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S.O.S. (Disney Channel Games) - Jonas Brothers Super HQ

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from A Little Bit Longer Bonus Edition! **watch in high quality!
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Text Comments (17)
PC6 pilatus (5 months ago)
It's me Abby :P (11 months ago)
It's me Abby :P (11 months ago)
noo memories incoming :'v <\3
Zoe Humphrey (1 year ago)
This just made me really nostalgic and now I'm crying
Yoshika Reid (3 years ago)
Jonas brother
HollywoodGirl (3 years ago)
AWESOME! I miss The Jonas Brothers :( I wish they were still a band. But Kevin got married and his wife Dani wanted more of his time, so The Jonas Brothers broke up. I honestly think Dani is a diva in my opinion. Like I read somewhere that she asked Kevin to choose between Nick and Joe to be his best man. Kevin put his foot down and said Nick and Joe are both going to be my best man, way to go Kevin. I believe Dani broke the band up. Not cool. She is pretty demanding if you ask me. I saw her on Married To Jonas. She acted like a total DIVA. Ugh.
Deonsha Young (5 years ago)
It' s dc games 2008
Mai Escobar (6 years ago)
I miiiiiisss my JoBros I need youu :,( NOW
amaan41 (7 years ago)
1:55 lol
dimplepop (7 years ago)
pause at 1:55 and you will LOL.
Alexandra Cando (8 years ago)
it is my favorite song!!
Chaimaa Mag (8 years ago)
kevin is so cute <3
Celeste Delgado (8 years ago)
Jonas Brothers are the best!
Pinky Ribeiro (8 years ago)
deathletters16 (9 years ago)
i thought the south park song was a joke.. ohh man.. it sounds the same.. bay bayyyyyyyyy....
jlytle101 (9 years ago)
Nurizza Amsali (9 years ago)
i love this song including joe and nick and kevin! you guys rock! <3

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