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100 Tips & Tricks In Minecraft You Possibly Never Knew

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MORE TIPS ►http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZ95KxJlco8&list=PLK-iXb93reXC39a9Dwl1itdgpniEjDUHa&index=1 This is a video on 100 tips and tricks in Minecraft you probably didn't know. I've compiled all the tips into one video from my experiences in Minecraft or through the community itself. A sequel could be made if you guys suggest some helpful tips in the comments if you wish. Also thank you all guys for the recent 500 subscribers! :) Also if you didn't realise, this is my 100th Video! CONTENTS (time) ► #1 -----0:40 ► #10 ---2:19 ► #20 ---3:55 ► #30 ---6:44 ► #40 ---9:18 ► #50 ---11:22 ► #60 ---13:43 ► #70 ---15:42 ► #80 ---17:27 ► #90 ---19:17 EXTRA THINGS ► Tip #49 - You can also use sugarcane! ► Tip #29 - You can also use cobwebs, redstone dust and comparatos too! ► Tip #23 - Hoppers work too! MORE VIDEOS ► How to Use Redstone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJ79E6RvBow&list=SPK-iXb93reXCD-9BsT4YBnJ8qZlabepTH&index=1 ► How to build EPIC houses: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbzDq4ryHVY&list=PLK-iXb93reXBMHFSVko-LLoZNWOFeJPKi&index=1 ► Minecraft - Survival Let's Play: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjQmcGiKUZw&index=2&list=PLK-iXb93reXBhIcxiXyPY5zcXUCVyqAf2 ► Mod Showcases: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFFjTc74tUU&list=PLK-iXb93reXDsXd5vaxxtB6h8OIQXDGRs&index=2 ► Minecraft Tutorials: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLK-iXb93reXCW4eoT7yeTuxuGFzaSvXVh&feature=view_all SOCIAL MEDIA ► Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/xaptrosity ► TwitchTV: http://www.twitch.tv/xaptrosity ► Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/xaptrosityx MUSIC ► Intro: Royalty Free - Topmass Instrumentals: Eyez ► Outro: Royalty Free - Topmass Instrumentals: Another Day ► Sound Effects from: www.freesfx.co.uk
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Text Comments (12483)
Morgan Plays solo 535 (1 minute ago)
i love minecraft thank u for alot of this
lol togips (2 hours ago)
Your tips is too stupip
Isabella Pratto (5 hours ago)
Whos here from 2018? 😂 i thought these "tricks" were dated not to mention mincraft looks strange😅😂
Twilight WereWolf (9 hours ago)
Ooooooo Old MineCraft 😀😏
Conlan Gabes (11 hours ago)
Awesome video. It taught me a lot about Minecraft
G R I N E A G L E (11 hours ago)
Macy's weird Life (12 hours ago)
#2018 idk why I'm here
Paradox JaDe (13 hours ago)
M P (15 hours ago)
A cros
Olivia Hunt (15 hours ago)
also if you mine a dead bush you can sometimes get sticks
Harv (15 hours ago)
Theres a thing called Pre Pearling 'and its when throw an enderpearl in the air jump into a trap, then it tps u out
Vicente Reyes (16 hours ago)
A croos in 12:34 😥
Game Monster (16 hours ago)
Destiny Coram (17 hours ago)
There’s a cross at 12:36
Perfextion MC (17 hours ago)
11:43 this dude predicted the 1.9 update 3 years before it came out. dang you are smart :D
GamerulFoxyRO (17 hours ago)
Who hates the sound of rain?
That Percy Jackson fan (18 hours ago)
#49 has changed with the most recent update. Nothing gives air bubbles underwater anymore
Milo Cornett (18 hours ago)
who heard a growl on the creeper slow fact like it if you did
Milo Cornett (18 hours ago)
0_0 i saw a cross on the floor
Thirdy Delos Santos (19 hours ago)
If you pause it at this time 12:35 you can see a cross... :O
Thirdy Delos Santos (19 hours ago)
Dude NotFamous (20 hours ago)
I know some of these but some one these that i never heard before
RiseAway 12 (20 hours ago)
Most of this I already know. There are many other things than this. Imma start with world settings. Back in the update 1.8 you can pick what biome you can spawn in. And now you can even make your world have mountains higher than it could ever be. hUGe huge HUgE cave systems and even large craters. And you can make lava oceans instead of water. And no water at all. And even sky islands. And you can increase the rarity of ores. You can. Found so many diamonds! Anyways. Hope you find out what I'm talking about
Royal Cat (21 hours ago)
Haha try me
YOYODADA Gaming (21 hours ago)
I knew a lot of them
Simple Life (22 hours ago)
Better than the Minecraft Book. But don't hesitate in the middle of a sentence and be prepared to say things with confidence.
Drake Deveau (22 hours ago)
I knew 3
Red gameR (22 hours ago)
Good job
Juan Avelino (22 hours ago)
Or not
Juan Avelino (22 hours ago)
Ummmmm do I like
Rachel Artis (22 hours ago)
RusnixTheWolf (23 hours ago)
mini minecraft (1 day ago)
are you a boy or a girl?
Mobeen azhar (1 day ago)
in number 61 spruce trees can do as the jungle tree
Who see the cross 😱😱😱at 12:35
Zawar Khan (1 day ago)
#38 everyone know tht
Arm1xLT (1 day ago)
😶 OMG I saw cross at 12:35 so creepy!!!!!
Aileen Xia (1 day ago)
Thank you this video is really helpful even though i learn a lot in Minecraft i still don't know everything in your video.
hey! who dislike more at Xaptrosity | Gaming, Minecraft & MORE! he probably work hard for this video.
mailen driz (1 day ago)
Forgot hacking in CS:GO in Minecraft.
McSaint (1 day ago)
Poor Sheep
Video Game Fashion (1 day ago)
I new number 12
jason haltiwanger (1 day ago)
I play on Nintendo switch and Xbox and ps4 I don't play on computer
jason haltiwanger (1 day ago)
When he was at the mushroom byum did you notice there was a.criss
jason haltiwanger (1 day ago)
I meant biome and I meant cross
Bubbles TheHusky (1 day ago)
Wow four years ago!
Richard Berrios (1 day ago)
GAWD this is old..
Joonas (1 day ago)
Some of these are useless because ps4 for example is different
Kitties Victoria (1 day ago)
What version of Minecraft is this I saw a rose I think
awesome girl (1 day ago)
ZaneTheAymakiller (1 day ago)
I have a trick about getting that Ender egg you can you piston on the side (The wood plate of the piston must be facing on th ender egg) to the torch but careful it might drop in the portal
I don't play minecraft because I play fortnite
Daniel the ice gamer then you suck
On tip 54 on 12:34 you can see a cross by looking right it's on the ground
red Genesis Valtryek you have like sensei eyes
Kaylum_ Kalum (1 day ago)
Tip99: don't sleep in the nether. Tip 100: follow these tips. 😂😂😂
Kaylum_ Kalum (17 hours ago)
oh it is LOL and he is so un-inthusiastic
SuperMarioGamer / SMG (17 hours ago)
Kaylum_ Kalum same. Then i realized: oh wait this video was made in 2013.
Kaylum_ Kalum (17 hours ago)
true and most of them i already knew....dont wanna trow shade tho
Kaylum_ Kalum yeah and like half of these dont work anymore.
I knew it all After I watch it
Finlay Wilson (1 day ago)
19:00 the truth
Lily time Cool kid (1 day ago)
All 100 are good thx
Lily time Cool kid even though like half of them dont work
mario howland (2 days ago)
I think it’s more talking than telling us things to do in Minecraft
Martha Moyado (2 days ago)
Well that is dum
Limbo Cat (2 days ago)
And I was waiting for tip 100...
Andrew Jiang (2 days ago)
You can also get over fences by putting a carpet on top
Jhaden Mercado (2 days ago)
At 12:35 I saw a cross look down
saba chixradze (2 days ago)
39 what?
El Southpaw (2 days ago)
In 2018 almost none of this worked
MonsterKid 231 (2 days ago)
76 is what us pvp-ers do
Webby Meppy (2 days ago)
This is my favorite video
Josilyn mcvicker (2 days ago)
pugogotgamez (2 days ago)
skeppy is better than jif
ferdous scion (2 days ago)
Everyone knows the third secret
chey2310 chey2310 (2 days ago)
Nathan Li (2 days ago)
Naruto X (2 days ago)
Number 69 is kind of “ *dirty* ” Lol I need help
Naruto X so do i
Marlee brown (3 days ago)
there were some that i knew and some than i didnt but good job on the list!
R-dity (3 days ago)
If you decide to suicide, you want to die, and NOT carry a water bucket
R-dity lol
Qamarsea North (3 days ago)
Omg I was gonna say look at his skin but this video was uploaded 2013 whoa I’m late lmao
Bluestix Animations (3 days ago)
this was actually really helpful and cool
XIAOZAO (3 days ago)
I knew most of it
Destiny Montgrand (3 days ago)
What’s annotation
wolfy games .3. (3 days ago)
\cool video :D
Henrick Soitu (3 days ago)
Cheaty's Channel (3 days ago)
You lied the torch trick doesn’t work nor does the vine
Gaming Bros (3 days ago)
Cheaty's Channel yes it does
the entity gamer (3 days ago)
And 67
the entity gamer (3 days ago)
I knew 57
Maxim Laenen (3 days ago)
The tip where you say that the sword have more durability is not correct. As you critical mobs then the sword have more durability but good video
Umais playszzz (3 days ago)
71 was awesome
Megan Estabrook (3 days ago)
Pistons have a block push limit of 12, so you could only go out twelve blocks
Javon Hutto (3 days ago)
15:53 that was badass
DM Supreme (3 days ago)
Remember he said possibly It doesnt mean You acually didnt know about it.
Jhayr Sibulo (3 days ago)
*sigh* we all know that
Mega Birdy (4 days ago)
I knew everything
Everyone On 12:33 I saw Cross Like If You See Or Comment Down Below lol
Its Katy! (4 days ago)
...i already know all of this... but thank you
Hellbanisher Rockz (4 days ago)
There are some ftfttfettte building tricks!
Ariel Mangalinao (4 days ago)
Popplio with Pokémon (4 days ago)
OmGgg There’s 8wna crO#ss omgjuhh herobriinnene I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Scarere ddd$ aasswwwsaaaaaaaaa - 90% of comments
eegamer (4 days ago)
Every pro mindcraft knows don't try to sleep in the nether or the end
Dani Frost (4 days ago)
So how did you fill up your inventory for #46 while still being able to put the items into the crafting table?
s lipsig (4 days ago)
You can use snow balls two kill the ender dragon
dragon lordgamer47 (4 days ago)
see the Entity 303 cross on ground go to 12:36
Hayden J Greer (4 days ago)
You suck

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