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Game of Thrones - Top 10 Funniest Characters (fan vote)

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thanks for voting on this list. my subscribers are awesome. enjoy
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Wolf BlitzAH (4 days ago)
The Great Bobby B!
Wolf BlitzAH (4 days ago)
"Do you think I'm plump."..😂😂
charmaine white (14 days ago)
I do wish the Queen of Thorns had a better (funnier) scene chosen for her.
Guitarist Girl (19 days ago)
11:22 Seeing Ned again. (I don't watched season 1 and 2 for years with good reasons.) I am still not over his death. Poor actor he always have to play the good man who dies and everyone longing after him to get up and alive again. But I still like it even after he is long dead, he have a main focus in the show and remembered by so many people who know and loved him dearly. P.S. You have to make a 'bravest characters in Game of Thrones' video.
Lyon Morgan (1 month ago)
Who would thumbdown a Thrones vid...I hope Ramsnuts dogs find you in your Bed
Dave Snyder (1 month ago)
I love the hound n his chicken dinner scene cersi when she wanted to strangle Marjorie,Ol Lady olenna when bron said Did the gueen of throrns give you 1 more prick in the balls before she died.And tyron is always funny,liked it when he sent the prick to the nightwatch,janos slint.And jam ie when he was messing with the stark bitch redhead,when he was a prisoner of Catland.Brons funny too when he told Podrick ,walk away and walk away some more when he was ready to take the chicks underwear off lol and Pod cooking the chicken with the skin on funny stuff.And poor Briane always getting teased about her being huge.Im sorry but when Jamie said to her So you like women Horses,i couldnt stop laughin.omg ok I wont ramble anymore Have a great night 👍👣👀💜 4got thoros of myre.talkin about how people couldnt stand his bout with sobriety.I no how he feels.And king robert telling lancel your motber was a dumb whore with a fat ass. ,and sends him looking for a breastplate stretcher.😂🤣😅 and of course the hounds words at chicken dinner ,he said i understand if anymore wirds come pouring ojt of your cunt mouth ,he was gonna eat every chicken in the room..lolk when he told ayra Ayra says he kiied my friend,I dont care if he ate your friend,im not going in there and ayra just goes strutting up there he has needle poliver. tormond n the hounds conversation How does she look at you like she wants to eat your liver.and says to tormand u wanna suck my dick and tormond didnt no what it meant cock oh no its pussy 4 me.anyway tbis is a grownup channel if they dont like the language dont read it.lmao.
Marlon Washington (1 month ago)
I wanna hear about the jackass and the honeycomb
michukolek (1 month ago)
Tyrion used to be funny, now he is boring :(
sumeahs king (1 month ago)
Awesome list again. Love the channel I got to catch up on all your awesome videos again! I loved the scene when Tyrion is stuck with grey worm and messisandai or w.e and it’s really awkward for him as he tries to start a conversation with them..Tyrion tells a joke to them and it bombs, Varys walks in and he says “ohh you took your time..”
Aloha Aina (1 month ago)
Tyrion is funny guy <3<3
Magical Midget (1 month ago)
Very amazing line up I agreed with it nice job please keep it up I’m begging you!!!
tormund and the hound, best part for me
Karen Rob (1 month ago)
Kiss KIss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MagnusHQ (1 month ago)
Oberyn ?
Melissa Blackwood (1 month ago)
"What The Fuck Salami?" was the best Blackfyre subtitle ever! I'll never be able to watch that scene without thinking of it. Have yourself some chickens -- you've earned it.
VonDa in Wonderland (1 month ago)
I hope that we get to see Tyrion and Bronn together in the next season ♥
Marjie Nelson (1 month ago)
Why do I have reactivate every time I want to watch a video of yours? This never used to happen! Now, there are times when the video goes off and I am thrown to my roku start screen, what is going on? Thank you for any and all support. Love your channel!
3DzineR (1 month ago)
U should do a top ten of the biggest Pr*cks on GoT. Characters that are AssH*le D*ck Heads. like Janos Slynt Visenya Targaryen Walder Frey The Waif Balon Greyjoy Lock Polliver, The Tickler, Alliser Thorne Meryn Trant ect. Comment # 23 viewer # 5,292
jeremybr2020 (1 month ago)
Sorry but both Daario and Prince Oberyn belong on this list.
jeremybr2020 (1 month ago)
lol Good point.
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (1 month ago)
should have voted
Nikki Williams (1 month ago)
The Hound and Arya made a great team. Some of the best and funniest moments in GOT.
Heather L Thomas (1 month ago)
Thank you daemon that was a very good line up God bless you and your heart 😁
Mr Juice (1 month ago)
Ng Li Jie (1 month ago)
Major 😂 to them all!
Jamie 1872 (1 month ago)
It’s out of olenna, Sandor and tyrion
Jennifer Shelley (1 month ago)
Tyrion is funny - but Bronn is the funniest! Switch those two out and your list will be perfect. :)
James Williams (1 month ago)
Thumbs down guy makes me want to eat every Chicken in this place
James Williams (1 month ago)
Right lol are you a dornish girl by chance?
Kellen Heller (1 month ago)
*Every fookin chicken
lisa koola (1 month ago)
this is so dope! yaassssssss! always great too see you ensemble all the videos and it got me entertain! Thank You Daemon 💖😘
Danny Young (1 month ago)
Does sam no his brother and father got burned alive?.......i know it's way off topic but i don't recall any one telling him...
Alunita Inghinala (1 month ago)
Danny Young He does not know yet, the Grand Maester did not tell him before he left.
Jon McCloud (1 month ago)
Dornish girls are hot
Count Ripula (1 month ago)
Thanks Daemon! Looking forward to the next top 10.
Rebecca C (1 month ago)
Great video!!!!!! I lmao¡
Movie Manor (1 month ago)
You don't know how persuasive I am, I've never tried to fuck you. - An amazing line.
Sherman Ali (1 month ago)
Bronn! hands down#1 Joffrey was funny in a pathetic/temper tantrum kinda of way!🤷‍♂️😂✌️
Zohar Uzuki (20 days ago)
Yeah Bronn is def the funniest on the show
Jamie 1872 (1 month ago)
Bronn is probably the most unfunniest one out the lot.
Nicholas Chen (1 month ago)
Kylo Ren?
TWSTF 8 (1 month ago)
lol 😂 "What the fuck's a lommie?"
I love the hound and blackwater
Wes H (1 month ago)
This weather is like 2011 2.0
Talha Waheed (1 month ago)
tyrion anyday anytime
Nup North (1 month ago)

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