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Best of Game of Thrones - Most Badass Scenes Compilation

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Text Comments (1351)
jacen masters (2 hours ago)
So that what won peter dinklage his emmy
Phoebe (3 hours ago)
The scene of Tyrion's trial got me every time. Such a great performance. You can feel that he really had to go through a lot of hard times because of his height.
Ian Skrivarnik (7 hours ago)
almost 20 minutes of "Badass scenes" and no Hound scenes ???
Ian Skrivarnik (8 hours ago)
Daenarys Targeryan, breaker of chains. *fries the fucking shit out of any one who doesn't want to fight for her, die for her and serve her* yiikes
slaskel (9 hours ago)
Wildfire scene at Blackwater Bay is the best scene in the entire series.
Josh Sumner (12 hours ago)
Only thing that couldve made it better if you kept playing the last scene
Q man (14 hours ago)
"oh wow the king in the North avenged the red wedding" "No his little sister did" Just Stark things....
Shakester71 (1 day ago)
The most badass scene is the Battle of the Bastards Jon watches Rickon die right before his eyes. He charges the Bolton army by himself and an arrow ends up in his horse throwing him to the ground. The next scene is what gives me goosebumps every time I watch it. He stands up and draws Longclaw. Him, standing there alone, waiting for an army as it charges him is the most iconic screen shot of the series and it lets you know exactly what Jon Snow is about.
That mask part was such bullshit, it's literally the same thing from the Mission Impossible movies. Exact same voice too? Lol.... that's some lazy writing.
Litazz81 (1 day ago)
Game of Thrones is just simply one BADASS of a show!!!!!
Karanam bujji babu (1 day ago)
The north remembers
Deepshikha 139 (1 day ago)
What is the name of the soundtrack played in the end
abraham limarga (1 day ago)
jaime lannister seems more practical in the last season.. hope he choose he right way
Woman are more badass than men in Game of Throne.
Carlos Londoño (1 day ago)
Power is power. I love her!!😍😍😍
thats great cinema
Pult ulf (2 days ago)
does anyone else see, that trial by combat maks no sense at all? I mean: If you are a good fighter, you can just murder who ever you want and get away with it.
mram3610 (2 days ago)
I hate the way Jorah looks at Dany...fkn perv. Lol
Zachary Lewis (2 days ago)
this is just bad
SwiftLilEagle (2 days ago)
This is a great video, but dear god these subtitles are timed grossly badly
A poro with mustache (3 days ago)
The video is great but cmon man...No oberyn when he see guys singing rains of castemere...no cersei burning the temple...AND NO SANDOR CLEGANE LIKE WTF...He's most badass character in all the series
Metal Head (3 days ago)
Awesome Zee (3 days ago)
"We can hold them off" Sees dragon. Shits self. 💀😎
Rahma Hagoog (3 days ago)
"we can hold them off" YES SURE U CAN
How could Arya Stark talked like that old man
rajat rana (3 days ago)
north remember who stand with house stark
The Gaming Freak 15 (3 days ago)
I'm sorry but when the midget gets mad u cant take him serious like at all
Ruben de León (3 days ago)
This show has plenty of stupid character diyng for being too stupid... But 6:25 men... just knowing to walk away when you can't possibly win is a victory..., not even mention to threat f#€#@ Khal Drogo 😂😂😂
quraitul ain (4 days ago)
Badass arya..... Love u....
Mia laura (4 days ago)
Last one is my all time favourite!! (The whole scene) But there is one thing missing for me. When Sansa turns on Little Finger and Arya kills him!
Roger De Freese (4 days ago)
Your missing something. No Stannis? No Hound?
Promis Christodoulou (5 days ago)
I cannot believe how good a series this really is. Watched it 3 times so far on the box set and intend to watch it again before the next series. Loving all the characters especially the dwarf played by Peter dinklige.
pastinak (5 days ago)
delay on those subtitles
MEXEROS X (5 days ago)
Most baddas scene is when Night King with very ease one shot and kill Viserion like some pigeon lol.
Nikhil Joseph (5 days ago)
Alexandria KING (5 days ago)
Rosa Zurita (5 days ago)
Rosa Zurita (5 days ago)
Kiero musica
bustermk2 (5 days ago)
I guess you can't include every badass scene ... but I would have had something from the red wedding, Hardhome, the wildfire scene at the sept, Oberyn vs the Mountain, Jons death, the death of Ramsy. Actually, you could have easily made an hour or more of highlights and still not even have scratched the surface.
MCP/ChronicBuzz (6 days ago)
"We can hold them o..." (drogon screeching) "I really should go back to Kings Landing" :D
truthfulkarl (6 days ago)
the only thing i wish they kept from the books is daenarys taking that whip and whipping one of the masters across the face
squizill (6 days ago)
Wtf, no hound scene???
Xdray Gul (6 days ago)
You dont deserve these hits, you fucking cunt.
George F (6 days ago)
Anyone else notice how many important moments in the show are neglected then referred to as if I should remember something I've never seen? Rewind to find but to find those who made the show believe we are stupid and blind
Richard N (6 days ago)
What about when Hodor is holding the door 😥
Peter Mathys (6 days ago)
@15:40 Mission: Impossible?...lol
Daniel Gyllenbreider (6 days ago)
So sad that this series is ruined by unnecessary studies of, and constant talk about, genitalia and various bodily fluids. There is this thing called internet now, where you in a few seconds can satisfy any of your sexual deviances (and love for feces and piss) for free. There is no longer any need to force it into mainstream TV-shows every other minute. Too bad.
Bishop (6 days ago)
16:30 🔥🔥🔥
MrSuperrajab (6 days ago)
tha fucks a lomy?? no?
Rumi Eskobar (7 days ago)
I love Game of thrones ❤❤
kingscrusherfan (7 days ago)
Pretty sure every prisoner sentenced to die would demand a trial by combat. Its such a silly thing.
Jimmy Dean Bowl (6 days ago)
You demand trial by combat before being sentenced, hence the word "trial"
Dave Mire (7 days ago)
The possessed dragon decimating The Wall.
Patra P (7 days ago)
Tyrion lannister, the best character ever created.....
clemopcl (8 days ago)
Last one is just awesome phenomenal dragon battle, but there is no one being a badass there. Actually I expected, after seeing thumbnail with Jaime, that there will be the scene where he slaps Walder Rivers. That WAS one of the most badass moves.
Jay Owens (8 days ago)
Jaime:I’m not abandoning my army! Drogon: (burns 20 men to death) Jaime:Kings landing you say?
jayant keer (8 days ago)
I miss got
michael (9 days ago)
The Dragon for army trade is probably my favorite scene from all of GoT. The karma, the irony, and the really warranted comeuppance makes it the best of the bad(ass) in my mind.
ღNymfiaღ (9 days ago)
qeustion, why do people put english subtitles on english speakers? also they are crazy out of time.
Will R (9 days ago)
I don’t understand why all the men at the end didn’t run away after Drogon killed a bunch of them. By then it was obvious they had no chance of winning
Giorgi Mikeladze (9 days ago)
First scene is not badass at all, it shows Cersei's stupidity
Joe Schmoe (9 days ago)
Cersei is always on the rag.
David Mauney (10 days ago)
Game of thrones is just stupid shit I thought up as a teenager but was too embarrassed to write down on paper. Because everybody would know how dum I was. I leave the b out of the word dum because why? It's stupid.
Kunal Sharma (10 days ago)
Leng man (10 days ago)
nothing about daenerys is badass
Enrico Rocha (10 days ago)
why did'nt I see anyone talking about Hardhome?
Waqas Hasan (10 days ago)
Stjepan Kozina (11 days ago)
except Tyrion, all badass scenes are done by women! So feministic!
Amelia Ami (11 days ago)
13:55 Which episode and seson it was in? Please for answer.😰
Polina Tregubenko (11 days ago)
It's better to watch on original
Uzumaki NARUTO (11 days ago)
13:55 what is the mean of badass
S & T (11 days ago)
Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hwE_avtmXg
XanthraX (11 days ago)
We can hold them off... John cena meme : Are you sure about that... Also arya killing those people literally gave me chills.... I couldn't stop giggling...
AGARAXIS (11 days ago)
Jamie: "we can hold them off" Danerys: "bitch what you say?"
Fallen Avabel (11 days ago)
My dick gets hard everytime she says "Dracarys"
Lundy Lighit (11 days ago)
Thanks for the subtitle ❤️
Aman deep (11 days ago)
Arya stark is the queen of badaas!!
Allen Wolf (11 days ago)
Knight Owl (11 days ago)
You must have added the Scene when Littlefinger was sentenced to death.
magpiedaft (12 days ago)
great acting , great plots n twists but for me the dragons steal every scene they in
The PAW (12 days ago)
I like the close caption on the solider when dragon shows up    "(pants)"   Meaning he just shit them... lol
Leroy Creemers (12 days ago)
bored after 2,5 min
Sana Rahman (12 days ago)
I love Arya 😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘hit like if u want her to kill Cersi.
Chris Cueva (12 days ago)
Show sucks. It was so good in the beginning
emeraldeyes55 (13 days ago)
Jon blocking the white Walker at hardhome?!? Where is that?
Laura Kane (13 days ago)
Ugh How I miss Oberon.
charlie bonifer (13 days ago)
Anything with the hound is badass
Sohail Prince (14 days ago)
Tyrion take a bow
xJLM (14 days ago)
"He was no dragon. Fire cannot kill a dragon" Lady that was gold
Most badass scenes and there's no Lyana in it wow.
林育閎 (14 days ago)
Tyrion You're the man
pohmakas33 (14 days ago)
“He was no dragon, fire cant kill a dragon” Fire didnt kill him, pouring melted gold on his head killed him
pohmakas33 (14 days ago)
The unsullied sucked dick in the 7th season..why would you have a lance in close combat situation ?
Job (14 days ago)
one thing i would say about these subtitles is... almost
Zlatan9 (14 days ago)
hound must be more than a badass then...
Happy Human (14 days ago)
I remember when Jaime told Cersei that “it wasn’t a war for the Dolthraki, they were killing us for sport” Lmaooo
Tim Howson (15 days ago)
Where can I get this version of the GOT theme? Love the crisp, clean lines of it. Is it available for the entire theme song?
Latviska LTP (15 days ago)
God I love Jason
Latviska LTP (15 days ago)
This was accurate in every way .... Its amazing perfect....
JustSomeLeo (15 days ago)
Knowledge is not power. It is what you do with that knowledge that it can become into power, like Cersei did.
Zoe C (15 days ago)
LOL that first "badass" scene with Cersei is what facilitated the death of Joffrey. Arrogant idiot vs obsequious backstabber.
afzal hussain (15 days ago)
Tyrion lannister heart touching acting and dialogue delivery all time best badass scene, I wish to confess...!

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