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The Future of Winterfell Foreshadowed! - Game of Thrones Season 8 (End Game Theories)

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Welcome back for another Game of Thrones Season 8 End Game Theories Video. I was recently re-watching some episodes of Game of Thrones and I noticed some scenes that I think could be foreshadowing how certain things will end. Now that the Night King is on his way everyone needs to prepare, but can Winterfell protect them from the Night King? According to Ned Stark, it should be able to hold up against great odds. The Starks of Winterfell have ruled the north for a very long time and I don't think things are about to change now. The Night King is about to bend the knee at Winter-fell. I believe this is where the Long Night will end, but what do I know? Nothing... I also talk about Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. I believe Daenerys is pregnant, but how many children will she have? Did a scene between Robb and Talisa foreshadow Daenerys having twins? Maybe... Maybe not.. Images and video clips from Game of Thrones are property of their creators, used here under fair use. Support the channel on Patreon right here https://www.patreon.com/TalkingThrones Follow me on Twitter right here https://twitter.com/Talking_Thrones Outro Music: Light of the Seven Remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXCuTo-x0Wc
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Text Comments (584)
TheJenni347 (14 hours ago)
Aria and sansa can carry the stark name
Dark Highwayman (7 days ago)
The numbers assume against human opponents. I think they will get besieged and bypassed
Fems Ff (7 days ago)
Twins would be very cliche but maybe Jon marries both Dany and Sansa to (further) unite the Iron Throne and the North and has a child with each: one Targaryen and one Stark.
Waymon Perry (7 days ago)
Is it possible that there needs to be a Stark in Winterfell, because of their claim to the castle. If the Night King is a Stark, he would be the rightful heir to Winterfell, if there wasn’t another Stark ruling the castle...
crazy observations (8 days ago)
House starkarian
Vincent Bergman (11 days ago)
Do you think the W King can take possession of Gregor Clegane? I think he can since he is dead and just reanimated.
Nancy-Jo Nunez (13 days ago)
I love the foreshadowing videos. Keep them up. Thank you.
Chris Spink (17 days ago)
I’m hoping this is gonna be game of thrones, helms deep. A bloody long siege that ends with a good guy victory but a dozen of people form inside the castle are all that’s left!
Fry Jones (26 days ago)
Dude are you from Pittsburgh?
Justin Rogers (27 days ago)
guess wun wun counts as 10000 men cause he broke into wf like it was his job
Albert Chehade (29 days ago)
2 Birds with 1 BONE....... Geez!
Jessica Bryant (30 days ago)
Bran needs to find out how to shied himself and Winterfell from the Night King, just like the previous Raven did his cave.
Ciaran Davey (1 month ago)
I’ve always had this gut feeling that winterfell was called that name for a reason, and when you said there is a theory about how the night king lived there (during the long night) and I was thinking maybe this is where the first men and children of the forest defeated the night king for the first time causing him to flee further north. This is where winter fell at Winterfell.....
soul brother #1 (1 month ago)
Theres only 1 problem with 500 men defending winterfell against 10,000 men, when it comes to the night king and his army...... The night kings army arent men....they are dead already
william west (1 month ago)
5000 if they have dragon stone arrows...
Mytoast Isdone (1 month ago)
One thing to note, when Theon was speaking about Winterfel being easily defendable, he was clearly speaking about traditional siege and men attacking, not the colossal army of the dead. The wights just swarm and overwhelm the enemy so this could go differently considering they do not fear death and do not feel pain..
Talking Thrones (1 month ago)
Unsullied are the same way.
TJ Kells 3rd (1 month ago)
Oh yeah he took souvenirs! He couldn’t help himself...reanimated Pycell🤯😱
Patrick Robison (1 month ago)
Why can’t she have triplets and make make the 3 heads of a dragon first son name Targaryen the second son name him Ned Stark and no clue for a third son
Nancy-Jo Nunez (1 month ago)
I’d love more shadowing videos please. Great job.
Amy Houghton (1 month ago)
I think it would be cool if Jon rose either dragon above Viserion and jumped down on his back and stabbed him with one of the Valerian swords.
Margaret Gust (1 month ago)
I think the name "Winter Fell" says it all - Winter, i.e., the NK, will fall here at the Stark home. I would love to see more foreshadowing videos and I have been convinced since that scene with Qyburn picking up the wight's hand that he was going to play a role in the war. Somehow, he is going to figure out how the NK creates the wights and he is going to be able to "undo" that magic.
Laura Caballero (1 month ago)
Hector Garza (1 month ago)
Freaking rob Stark 🙄🙄🙄
Eric Rawlings (1 month ago)
I'm not sure if he took any of the body parts since they never showed him walking away with any?
C S CD (1 month ago)
None of this will happen.
Jose Hill (1 month ago)
I know Sansa shored up Winterfell’s defenses, but I think that everyone will escape to the South, mainly the Eyrie. Winterfell is in an open field. Winterfell will hold but not without taking major damage. The Vale however is a different story. The natural defenses of the Vale pretty much make it impregnatable. Sansa is also the Lady of the Vale. So there is a safe place there.
Jose Hill (7 days ago)
Fems Ff but Jon and Dany still have two.
Fems Ff (7 days ago)
But the NK has a dragon and can just fly up the Eyrie.
Julie Segura (1 month ago)
Like Aegon, Jon might have to take on sister wives to continue the Targaryen and Stark lines. He might marry Dany, Sansa, and Arya and wouldnt it be cool to see all of them riding future dragons!!!
Darth Mike (2 months ago)
BecAuse Bran and the night king are the same person, if he gets to him and turns him the night king cannot be killed...
Neluțu Mohan (2 months ago)
If the night king is really from winterfell i think he know that 500 man can hold the castle against 10.000 so i'm sure he will go king's landing first to take that million people for his army and after that he will go to Winterfell
amy jonson (2 months ago)
Jon will die, NK will be destroyed, all dragons will be killed, Bran will die after bypassing nd killing NK, Dany will not be killed, as her dream shows herself in Kings landing. nd right now she is in North....
Debjeet Chaudhuri (2 months ago)
I think maybe it's a trap and once the night king enters winterfell John n Danny set them all ablaze !
Lao rui (2 months ago)
there's a theory that sansa is pregnant with ramsay...
Lao rui (1 month ago)
Jose Hill why make it a long discussion? I'm just saying that I watched a video. Let's just wait for s8, ok?
Jose Hill (1 month ago)
Lao rui it won’t even be proven because it’s not happening.
Lao rui (1 month ago)
That's why it's a theory, it's not yet proven. 😊
Jose Hill (1 month ago)
Lao rui she’s not.
Julie Whitney (2 months ago)
Great vid! Please do more foreshadowing vids.
J. Elizabeth Lasanta (2 months ago)
Hello. I joined the GOT series very late in the game, but still I've watched every episode. I wanted to thank you for clarifying many of the questions I didn't even know I had. There is still one question no one had answered, or maybe, I just haven't gotten to that video. I keep hearing about the phrase, "there must always be a Stark in Winterfell," how this may somehow tie to the magic of this ancient castle. However, no one has addressed the fact that according to the story line in the show, there was a significant amount of time that passed without a Stark present. Could this have affected or crippled the magical properties? If not, why might that be?
Mohammed Adam (2 months ago)
The thing I don’t get is when Jon and his companions were able to hold off the whole army of whites and we’re scared when we have an another dragon and stronger and more man.
Dima Sss (2 months ago)
Curiosity killed the cat))
Mitchell Mercurio (2 months ago)
Great video and thanks
Basil thankachan (2 months ago)
Shouldn't it be 2 boys to save the 2 houses
sarkastin (2 months ago)
Could one of the reasons to why the Wall fell be that no Stark was there guarding it? They always tell us a Stark has to be at Winterfell, but what if that's true about the Wall and that other castle as well... The Walls Brandon built? Maybe the Stark blood has to be there to make sure the magic in those Walls work? Maybe the Starks are more than what they seem, and one of their tasks is to actually guard the realm of men (the living) from the dead, always? Maybe they are a bit like gatekeepers to the beyond, and once they all fall the barrier between living and dead will fall completely? I always got a sense that the White Walkers started moving for real after Ned's death, maybe the Night King saw this, and now he's on his way south to protect the living and dead both?
speedy gz (2 months ago)
Triplets and she dies giving birth. 3 heads of the dragon.
J Lord (2 months ago)
Yes tillisa is a Valyrain from Volantis.
J Lord (2 months ago)
Of course he wants Winterfell he is a Stark.
Angel Pabon Jr (2 months ago)
Wights are not a disease but magic.
Angel Pabon Jr (2 months ago)
Dany has over 100,000 Dothraki, 8,000 Unsullied and 2 Dragons that will be bigger than Version. Jon has the Vale, The North and the Freefolk. Both dragons will have riders. Viserion died because he didn't have a rider!
Robert Davis (2 months ago)
Is it possible that the Night King wants to get to bran because bran may have the power to go back in time and restore him to human?
Mr. Youngblood (2 months ago)
Remember, in the books at least, Jojen Reed tells the Mountain Clansmen (can't remember which clan he belonged to) that the Starks will be back in Winterfell
Tony Wu (2 months ago)
If they just clogged the twins and flee south. Wights can’t swim . Unless NK freezes the water
Thomas Boggs (2 months ago)
And what if they decide to legitimize the Snow name? Maybe Jon gets over him raising a "bastard"
Kami Farrie (3 months ago)
More foreshadowing vids please! I like them
TaylorRbob (3 months ago)
Do you think the magic surrounding the "there must always be a Stark in Winterfell" prophecy is broken since there was a time when there weren't any Starks in Winterfell? Is there a chance that the castle won't stand for thousands of years to come since it was once abandoned by the Starks?
Kelly Fortune (3 months ago)
If the dragon has three heads, maybe she has triplets, three dragon children, three children. Probably not, but if twins were possible why not triplets.
caitlin seeley (3 months ago)
Twin don't make sense because only one name will be saved the only way they could say it by having two boys.
CB Zero (3 months ago)
Lyanna Mormont intro 🔥
Allan James Alexander (3 months ago)
Yes that would be interesting to watch more and it did have twins that would be a very good way to save the house Of both families are very interesting indeed
Anneri Steyn (3 months ago)
Forgot to add, here's a roundabout question...would qyburn find a cure for the night king or would the night king be long dead before qyburn can practice his healing process?
Keaux Cayman (3 months ago)
do you not find the name "Winterfell" suspicious? it sounds like "Winter Fell" as its like the end of the long night's winter. It stops there.
Blondie Byrne (3 months ago)
If Danny has twins then she’s dies in childbirth, game over
Bridget (3 months ago)
I wonder what undead remains in conjunction with zombie Mountain could possibly produce? Or if Bran has the ability to warg such beasts as The Mountain or Vyserion..? That could open up some badass storyline and great CGI visuals.
whiskers (3 months ago)
if they gonna stay in this incest relationship and get two kids. why not start their own house...house of ice and fire lmao
Cattie Fogelsong (3 months ago)
More for shadowing videos!!!
TwiTchy WiTch (3 months ago)
Ok, I hear what your saying but naming a boy Stark or Targeryen will carry on the chosen name but if Danny had a boy and a girl, naming one Stark and the other Targeryen won't matter for the girl because she will shed her family name when she weds anyways. The only way to guarantee both names will live on past just one or 2 more generations would be if Danny and Jon have twin boys. Right? That's assuming Bran can never father children and Sansa nor Arya have children (boys) and name them Stark, instead of furthering their respective husband's family names. This is the only flaw I see with your theory. I believe even though Jon always wanted to be a Stark... when he learns and accepts his parentage... realizing he is really a Targeryen... he will want to legitimately take that name. I'm not saying this would happen but... if you look back at "foreshadowing" wouldn't it be crazy if someone legitimized Theon as a Stark? Since he's allegedly missing his cock, he couldn't be of much help furthering the Stark name but he has said some stuff through the years in both novels and show to make me raise an eyebrow. Like... "am I your brother now and always?" And ... "It always seemed like an impossible choice I had to make... Stark or Greyjoy" i doubt it would happen but it's fun to think about.
Fems Ff (7 days ago)
If they have twins (I don't think they will) and one's a boy and the other a girl, then Jon could arrange a marriage between the girl and Bran (or Rickon in the books if he survives).
Rhaenyra Reigns (3 months ago)
Forgive me my honesty, but I see no reason to repeat like a parrot what was said 5 seconds earlier in a clip. Do you take your viewers for idiots with 5 seconds-long attention span...? This just bloats your videos' length, kind of a sign that we're not respecting time given.
Emily Boone (3 months ago)
Yes more for shadowing videos please!
OneBigPear (3 months ago)
Are we assuming Sansa won't have children? She is the actual heir to Winterfell at this point.
Jose Hill (1 month ago)
OneBigPear with Bronn maybe
james starling (3 months ago)
Wouldn’t it be cool, if that the fire in winterfell for season 8 (which has been leaked) is done on purpose by the starks. They lure in as many white walkers as possible, set it on fire with a dragon or something else and escape through the tunnels underneath. Just a thought lol don’t hate on me comments section
M &M (3 months ago)
Another GREAT intro!
Sam Crutchley (4 months ago)
I DONT CARE IF HE'S A BASTARD!! the way she delivers that line is perfection
YoJon (4 months ago)
The unsullied are naturally the best army to use dragon glass. They are elite spear wielding warriors!
Badass Nanna67 (4 months ago)
And yes please do more foreshadowing videos!!
chilyn del valle (4 months ago)
Loved the video. More just like it please!!!
Angela Tannor (4 months ago)
Why did you waste time speculating needlessly about Jon and Danni's possible child's heritage? His father was a Targaryen therefore any child he has will automartically be Targaryen not Stark.
Talking Thrones (4 months ago)
Wrong... Jon is the King. He can name his child anything he wants.
Scout6613 (4 months ago)
Wouldn't Daenerys have to have twin boys to carry on both House names? Can a Princess carry on a House name in GoT or does she take the name of her husband?
S. Rey (4 months ago)
What if winterfell is sieged, but trapping the armies inside. Letting the undead army travel elsewhere and attack other houses. This would let Cersei’s dragon killer bows to be used against the undead dragon. All while everyone trapped in winterfell is trapped by endless undead. Just an idea
Stephanie Herrera (4 months ago)
And wouldn't they need to have 2 boys in order for them to carry on the name or can women keep their fathers name or do they have to take on the name of their new husband.
Stephanie Herrera (4 months ago)
I thought it was going to be a dream for spring or whatever
Verottic (4 months ago)
I don't want GOT to end. 😔💔
Grimm 26 (4 months ago)
With this video coupled with your video on the visions of the Red Keep being destroyed by the Night King do you think the Night King would fly to King's Landing to create a second army to attack Winterfell from the south while his main army attacks from the north?
dēaþ (4 months ago)
It took the giant like 6 seconds to knock down the Winterfell gate after the battle of the bastards. Winterfell won't hold against the dead unless Jon kills the NK.
Jose Hill (1 month ago)
Talking Thrones not after what we saw the Night King did to Viserion. There is a secret passage from the crypts of Winterfell to Moat Calin. Moat Calin leads straight to the Vale and that is really fortified due to its natural location.
Talking Thrones (4 months ago)
Those giants are going to be dragon food..
Male Shub (4 months ago)
A nice video; and I like the theory that Winterfell will defeat the NK :) .... I think the Starks (now because I'm not sure about how many will be left after the battle) have moved back from the brink of extinction. Sansa and Arya can continue the Stark line without having the need to rely on Jon or Dany.
Male Shub (4 months ago)
nothing fancy to base my assumption on. But Sansa is the Lady of Winterfell; and Jon will most likely give her the North after discovering his parentage. It is her duty to continue the Stark line. Arya, for all her tomboy attitude, can fall in love and raise children. They're both young ladies, sought after in Westeros norms, and can continue the stark line. For me, their conversation about the pack survival at the end of season 7 is indicative of their evolution from the personal ambitions phase to the duty towards family phase.
Talking Thrones (4 months ago)
What makes you think Sansa or Arya will continue the line with only 6 episodes left? They haven't shown any signs of wanting to have kids right now.
Jason Bean (4 months ago)
Swatting deerflies and mosquitoes just now.. there goes another one! You were saying?
Strategic MesSager (4 months ago)
Sarah Gonzales-Hamlin (4 months ago)
Two birds one bone Was one of the funniest things I have ever heard oh my goodness you are too funny I love your videos every time you upload a new one I can’t wait to watch it
David Pillman (4 months ago)
You are running out of material to talk about
Archmaester Jonaerys (4 months ago)
Great video....I have also been rewatching the show, and was thinking about how everyone is always talking about Winterfell being such a stronghold ("Bran the Builder", along with his prowess of being such a great architect/contractor, having built it; Ned's comments (repeated by Theon, as you keenly point out); so many others talking about Winterfell being formidable; when the best buds (and the "brother that he picked) get in a fight about killing Dany, and Robert "ferociously" yells at Ned and tells him "Go, run back to Winterfell"; Tywin speaking about Robb Stark before the "War of the Five Kings" begins, and telling the Lannister war council that once the young Stark boy tastes his first battle, "he'll run back to Winterfell with his tail between his legs"; the many mentions of "there must always be a Stark at Winterfell"; after the knights of the Vale show up and destroy the Bolton army, Ramsay retreated to w/in it's walls and it was brought up to him that his army had been destroyed, and with a sense of relief and security, Ramsay says, "We have Winterfell", and he looked calm until Wun Wun began to break the gate down (which almost seemed more difficult than when the giant opened the steel gates at the wall). It is constantly being "hit home" about Winterfell being such an important castle to hold, because of the ability of it's strength to hold against sieges. So, Kudos to bringing up this point. I was thinking about all of that foreshadowing, but you were able to "wrap my mind around" why this point is hit upon so much. Once again, great job. And please keep the great videos coming. Always enjoyed.
Skulls Lace (4 months ago)
I wonder if the night king actually has some targaryen blood running through him. Danny has, she has drogon, Jon has, and he could have rhaegar (named after his father), and the night king has viseryon, the bad egg. A three headed dragon in many ways.
JT Smith (4 months ago)
Keep these foreshadowing videos coming ser.
Talking Thrones (4 months ago)
Roger that sire
Tina Golobič (4 months ago)
I love the way you connected scenes for Jon and Dany. There should be more breakdowns like that of clues and storyline . 👍
Talking Thrones (4 months ago)
Will do!
CynthiaBianca2 (4 months ago)
Love the foreshadowing videos!
L Gibson96 (4 months ago)
On that qyburn theory, I reckon it will show a scene of him in his lab with the wights body parts, would be interesting.
Dee Deveoleno (4 months ago)
This gives me hope for a great battle scene. However, one of the predictions described the battle scene with zero visibility due to the Night King bringing an icey fog with him. This bummed me. Bc if our heroes can't see, neither can we (the audience) see what's going on.
Nicola Pennel (4 months ago)
Yes please! Give us more! Great video.
Andrew Risitano (4 months ago)
I was honestly disappointed that Qyburn didn't ask to keep the hand.
Ahmed Benfquih (4 months ago)
i agree winterfell will not fall
12GaugePadawan (4 months ago)
Hopefully Ned Stark didn’t mean that all of the defenders had to be inside the walls of Winterfell itself in order to defend it against the 10,000. ☠️😬
William Stephens (4 months ago)
if qyburn does find out something he could betray cersei and give Jon the news Qyburn gave the wights arm back to Jon, symbolizing that he will give the undead news to jon
cartierjoe (4 months ago)
TT and Gray Area are the prince/Princess that was promised!!
Nym OneFourSix (4 months ago)
... Why hide the like to dislike ratio?...
Ethan Kessinger (4 months ago)
PLEASE MORE FORESHADOWING! I love the way your mind works.
simonalynx (4 months ago)
We will watch any videos you make. Thank you...👏🏾👍🏾
Unlitedsoul (4 months ago)
A couple of final things. I might be mistaken, but I believe they burned the rest of the wight's body at the Dragon Pit. So, Qyburn would have to get another to study. This is why I believe he will leave with Jaime to help defend against the Night King. In doing this, I think Jaime kills Cersei when she tries to stop him. Remember, the warning Cersei was given was about her young brother... and she was born first. Jaime is her younger brother as well as Tyrion, but she overlooks this due to their relationship. The second point. Just because Robb's marriage kind of mirrored Rhaegar and Lyanna's marriage, it doesn't tie in anyway to a possible Jon and Danaerys marriage. Having twins won't solve the issue of the two houses. There is a much simpler solution. Robb takes the Targaryen name because either Dany becomes the ruling queen... or it is finally proven to the public that he is indeed a Targaryen and takes the name of his rightful house along with his rightful place on the Iron Throne. Meanwhile, Sansa becomes the Lady of Winterfell and the head of House Stark. Whomever she marries would take her name, and their children will be the start of the next Stark generation.

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