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The Ending Of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Explained

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If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Looper If you walked away from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom with a bit of whiplash, don't be alarmed. The sequel easily feels like three different movies crammed into one, and each act presents its own unique horrors before the big finish brings everything together and swiftly smashes it all to bits… A bedside betrayal | 0:37 A particular taste | 1:45 Twisted family tree | 2:31 Blue's on the move | 2:56 No more hybrids? | 3:51 Welcome to Jurassic World | 4:27 Read more here → http://www.looper.com/126775/jurassic-world-fallen-kingdoms-ending-explained/ Horror Movies https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOzaghBOlEscc8gPANyh7j4LKCm6KozDF Underappreciated Japanese Horror Films You Need To See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LR1yWv8ZB_M&index=14&list=PLOzaghBOlEscc8gPANyh7j4LKCm6KozDF Movies That Redefined The Horror Movie Genre https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMOShqlEr5A&index=5&list=PLOzaghBOlEscc8gPANyh7j4LKCm6KozDF 25 Best Horror Movies To Stream On Netflix Right Now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvpJEK7Rqkg&index=7&list=PLOzaghBOlEscc8gPANyh7j4LKCm6KozDF What Famous Horror Movie Monsters Look Like Without Their Masks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlYamQE7HVY&index=9&list=PLOzaghBOlEscc8gPANyh7j4LKCm6KozDF Hidden Horror Movie Details Almost No One Notices https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObAJnz2gOLc&index=10&list=PLOzaghBOlEscc8gPANyh7j4LKCm6KozDF Secret Horror Movie Endings You Never Knew Existed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFILk-afiE8&index=13&list=PLOzaghBOlEscc8gPANyh7j4LKCm6KozDF Website → http://www.looper.com/ Like us → https://facebook.com/loopermoviestv/ Instagram → https://instagram.com/looperhq/ Looper is the go-to source for the movies, TV shows and video games we all love. We're addicted to all things superhero and Star Wars, but we're not afraid to binge watch some reality TV when the mood strikes. Whether it's revealing Easter eggs and secrets hidden in your favorite films, exposing movie mistakes, highlighting the best deleted scenes, or uncovering the truth about reality TV's strangest stars, Looper has endless entertainment for the discerning YouTube viewer.
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Text Comments (1907)
Looper (1 month ago)
What do you hope to see in Jurassic World 3?
Brooke Brewer (3 days ago)
An early cancellation
DANIEL MARQUEZ (4 days ago)
Looper a spino
GlaDOSBr (8 days ago)
what they wold do something to stop the dinosaurs or evacuate the damn earth
Allan Smallwood (10 days ago)
Dan Pullar no offense but in the jurassic franchise world u r racist lelz >:3
Allan Smallwood (10 days ago)
Luis Enrique Clapés OMG I love u and ur idea YASS
Wasn't the indominous Rex already part raptor?
멜또선 (1 day ago)
Laura Lewis (2 days ago)
It was a stygymoch not a pachysephlasourus
dood brodicus (2 days ago)
People didn't understand the ending? Are they stupid?
Andrew Austin (2 days ago)
So we have Dino's roaming around North California and a child spliced with a raptor. ALMOST worse of an ending than Jurassic Park 2
wyarp (3 days ago)
... you mean fracas?
Heidi Toth (3 days ago)
considering the new game reveals 4 brand new islands who knows what's gonna happen
Hayden Silva (4 days ago)
I thought the movie was amazing who else loved it?
Nick Hughes (4 days ago)
I’m sure I’m not the first to say it but it’s a Stygimoloch that helps Owen & Claire escape their cell, not a Pachycephalosaurus Apologies for the nerdasm there, can’t help myself!
bLu (4 days ago)
Just shows how smart we are & well do anything for money even if it cost you your own life ......
Zach Earwood (5 days ago)
I wouldn't call it Jurassic world... yet... well since Humans might not be the Alpha predators in the Americas anymore, Europe, Asia, and Africa are going to be forced to unite and rescue people in the americas
Captain Hindsight (6 days ago)
The next Jurassic World... It's Godzilla!!!!!!!
JojoWolf 04 (6 days ago)
But the mosasaurus escaped, so now, people can dive again in the mosasaurus tank without get killed, so it will be easy to get new DNA from the indominus rex (if there comes a jurassic world 3)
steven riggins (7 days ago)
Actually the indominus fossil is destroyed when the lava reached the tank it dried the water and covered the indominus skeleton
samuel Garcia (7 days ago)
And I'm thinking that there might be a hybrid but in number 4 not to sure BUT LOOK AT THE ENDING OF THE MOVIE so there might not be a hybrid for not that much chaos but I'm thinking g there will be a hybrid and the hybrid will probably be the ultimasuarus
samuel Garcia (7 days ago)
Hmmm.... the end of jurassic world fallen kingdom it seems like it will take place at a city I guess....
WatcherOfShadows (8 days ago)
Unrealistic as hell though. That release was nothing more than a temporary crisis at best. Let me ask you a question. How many young animals did you see on Isla Nublar? None. They obviously were not breeding. Rexy? How many years does she really have left? And besides, she's just one, same with Blue and large aquatic lizard. And maybe the preosaurs are breeding and it would be a temporary problem. But ask Saber Cats, Wolves, and any number of other large predators we either wiped out or reduced to very small numbers how long that'll last.
fresh as a meme (9 days ago)
probably gonna be a *Jurassic Earth* in the future
DW Fro (9 days ago)
This movie was just terrible, character motivations were so stupid, I thought everyone was brain dead, the plot was a complete mess and the writing was very lazy.
Gaibriel Simpson (9 days ago)
This movie doesn't need explaining, it's a straight forward movie.
Scarlet Ninjas (10 days ago)
JW2 just seemed like a rehash of JP2. Old man convinces team to go to dino island and dinos eventually end up on the mainland.
Little girl doomed all of humanity with her "compassion" 😂
DeathWATCHA 619 (10 days ago)
That dinosaur is not a Pachycephalosaurus it's it's a Stygimoloch
JojoWolf 04 (10 days ago)
Fallen kingdom was really good, but I don't really think there's comig a jurassic world 3
A-Rodogey gaming (10 days ago)
At the end of the scenes did the big fish dinsaoures (sry forgot it's name) ate the surfers?
Jacob's Lego Reviews (11 days ago)
it wasn’t Pachycephalosaurus it was a Stygimoloch.
Dana. (11 days ago)
I don't get it. How many dinosaurs escaped? Because a handful of dinosaurs are definitely not the end of the world or a "fight for human survival". The military would just wipe them out in a few days.
R4pt0R_G4m3R 0211 (11 days ago)
Who else got triggered when he called Stygimoloch a Pachycephalosaurus? Not me, because I made the same mistake when I first saw the movie.
Yosh Aaaa (11 days ago)
I hated this movie
Arctic Wolf (11 days ago)
you said ending explained but you go over the entire movie hahah.
Dragon 's (12 days ago)
I just saw it today in theaters
Nancy Morrison (12 days ago)
Couldn't they find a role for Vincent D'onofrio? Jurassic World was only movie to come up with a Lego figure of his character. Love Vincent. Really great actor, can play any type of character. Good, bad or indifferent; he can make you believe it. ^_^
Darin TOMLINSON (12 days ago)
that's not a pachycephlasaurus  that's a stygimoloch
Hooktail Jr (12 days ago)
This movie is basically the origin of Monster Hunter the way this movie will go next will most likely take place somewhere in a distant future most we're the whole world is like a wasteland but instead of nuclear disaster it's more of a deserted city mixed with jungle do to Dinosaurs repopulating and of course there's going to be that one badass that can survive in the wild with a dino companion but if that happens it has to be done right.
Retr0 (12 days ago)
When are they gonna add a mommoth or saber tooth cat to the series
Rogelio Leyva (13 days ago)
Its a stigymoloph not a pachycephalasaurus
NotThatDisgusted (13 days ago)
The guy from the Mist died in this movie!
NotThatDisgusted (13 days ago)
Well I just the island that John Hammon owned was destroyed!
Jay Esp (13 days ago)
I love the movie but the ending was kinda dumb i understand it but i did not like it that much but it dosent change what i think it was an awsome movie
Reo Strawberry (13 days ago)
Earlier spy (13 days ago)
It's a sticky moloch Nora Pachycephalosaurus
Dominic Spence (13 days ago)
Henry: We need Blues pure blood DNA Zia: Sucks for you that I gave her some of Rexys DNA to save her life Henry: F&%k
Dominic Spence (13 days ago)
This movie was pretty good, really suspenseful and thrilling scenes.
Saku Raitonen (13 days ago)
You botched many things: Lockwood's Estate is located in London. It was Stygimoloch that broke free with Claire and Owen.
Eiliestl (13 days ago)
Stupid humans have done it again
galslovveme (14 days ago)
Lol what the Indoraptor is a combination of the indominus rex and a velociraptor? Isn't the indom a combination of a t-rex and velociraptor?
Dylan Harris (14 days ago)
The ending was so gay
CharmOrSpear (14 days ago)
I would like to see more of Ian and Grant for the third installment. Maybe them debating about whether dinosaurs should exist with humans.
ThatProJamez (14 days ago)
Felt like a second class Lost World. Seemed like a badly developed movie with mainly terrible character development. For some reason it just felt cheap and unnecessary. For example using the T-Rex every 5mins for anything convenient, instead of once for an amazing fight full of nostalgia such as Jurassic World, which was important and made sense as a new go on the franchise, and the Indominus felt powerful and killed plenty of ACU and Charlie/Echo/Delta. The Indoraptor was better than I expected but I expected very little. It was a little boring and the lack of a big dino fight was disappointing. No reason for Maisie to be there and is a terrible plot point in general. Wu also didn't get enough screen time or development and is kept as 'evil scientist' without motive other than money which in itself is a bad plot point considering his involvement with the Jurassic Park disaster. The only positives from this was the Isla Nublar destruction, which still could have been more developed, Claire's character development from Jurassic World and maybe Owen and Blues relationship being expanded more so. It didn't feel like a Jurassic movie and as Colin Trevorrow said about Jurassic World he wanted the movie to "have a soul" and I felt like it did. However this movie didn't seem like that, it seemed like a cheap, money grab blockbuster.
Shred Guitar76 (14 days ago)
The indoraptor skeleton is not underneath Isla Nublar. It’s at Lockwood manor. Lol
Maggie Mae (14 days ago)
lol, coexist? the military would just kill all the dinosaurs within the first year, not give them a chance to populate the earth.
Stephen Muniz (14 days ago)
This dude really said pachysephelosauras when you can obviously see IT'S A STIGYMOLOCH
camp now (14 days ago)
Just watched the lost world JP and this movie had a much similar plot ....but I did enjoy the movie even though the Indo raptor sucked lol
Rahimie Abdul Rahman (14 days ago)
i am back from the cinema i almost cry when brachiasaurus died burning
BennyBoo (14 days ago)
my god do i love dinosaurs
Josh Thompson (15 days ago)
I hadn’t given much thought about what the ending meant, the video makes a couple of interesting points which makes it feel almost as if this was Planet of the Apes but with dinosaurs instead. Blue would be Caesar. Ian would be right about how humanity is causing its own extinction.
Domenic Vilela (15 days ago)
Movie sucked
Anthony (15 days ago)
When he called the Sygimoloch a Pachychephalosaurus I was like.... IT EVEN SAYS THAT ITS A STIGGY!
6 Rob (15 days ago)
Move prediction for the third film The scientists will have made more Dino’s and some tragedy has happened and they all get out tm and the whole world panics and the city’s go abandon just like in planet of the apes !
Robert Tafoya (15 days ago)
Why did they kill off ripper
Randy Magnum (16 days ago)
You said the indoraptor was down beneath Isla Nublar, you meant Indominus
T&M_THE_GAMER___ (16 days ago)
If Caitlyn Jenner was a dinosaur what kind of dinosaur would she be............................. And the answer is .................. A tranny Saurus Rex ........ This joke has been brought to you by Tony Ortiz
UnderLust_Sins (16 days ago)
I am also not worried about that Lion that Rexy roars at as I've seen the videos of a cat batting at gators 3-4 times it's size so cats are tenacious, not worried about the lion. also it's smaller than rexy and worse come to worse can hide in small areas rexy couldn't get to so yea.
UnderLust_Sins (16 days ago)
Blue's DNA is also useless to Wu because it's not 'pure' anymore because of the transfusion from Rexy due to Blue getting shot and losing blood. Now she's useless to Wu because it was her special DNA that he needed, which is now tainted with TREX
superxmario128 (16 days ago)
To be honest i kinda of hated the ending. I don't see how the little girl, especially after nearly being killed by the dinosaurs she wanted to save, thinks it's a good idea to release them all out into the city where they will no doubt kill more innocent people including children like her just because she is a clone like the dinos. The main characters don't seem too concerned about it either.
Guillermo Garraton (16 days ago)
Kristopher Victorian (16 days ago)
The movie was awesome!!
Butter Bob (16 days ago)
FireclawScorcher 911 (17 days ago)
That was a Stygimoloch, not a Pachycephalasaurus
Mike McGettrick (17 days ago)
Also Maisey inherits Lockwoods estate and all his companies money
Radar Man (16 days ago)
........... whatever is lost after all the lawsuits ...................
Mike McGettrick (17 days ago)
If Trex sets foot in Texas, several shotgun blasts and she’s dead. Sorry. Any dino is gonna be shot and killed with exception of maybe a herbivore.
James Carel (17 days ago)
That is a stykimoloch not a pachey
Emily Boo (17 days ago)
If Jurassic World 3 does not have any hybrid dinosaurs won’t that be a little boring? I mean there’s a chance the hybrid dinosaurs brought interest to the audience to watch the movie, Dr. Henry Wu is still alive so there’s a chance that hybrid dinosaurs will be in Jurassic World 3.
Emily Boo (17 days ago)
If Jurassic World 3 does not have any hybrid dinosaurs won’t that be a little boring? I mean there’s a chance the hybrid dinosaurs brought interest to audience to watch the movie, Dr. Henry Wu is still alive so there’s a chance that hybrid dinosaurs will appear in Jurassic World 3
Jay2Gutta Gold face (17 days ago)
Crossover Planet of the Apes Jurassic World 3
Rob Roy (17 days ago)
Load and repeat
Hextic Gaming (18 days ago)
Jurassic World : Hunters game - good name, right
Sean Michael (18 days ago)
Movie sucked
Ray's Reviews (18 days ago)
Two errors in this video: 1. The animal that helps Owen and Claire escape is not a Pachycephalosaurus, but a Stygimoloch.2. It is not the Indoraptor in the Mosasaurus tank, but the Indominus rex. It is likely though that it will be difficult to get to it now as Isla Nublar is covered with ash and/or lava now. The Mosasaurus bassin is probably gone.
Ray's Reviews (18 days ago)
All go to IMDB, this movie deserves more than a 6.6!
Curt Kamstra (18 days ago)
im fed up with effortless reboots and lazy sequels thats exactly what jurassic world is it wasnt great
Radar Man (16 days ago)
........ amen ............. fire alarm went off in multiplex 15 min before ending ............... most of us took a refund vs watching it again ........... no kidding ..............
The Atheist Dinosaur (18 days ago)
It wasn’t a pachy that broke them out it was a stigymoloch
Jake Ells (18 days ago)
The Indo raptor skeleton isn't down below Isla nublar. The Indo Rex is. The indo raptor is in the house so technically they could extract the indo raptors Dna a whole lot easier.
Henry W (18 days ago)
I don’t think you know anything about dinosaurs to you?
Zaphod Raptor (18 days ago)
I don’t know if anybody told you this but Trev (I forgot his full last name at the time of writing this post) confirmed that the Indoraptor would be the last hybrid in the franchise.
Christina Flibotte (19 days ago)
OR that lion is gonna get eaten by Rexy...
Jacob Iqbal (19 days ago)
Was this dexter manning voicing it?
a random teen (19 days ago)
The whole cloning thing with Maisie was just so unneeded and pointless
Hamza Qureshi (19 days ago)
He said the indo raptor skeleton is down below isla nublar. Don’t you mean indominous Rex
Judah Baggerman (19 days ago)
I cried on the bronkosaurus left behind part
Judah Baggerman (19 days ago)
Jurassic world 3: The indodactyl
Blue (20 days ago)
I shall return again!
FreeSoul 87 (20 days ago)
Planet of the Apes..... eat your heart out.... here comes Planet of Jurassic, or Planet of the Dinosaurs...
Sammy Lane (20 days ago)
If in JW 3 , they don't have a white under bellied green skinned Raptor that can lash it's tongue out far name Yoshi ..... I am so not gonna even bother to see JW 3 more 3 times and pay for none of the 3 times either ! Universal could do that because they now have a partner ship with NINTENDO .
Umu Ciri (20 days ago)
Now you trust me
Its a stygimoloch not a pachycephalosaurus!!!!!
A.J. Einstein (20 days ago)
It was a stygimoloch not a pachysepholosaurus
john jolly (20 days ago)
I wish we saw more of the Indoraptor. We saw so much for the I rex 🤷‍♂️
Indoraptor (20 days ago)
I shouldn't have died.

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