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What Is Tyrion Lannister's Role In The End Game? - Game of Thrones Season 8 (End Game Theories)

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Welcome back for another Game of Thrones Season 8 End Game Theories Video. Today I am answering a few more of the questions you left me on Twitter. There were still some questions I wanted to get to so that's what I am doing today. The first question is about Tyrion Lannister. What role does he have in the story? Tyrion Lannister has basically been sidelined for the most part, but he is still one of the most important characters in this series. What can he do to help defeat the Night King, and make Westeros a better place? I also talk about the possibility of Varys being a Targaryen. People wonder this because Varys shaves his head, and he has always seemed to be working in the background to get another Targaryen on the Iron Throne. Is Varys hiding his true identity? I end the video with talking about Rhaegar and Lyanna. Will we see Rhaegar Targaryen in another flashback? Let me know what you have to say about these questions down below. Thank you so much for watching! Have a good day! Images and video clips from Game of Thrones are property of their creators, used here under fair use. Support the channel on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/TalkingThrones Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/Talking_Thrones Outro Music: Light of the Seven Remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXCuTo-x0Wc
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Sunshine Roth (12 days ago)
I agree, the Starks are the Kings of the North after all. And I agree, Dany will have to take that throne in her own way. Another fine video, Dan! Very well executed.
RR7 (9 days ago)
It sounds to good to be true that Dany will have here throne back... this is the Game of Thrones after all :DI have a feeling that she will die
Sanad Tag (12 days ago)
Dany will die. Jon will end in the place where he asked why would someone wish to live there! Bran will get back to bran and will rule the North
Tracy Metherell (12 days ago)
Sunshine Roth. Couldn't agree more! Talking Thrones is spot on about the John needing to complete HIS story about the Night King and Dany needing to complete HERS about the iron throne!
Talking Thrones (12 days ago)
Appreciate Ya!!
Notmatt (1 day ago)
Isn't Varys from Lys? Lys is said to have many people that originated from Old Valyria, and that there are many people who have Valyrian features. I wouldn't be surprised if Varys had silver hair.
Lala Rie (1 day ago)
This doesn’t even sound like you? You all good?
Christie Ellis (2 days ago)
Dude- Varys does not shave his head. Baldness is typical in eunuchs- they don’t have the hormones needed to keep/have hair.
Talking Thrones (2 days ago)
How do you know for a fact hes not shaving it though? Greyworm isn't bald.
Chris Z. (3 days ago)
Makes sense that Varys was mutilated, like Melisandre said, "There is power in Kings Blood". He may be a Blackfyre but still has Kings Blood. Also the sorcerer may have been a Pure Targaryen supporter, thus its why he castrated him, to make sure he doesn't procreate. Something of that nature...
Martin 2fast4u (3 days ago)
King Snow will tell Bran about the cave on Dragonstone so Bran will go there when the children and the first men met. He'll over hear the plan they made. I think Dan and Dave are using dragonestone as the books are using the God's Eye. All the talk of Varis being a Blackfire made me wonder about Bronn possibly being a Blackfire.
Ms Mama (4 days ago)
In the books, was Robb's wife also pregnant?? She didn't get killed on the book, Does her baby survive in the book and if so, wouldn't he be the Stark heir and carry on the Stark name???
Josephine Winter (5 days ago)
In my opinion, Tyrion's role is as narrator - he often informs other characters about things they need to know - his plot role is in conveying information. As the final characters converge in the same room for the final showdown, i don't think he'll have his role, as such. Some roles are from plot mechanics, but some are from writing mechanics - if you write everything from someone's point of view, instead of third person, you need someone to know all the information that you need to tell the reader, that you can't or don't have time to 'show' - Tyrion fills in all the gaps somebody less rich, knowledgeable, connected etc couldn't - and all the.
Mike Reds (5 days ago)
I think that the starks may have had some deal with the walkers that may have been forgotten with Neds older brother and father when the mad king killed them and I think it's similar to how the guy the nights watch stayed with that had all the daughters and no sons because he was giving them to the walkers maby the starks had a similar deal that like I said was forgotten or not upheld and now they are coming
rene kaminawash (5 days ago)
They will have a kid tyrion will be there to help him or her to end the long night
Nikki Marr (6 days ago)
What if the brought back rhaegars actor because j'aquen hagar is actually rhaegar? 😶😶
ralph K.J (6 days ago)
I reckon raghar and layana will feature in the last episode. (The last scene)
Marissa McRee (6 days ago)
Do you think Arya will try to kill Sansa in the books because Sansa was the reason Ned, Arya, and Sansa weren’t able to go back to Winterfell on the ship because Sansa wanted to say goodbye to her beloved Joffery and told Cersei her dads plans to leave and go back to Winterfell and Cersei was stop that from happening. Do you think Arya could find out and try to kill Sansa because if she never would’ve told Cersei her dad never would’ve died and Robb never would’ve died, etc. Just a question.
DonSlude (6 days ago)
I still wonder how John Snow can be a targary. when ED read the book of the hair color. should not John be white / blond =/
fenofio tyres (7 days ago)
i think Baelish probably never believed the official story & being a master manipulator felt there has to be more to the story
neto592 (7 days ago)
My guess... I think nether Danny or John will rule Westeros but if Westeros remain still as one kingdom after the end o the Great War them the next king will be Tyrion and the next queen will be Sansa.
Jose Rodriguez (7 days ago)
Do you think Jamie and Cersei could be the children of The Mad King and Joanna Lannister?
Word-e-licious (7 days ago)
I saw in one of the prediction videos that body doubles for Tyrion and Sansa were present on set.. Love making scene maybe? I feel they'll end up together and it will show how much Sansa has grown as a person because she stops looking at a person's physical appearance and loves him for what he is.
keggerous (7 days ago)
Isn't it basically the theme of the books and show that nobody is special? that nobody "has a role"? That even the brightest heroes die?
Brian Parada (8 days ago)
I know nothing
Dutchfantom (8 days ago)
What if tyrion devises a plan which will indirectly kill cercei, still making him fulfilling the prophecy repeated in the books
biznismen kicadjo (8 days ago)
Why would Rhaegar think about the prince who was promised? they did not know about threat from the north, and white walkers in that time. People from the north did not belive in others, why would someone from Dragonstone, or King's Landing belive in that. Why Rhaegar was so sure, that his son will be the prince who was promised in that time of period?
andrew pheony (8 days ago)
why are Jon snow hairs different from other Targaryens?
Rochel Jones (9 days ago)
Wouldn’t it be ironic if cersei and jamie dies and tyrion is the one that carry on the lanister legacy
Margaret Choffel (9 days ago)
I think Tyrion will end up betraying Dany, but in favor of Jon not Cersie, because he didn't like what he saw when Dany burned down Sam's brothers.
Brandon Greene (9 days ago)
@Talkingthrones I love your videos man keep up the good work!!! And just curious have you ever done a video about the jaqen h'gar= rhaegar theory? Its always been a personal theory of mine just wondering your take on the matter. Anyways thanks for awesome videos
Abouttime K (9 days ago)
Tyrion is next in line if Danny John and Cerci are dead just saying
chazz Lucas (9 days ago)
Talking Thrones ... White Walkers can smell royal blood too .. Right ??? that white walker looked right at Sam and didn't kill him....And Ned was right to keep Johns true identity from his wife .... She let Jamie go and put Rob and his armies in danger
chazz Lucas (9 days ago)
She wants to break the wheel not fix it..
Talking Thrones (9 days ago)
Breaking it is fixing it...
Joey (9 days ago)
What people don't realize. Is that Ned had to kill all the servants there to make sure no one found out.
Talking Thrones (9 days ago)
Wow you think he murdered two wet nurses?
Debbie Johnson (9 days ago)
Sounds very plausible. I hope Tyrion gets to ride a dragon!
Max Goodspeed (9 days ago)
Barely talked about tyrion
Talking Thrones (9 days ago)
I got to the point
Dean Calvin Challam (9 days ago)
You are the best.. your videos are getting and better the more I watch them.. I can't wait for season 8 but until then your videos are just the next best thing.
Big Fudge (10 days ago)
Tyrion should become the king of the Iron Throne in the end
valkenswaard040 (10 days ago)
Why Ned never tel catlyn John was a child of his sister?
Kane Golding (10 days ago)
I have never heard anyone talk about this before so I just want to get another perspective on my idea. Ever since Jaime Lannister lost his hand I always thought he would get it back; more just on a hunch rather then any evidence, but the way Qyburn looked at the wights hand in the dragon pit made me think about it even more. Considering I think Qyburn will go North anyway to help with the fight against the dead, do you think he may have the ability to give Jaime his hand back. Could this also link to azor ahai being a fully fit two handed Jaime? I just don't know! Whats your view?
CrouchingTigress01 (10 days ago)
From a certain point of view, every character from game of thrones has kings blood, not just Dany. Take Sansa as an example, she has kings blood from the kings of the north, the high king Garth Greenhand, and the-king-beyond- the wall Bale the bard. With that established, shouldn't Red priests feel the ping everywhere?
Wo0dy Woodstock (10 days ago)
@TT What do you think is the significance of the Night King's neck piece? In some 'still' images it almost looks like it is an unhappy face. You may have to look at a number of screenshots to see that face. Do you think it could be the Night King's real face of him trying to get out of his frozen "life" just as Han Solo was frozen in Carbonite in Star Wars? GRRM seems to love to borrow from other stories. As always, thanks for your insightful videos. Wo0dy
Billie Logan (10 days ago)
Thank you for another insightful video.
Talking Thrones (10 days ago)
No problem. Thank you!
Andy Callahan (10 days ago)
How Great would it be if Danny dies. Jon goes back home as Stark and puts Tyrion Lannister on the Iron Throne as The Dwarf King
kagsgirl (10 days ago)
There isn't going to be an Westeros at the end it's not gonna be that happy ending we all want, dispite the fan base.
Ismaeel Ahmed (10 days ago)
Tyrion is a Targaryen and here's why: Daenerys' mother died giving birth to her....and her lover (Khal Drogo) died in her hands Jon Snow's mother died giving birth to him..and his lover (Ygritte) died in his hands Tyrion's mother died giving birth to him........and his lover (Shae) died in his hands
nawawi I (10 days ago)
It must be him playing his harp, playing the song of ice and fire, over the very last scene of the series!
nawawi I (10 days ago)
That's giving you ideas, isn't it? I mean, seriously, was born at Summerhall amongst the flames, often returned there alone, with not even the Kingsguard for company. He would sleep under the stars in the ruined hall, and would be inspired to compose songs for his harp, about "twilights and tears and the death of kings" Him and his harp have much to tell us, not only the song of Ice and Fire
Talking Thrones (10 days ago)
Hmm... 🤔
Elizabeth Jones (10 days ago)
Do you think little finger Knew more about Rhaegar and Brianna running away
Tori Mi (10 days ago)
the flashback could be in the battle he tells the truth about lyana during rhe fight and about the pregnancy?
Louise Distefano (10 days ago)
OMG u gave me goose bumps thinking about the ending in response to the last question. Love loved it, u did it again!!!
Talking Thrones (10 days ago)
Wow thanks
Erik Forsgren (10 days ago)
Considering how much of a mess he made in S7, he's got some serious redemption work to do.
I don't really see what the point would be if Varys was revealed to have Targaryen blood. I feel like Jon is the only secret Targaryen the show needs. Any more would just seem kinda pointless, from a writing perspective.
RinzlerHDG (10 days ago)
YO HEYO i really love you videos and something about this video shook my mind. You are talking about lyanna starks deaths and just before 10 minute you show a clip of Sansa talking to little finger about Lyanna being chosen, kidnapped and raped. When sansa tells this, LittleFInger seems somewhat surprised as he if he knows it did NOT go that way. What are your thoughts on that expession?
unstoppabo (10 days ago)
Raeghar will appear in a vision to Jon saying... "I am your father" d&d pay off please!
MrSpaghetti (11 days ago)
I enjoy your pronunciation more in this video. Good job!
Talking Thrones (10 days ago)
It's always awful
Niklas Nordbäck (11 days ago)
So this is how you protect yourself from Melisandre, you cut your own balls of so she can't take your kingsblood! Hah jokes on her //Varys lol.
Maureen Mario (11 days ago)
Another great video thanks as always
Mariah Campisi (11 days ago)
Great questions video kind sir
Mariah Campisi (11 days ago)
Maybe the actor who plays Ragnar is back because they are showing a bit of how he was to show where Jon gets his kindness from .
Mariah Campisi (11 days ago)
Raggar and the trident would be nice .
Mariah Campisi (11 days ago)
What if Varos's secret is the 3rd and final secret reveal, that Varos is behind the Night King and his Minion's movements , I think that would be interesting !
Mariah Campisi (11 days ago)
Turion will be reading books and finding what will bring the Night King to his end in those books
Claire Ashiko (11 days ago)
The theory about Varys is really interesting and plausible. I hope his lineage is addressed in the show and help us understand why the sorcerer did what he did to Varys.
Brian Achim (11 days ago)
Tyrion needs to have children to continue the Lannisster name, ironic as Tywin never wanted Tyrion to lead House Lannisster.
Echo (11 days ago)
I could see them doing the vision where Rhaegar and a women are talking and when the woman who I think is Lyanna asks “will you make a song for him” and Rhaegar replays “ he has a song! His is the song of Ice and Fire” I think this would make a awesome flashback!
A.D (11 days ago)
I just wish the final season is 2 hours each.
Kasi Oshields (11 days ago)
So totally unafiliated with this video, but im rewatching the series and thought it was interesting watching the scene where grandmaster pycelle is talking about all the kings he had served under. When talking about the mad king, he stated how he was actually a notmal person until the dreams started making him insane. I feel like bran had something to do with this. Have you made a video about this/could you? Thinking about rereading the books as well.
Drilon Syla (11 days ago)
Anyone else watches this while going to sleep or is it just me?
Rishabh Raj (10 days ago)
i too m watching this while going to sleep
MrEnjoivolcom1 (11 days ago)
You sound exhausted. You good TT?
Talking Thrones (11 days ago)
Yeah it was mostly the mic settings being too low. My new video sounds much better.
Aliçia Ayala (11 days ago)
As far as Rhaegar possibly appearing in the final season, i am hoping the theory that he is posing as faceless man Jaqen H’ghar is correct. This is one of my favorite GOT theories, although I’m not sure how likely this is. In addition to the Targaryen streak in his hair, do you think there is any significance to the names sounding so similar?: Rhaegar vs H’ghar
Rafael Labour (11 days ago)
Great vid, but you sound down man.. like low energy. Hope you're doing alright!
Gambino Capo (11 days ago)
Thoughts on actors spotted at The Dragon Pit. Jaqen H’ghar, The Waif, The NK, Arya, Bran, etc...
Gambino Capo (11 days ago)
Talking Thrones (11 days ago)
Uploading a video about it in a few mins
Duane Hartway (11 days ago)
I wonder if any of the books Sam acquired, or in Tyrion's memory, they could make Wild Fire to be used against the wights and White Walkers. Even if they have a recipe, is there alchemists in Winterfell that are capable of making it.
Paul Watson (11 days ago)
So, GOT aside... And forgetting that "flop" earmarked to be the next GOT.... What do you think will be the next "must watch" series?
James Taylor (11 days ago)
Like bobby b's armies purpose dying with the mad king.tyrions purpose died with tywin..now everyone with gold in thier purse has an army
ILoveMusic (11 days ago)
What did Tyrion say to Cersei to make her change her mind to join the war against the NK? We've been lead to believe it has something to do with her probable pregnancy, but I'm not buying it. I don't believe he would conspire with her. Why did D and D not show us the conversation? This smells fishy to me. He has never had much control over her, and why didn't she have the mountain kill him when he offered himself to her when they were talking? Just wondering what you thought. I think his role in Season 8 will be pivotal.
Joy Baker (11 days ago)
It's likely that the flashback scene will be with Rhaegar & Lyanna because Jon won't believe Bran about his being Lyanna's and Rhaegar's son because he's believed the lie about the rape. Bran will somehow show him the proof. Perhaps by touching him at the weirwood tree.
oldenvye6432 (11 days ago)
Tyrion is a character who is at his best when he owns those who have underestimated him. I want that back.
andy crawford (11 days ago)
Seems like every mother that births a targeryan dies in childbirth.... And what happened to lyannas body from death to being interred in the crypt? Have I missed something? Could she ever come back to life?
coldblooded kidder (11 days ago)
this is off the Tyrion topic but i was just wondering about Cersei and Jaime. Being blond and (tw)-incestuous, could they be revealed as Targaryan bastards ?
Jason Wesley (11 days ago)
Rhaegar will be in a Danny vision. A continuance of her vision from the earlier seasons. Remember? In her vision she saw Khal Drogo with their child & Kings Landing destroyed but not Rhaegar's part of the vision (according to the books) She could have the rest of that vision & it can show her who Jon really is. Or am I reaching?
TheMannyJuice (11 days ago)
Tyrion will take the iron throne
Bertolt Hoover (11 days ago)
Listen up Sunshine! Infinity War already decided his purpose! The big small midget ...... thing is a Dwarven Blacksmith. He'll forge Jon's new weapon out of dragon glass.
Geulez loves Dragons (11 days ago)
Rhagar being in S8, I hope, will be something the writers added that is not in the books. Sadly I think you are right about Daenys story arch. I just wonder will she and Drogon die together? It has been about Jon from day one. I hope, maybe thru Brans help. Jon can know and see who his parents are; and name his and Daneys twins Lyanne, and Rhagar. Good video, thanks
Ana Freitas (11 days ago)
Actually, I think that Robert found out that Lyanna loved Rhaegar & that pissed him off beyond measure. He grew up lusting over her, spoke of her has his property even. I think Ned at least suspected he knew the truth. Robert would kill him as well, cause that would mean he started a war for spite & jealousy. He rallied Ned's father & brother to meet Ayres (knowing full well what might happen) instead of all going after Rhaegar to save Lyanna. Go ask the mad king for justice regarding a son he has grown suspicious of & doesn't even want around?? That's killing by proxy. Littlefinger knew & Robert didnt?? Everyone that knew Rhaegar believed he was a rapist?? Came on...
Andre Black (11 days ago)
What if the flashback with Rhaegar is with him at Summerhall and something he discovered there? They did say he spent a lot of time there after all.
Brett Connor (11 days ago)
Hey TT...absolutely desperate for a Rhaegar flashback, I was hoping for either the Trident or Harrenhaul( I still think there is more to learn about Rhaegar and why he thought Lyanna was the key)
Hanoramic View (11 days ago)
I really hope that Daario was foreshadowing when he said Daenerys wasn't a ruler but that she's a conquerer. I can see her conquering Westeros and handing it over to Jon and basically repeating what Jon said to her when he pledged to her on the boat...That He deserves to rule...maybe in her dying breath...That would be a bittersweet moment for sure.
Hanoramic View (11 days ago)
Maybe the battle of the trident would be useful if the rubies are what the priestesses wear around their necks. I agree that the best bet would be Rhaogar talking about Jon being the song of ice and fire to Lyanna.
Talking Thrones (11 days ago)
Yeah it makes sense to me.
Rosalie Lewis (11 days ago)
Has the actress who played Lyanna also been spotted along with the actor who played Rheagal
Talana Malherbe (11 days ago)
Brilliant! Thanks for the insight. What on earth are we going to do when Season 8 is finished???
Jayoinavation (11 days ago)
To drink and know things.. is his role.
Dr. Kai (11 days ago)
Another fantastic video! 💕💕💕 Thank you. Any theories on Ella Martel? Why did she agree to the annulment? Did she have any secrets? How is it that Lyanna was so willing to go along with Rhargar? Did she understand the prophesy or was she simply in love?
Jeremy Cornwell (11 days ago)
to live and dink, there is no after life in Game of Thrones
BLANCA FLORES (11 days ago)
I just LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!!! the way you explain GOT... To me, your have the gift to convey George RR Martin word into a song to see graphically on my mind (if that make any scense) Every time I get a notification from you I HAVE to see it because it really helps me understand GOT much better with yours perspective. So... Thank you!!
Talking Thrones (11 days ago)
Wow thank you so much
Rob Tintelnot (11 days ago)
Still a fan of the "Rhaegar used a faceless man at the Trident with Robert and is alive somewhere." theory. I don't think Robert would have been able to beat him in a fight. Rhaegar was good at killing people.
Eric Rawlings (11 days ago)
I thought the last of the children of the forest were killed off trying to save Bran?
Talking Thrones (11 days ago)
We dont know if they are the last. The main group must be at the God's Eye with the heart of the weirwood net
Eric Rawlings (11 days ago)
He could also be a prisoner in the cells too?
Eric Rawlings (11 days ago)
I'm not sure what else is left for Tyrion anymore?  If he betrays Dany, he possibly will die.  Tyrion may have been in a deal with Cersei or unless he kills her himself?
Travalav (11 days ago)
Raegar is magically alive hes obviously Jaquen
Phillip Gonzalez (11 days ago)
Does anyone ever talk about the fact Jon doesnt have dragon blood in him. He burned his hand remember or does that not matter ?
Raghu Vamsi Kodaboina (11 days ago)
Did Mormmont and the Rangers of night watch knew about the Others, if yes then why didn't they inform King RObert or other kings before him or atleast to the Starks about them. I think they knew which is why Jon was shocked to know that Mormont knew about what Caster was doing with his new borns.
incupid modexz (11 days ago)
You know nothing danelle from talking thrones .. hahaha!! Just kidding mate.. how have you been .. end if this GOT you should visit the kingdom / republic of maldives aka known as heaven on earth ..😉
lili lime (11 days ago)
Could Bran warg into the night king dragon then he would fly?

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