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Game of Thrones - "Let My People Go" Prince of Egypt

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HBO Game of Thrones. Prince of Egypt's "Let My People Go" or "Rally and the Plagues".
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lanaisthere (1 year ago)
awwwwweeesome!! love the video
J.D. Norcross (2 years ago)
This song always gave me goosebumbs. Paired with Game of Thrones it made for a very fun video. Thanks!
IfOnlyICould (2 years ago)
Daaaaaaaamn unbelievably well done I really love how you ended it with the dragons.
Necromedes (3 years ago)
So many ways to take this video. So many points of view and possibilities. This is what art really is! very well done!
Amber Hambrick (3 years ago)
Wow kinda creepy
kristina tollefson (3 years ago)
I so love this video it so cool and sweet
tuamigajordana (3 years ago)
You really got the parallels perfectly!
Piratearicat (4 years ago)
Theon's part was like.... damn.....
MartaUndomiel (4 years ago)
THAT WAS FANTASTIC! :D I had never thought in this song to make a got fanvideo and I loved it!
Ella Catherinee (4 years ago)
Fantastic I loved it
drew benoit (4 years ago)
This combo was lagit creepy
gsimon123 (4 years ago)
Never would have thought these would go together... but they do! Well done
multiplefan93 (4 years ago)
The song is great for Robb and Theon, Tryion and Jamie and Stannis and Renly.
RickieScene (4 years ago)
Fantastic tribute it would be great to use this video for Robb and Theon in a separate tribute I've been waiting for people to start making videos for thrones from musicals :)
Jordan Dean (4 years ago)
Excellent work! 
rainbowrooster 13 (4 years ago)
Great video!! I think is song is especially perfect for Robb and Theon.
Gustav Huss (4 years ago)
or Stannis and Renly

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