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Best of Game of Thrones - Most Badass Scenes Compilation

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Text Comments (2293)
aayush (3 hours ago)
All last scenes ..I suppose..😂
Chevy Woods (16 hours ago)
Dany is such a dumb cunt
Dan Gish (1 day ago)
Winter came for House Frey
Eric Lannister (1 day ago)
Fucking Jaime Lannister💛🦁🔥
Eric Lannister (1 day ago)
Jaime Rules💛🦁👊🔜🔥 #HereMeRoar
Кто тут британский учит?
Sud (1 day ago)
so epic
Matti2609 (1 day ago)
Kodizar (2 days ago)
and that's it??? I've never watch that and I'll never will
John Raven (2 days ago)
Where's the "Are you refusing to obey my order?" scene. That was one of the most bad ass scene ever!
hellomrpostman (2 days ago)
The outro transition was more jarring then that dude getting his face melted
Mister Skarred (2 days ago)
Needs more Bron
Jovan Petrovic (2 days ago)
2:49 Dennerys said:slay everyone who holds A whip,while she is herself holding it
Putri (2 days ago)
The first one is not
Official Mac J (2 days ago)
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Bruno Barreto (2 days ago)
I know she's the rightful last heir of the Targaryen and all, but that "fire cannot kill a dragon" is wrong... he didn't die by fire.. He died by having molten gold spilled on his head, and probably dying from shock right after... so, I call wrong here xD
Franco Bino (2 days ago)
Dotraki's gold melt like butter...chinese quality!
Grande1124 (2 days ago)
Lena Heady is the most underated actor on the show.
777hubbahubba (3 days ago)
"Power is power"
Jen Horne (3 days ago)
That was awesome but I can think of a ton more awesome badass scenes that wasn't here,sure hope you are making a part two!
ShadeyBladey (3 days ago)
08:09 And we all know that gold melts that fast in a soup pot over a camp fire. >:8o
Michael Andersen (3 days ago)
Peter Dinklage is the most badass dude in all of GoT
darkest lord (4 days ago)
hay hay is there any full music of the end music that has been played in the end
Sandip Adhikari (4 days ago)
One of the best badass scene is Aarya sterk taking revenge by poisoning all the betrayer through seven faces of god😘😍 it gave me goosebumps when i first saw this scene
Jeff Musyoka (4 days ago)
Power is power
Karan Karwar (4 days ago)
bexs likesplums (4 days ago)
I really like this...make part two and more....
Oberyn: I will be your champion. DEFINITELY top 5 badass moments
Manny P (4 days ago)
“Power is power”!!!!
Booradely4687 (4 days ago)
Trial by combat, booooooooom
taha ali (4 days ago)
14:48 her face when she realised it can't be walder frey
taha ali (4 days ago)
2:04 missande's face when she realized daenerys can speak vailerian
Ratcone (1 day ago)
Even better, 2:41 when she realizes just how fucked the masters are. ;)
S Boy (5 days ago)
I think I’m that last scene she should of just flew horizontally that way she could of just fired up every soldier in that first row which was just about everybody. That would of ended everything real fast and she would of saved many of men’s lives, kilt Jamie Lannister to, but it’s a drama right
One minute into and got sooooo boring
Sam Burns (5 days ago)
You missed so many - particularly beyond the wall + blackwater bay.
Gamers Hand (5 days ago)
K rawwwd (5 days ago)
Badass moment? Did you mean every episode?
Brandon Cruise (5 days ago)
Never did care for the show, it gets too carried away with needless nudity/sex, but the dragon scenes are pretty interesting to watch. Their ferocity reminds me of the awesome movie Reign of Fire.
Rebecca Duncan (5 days ago)
"only a fool would meet the Dothraki in an open field" Jaime: hold my wine
Matoaios (5 days ago)
2:42 Missandei: "Lmao you fucked nigga"
Zachary Robinson (5 days ago)
Ngl I got an erection
Andrew Randenburg (5 days ago)
Damn now I have to watch it all again
MadHatter1337 (5 days ago)
Where’s the acoustic guitar song link? I must have it
Eloy Gonzalez (6 days ago)
Good choices
Anuradha Outside (6 days ago)
trail is the best
Pskylark (6 days ago)
"Yes! Cheer! Brave men, all of you! Butchered a woman, pregnant with her babe. Cut the throat of a mother of five. Slaughtered your guests after inviting them into your home." *Room gets quiet.*
smelly knee grow (6 days ago)
can you turn off them shitty fucking captions
Hunter Elgren (6 days ago)
Where is Sansa locking Ramsey in the dog cage, Bronn shooting the arrow to blow up the wildfire, Jon hanging the traitors and walking away like "my watch is ended", or literally everything ever said by Lyanna Mormont?
John Dhil De Sagun (7 days ago)
Tyrion lashing out is the best. Fucking badass. Emotional yet so powerful. Repeated it like 20 times when I first saw it
DJD 87 (7 days ago)
Jaime:"We can hold them off" Dragon: "Hold my beer" Lmao!!!
Gustavo Adolfo (7 days ago)
The battle of the Bastards was the greatest one! I just couldn't breath!
Nitros64 (7 days ago)
Sleep well
Archon 441 (7 days ago)
Should have included the wall coming down.
Jason Tiscione (8 days ago)
Zaldrīzes buzdari iksos daor! sīr ȳdra daor lioragon zirȳ, aspo!
AB Munso (8 days ago)
hmm after watching that bolton scene again, its interesting how people praise sansa for saving jon etc.. but in reality it was sansa that guaranteed battle by threatening and storming off. so she SHOULD have some way of repaying that.
AB Munso (8 days ago)
ahh i really wish littlefinger could of killed that bitch.
Victoria Hula (8 days ago)
2:40 When my girl spoke back to that little ass hole, I was like “YOU GET EM! KNOCK THIS BITCH OUT!”
SK1LL2R10 (8 days ago)
Ehh. Is this 18+? Bc I always thought everyone could see it
Adnan Ahmad (8 days ago)
The whole series is badass
kevin charles (8 days ago)
I loved how cersei tortured the one who killed her child
Tae Kwando (9 days ago)
Ahhh Viserys with his crazy ass..
Mr Moose (9 days ago)
The last subtitle "Screaming Continues" is a pretty apt description of this entire series.
Tom Houk (9 days ago)
I would have liked to have seen the Mountain mocking Obyryn Martell and then squashing his head as well as the hound deciding how many chickens he will be eating.
el che (9 days ago)
Miguel Rios (9 days ago)
Rebecca Savage (9 days ago)
Joseph Proctor (9 days ago)
Nathan Lin (10 days ago)
Taylor Moran (10 days ago)
James Moyer (10 days ago)
David Ginsberg (10 days ago)
I just never really understood the series. Why didn't Frodo just fly to Hogwarts?
Seth Wallace (10 days ago)
Owen Potter (10 days ago)
Blake Pierce (10 days ago)
Ashley Klein (10 days ago)
Sharivari (10 days ago)
I am getting goosebumps when watching these scenes.
Lurkens Kanal (10 days ago)
why the fuck is there hardcoded subtitles in english when they speak english? idiot.
MOBO- dj (10 days ago)
Bend the knee Ben the knee Ben th knee... Bend Dany lol such a John snow thing
PizzaMakerR (11 days ago)
Olenna Tyrell everytime she speaks
YVETTE HEALIS (11 days ago)
Look here Hackers stole a new game of thrones season from HBO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kYd9vmgeYM&t=2s
Raghav Pai (11 days ago)
Tyrion's Court Room Scene is the most badass of all..
Martin Aslaksen (11 days ago)
that last scene is cool and all, but when she says "dracarys" I cringe everytime, something about it is just...off
John William (11 days ago)
second scene way better than the first,when Darnerys became a true badass
derlamba (12 days ago)
Wow this is rly shit
Kate Haha (12 days ago)
dissapointed that you didnt put when cersei blew up the sept of Baelor
a gray (12 days ago)
Arya Stark is such a fucken BAD ASS
Eli S (12 days ago)
Turn on CC for translation. Heh
Francis Ballad (13 days ago)
After watching Tyrion's courtroom scene, sitting here like, "yeah I'm watching this over again" 😎
Gunslinger67 (13 days ago)
No wildfire at the sept or Blackwater bay ? No Hound or Mountain ? No Cane Corsos eating Ramsey's face ? No rescue of Dany at the fighting pit ? . . . . . * S I G H *
Bruce Benderman (14 days ago)
Grey Worms finest moment when cut their throats
Mako Xi (14 days ago)
If you're going to have subtitles, they should line up with the scene. Kind of ruins the mood otherwise
larsmonsen88 (14 days ago)
the most overrated show on earth.
SubHek (14 days ago)
Drill Sergent Cersei
Eloi Pujol Ribalta (14 days ago)
Hundreds will die ! - Thousands ! Come with me and take this city !!!!
Daddy Jamy (14 days ago)
The second scene is my favorite. Daenerys 💕💕💕
Nomad without freedom (15 days ago)
“We can hold them off”.......Then Big ass Dragon appears😱😬☠️
wildcardNPC (15 days ago)
Peter Dinklage is a national treasure. What a talented man, holy shit.
Maria (15 days ago)
Power is power!
dmkappa62 (15 days ago)
I always thought Tyrion should have chose Jamie as his champion. That would have made it impossible for Tywin to let it continue. Would have been interesting, but the vipers death was spectacular
Naruto Uzumaki (15 days ago)
*"fuck the king"*

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