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Game of Thrones - Top Ten Moments of Season 7 (Fan Vote)

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This is a Fan Vote Top Ten. I'm Certainly happy with how it came out. Thanks for the Participation.
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Joe zaza (1 hour ago)
Sansa has become a very wise lady, never expected thar to happen,👍
SportsSpeak73 (2 hours ago)
where exactly did they get these chains from?
senario incrivel
hycron1234 (3 days ago)
_"There's no justice in the world not unless we make it"_
Alexander Mustermann (3 days ago)
Could watch Arya vs Brienne forever. Brienne got owned so hard XD
john doe (4 days ago)
my boy has the christopher moltisanti soundtrack goin here lol
Zlatan9 (4 days ago)
Comfortably Numb n GoT...😍
johnpaul altamirano (5 days ago)
Philip Braselmann (5 days ago)
**badass females to please female delusional audience intensifies**
Selvino Lanzarotti (5 days ago)
Bullshit!!! It's one of the badest Movies ever!
PrinceLotor (6 days ago)
At 10:00 you see Master Qyburn's O face
Hunter Zolomon (8 days ago)
Jaime: "We can hold them off" Drogo: *SCREAMS* you were saying?
Evil Niro (9 days ago)
if the white walkers cant swim how did they manage to tie the dragon when he was already deep in the lake?
Julia Royall (11 days ago)
Brienne of Tarth is my warrior crush
bradely james Bj (12 days ago)
Errr how is Bran telling Sam than Jon snow is Aegon Targ heir to the iron throne not here???
sandile mthoba (12 days ago)
until the night king came along, javelin throw had no respect ......
Bong Francis (13 days ago)
Where they get the chains and how they tie it on a Dragon below the frozen lake?
Don Raja (14 days ago)
20:40 gave new meaning to the phrase "crash & burn"
Dalibor Arestizabal (14 days ago)
even when there were some flaws Season 7 was amazing...
Ismael Damy (14 days ago)
Melhor série que ja assitii em toda minha vida. Tou aguardando a 8 temporada..
NoMercy (15 days ago)
Comfortable numb, man that sold me right away.
kalbe Charoliya (15 days ago)
15:57 best moment of GOT
Comfortably Numb, great though it is, does not suit GOT, sorry
Patrick Crean (16 days ago)
Just dawned on me that the night king is the ultimate recycler.
Willem van der Spek (16 days ago)
Pink floyd at the beginning! Love it!
Ty Lung (17 days ago)
Hey I’m watching hardhome and every ww has white hair except the last scene in hardhome bright yellow hair like a Lannister... why?
Artemis (17 days ago)
I agree with this list, for about 7 out of 10. I think Dany arriving at Dragonstone should be on here. And Arya wiping out House Frey should be in top 5
Shelby Beringer (17 days ago)
Well like losing Shiva in TWD, my most horrible crying moment is losing the dragon.
Jon Snow (18 days ago)
I didn’t realise bronn jumped off his horse to tackle Jamie out the way. What a badass and is tormud dead then.
Nadiza Permata (20 days ago)
everything olenna said was the truth
Tito Jr (22 days ago)
I agree with your list except U should have named no1 Fire and Blood!
Tito Jr (22 days ago)
The Mad Queen needs 2 die! Who will be the Valonqar? How did Euron know where 2 be TWICE?! Varys.
Image 13137 (23 days ago)
You namned the scene where The Night King brings down the wall (well a small part of it) to "Jericho". I love that reference. Totally unexpected and perfect. BREAK THE WALLS DOWN!!
Leyla loulou (23 days ago)
The Arya's scene is the illustration of having your efforts being rewarded. it's my favorite in all the show. she's my favorite.
bipola telly (24 days ago)
The chains must be made of paper mache....
VolJin (25 days ago)
I was excepting littlefinger get eaten alive by the wolves, piece by piece…
Bryan Cedeño (27 days ago)
No Jon and Dany on bed? who made this top?
Asli Tadka (27 days ago)
awesome selection.. very nice work guys.. keep it up..!
PK Ralph (28 days ago)
Can anyone tell me why the Night King wouldn’t just try and kill Drogon, he was still in one spot and had practically all his enemies on it? Not a rhetorical question. Thank u
1983 Machine (28 days ago)
25:28 Best Moment Ever. Long time coming.
Shahzeb Javed (28 days ago)
If arya got lord frays face by carving it , his did she get his voice ?
lera hjat (1 month ago)
All moment with Arya best
"winter came for house of Frey" is my favourite passage
Harry Flashman (1 month ago)
If they can't swim how did the wights/undead attach the chains to the dragon?
Arthur Dayne (30 days ago)
Josef Stalin (1 month ago)
Holy mother of God, PINK FLOYD!
Robertperry777 (1 month ago)
how do you avoid copyright ? i want to do a best wars speeches etc . i just dont want to get c c . every thing is gettig c righted now ! news clips . music in vids etc .
Mini Macki (1 month ago)
Y tha fuck dem do mi dis😓😓😓 visarion ur miss 💔💔💔💔
Ed O (1 month ago)
Can't fucking wait for next season. Too bad we have to wait another year😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫
Ameet S (1 month ago)
Has Rhaegar Targaryen become the Night King?
Donavan Chapman (10 days ago)
Ameet S no
MACK D (1 month ago)
I hate so much that they now have a dragon!!!!!! So much for the wall lol all those years it stood tall and strong and in less than 5 minutes - nothing!!
Katie McD Bruce (1 month ago)
Spectate Challengers (1 month ago)
Jaime's face when he hears the dragon is one of the best moments.
Atheer Omar (1 month ago)
Dragons are the highlight of GOT. 3 of the top 4 scenes include them.
canwilled (1 month ago)
when i saw the episode ranked 1 'fire' last scene, i thought world of warcraft 'warlords of draenor' cinematic trailer. in that, garrosh and grommash.
Javaria Khan (1 month ago)
Which dragon died?
Marcelino Murillo (1 month ago)
Best scene ever when Ayra slits the throat of the green slime ...Lord of Assholes Baylish......Justice Served....
ruthieo54 (1 month ago)
Arya is awesome she worked for what she wanted in herself and got it after a lot of hard work.
Gnar (1 month ago)
5:25 Oof
Sabin Gorkhali (1 month ago)
Best of the best... lots of love from Nepal... until i die this series shouldnot b stopped it should be going on n on
VEI DORJE (1 month ago)
they would have trouble just raising the chain up to their shoulder's level so who's pulling the draco out of the water LOL
Nikki Morris (1 month ago)
I agree with #1 but can’t believe the Jon Snow Targaryean reveal and hookup with Dany isn’t at least in the top 10.
Ahmad Virk (1 month ago)
If you look at the night king, he actually looks like Brandon Stark somewhat.
Xinlong Zhu (1 month ago)
If I am Deanarys,I will group my army,ride my dragons and kill Cerci and all the fucking Lannister without any shit boring talking!
Paul B. (1 month ago)
Ouuuh big mistake at 28.29
J. E. Murl (1 month ago)
This video is really well put together!
sah (1 month ago)
fucking numb as your intro? god damn I love you
ZaraZenegal (1 month ago)
#1 in this video is #1 out of all seasons. I seriously still get the chills watching it!
Amy Coffer (1 month ago)
Thank you once again ❤️
studinthemaking (1 month ago)
What the name of the song in the first part of this video?
Hachem Ledarka (1 month ago)
No soupe for you dreaming woman
Hachem Ledarka (1 month ago)
Jiricho walt?
Hachem Ledarka (1 month ago)
This old woman is crazy or wath ar but this old poisoned this cecier son ? Me by litle tig a bout this
Hachem Ledarka (1 month ago)
Shut up rusard
Sa Lah (1 month ago)
best moment of s7 the north remmeber aria <3
Alma Cristina (1 month ago)
Amazing moment when everyone was raiding the dragon....trying scape from white walkers
paul norris (1 month ago)
Best racks of Westeros next, please.  Kinvara action a must.  Lord of Light knows a quality rack.
Michael Adrian (1 month ago)
Last scene definitely the best of them all...by far. That ending with those filming angles and the suspense is a masterpiece...
Fikir Yashenifal (1 month ago)
the most amaizing movie ever seen before...
Teresa Fox (1 month ago)
How are they going to make season 8 the last season? We have 2 women pregnant now. I actually loved season 7, I did feel a little lost a couple of times in the ice war scenes but hey this show was in the 7th season. You write 7 seasons and keep it exhilarating constantly. Ther are going to be some not so perfect moments and should have moments. I think the changing faces scenes and I am nobody didn't need to exist, but hey like I said, some loved that part, some don't. Wer'e all different. I would love to go to a showing
Donavan Chapman (10 days ago)
Teresa Fox Cersei isn’t gonna have the baby and who else is pregnant?
K Lane (1 month ago)
The killing of Baylish should have been #1, even though Fire is amazing in every way visually, killing that bastard was so fking satisfying!
OK DOK (1 month ago)
Cassie Raschella (1 month ago)
Lady olenna going out like a straight up BO$$ should’ve been number 2! Watching viserion die and be brought back was my least 2 favorite scenes! Too hard to watch 😭 great work as usual! 👍
SicilianJuve (1 month ago)
Love the music you place at the beginning of all of these videos!
Crazy Cat Lady (1 month ago)
Season 7 is one of my favorites, i don't understand how people can dislike it
Christine Awuor (1 month ago)
I love Arya's song..
Reel McCoyy (1 month ago)
How about the scene where Cersei had her revenge on all her enemies who were inside the red keep?. That was biblical.
HADDY CONTEH (1 month ago)
i love this movie
Aju Abraham (2 months ago)
Tell them winter came for house Frey...
Mo (2 months ago)
I'm rooting for Sam to have the Iron throne lol.
Mo (2 months ago)
Should have just made it top 11 with the honorable mention, or do more honorable mentions.
Jeran Xii (2 months ago)
Bron and Deanerys fighting tho. So badass. So nope. Cant have either of them die.
Jeran Xii (2 months ago)
So when it's said that the dragon has 3 heads I always hoped Bran would wark the 3rd. Like wouldnt that be badass.. well NOPE. NOT LIKE THAT DUH!
Luis Garcia (2 months ago)
How they get the chains on him if they csnt go in the water???
Jakarn (2 months ago)
Why is no one pointing out the fact that the majority of these moments come in the form of rushed and poorly made scenes from Season 7. I mean come on, Petyr's death was more unfair than the treatment of gays in Russia
Jordan Zaccagni II (2 months ago)
Do it for season 6 too.
Mar-See Yaaa (2 months ago)
it's jons fault the dragon was killed if he just got on the fucking dragon instead of being a fucking retard maybe Danny wouldn't have lost one of her bbys jc
ElephantsLover (2 months ago)
wait, so to kill house frey's children, arya would need their dad's face, to aquire that face, she would have to kill their father, while killing their father, it shows the body parts cooked up and served in a pie for him...who the hell did she kill first then? the kids or the dad? IM SO CONFUSED!
Donavan Chapman (10 days ago)
ElephantsLover They don’t have to be dead to take a face, when Arya was still at bravos she saw her own face when jaq drank the poison
Badge Man (2 months ago)
Jamie should have just thrown that spear into that inbred bitches back instead.
arepaspues (2 months ago)
I'm, finally, all caught up with the this show... it's absolutely amazing, I'm glad I watched it....but something bothered me a lot., If the dead can't swim how were they able to retrieve the dragon from the water??

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