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C++ as a Java Developer (New Series)

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Text Comments (29)
c l (1 month ago)
HEY!! Is this the only video for this series? :( :(
Matthew Kemp (1 year ago)
Hey, what IDE are you using there?
Wail 94 (2 years ago)
Can i have your Skype ?
Fabian (2 years ago)
Very interesting nice video:) But i have one question, i've installed myself clion (no experience with programming yet) and i have huge issues with cmake... What do i have to do or how do i have to install it?
Death Cry (2 years ago)
Hope you will teach us making and using multi dimensional arrays, which are completely different from way they are handled in java
antflga (2 years ago)
Just a few things I'd note here. You say in the beginning that C++ is an superset of C, and while this is true in some ways, it used to be more of a truth. At this point, the languages are entirely diverged and exist separately, with C++ generally moving farther and farther away from the C tree that it came from. Aside from this, I urge you to talk of the importance of actually doing things like "std::cout" rather than just using "using namespace std;". Other than this, great video, keep up the good work.
antflga (2 years ago)
+SgtCaze Keep up the good work, Java has its place but there is no doubt in my mind that C++ is more/less superior in most ways (Still doesn't change that Java's my favorite, but..).
SgtCaze (2 years ago)
+antflga72 Thanks for the input! Yeah I plan on going indepth about the C++ language and how it differs from C. When I worked on C and C++ a few years ago I had a very classical teacher. Dude was intense about the 'roots'. I'll take this into consideration for sure.
pi (2 years ago)
Please, more videos 😊 I like this new series.
Add face came plz we need face #sgtcazeface
Harrys Gaming (2 years ago)
At 7:35 you called a prototype a protocol :p
SgtCaze (2 years ago)
+Harrys Gaming Too much Objective-C for me (where we use protocol when we declare methods).
naturboyTV (2 years ago)
nice ! I want more pls
WesJD (2 years ago)
Great start. Understood everything and I'm happy to say I've learned something today. Although I don't watch your Java videos, I am excited for this series.
CodingDonkey (2 years ago)
Also, another thing to note is that the #import statement literally takes the library/file and puts the contents of it in the file. It's useful to know due to having duplicate names for stuff (but that will rarely be a problem because of namespaces).
Yorizuka (2 years ago)
please make more!
SgtCaze (2 years ago)
Thanks for checking out today's video, everyone. Today I wanted to talk about C++ from a Java developer's point of view. I mixed in some C and Java terms to convey the similarities and differences. My goal is to demonstrate you can ALL learn C++ very easily (and other similar languages for that matter). I will mention C terminology in-depth and how this relates to Java. Thanks for watching :D
Davidkiller (2 years ago)
Sgtcaze can you create a splegg plugin with kits , powerup and scoreboard? You are the best and your plugin, zombie escape is on my server Skype: davidkiller211 I'am italian
Jack Gaming (2 years ago)
wait wut 2 numbers "a and b" da fuk c++ is some mad shit bro
Jack Gaming (2 years ago)
+SgtCaze ikr :p but yeah i want to learn this dark magic called c++ with u so yeah JUST SO IT
SgtCaze (2 years ago)
+Jack PT Machinima This makes me want to make a video "Things Programmers Say". We tend to say stuff that makes sense as a programmer, but is like weird in other contexts.
Jack Gaming (2 years ago)
show ur self
Jack Gaming (2 years ago)
+Nightdaw yeah u mey be right
David Rittberg (2 years ago)
+Jack PT Machinima We wouldn't be able to handle the sexiness
iArhlex (2 years ago)
Nice video.Keep it up.
SgtCaze (2 years ago)
+Adrián - Arhlex Thank you for the support :D
Shortninja66 (2 years ago)
Very interesting idea for aiming at the Java programmer side of the community. However, the way you speak about C++ sort of ignores how C# is also a great language for games. C# is also a breeze to transfer to from Java, so what would you say makes C++ more preferable for game development? Thanks in advance.
Ray (2 years ago)
+Shortninja66 Totally agree with you.
Shortninja66 (2 years ago)
+SgtCaze Thanks mate. I think it would be totally awesome if you made a video that brushed on the advantages of the top programming languages today, because I find that I tend to have too many misconceptions about some of them. I'm sure other people will feel the same.
SgtCaze (2 years ago)
+Shortninja66 Great question. I actually had multiple recording attempts where I emphasized C# for Unity game development. The main reason I emphasized C++ as a good general purpose language over C# is because C++ is the focal point of this video. When I spoke of C++ as being the preferred language of the professional, I should have clarified. I mean to say the C language is preferred (of which C++, C# are included etc). I will have a more indepth video soon about various popular programming languages very soon. Thanks for taking notice.

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