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Top 10 Game of Thrones Parodies

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Top 10 Game of Thrones Parodies Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2tVCcUH The Seven Kingdoms just got spoofed! For this list, we're counting down the funniest and most memorable "Game of Thrones" parodies, from TV and the internet. With the likes of Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister all within the satirist's sights, cue the comedy! Check out these other brilliantly British videos from WMUK: Top 10 Game of Thrones Cameos - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpB9_enY9JA Top 10 Harry Potter Parodies - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6alfwQSVn_E Special thanks to our user WordToTheWes for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool: WatchMojo.com/suggest #10. “The Ultimate Game of Thrones Recap” #9. “Game of Chairs” #8. The Game of Thrones Couch Gag #7. The Nerd’s Daydream #6. Throwback to the ‘90s #5. “Black Friday” #4. “The Dragon’s Daughter” #3, #2, #1: ???
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Text Comments (144)
WatchMojoUK (2 months ago)
Jon Snow should go on Come Dine With Me... What would he entertain his guests with? 🤔
Jude Kavanaugh (2 months ago)
Check this one! ^^ GAME OF THRONES: Epic Power Ballad by Michael Bolton
Leslie Sauceman (2 months ago)
WatchMojoUK also Leslie Jones and Seth watch Battle of Bastards was hysterical but maybe that's not parody.
Leslie Sauceman (2 months ago)
WatchMojoUK I loved the dinner party but bad lip reading was the best.
Marcus Gutierrez (2 months ago)
WatchMojoUK The promise of Dragon Glass for white walkers.
Last Baratheon (3 days ago)
Yep, Bad Lip Reading definitely deserves to be number 1.😂
Serdar Sena YETGİN (9 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gqgdyn6wg7E Game of Desks plesase ?
Manoel Galvão (10 days ago)
Previously on OMG's The Whacking Droid: "You snow muffins, John Doe!"
Al Stone (13 days ago)
Smashbits animations, GOT birthday rap, GOT crossover with the hangover
Al Stone (13 days ago)
Smashbits animations was really funny and the GOT birthday rap. Oh and that was the GOT hangover crossover
Jimmy B. (1 month ago)
You forgot about Jon Snowden
QueenCersei85 (1 month ago)
The Melisandre baby shower on Seth Meyers and the Ultimate GoT Birthday Song should have been on this list.
alex thelizardking (1 month ago)
Jenna Saltsman (1 month ago)
Lmao bad lip reading! I love it!
Max Woudenberg (1 month ago)
Where's the Westerosi Rhapsodi parody? :(
Mykal Anderson (1 month ago)
Yes!!! I effin love medieval fun time land. So happy that's number 1
Cody Martin (1 month ago)
I wish Game of Zones made this list!
Hamstel95 (1 month ago)
Why is Winter is Trumping not in the list XD
LagiNaLangAko23 (1 month ago)
Melissandre at a baby shower was way superior than Jon Snow at a dinner party.
LagiNaLangAko23 (1 month ago)
Sesame Street Cersei: I'm telling my brother!
Nishad Kulkarni (1 month ago)
I am an Indian, even I can tell that accent is fake.
NothingToo Spiffy (1 month ago)
Game of zones top 3, calling it
Q bella (1 month ago)
Stranger Things 3 (2019) | Netflix Full Trailer #2 – Season 3 Series Concept https://bit.ly/2KjwhBn
Messiah de jude (1 month ago)
The melody sheep thing was a parody or a tribute?
Carin Centeno (1 month ago)
Wheres samuel l jacksons recap of got it deserved a spot
tripherswitch (1 month ago)
I was thinking as I watched this, if Medieval Land Fun Time World isn't somewhere on this list these people haven't done their homework.
Jake Frost (1 month ago)
Not a bad list, *_Game of Thrones: Libertarian Edition_* would have made a good addition to it. - https://youtu.be/ojubI-sYwho
Artem Bentsionov (1 month ago)
If you speak Russian or Ukrainian, you may enjoy Game of the Obscene, which crosses GoT with Ukrainian politics. I personally burst into laughter at hearing Moskhal’s profanity-laden speech (complete with bleeps), which is dubbed into something completely innocuous. Example: “It’s none of your f-ing concern how I speak.” is translated as “This is an ancient Moskhal tongue”.
Dizzyruptor (1 month ago)
John Snow is lord of house snow? errr that's like...totally wrong dude....
Agent 702 (1 month ago)
Game of Zones!! (If you love basketball)
tulkas 42o (1 month ago)
I can list 20 parodies alot funnier than these. Red nose day was funny as well as funtime world but heeelll nooo!!! Please gimme some dire wolves bro dire wolves
Shawn Hall (1 month ago)
You gotta have the Sam Jackson recap
LittleLadyhawke2 (1 month ago)
I was so hoping that one would have been on here.
Also check out a 5 part spoof created by tv animation director Dominic Polcino! https://youtu.be/H0A3EnO7XxU
ashwin unni (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/efD3nmwF-IM Why is this not on the list??
Andrea Weil (1 month ago)
"Ask Westeros" from notlitterally is still my favourite. All 12 episodes.
Meredith Hagan (1 month ago)
Honorable mentions: -the SNL skit where Kate McKinnon plays Melisandre resurrecting Jon Snow but at a frustrating snail’s pace -the Game of Thrones rap battle starring Taryn Southern -“Gay of Thrones” starring Queer Eye’s Jonathan -The Sodastream commercial with strongest man in the world Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (The Mountain)
Gentlemans Pattaya (1 month ago)
Wow you know they did something similar for red nose uk a few years before right?
Samuel Ocansey (1 month ago)
What about Game of Zones? Best parody out there!!!
Molly Beth Shaffer (1 month ago)
Gay of Thrones should have been on this list, and in the top 3!
Melwyn Sunny (1 month ago)
John snow, Lord of house Snow? 1:02.
Whoever understand French this one is funny too : https://youtu.be/nhM5tqrmM6g
Seandis duss (1 month ago)
What about game of zones!??
Skogsalven B (1 month ago)
Sheiffer Bates prank calls as Jon Snow are hilarious as well. Should have been on the list.
sam samm (2 months ago)
How is Game of Zones not here
Elliot Di Zazzo (9 days ago)
Why isn't "Game of Bones" here O.o
The Real Sane Asylum (1 month ago)
i know right
buddyltd (2 months ago)
Is it sad that I know most of these?
Rikku4u (2 months ago)
Wait, how did you pronounce Daenerys??????
Ch50304 (2 months ago)
this is an amazing list.
KeelSteel 13 (2 months ago)
We’re the hell was Game of Zones that shit is hilarious
Emil Fogh (2 months ago)
SNL's behind the scenes with Peter Dinklage is hillarious!
Emil Fogh (2 months ago)
I also quite liked "Libertarian edition"...
StarKiller 56 (2 months ago)
Really? Jimmy Fallon's Game of Desks wasn't included? That sucks.
Bee Well (2 months ago)
mojo... you made me proud
Xantric500 (2 months ago)
Where's Gay of Thrones
saffie girl (2 months ago)
Bad Lip Reading completely deserved number one, but I was disappointed to not see Louise and Aunt Gayle at Catsteros here. I mean, come on! You got Scott Bakula in that one!
Joachim Sverd (2 months ago)
Your comments ruin the whole lineup. We're all actually smart enough to figure out the humor ourselves.
JacksAdvice (1 month ago)
he had too, it's how you can legally steal other people's work, via commentary or parody. Otherwise it's just stealing.
Onni Lehtonen (2 months ago)
Control propose guard sponsor tackle musical next what pose follow replace hopefully subsequent.
Raul Olivas (2 months ago)
What!?! No love for Game of Zones!?!?
Eduard Ciucălău Groza (2 months ago)
Nerdist - Game of Thrones- Taylor Swift's BLANK SPACE Parody Placeoing - Game of Thrones Remix (Seasons 1 and 2) The key of Awesome - Maroon 5 Payphone PARODY: Game of Thrones! Jimmy Fallon - Game of desks
LaDracul (2 months ago)
3. Ugh, it's that trash rat Michelle Wolf... There was one James Franco made you didn't list where it was also a parody of "Modern Family".
James Montgomery (2 months ago)
Oughtbe (2 months ago)
A list without A Game of Thrones Birthday Rap is an incomplete list indeed
Frédéric J (2 months ago)
Hey, what about the best of them all, the ulimate birthday rap battle : www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3vcReSWDY8
Ivo Tiago (2 months ago)
Melisandre at the babyshower is funnieer then Jon at the dinner.
Marko Helm (2 months ago)
You totally forgot the honest trailers. https://youtu.be/SVaD8rouJn0
Free Brain Surgery (2 months ago)
Game of Zones should be #1 yet it's not mentioned. You fucked up.
margareth michelina (2 months ago)
Wiener Wiener Wiener Wiener Wiener Wiener Wiener Wiener
Xyne Sallador (2 months ago)
WHERE IS THE GAme of zones?
Bravo Kilo (2 months ago)
The Game of Thrones Ultimate Birthday Rap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3vcReSWDY8
**Zenobia** (2 months ago)
The bad lip reading spoof is really juvenile and very unfunny.
JDubs (2 months ago)
Where is Game of Zones?
Moardieb (2 months ago)
So I liked that Melodysheep got some love and it is a great channel, but it's not a parody.
Alex Ander (2 months ago)
you forgot the best one! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cJFjLoiSOc
DarkLadyJade (2 months ago)
I would have included Honest Trailers and Westerosi Rhapsody.
Emil Brants (2 months ago)
I second this. i actually would replace the Musical with Westerosi Rhapsody. The musical I don't call a parody. Just a fun gathering!
Gregor Erickson (2 months ago)
What about Honest Trailers Game of Thrones and Melisandre at the Baby Shower from Seth Meyers
godsandmonsters (2 months ago)
"Are you thinking 'bout Joffrey, such a spirited lad! I was his uncle ... I was also his dad" LADIES AND GENTLEMEN GRAMMY AWARD FOR NIKOLAJ COSTER-WALDAU
Pavol Krajčík (2 months ago)
Melisandre at a Baby Shower ...
Kornelia Echzeller (2 months ago)
The best GOT parody to me is this Donald Trump parody "Winter is Trumping". Pity its not including here; but maybe these guys just wanted to avoid politics :-)
bustermk2 (2 months ago)
How would a kid get a sesame st Game of Thrones parody? What parent would let a young child watch GOT?
Emil Fogh (2 months ago)
All good kids shows should include something for the parents to appreciate. This helps parent's and children's relations grow fonder as they watch something together, unlike parents yawning and wishing they were somewhere else while watching teletubbies.
retnavybrat (2 months ago)
_Sesame Street_ has done quite a few parodies of TV shows and movies that its target age group wouldn't have seen. The child doesn't have to know anything about the TV show / movie being parodied to benefit from the segment. The references to the TV show / movie are more for the entertainment of the child's parent(s).
Karen Von Clezie (2 months ago)
what about gay of thrones???? literally better than any of these!!
13CaptainPrice (2 months ago)
Coldplay’s should be #1
Cody (2 months ago)
game of zones
Maerahn (2 months ago)
YESS!!! Bad Lip Reading at number 1!
Keldarien (2 months ago)
My favorites are the Medieval Fun-Time-World and the School of Thrones webseries.
daneg007 (2 months ago)
nerdist and 3 loco game of thrones rap better be on here.
lovetolovefairytales (2 months ago)
What about School of thrones???
Vlad Safronov (2 months ago)
Game of Bones anyone?? ;)
Nicole Tunis (2 months ago)
Doesn't Honest Trailers count as parody?
Nick Sikes (2 months ago)
I enjoyed the throwback to the 90s one.
katherined (2 months ago)
I like the Samuel L Jackson recap
Khalid Henry (2 months ago)
Whose idea was it to have Sesame Street parody this show?
dwrose68 (2 months ago)
Yeah, I have to agree. The Bad Lip Reading one...I nearly peed laughing so hard the first time I saw it.
porfirio diaz carrillo (2 months ago)
Where the f*ck is Gay Of Thrones?? That show had cover at least three seasons!!
8 sins (2 months ago)
Ok I just looked up top 10 British Prime Ministers and was surprised you hadn't done that. So just saying. Also if you do decide to do that please put Clement Atlee at number 1.
Harry Hayfield (2 months ago)
And where, may I ask, is the BBC's efforts to publicise the Six Nations in 2015? Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Trailer on Nick Junior in the UK? And GoT meets General Election 2017?
Joni-lee Smith (2 months ago)
Sesame Street : Looks like you choked Joffrey
A Quality Imperialist (2 months ago)
Winter is Trumping is also rather funny.
kieran kennedy (2 months ago)
Game of bones? A cinematic masterpiece.
William Wood (2 months ago)
what about honest trailers
mkitten13 (2 months ago)
I really, really hoped Bad Lip Reading was on here and I was not dissappointed. That is without a doubt the best GoT spoof
Marlon Small (2 months ago)
This list ain't nothing without "Game of Zones"!
Jasper Verheul (2 months ago)
Might I know why you don't put the links in your vid? It's not that much work and giving content creators a bit of credit wouldn't be so bad, would it?
CommentCop Badge#666 (2 months ago)
"giving the content creators credit"? The narrator literally says the name and creators of each content plus a clear text graphic on the bottom left. I guess you don't know how it works but when you put a physical clickable link in the description it eats up the bandwith of this channel. Just imagine how much that is when they are uploading 2-3 vids a day
The Joker Lannister (2 months ago)
Game of Thrones is the best TV show of all time!
Skogsalven B (1 month ago)
Switch Deadwood for Supernatural and you are onto something.
Garry Arms (2 months ago)
blah blah black sheep ship have you any wool Arya Stark stole every thing and John Snow is a fool
Sarah Gray (2 months ago)
Game of Thrones, Vikings and Deadwood!
godsandmonsters (2 months ago)
Mr. Robot exists.
The Joker Lannister (2 months ago)
Garry Arms bla bla bla.....
Tiffany Mac (2 months ago)
Sam Jackson should have least been an honorable mention for his breakdown
k9feline2 (2 months ago)
There's Blank Page, a parody of Taylor Swift's Blank Space, where George RR Martin (not the real one) sings to Daenerys about how he's going to make everybody fall in love with her, and then all the creatively gruesome ways he can think of to kill her off horribly.

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