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How to be a Ninja - CS:GO

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● With these few tips you guys should hopefully pull off some classy defuses! ● Previous Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83tkP6jdN0s ● Can we hit 30 Likes? :D So after hitting countless amount of ninja defuses on CS:GO, I decided to create this little tips and tricks video to help anyone out who want to get into the line of work of a ninja. And it's not only the fact that you can completely wreck the enemy team, you also win crucial eco rounds to get yourself back into the game and close to that win. ~Rahul Follow me on Twitch► http://www.twitch.tv/ItsRahulll Follow me on Twitter► https://twitter.com/ItsRahulll Become a Partner► http://tinyurl.com/Rahul-Partnership Music► F.O.O.L - Throne Music Link► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGLizMZmA5c
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Text Comments (18)
‪#‎ PVK (3 years ago)
Nice Totorial :) And good video
Rahul (3 years ago)
+PVK Gaming Thanks :D
OBEY (3 years ago)
IrReaperr (4 years ago)
You sideman! where have you been?!
renen2 (4 years ago)
Nice tutorial, and keep it up :)
Rahul (4 years ago)
Will do :D
DespeBrado (4 years ago)
i likc turtle$
Rahul (4 years ago)
DutchRedGaming (4 years ago)
I am again banned form CS:GO, fucking matchmaking!
Rahul (4 years ago)
Haha. That's too bad man. I've only ever been banned twice
hubyhuber (4 years ago)
can you do a tutorial on how to strafe in CSGO?
hubyhuber (4 years ago)
EnjayK (4 years ago)
i'm a ninja too :p preatty good one
EnjayK (4 years ago)
U can check my channel for some :3
Rahul (4 years ago)
GG :)
Jobi (4 years ago)
Rahul (4 years ago)
Scrubbles : ゼロ (3 years ago)
love this review :)

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