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Westworld: Season 2 Full Soundtrack [ Tracklist included ]

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Long awaited soundtrack has finally came. This content fully belongs to HBO and Warner Bros. Entertainment. Enjoy! Artist: Ramin Djawadi Album: Westworld [Season 2] Genre: Score Release: 22nd April 2018 Size: 347 MB Playtime: 01:39:31 Season 1 Soundtrack : https://youtu.be/Kn7HvvhfRCg Tracklist : 01. Main Title Theme – Westworld [0:00] 02. Journey Into Night [1:41] 03. Runaway [7:11] 04. Myself [9:59] 05. The Entertainer [14:02] 06. Is This Now? [15:08] 07. Seven Nation Army [19:32] 08. The Raj [21:45] 09. Les Écorchés [24:33] 10. Heart-Shaped Box (Orchestral) [28:45] 11. Akane no Mai [32:10] 12. Paint It, Black [35:44] 13. C.R.E.A.M. [41:26] 14. Virtù e Fortuna [43:12] 15. A New Voice [45:30] 16. Kiksuya [49:00] 17. I Remember You [52:24] 18. Heart-Shaped Box (Piano) [57:47] 19. Take My Heart When You Go [59:44] 20. Virus [01:03:54] 21. My Favorite [01:06:46] 22. Vanishing Point [01:10:22] 23. My Speech [01:13:24] 24. A Passage to Another World [01:14:42] 25. I Promise [01:18:56] 26. Core Drive [01:23:30] 27. Westworld [01:27:23] 28. Codex [01:32:45] 29. We’ll Meet Again [01:36:19]
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Text Comments (229)
Daren Sanchez (26 days ago)
1. Main Theme - Westworld 0:00 2. Journey Into Night 1:41 3. Runaway 7:11 4. Myself 9:59 5. The Entertainer 14:02 6. Is This Now 15:08 7. Seven Nation Army 19:32 8. The Raj 21:45 9. Les Ecorchés 24:33 10. Heart Shaped Box 28:45 11. Akane No Mai 32:10 12. Paint It, Black 35:44 13. C.R.E.A.M. 41:26 14. Virtù e Fortuna 43:12 15. A New Voice 45:30 16. Kiksuya 49:00 17. I Remember You 52:24 18. Heart Shaped Box 2 57:47 19. Take My Heart When You Go 59:44 20. Virus 01:03:54 21. My Favourite 01:06:46 22. Vanishing Point 01:10:22 23. My Speech 01:13:24 24. A Passage to Another World 01:14:42 25. I Promise 01:18:56 26. Core Drive 01:23:30 27. Westworld 01:27:23 28. Codex 01:32:45 29. We'll Meet Again 01:36:19
Aton B (17 days ago)
KB’s Creations (19 days ago)
You’re the shit, thank you!
İlker Aydın (20 days ago)
Thank you : )
Daren Sanchez (22 days ago)
The Chief It's a song from Season 1 but it's not exactly the same . It's " MIB"
Devil of the Seas (23 days ago)
What is the song when William remembers his wife's tragic suicide in the rain and redeems himself?
Reem Dilawar (2 days ago)
I Remember You 52:24 ....best episode..cant imagine a better soundtrack
Róża Lewanowicz (4 days ago)
Even better than the music from season 1. Amazing talent of the composer is thriving.
KellieSand04 (7 days ago)
Thank you for posting this😁😁
TSMAC88 (7 days ago)
season 2 sucked sadly...
virraat (7 days ago)
'Machine' theme vibes from 'Person of Interest'. 1:32:02
Charan Sai (7 days ago)
Thank you for the upload man. I have been waiting for this. MUCH APPRECIATED
Qandik (8 days ago)
not gonna lie, ramin djawadi is a hidden Gem, HBO is REALLY lucky to get this guy working on their TV shows music while he wasnt even big yet. He is allmost like a Hanz Zimmer level of composer. uprising star
duard (9 days ago)
where I find the track on 1:31:30 ?
Richie Wong (9 days ago)
CruelAngel (10 days ago)
The quality of writing this season wasn't as great as season 1 but the soundtrack was phenomenal.
zubie7a (11 days ago)
Does anyone know what is playing at the start of Episode 10 when Bernard is walking from the car to the forge with the wide landscape shots?
zorgon_1337 (11 days ago)
It is amazing that the whole series through , I actually recognized every major song
Journey Into Night is best song ;)
Patrick Schmidt (12 days ago)
I will listen to nothing else until the season 3 soundtrack is released.
Chian (12 days ago)
Did you downvote? Well let this be a lesson.
Charles Trader (12 days ago)
Which song is the one that plays when young William and Host Delos are having a conversation. When it's revealed that he's breaking down?
Charles Trader (5 days ago)
Found it. It's not in the official soundtrack though... Go Figure...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DR7NrU7OUd4
virraat (7 days ago)
Yeah! I was looking for that too; when William realises it's a futile endeavour.
Antoine Gagnon (13 days ago)
Whats the name of the song in the ep 4 of the season 2 when its raining outside and william look the child in the corner and the mother with the shooter outside and its slow motion?????
Pratyush Vardhan (14 days ago)
5:35 DELOS Theme is so cool
Nesher131 (14 days ago)
Having this play for about 10 minutes and the 3rd advert is about to pop-up. :(
The Patriarchy (15 days ago)
Needs more ads.
Voltz (15 days ago)
Pretty disappointed with this series. The music doesn't even compare to season one because season one was pure original. Season two is not pure original. They just took season ones and changed it. They didn't even take the time to make more pure originals for this series and season two was a mess. They brought Ford back but no one knew he was back because he was in the Cradle. They had a unique chance to do something with Ford and they failed at it badly.
euglenii designs (15 days ago)
Ramin is so talented and Westworld is a show way up beyond greatness. A perfect match
nathu100 (15 days ago)
The best ones IMO are the raj, the end of vanishing point,westworld,codex (too bad no singing on it) and we'll meet again
CivilEngineer (16 days ago)
Can someone know the name of the song that is played at the end of the episode 7 during the credits ? :C
lyingfromu (17 days ago)
. Take My Heart When You Go 59:44 best
Benjot Sumal (17 days ago)
What is the song that plays when the man in black remembers his wife when the confederate dude was bragging about knowing death? Like he was giving that speech then the man in black finally decides to give a shit about his "friend". Edit: Here's the scene I was talking about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78c-Yu4NmG0 Is it me or they don't have all the songs from movies/shows/video games in the released soundtrack it's kinda weird
I can't explain what i feel after the 2x10.... Great show ty Usa from Italy.
Tony Lundell (18 days ago)
Noticed that the saloon piano was playing atleast three Radiohead tunes☝🏻
Sasi Daran (18 days ago)
Ohh Paint it, Black...
DeuceGenius (18 days ago)
I came to hear the song at the end of episode 10 where there was singing. Was a haunting melody it's not on here?
DeuceGenius (18 days ago)
nvm that was radiohead didnt even know
DeuceGenius (18 days ago)
Codex is amazing, great job ramin. Almost as good as the stuff he did for game of thrones. Love it
Anny Meyer (19 days ago)
BEST SHOW, BEST CASTING, BEST OST, BEST EVERYTHING. I love EVERYTHING about this show, the only thing i hate is waiting for the next season
Dario Molina (19 days ago)
Where's the new Dr. Ford theme version?
Dario Molina sorry i cannot do it right now because im on a vacation. Will do for sure when i m back home. In the meanwhile i have this one from episode 7 which is quite similar: https://youtu.be/dAA8764vphM
Dario Molina (16 days ago)
RaminDjawadiUnofficialSoundtrack exactly
Are you talking about the credit scene?
Dario Molina (16 days ago)
RaminDjawadiUnofficialSoundtrack nope, it sounds exactly like the Dr. Ford theme but it doesn't finish with the violins, it finishes with that creepy electronic sound along with a piano, it's the ending theme of ep. 6 when bernard meets Ford inside the cradle, "Hello, old friend".
This one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnhTgLkEgXU&index=21&list=PLrtDEffdjfM-2_FRe_I72Aj9D4eDjMkXh
Ian Finn (19 days ago)
Disiz The End (19 days ago)
Fuck... I'm already in the thing
Feänor Evenstar (20 days ago)
I need to know the music when William is speaking to Dolores in 2x2
VC3 Productions (20 days ago)
Ramin Djawadi is the new Hans Zimmer
Vanila Kung (11 days ago)
Zimmer has done good stuff but Ramin is way better, I have said it before and will say it again, Ramin could be next Ennio Morricone, still a long way to go but....
The Sexy Skywalker (12 days ago)
Not there yet... but he is really damn good. Maybe when he is older?
CW Hallway Productions (16 days ago)
Pretty sure they both work in the same studio.
GhoulZone (17 days ago)
hans zimmer is overrated
Esteban Singh (18 days ago)
Zacharie Guillerey giacchino is not that good, he is not bad, but James horner, John Williams or hans Zimmer level? No
Zack Tm (20 days ago)
1:07:35 this exactly note is from Game of Thrones soundtrack, from the episode Battle of Bastards when Jon and his army is surrounded by Bolton's army. Ramin is a genius.
S. K. (21 days ago)
Which song belongs to episode 10, the scene with Maeve and the buffaloes?
S. K. (16 days ago)
Great, thanks! That's exactly the version I was looking for.
gingerkids (21 days ago)
Where's Prelude, the opening in episode 2?
KiLLuA3D (22 days ago)
11. Akane no Mai [32:10]
Stevo Con (22 days ago)
Anyone know credits song at the end of s2e7? It's a specific variation
leolionhunt (22 days ago)
Does anyone know which soundtrack plays in episode 2 when Arnold is showing Dolores the outside world?
Mukul Chouhan (16 days ago)
너네인생망함 (22 days ago)
Good !
Grimmjow Hauntzer (22 days ago)
what song was played at the end of episode 10 season 2?
Br Lj (22 days ago)
Does anyone know what the name of the music they put when Dolores and Teddy have sex in episode 5??
deevancheg (22 days ago)
"Seven Nation Army" was tortured and raped.
Scott McCloy (22 days ago)
does anyone know the soundtrack when maeve sacrificed herself
Patrix (23 days ago)
This doesnt look like anything to me
Andre Montoya (23 days ago)
Can "Myself" (9:59) be considered Wyatt!Dolores' theme? Since a variation of that plays in several of her scenes
Gati Petriashvili (23 days ago)
Sadly there is no track of Bernard approaching the Valley, the transition scene from the beginning of 2x10
kykcduhd nikolchev (23 days ago)
I feel like this season had much more intense tracks. My favourite ones are definitely VIRUS and journey into night. They are so freaking intense and never fail to get my blood pumping especially if you consider the scenes they are in.
lucas silva (23 days ago)
lucas silva (19 days ago)
Eddie von's Stalonge Simplesmente uma das melhores dessa Season.
Eddie von's Stalonge (19 days ago)
Essa música é SIMPLESMENTE S-E-N-S-A-C-I-O-N-A-L, não tem como falar de outra forma.
Does anybody know what music plays at the end of episode 6, when Bernard inside the cradle and Elsie standing infront of his empty shell, asking "What do you see in there?"
Diego Villalobos (23 days ago)
Hello, anyone by chance knows the name of the song that played the first time Ford talks about Arnold and consciousness with Bernard. I realize it's s1 but i cannot find it. Thank you
Professor EleCTro (23 days ago)
1:26:25 😍😍😍
chaaampagnesupernova (23 days ago)
Westworld is beautiful, it almost sounds like a GOT theme
Akshay Verma (21 days ago)
chaaampagnesupernova same composers Ramin Djawadi. But yes it's sounds inspired from the GoT Winds of Winter theme. He's an amazing composer
Ne0ne (23 days ago)
1:28:03 for a second it sounds like Assassin's Creed Ezio's Family (Ezio Theme)
Baynos (23 days ago)
I love the intensity at the beginning of *Is This Now*
Vikas Kumar (23 days ago)
Came here for 1:26:23
Miranda Kelley (6 days ago)
Ah same thank you!
Tobi S (6 days ago)
Absolutely epic.
Orestis Restopulos (23 days ago)
Vikas Kumar i was looking for that for an hour..... thanks man
SSPspaz (23 days ago)
It always impresses me how Ramin Djawadi is able to take popular songs, add his own orchestration and arguably make them better than the originals. He did it with The Rolling Stones, Soundgarden, Amy Winehouse and Radiohead last season, and he's done it again with Kanye West, The White Stripes and Nirvana in Season 2. The man has a gift.
Iridescenties (23 days ago)
I have chills when I listen to Westworld.
Snorkelboy (18 days ago)
1. I promise 2. Heart shaped box 3. Runaway 4. I remember you 5. We'll meet again 6. Take my heart when you go 7. Paint it, Black 8. Akane no Mai 8. Codex
ha.m a_m (24 days ago)
13:00 - "I know how this story ends" - "how ??" - "with us Teddy...it ends with you and me"
Divaldo Junior (24 days ago)
Ramin Djawadi, thank you for living in this planet! You're a genius!
HD zi (24 days ago)
best serie ever ! mind blowing !
Xunan Hou (24 days ago)
Lightning speed! You are a star man!
Emma R. (24 days ago)
(SPOILERS) Does anyone know which one plays when Maeve is holding the hosts back for her daughter to go through?
gurka tomat (18 days ago)
I promise
mario man (24 days ago)
Does anyone know which track is the one where they crash the train into the Mesa
Amir Ebrahimzadeh (24 days ago)
1:36:19 if anybody can find that tune for me "Well meet again" I'd love you for generations to come
Pratyush Vardhan (14 days ago)
TheAce035 (24 days ago)
What song is played when Maeve releases the buffalo
John Sheppard 06 (24 days ago)
But where is the song when the Mib remembers the death of his wife in 2x04 in las mudas under the rain ?! :(
Devil of the Seas (23 days ago)
John, that's my second favorite soundtrack from any TV show I've ever listened to. First place goes to Kingslayer
Bruno L. (24 days ago)
It's from season one, I guess.
Ali Bal (24 days ago)
Which is the best? I think runaway and heart shaped box
Cryptonics 123 (24 days ago)
Djawadi, Zimmer, and Steve Jablonsky The 3 Legends of Electronic Music
SSPspaz (22 days ago)
Ghaffar_KH, exactly. I think Zimmer has reached his peak (and that's not meant in a negative way). But Djawadi is still climbing and he's still quite young. Yet he keeps getting better and better.
Ghaffar_KH (22 days ago)
SSPspaz Zimmer has those exceptional incredible pieces such as Time and the one from Interstellar (I don't know its name but I think we both know what it is), and The Dark Knight theme, anyway, with all of that... it's just Djawadi just keeps getting better and better, and overall I still prefer Zimmer. But, Djawadi just keeps getting better and better and it just shows his potential.
SSPspaz (22 days ago)
Ghaffar_KH, well Djawadi is composing for HBO's two largest franchises and they alternate release years. So I'm sure Game of Thrones and Westworld pretty much take up all his time. Once GoT wraps up in 2019, I think we'll see him compose some more film scores. Also, I think Zimmer's scores for Interstellar and Inception were absolutely astounding, but I understand your point. Unlike John Williams (and now Djwadi), Zimmer hasn't composed music for an epic series that consists of dozens of themes and motifs.
Ghaffar_KH (23 days ago)
Sadly, he'll never be in the same level as them if he keeps working on Television, and his music is so much better than a lot of people. Westworld and Game of Thrones are better than anything Zimmer had done, if he keeps it up, I may see him as the next John Williams.
SSPspaz (23 days ago)
Akshay Verma, I agree. I already put him in the same category as Zimmer. And Djawadi has woven arguably the richest tapestry of leitmotifs since John Williams' Star Wars score with his work in Game of Thrones.
Anonymous (25 days ago)
absolutely amazing stuff
How do I find the individual soundtrack video of the track named "Westworld" at 1:27:23 ? Edit: Found it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vy__mVMP-KE
Francis Bartoszewski (25 days ago)
Does anyone know the theme at the end where Charlotte(Delores) is riding away on the boat?
tmesis (24 days ago)
Yep that's actually my favorite one, it's called "Westworld". Around the 1:31:09 mark
LazyGames (25 days ago)
27 Westworld is perfection.
Franklin González (25 days ago)
What about the japanese version of the SweetWater theme?
Franklin González (23 days ago)
The Chief ,No. I'm talking about the SweetWater theme. The one that plays on the Mariposa's piano. In the ShogunWorld ep. There's a japanese version of it.
Devil of the Seas (23 days ago)
12. Paint It, Black [35:44]
Ghaffar_KH (25 days ago)
My favorite is Westworld, absolutely amazing. One of Ramin's best ones ever.
Ghaffar_KH (20 days ago)
Eoin Oconnor No, that was at 01:36:19
CS 22 (20 days ago)
maria camila perez ortiz It's when Dolores in Hale's body leaves the park.
Eoin Oconnor (21 days ago)
episode 10, when bernard and ford are talking on the beach, before ford disappears
I know, it's beautiful!!! I got chills when I listened it. In which scene was this theme played?
Faizan M (23 days ago)
Ghaffar_KH agree. He never fails to satisfy with every season on any show
undine117 (25 days ago)
Oh, finallyyy!!! :'///) Many thanks for sharing! Fantastic TV show and its music is such a jewel! :'3
Mateus C (25 days ago)
In my opinion " We’ll Meet Again" should be the final show music and not "Codex"...
TANO AHSOCA (24 days ago)
But Codex was great!
DarthSathion (25 days ago)
DarthSathion (22 days ago)
Boblennon1012 its a fantastic moment. If you would like a very difficult challenge I have been searching for years for a music track that was used in various media. The track was the background music used in the Star Wars audiobooks for the New Jedi Order series. It was dominantly used as the music track for the yuuzhan vong, specifically when the supreme overlord speaks to his followers. It was also featured in the Bourne ultimatum when Jason Bourne goes into the building and room where he meets his mentor and has his flashbacks of becoming Jason Bourne from David Webb.
Boblennon1012 (23 days ago)
DarthSathion that shot of Bernard walking then that music kicking in was one of my favourite moments in a finale full of amazing moments.
DarthSathion (23 days ago)
Boblennon1012 Wow I honestly don’t know how you found that because it is literally at the last 2 minutes of that track the music they used for that scene I described. Excellent job
Boblennon1012 (24 days ago)
DarthSathion the track called 'Westworld' that starts at 01:27:23 is the one you are looking for.
carla fonseca (25 days ago)
9:59 amazing!
Zlat (16 days ago)
carla fonseca Thank you I was looking for that, that violin makes me shrivel
Madalina Mihalceanu (25 days ago)
runaway is not exactly as the original, is it? it has something extra, a few notes. The original being from Kanye West. beautiful song either way..
Johnny Doe (25 days ago)
Is Virus the theme that plays during the assault on the command center?
Richard Lonski (25 days ago)
The Heart Shaped Box cover in the trailer was enough to give me chills but seeing it in context in the show was something else.
Michael D'Addario (25 days ago)
**HELP** Where is the music playing during the opening of E2/Season 2, when we see Arnold & Dolores taking a stroll in a city? Is that Vangelisesque piece of music playing in this particular scene on the soundtrack? Thanks in advance! :)
Michael D'Addario (24 days ago)
Gamma 120 You’re welcome! I love the classical piece of music you shared though. Brilliant.
Gamma 120 (24 days ago)
I didn't understand why you mentioned Vangelis, now I see. Thanks for sharing.
Michael D'Addario (24 days ago)
Gamma 120 I’m talking about this piece of music. https://youtu.be/xmNyV2rg37M
Gamma 120 (25 days ago)
Rachmaninov - Prelude in C Sharp Minor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXQCPAR0EHo
Lucie Římanová (25 days ago)
Codex. All the way. The best. Hands down. I can´t even describe how good that track is. Almost on par with Dr.Ford from season 1.
Sbrenzen (11 days ago)
No words... terrific peace of art. I instantly froze all my motor functions when I heard that :-O
Frawtarius (23 days ago)
...what do you mean they used "the original Radiohead on that one its off of King of Lambs"? First off, the album is King of Limbs, and secondly, it is not "the original", it's a re-recording of "Codex" (and it's not even subtle).
Mojo Rising (23 days ago)
Radiohead really works with this topic. I hope they use Paranoid Android someday.
Lucie Římanová (24 days ago)
Mojo Rising damn I should have known they would use Radiohead again. It's beautiful.
Mojo Rising (24 days ago)
They used the original Radiohead on that one its off of King of Lambs.
CS 22 (25 days ago)
I was looking for the music that was playing when William was remembering his wife's death right before he saved Lawrence in 2.04 but it's not here. :(
Disiz The End (13 days ago)
The song is "Trompe l'oeil" from season 1 tracklist
Andreas de Leede (21 days ago)
I cant remember how to spell it but its the first motif in trompe l'eoile from season 1
CS 22 (23 days ago)
Alex Snow Yeah, man. Thanks. You did an excellent job of isolating the music.
Alex Snow (23 days ago)
Are you happy with that? https://youtu.be/chbecxNSGSg
Professor EleCTro (25 days ago)
Meave has a badass theme
Toni Mihelčić (16 days ago)
Where's the theme that plays during *Musashi-Tanaka duel* (episode 6)? Drums and stuff...
Toni Mihelčić (16 days ago)
No, that track is for Akane's dance in which she kills the shogun (episode 5).
uddeshya gupta (26 days ago)
I almost love soundtracks more than the show itself!
Kthalas (21 days ago)
2nd season has it's lows but in general was so bold and inventive. At the end it can be as good as S1, it could been greater but who am I to know the struggles of telling such a complex story.
Akshay Verma (24 days ago)
Aristeidis Lykas s2 was a slow build, but damn it was amazing
uddeshya gupta (24 days ago)
Aristeidis Lykas 2nd half was amazing.
Jiří Čebiš (24 days ago)
ur opinion, second season was awesome!
Ali Bal (26 days ago)
16=kiksuya ♥️♥️♥️
Lianne Khoo (26 days ago)
Thanks for the uploads, been waited for these so long
Thomas O'Brien (26 days ago)
where is the theme that plays when bernard meets ford in the cradle?
Thomas O'Brien (9 days ago)
Yes I did. Thanks! It's such a fantastic rendition of Ford's motif.
Thomas O'Brien did you receive the link?
T G (16 days ago)
WOW! That is perfect!! Thanks so much!
The best i can do
Alireza Dn (26 days ago)
cant find the soundtrack that played end of episode 5 when maeve grab the sword , its something like virtu e fortuna but more cleaner .
Bob Melanson (25 days ago)
You will only find that in the actual episode itself. Its the OST version. The versions played on youtube are always different as they were played/composed before the episodes itselves, and when came to use a song, they changed it perfectly with some details for the specific scene
chinmay hebbar (26 days ago)
The Raj is 👼👼👼👼
Vladislav Bystritckii (26 days ago)
does anyone know the name of the song from Bernards and Fords conversation about human being (ep 10)? it is starting and playing softly on the background.
Maybe this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnhTgLkEgXU&list=PLrtDEffdjfM-2_FRe_I72Aj9D4eDjMkXh&index=21 (tell me if not and i remove the vocals from the specific scene)
Vladislav Bystritckii (25 days ago)
no, it's not that song. but thank you for the help) https://youtu.be/dXot5_H4CM4?t=67 song from this scene
Just me (26 days ago)
It's called "this world", it's from the season 1 soundtracks.

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