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GTA IV 100% savegame - Install tutorial (new)

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▶ Links ▪ Savegame: http://download787.mediafire.com/i7jds80trk4g/1p9bi1su2qtlf9k/GTAIVsavegame.rar ▪ Steam guide: http://goo.gl/5FCnoe ▶ Music ▪ Blu (Original Mix) - MitiS & MaHi (had to remove coz of copyright) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-ldldyT0Uk
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Text Comments (92)
pkj77 (6 months ago)
befor my PC broke down i had GTA IV and ELCS installed with 100% savegam now i cant make it work i installed both games did like i did befor it doesn´t work
SuperLenny1975 (1 year ago)
Do i delete controlmap
LordOf Sarqin (1 year ago)
Maritime Law (1 year ago)
I have steam but i figured it out. A couple things are in different places. Thanks.
Alan Isac (1 year ago)
i have the steam 1 as well how u do it
AD TheYouTuber (2 years ago)
How to show armor and get a pair of gloves?
Vinicius Sousa (2 years ago)
Thank you man, Made in Brazil ^^
Mike Resus (2 years ago)
I downloaded this and the only thing I noticed is that the camera is so close to Nicko. Is there a way to fix that?
Morphy (1 year ago)
press v
Vinci (2 years ago)
z'CmegaC (2 years ago)
i dont have folder save game.. :(
TechnoLegit (1 year ago)
C:\Users\......\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames
Legitimate! Go ahead!
KHRN Star (2 years ago)
will it work on cracked ?
KHRN Star (2 years ago)
so my brother gonna be happy.......
Kousieee (2 years ago)
Can You Make For Gta 4 Episode From Liberty City Please =DDDDDDDDDD
TheFriXionB (2 years ago)
Worked but the camera of niko is fucked up, instead of the angle being at least 5 cm away its way too close, i can only see his back and head
Ey* G0D (2 years ago)
+TheFriXionB Drunk mode. Start gta with the Launchergtaiv.exe file
Panji Anugrah (2 years ago)
Thank you fery muck
x DARCK x (2 years ago)
bro i no have folder savegames pls help :(
networkk (2 years ago)
Have you actually SAVED the game? You can't have the folder if you don't have a save game. And I'm on steam and I just go to Libraries > Documents > Rockstar Games > GTA IV > savegames
Borealis (2 years ago)
+x DARCK x Its because you are on Steam (Just a guess) i have same problem.
xXxGamesTearxXx (3 years ago)
it works thanks man
Vlady Boy (3 years ago)
Thank you!
Mr Inji (3 years ago)
Why my GTA 4 crash after load? And it say ^load failed starting new game^ pls help me!
JAF (3 years ago)
The link is broken to the savegame :(
Tarık Şenyurt (3 years ago)
Tony Montana (3 years ago)
thanks you
Noir Lime (3 years ago)
yayaya it worked perfectly
ZEDVEN 100 (3 years ago)
+cocacolaPRO minecraft Good one lol
Noir Lime (3 years ago)
+Negative xD
Noir Lime (3 years ago)
why isnt your username named positive cuz ur doing positive stuff
Thaks Man! İs ''Story Compete'' %100 Work.
Sam Johnson (3 years ago)
Subscribed, and what song is this?
Sam Johnson (3 years ago)
Never mind, I checked the description lmao.
MrCaLiFoRniiA (3 years ago)
GTA IV crashed!
MrCaLiFoRniiA (3 years ago)
Yeah , i´m trying to reinstall it and copy-paste it again...
Oyun Manyağı (3 years ago)
New Link:) = http://www.mediafire.com/download/1p9bi1su2qtlf9k/GTAIVsavegame.rar
VursClan( Closed) (3 years ago)
+Negative nope didnt work for me :( I tiried adding my own savegame file because there wasnt one there when I checked and now nothing has happend
NoSound (3 years ago)
i doesent have a savegame folder :( Sorry for my bad english im german
thatBrownguyis (3 years ago)
it says load failed check harddrive....
BettePoul (3 years ago)
Ty it worked :)
D. Petrov (3 years ago)
Thank you!
ZweGGy (3 years ago)
Linkas neveik
ZweGGy (3 years ago)
+Negative savegame :D ben jau nereik
Go Play (3 years ago)
It Works Thanks!
bjorn Boedhai (3 years ago)
i have not a savegame folder
speak spanish :D
H10hunter (3 years ago)
Pala, tu lietuvis??? SWEIKAS!
Alex (3 years ago)
Thank man
Boris Tapic (3 years ago)
Heey bro,i have a problem with camera she is so retarded and the cars go alone i don't push W.. Please help me  P.S thank's for savegame :)
Thot Slayer (3 years ago)
When i try to go take the save,It doesn't show up.I Did everything step by step but still not working(I'm on steam)
Thot Slayer (3 years ago)
Thank you.Worked
Bocaj Issor (3 years ago)
Can you please make a video for Steam users? WE have no "savegames" folder in the Rockstar folder.
James Norman (3 years ago)
+Negative Thanks, it worked! I've downloaded a few mods to make it even more fun. Anyways, thanks for the help! 
James Norman (3 years ago)
+Negative We're still waiting ._. 
Connor Olivier (3 years ago)
can u plz help i cannot fund savegames
Connor Olivier (3 years ago)
ok but now my gta won't even open
Connor Olivier (3 years ago)
what? ya but what does url do i do not want to go on it yet is it safe?
Connor Olivier (3 years ago)
? what dta do?
Sam Davey (3 years ago)
doesnt work ive tried everything 
Sam Davey (3 years ago)
i dont get what you mean by delete both files and replace with one
Sam Davey (3 years ago)
Yubs Santos (3 years ago)
thanks dude... 100% working... i have back ups like renewing missions, if i paste those old saves it will be ruined?
Frederick Sweetenhue (4 years ago)
Hey guys if you start up and it doesn't show your character, just restart the game. That's what happened for me and it works. Thanks :D
Jaxolotl (4 years ago)
it didn't work.. 
LB Gaming Serbia (4 years ago)
It works!!! I didnt do like you. I just remove my savegame and put your savegame and just play the game.
Tsuna CC (4 years ago)
TY ^_^
Daniel (4 years ago)
Mine says Load failed. Please check your hard drive.
Marx (4 years ago)
It worked but the quality in game is all pixelated and shit and from far away you cant see shit why is thath? WTF???
Strawberrei Miu (4 years ago)
+Kamikazee Me too, it's mod problem.. I downloaded a mod it got all pixelated shit.
Marx (4 years ago)
+Kamikazee Im not lying i can fucking get on skype with you and show you!
Marx (4 years ago)
+Kamikazee No! Its not my problem cos i played gta 4 all the time but when i installed your savegame file everything is pixelated quality
KJCosmin (4 years ago)
GG, it worked :D
Dakota Elmore (4 years ago)
Omg it worked perfectly thanks bro like and subb
Faris Aiman Iskandar (4 years ago)
no savegame file
Redx616 (4 years ago)
+Kamikazee there is just the 100% savegame there you gibit
+UzDusK1T I dont have the gta iv savegame file
Alex Seaton (4 years ago)
i throught wtf at first as went into rockstar and found shit there but into savegames make that folder then copy the file and rename xx to 02
Shark (4 years ago)
What is the xlive,ddl file for?
Shark (4 years ago)
It says 'Load fail. Please check your hard drive.' Help please.
Hocus Focus (4 years ago)
I've tried for the fourth fuckin time
Hocus Focus (4 years ago)
Doesnt work
Samuel Kudlac (4 years ago)
great 2nd part worked after several tries ... thank a lot :)
Lasse Dahl (4 years ago)
Well, it sorta works. It crashes after like 10 seconds, when in game :( Have you experienced something similar?
CG | Triton (4 years ago)
i have multiple files and it says story complete on them but they all wont load, even on start screen what do i do?
CG | Triton (4 years ago)
it says load failed what do i do?
Filip Manasijevic (4 years ago)
I have user music and video
Filip Manasijevic (4 years ago)
Hey bro i dont have folder Savegame in GtaIV
Tom Siemerink (4 years ago)
but for me it doesnt work whitout xlive and i cant play multiplayer cuz i dont have a phone and the mision were you get the phone doesent work whit misions
BoboButYouCanCallMeTom (4 years ago)
can you do it whitout xliveless

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