tommen fuck in his age with his small cock he can't lit a sword but he can use his little lion makarotsini :D ahahhaahhah rest in peace bastard
King Facocero (1 year ago)
Lucky kiddo
Exurbi A (1 year ago)
It's funny. Margaery could have turned Joffrey into a good man. And she could have made Tommen a strong and independent man. If they had just been given chances. But Cersei...
aricente (6 months ago)
Exurbi A had Tommen been king with margery and maybe even tywin as hand, their would have been some semblance of peace
He probably became the most badass guy in high school after this scene.
Lachs geräuchert (5 months ago)
Guillermo Sánchez Terrones I would worry more if I hear 12 year olds bragging about having sex...... they both are actors but other than that it’s not very „cool“ to have such scenes. Why are you celebrating such useless things? Boys should not be celebrated (not bashed either) for this but rather for actual achievements.
pardhu rocks (1 year ago)
see tommen's eyes at 0:04 like he's going to bang the shit out of her
Yujin no Moon (1 year ago)
1:12 riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight
Hey, on the bright side. At least tommen didn't die a virgin! (Unlike joffrey) 😂😂😂
Decreator (1 year ago)
You lucky son of a bitch
ziza (1 year ago)
Sometimes the comments are the best thing
Jack Challenge (1 year ago)
That actor must love his job
Mihnea 1234 (21 days ago)
+Benjamin Lundbäck And hes 16 :))
Benjamin Lundbäck (2 months ago)
ye, I'd be mad if I were Tommen's actor
Voornaam Achternaam (2 months ago)
Benjamin Lundbäck and you can’t even touch what a tease
Benjamin Lundbäck (3 months ago)
but he is talking to Natalie Dormer while she is fully nude under her blanket
Voornaam Achternaam (3 months ago)
Dude al they did is breath loudly
joe Cosby (1 year ago)
dude these 2should have run away together and ditched this stupid kingdom
Pretty Gurl Rock (1 year ago)
The only reason guys is giving each other bro hugs over this is because they aged the character up. I found it strange that Tommen magically went from his almost actual age, a young boy, to that of a teenager. When I saw this scene, the switch up made a lot more sense. I just thought "makes sense, can't have Margie having sex with a ten year old. Everyone would hate her." But I always believed that in the books Margaery never had sex with him because he was just too young, in the first book Tommen is only 6 years old, so he would have to be around 10'ish by the time he weds Margaery. But even then, I still didn't feel comfortable watching this scene because I knew that an older woman was going to use sex as a means to manipulate and control someone younger and (mentally) weaker than her.
S Sh (1 year ago)
"I thought maybe I hurt you, it sounded like..." wow so a teenage boy was good enough to make Margaery scream XD
Fat Ass Dogs (1 year ago)
I'm glad he got to do something Joffery couldn't
C.o.R (1 year ago)
"were going to be very happy you and i" aw I'm sure u will oh wait they're dead.
Charlie Bank (1 year ago)
He is so so fit which he was gay
Jakob Padberg (1 year ago)
I wonder how they manage to not get pregnant...
Coda Greene (1 year ago)
Tommen's such a nice dude
it's cool guy (1 year ago)
Victor Nguyen (1 year ago)
12 "Did I hurt you?" Tommen : 8D Joffrey : 8==D
ßitchass (1 year ago)
This shut must've been so awkward to film
Nate Goldman (1 year ago)
i think margaery was a genuinely kind woman, despite how manipulative she was. i think she would have made the best of the marriage.
Perrie Girl (1 year ago)
Tommen is sooo cute
Glanced (1 year ago)
"shouldn't we rest a bit" she only said that so she won't get in probably with the police,
The Sigma Male (1 year ago)
He said he wanted to do it all day everyday lol.... Just like a virgin!
Hannah G-K (1 year ago)
His reaction is soo cute and realistic. :)
S 3&4G2 (1 year ago)
How old was he to be in the series ? ........and from which year is the episode ?
sandy dallas (1 year ago)
best couple ever
4evr Alone (1 year ago)
paedophilia.. haha..

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