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Overwatch | 24 Fast Facts About Bastion

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Overwatch | 24 Fast Facts About Bastion. Now some people may hate him, but he's our favorite omnic. Here are some fast facts about Bastion ● Subscribe to TGN for daily video game videos! Click to Subscribe! http://bit.ly/1KJq3G2 ● Voiced by TGN Network Partner Moxness: https://twitter.com/JonathanMoxness Written by Jeffrey Harris Edited by TGN Network Partner Marco: https://www.youtube.com/MarcoStyleNL ●Produce Content with TGN ➜ http://central.tgn.tv/work-with-us/● The TGN channel is a collaboration between the TGN Network and TGN partners. We work directly with TGN Partners in the Network to create and co-produced videos for this channel. If you're interested in joining TGN and working with us, click below for more information. Partner with TGN ➜ http://bit.ly/1VDyHq3 Store ➜ http://shop.tgn.tv Website ➜ http://central.tgn.tv/ Like Us ➜ https://www.facebook.com/TGNTV Follow Us ➜ https://twitter.com/tgntv Squadron ➜ https://www.youtube.com/user/Games Minecraft ➜ https://www.youtube.com/user/TGNMinecraft Twitch ➜ http://www.twitch.tv/tgn Music by Epidemic Sound http://www.epidemicsound.com TGN is your source for Overwatch YouTube! We post daily gaming videos including a Overwatch facts, Overwatch lore, Overwatch tips, and Overwatch Community Highlights.
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Text Comments (211)
Thot Patrol (1 month ago)
3:32 he’s either saying “You are really amusing Lucio. You’ll get my language in no time” OR “Stop griming my beautiful language with your dirty tongue, human scum. we will rise again. those who submit will be spared as slaves and those who oppose us will be destroyed.”
Thot Patrol (1 month ago)
2:49 that sounded like rotor blades. he identifies as an Apache Attack Helicopter
ImBulletm9 (2 months ago)
Bastion is fr my top 5 favorite heroes
Pip Squeak (3 months ago)
25 people hate bastion because they die a lot to it and cant play it very well
PlumsRsorry (3 months ago)
bastion you lovable bastard!
Millennium Force (4 months ago)
bastions real name is SST Laboratories Siege Automaton E54
Gia Princess (4 months ago)
Also in the Ganymede highlight intro there's a heart next to Ganymede nawwwww
The Gibus (4 months ago)
Heavy has found robotic counterpart
Lava Lord6 (4 months ago)
Bastion was always my favorite charater
Dominic Musgrove (5 months ago)
Huh, didn't know bastion was German.
Big Ol Nut (6 months ago)
Gah nee may day
SirBacon Bear (6 months ago)
Actually that song was made by randy newman
Kobe Duyver (6 months ago)
Some of the text on that Twitter post is in dutch
Jason Rose (6 months ago)
My question is reinhardt is the last crusader so that's saying that none of them were sick or injured
Draconis (6 months ago)
TGN Stop assuming genders
Jack Rabbid (7 months ago)
I glitched youtube
Rsabop Op (7 months ago)
He is a boy
Luigi/MR L Gaming (7 months ago)
One thing idk how bastion make his tank sound
Maggie Hiebert (7 months ago)
Oh and FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maggie Hiebert (7 months ago)
I love bastion!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carl Webber (7 months ago)
Who mains the counter to bastion
Celina Stafford (7 months ago)
You missed one VERY IMPORTANT thing,bastion is ADORABLE!!! :O
Bashton Gamer (7 months ago)
What happened to bastion and why did he change
Katrina Jackson (8 months ago)
Bastion is a bastion unit Can we get a hand for the smart one
Sparrow201 (8 months ago)
bastion is a bastion wow great deduction
CusBro (8 months ago)
Bastion players are a pain in the bastion
Denver Felix Villanueva (8 months ago)
Mica's Domain (8 months ago)
It also gives ganymede glasses
David Powell (8 months ago)
bastion also make a sound of torbjorn spawn line "build it up, break it down." in doo-woo language
Jonathan Contreras (9 months ago)
He is my favorite overwatch character
Lava Lord6 (4 months ago)
Jonathan Contreras agreed
Hexellent (9 months ago)
Bastion sexually identifies as a attack helicopter
SHADOWBOY 529 (9 months ago)
Sad beep bops ;(
Thomas Kristensen (9 months ago)
fact 25: bastion is never to be used in competitive.
Patrick Milewski (9 months ago)
Synthetic gold!!!!! As an engineering student who loves science...that kinda low-key triggers me! GOLD CANNOT BE SYNTHETIC gold is gold!
Belongs in the Trash (9 months ago)
May be the reason why Im bad at attack (excluding point control). I need to get another main. Soldier 76, dva, reaper, Pharah, and junkrat are my candidates.
Dis guy (9 months ago)
Bastion is a bastion unit Thought he was a pizza delivery bot
Connor Creighton (1 month ago)
nah hes the ai for a self driving car
Spiderome Ya Boi (9 months ago)
Spray or skin ????
Joshua Tunis (10 months ago)
5:50 You should have mentioned that Bastion displays a heart symbol next to Ganymede.
XXMeme_LordXX (10 months ago)
Fun fact Ganymede is actually the name of a moon of Jupiter with water
Poplar Dopler (10 months ago)
The thing about Reinhardt is not true as of blizzcon2017
Charlie Todd (10 months ago)
0:03 more like ultimate troll
gamer? (10 months ago)
Bastion is awsome my nick name for him is sebastion
Gage Edwards (11 months ago)
IM A BASTION MAIN I LOVE HIM HES MINE 1part BIG DADDY 2 parts cuddly robot like walle iron giant R2-D2 3parts OPTIMISM PRIME/TEMERNATOR
Jif (11 months ago)
LiteraLly the only character I use, ever
Thomas Brisco (11 months ago)
I like playing as Bastion
Thunder Struck Gaming (11 months ago)
lovable character, bitch mechanically.
ChenGGez (11 months ago)
Wow, already wrong just 25 seconds in. Bastions were created before the Omnic Crisis by humans for peacekeeping purposes.
Quintrinax (11 months ago)
octumusblob scp reader (11 months ago)
Thailan Robinson (11 months ago)
Moxness sounds like blitzwinger
The only thing cuter than bastion, is Ganymede.
Shirkable (1 year ago)
Anyone else think the noise Bastion makes when he heals is the song when you heal your Pokemon?
Beamer490 (1 year ago)
The "last bastion" short is basically a shortened version of the iron giant.
Flame Phoneix (1 year ago)
I am a Morse code pro person and he said female so yeah I am a Morse code
SSslothgorilla (1 year ago)
i main bastion and everybody hates me
Samuro 12345 (1 year ago)
Bastion an attack helicopter
DJ Smartboy (1 year ago)
bastion like orisa😋😌😏😚
Noah Waterman (1 year ago)
Beep beep Boop beep
Maid of Heart (1 year ago)
what if Bastion is non-binary?
Wolfie (1 year ago)
that was me playing as him with that skin on no limits
Wolfie (1 year ago)
null sector is my first skin, and my fav :) *fun fact about the skin it is the only one that changes the color from blue to red on the cube in his turret mode*
Ethan (1 year ago)
Arrow 9001 (1 year ago)
Hate mei love Baston. Stop comparing them
Abymoosh (1 year ago)
I translated Bastion's answer "I identify as a Robot" like if you got that joke
Emil Taftö (1 year ago)
you missed that if a bastion and a orisa meats orisa can say something like "its rare to see a bastion unit thats in such good operational system"
Nore Mu (1 year ago)
my name is sebastian
Kcrash (1 year ago)
I thought the bastions were created to defend the humans but had a flaw that made them easily hackable, not that they were made to fight humans
Cancer Mancer (1 year ago)
Ha. I knew all of these.
TNumber 0 (1 year ago)
*5:13* Ganymede's wearing a monacle!
Dame P (1 year ago)
Me:<Show a strange device>That my Beep-A-Boop Translator! That should do the job! <Put on Bastion the Beep-A-Boop Translator> So,Bastion,whats your gender? Bastion:<Using the Beep-A-Boop Translator> I... Dont...know? I think im a male... Yes, a male!
Eren Öğücü (1 year ago)
25 He is a total badass
Hayden Jones (1 year ago)
Did you know even robots cannot change their genders
Little big Smoke (1 year ago)
Bastion can be trans omnic
One soviet boi (1 year ago)
bastion gender is beep boop beep
Nicholas Lemmon (1 year ago)
The null sector skin is actually an epic
HetSchaap (1 year ago)
bastion means Strong hold in dutch
Devon Kim (1 year ago)
i always though of Bastion as Walle
Threepump Flores (1 year ago)
Um what the fuck happened to tgn
The Tzar (1 year ago)
Oh man I couldn't tell that Bastion was a Bastion unit
Ģøňçāš 567 (1 year ago)
where my bastion mains at?
Why the fuck am i still subscribed to you? This channel is now full of Overwatch and nobody asked for fucking overwatch content ever
Yash Upadyay (1 year ago)
yep mei is a troller bastion is a memer(he will always get play of the game) they will be perfect friends
The null sector skin is a epic not legendary skin 😐
null sector skin is epic
Potato (1 year ago)
Fact 25: Moxness can't play Bastion
Sergio Xisto (1 year ago)
"Overwatch is a game that favours balance above all else" haha, good one
RobotNinja (1 year ago)
did you just say Bastion's uprising skin us a legendary skin?!
DJ ST4RF1RE (1 year ago)
Beep boop, mother f**ker.
Freakzy (1 year ago)
Bastion is a Bastion. NAILED IT!
Dynkie (1 year ago)
BULLSHIT! Null sector skin isn't fuckin legendary you baffoon
Jelte Rijksen (1 year ago)
Ik ben ook Nederlands moxness
Yea, Bastion's Null Sector skin is not legendary. I know, i have it.
Av Playz (1 year ago)
If you've seen Wall-e Mei robot is in there kinda
Plz Help (1 year ago)
I think the spray giant is supposed to represent the giant bastions in the background of the Eichenwalde animation.
Joel Wellman (1 year ago)
melody (1 year ago)
#1: No one in bronze knows how to deal with him and Genjis never focus him
QuadRaptor (1 year ago)
I'm actually really surprised that you didn't mention that Bastion originally had a miniature Reinhardt shield while in turret mode
scarlett bury (1 year ago)
Bastion is a microwave confirmed
Mr. Piggly (1 year ago)
Fact one , you don't say
EnderDracon (1 year ago)

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