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The Scientific Explanation of Spirit Dragons

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Hanzo and Genji have spirit dragons for their Ultimate Attacks. But how can you explain these devastating moves from the Shimada Brothers? Are the Dragons magic? Or science? 🔔 Subscribe to TGN for daily video game videos: http://bit.ly/1KJq3G2 🔔 We love making gaming videos and we can only do it with your support. Voiced by Jonathan Moxness Written by Jeffrey Harris Edited by Pedro "Fgeitas" Thumbnail by Nancy Teeple Music by Epidemic Sound http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Text Comments (579)
Destructor 101 (8 hours ago)
Maybe the dragons are just radiation as Hanzo’s can pass through walls and damages enemies, and Genji absorbs his to perhaps give himself specific gene mutations that temporarily make him stronger.
Kenzie Dane (1 day ago)
Hanzo even said only a shimada can control the dragons
Jack Diamond28 (2 days ago)
Marry the bank bots are hanzos tattoo
Shrek 2K (2 days ago)
When i first saw it in the game, i thought about Gama rays. It could go through walls and through a human body and could enternally injure the body. I haven't thought it through but it could have a chance as a theory.
Ville Vuori (2 days ago)
why cant Kenji use his sword when hes not ulting
Patrik Nugent (3 days ago)
I always thought for genji the little circles on his body project a hologram of a dragon
JiMan MasTeR (3 days ago)
Love the game theory ending
MrBackarna (3 days ago)
BluePhinnius (4 days ago)
I hope they make a 3rd shimada sibling which is a girl and that summons a purple dragon who was lost and forgottten during the time Genji and Hanzo were fighting! :)
NoNamerLV (4 days ago)
Well you said that everyone's (exept Hanzo and Genji) attacks have a scientific explenation so then explain me what kind of technology powers Zenyatta's orbs and trandsendence?
Bigasskoolaid (4 days ago)
The dragons produce sprite because of the blue and green
Farhan/ Power (6 days ago)
It’s no spirit it’s illuminati
Vienna Lee (7 days ago)
so glad that you pronounced chi correctly <3
Bryant Rach (7 days ago)
hard light is already real it is called quantommacantics fusing light photons together making solids
Ethan Bishop (7 days ago)
But that's just a theory, A GAME THEORY
ElementalMaster (7 days ago)
I need a magic tattoo now
Tom O'Toole (7 days ago)
What about zen's transcendence?
รρσσҡ Me Daddy (8 days ago)
Bejill Begill (8 days ago)
Or it just be spiritual... Not everything is science
NanoBladeGaming (8 days ago)
Genji has a light switch on his sword 😂
Sad Squid (9 days ago)
"bUt ThAtS jUst A tHEoRy.. *A GAME THEORY*
Genji Shimada (9 days ago)
Then how can genji also control hanzo's Dragon
Mr Gummie (9 days ago)
I think it is just HakZ
Bay Auti (9 days ago)
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daryel hernandez (10 days ago)
I feel bad I thought for hanzos storm arrow you had tap the trigger every time but I realized you could just hold it down so I’ve been abusing my R2 button for about 2 and a half weeks btw if anyone knows what’s faster taping or holding it down
daryel hernandez (10 days ago)
Anyone ever watch slug terra what if they had something similar to slug fu in overwatch where you can move the dragons but your left exposed like junk rat
Lean redxxx panda (10 days ago)
1:57 what about zenyatta????? How does he do his ultimate
curtis brown (10 days ago)
uhm "all other abilities in the game are based on science an technology" geuss zenyatta transcending his physical body into spirit form to heal his allies has a reasonable explanation there right? obviously magic DOES exist in OW
Sir Whiskers (10 days ago)
If it’s hard light why does it come out of Hanzo’s arm and not the bow?
ExEx Underscore (10 days ago)
Okay okay. But what about Jeff's power to nerf heroes with no consequences to himself directly. Is it magic, or S C I E N C E ?
killmarshmallow 82 (11 days ago)
Here’s a theory: Hanzo and Genji are stand users.
roody crles (11 days ago)
And do forget. E=MC square
roody crles (11 days ago)
Ryuu-ga, Wa-ga-te-ki-wo, Ku-ra-u!
Alexandra Lamond (11 days ago)
I have a theory .. the 2 .. MAGICAL xthousand years old MAGICAL DRAGON GODS .. are litterally just using their MAGICAL DRAGON GOD POWERS .. but datz just an above 20 IQ theory A GAME THEo .. i mean .. a not braindead theory ^-^
Nytalix (11 days ago)
What about zenyatta and mercy's abilities?
i think the form is a visual thing so jou see it but its not there but i dant know how it woud do damage
Mike Madsen Sørensen (11 days ago)
Upvoted for the Game Theory bit. Nice one. ^_^
7he ruby 6amer (11 days ago)
Yeah science
TheSaltyBoy :’3 (11 days ago)
Correction. Saying that Zarya used Particles is a pretty vaigue answere. She acctually turn kenetic energy from bullers and projectiles into heat energy to make her gun stronger. Im not sure about all the interactions in the game but i at least know the basics of Zaryas gun
YaBoiCYT (11 days ago)
I choose you Spirit dragon
Rawr Bear (11 days ago)
The only thing I have to add on that is in the intro Winston says "you were chosen because you had powers and abilities" so maybe the Shimada Brothers are the only ones thus far that have mystical powers. There's still lots of characters in the works and some of them may just end up being magic. Just a thought. I still liked all your theories.
ramdom lol (11 days ago)
Light and mirrors
Gregory Reynoso (11 days ago)
The Game Theory bit had me dead! I love both channels.
Duck Last_name (11 days ago)
Why did the thumbnail look Luke a tide pod?
Slovo Mrtvo (11 days ago)
Hanzo and Genji are descendants of two dragon brothers that, after they continued life as humans, made family Shimada.
lazer tag (11 days ago)
its some kind of nanite in their body mixed with hardlight tech
Disappointed Optimist (11 days ago)
Hanzo and Genji are stand users
Hung Nguyen (11 days ago)
Before finish this video. I think Hanzo's dragon function just like Symmertra Right click (now, not the up coming rework) There are 2 type of photon weapon/shield in this game. Photon shield stop bullets, rays, explosion but let people go through. Photon weapon go through Photon shield but hurt people and still going through them to keep hurting people behind them.
Laura Kagamine (11 days ago)
The second and third theory would make sense but there’s one thing that is off for me... “Only a Shimada can control the dragons” why? If it’s just high tech then why are Shimadas the only ones who can use it? Only explanation would be that it’s some kind of weird technology passed by the clan with the years but that would be kind of... rare, judging from the intelligence of other OW characters that I think could have figured it out if it was something as “simple” as nanotechnology
Matteo Matteo (11 days ago)
To me it's nanomachines, and they can't use it too much becouse it would destroy their body
Goliath Chanugar (11 days ago)
Don't copy matpat
Ismail x (11 days ago)
Whos bronze ass made this gameplay?
Emil Ekroth (11 days ago)
I'll just point out that if you look at genjis sword it has a light switch. Maybe that activates the dragon? Hmmmmmmm
RevivalHydra (11 days ago)
What about zens ult
Ryan (11 days ago)
what about zenyatta's final move
Samuel Loosmore (11 days ago)
Where are the fucking welsh drsgons my dudes
Why Grim Why (11 days ago)
I look at the thumbnail and at first that this was a sprite video
Ethan Danniger (11 days ago)
Is there a scientific explanation for the orbs of discord?
Hunter Jaeger (11 days ago)
Oh dear Gods, please don't give Mat any ideas! We'll never hear the end of it!
Alex Baldwin (11 days ago)
At least in Hanzo’s case, the Dragon Strike could be a blast of radiation. It would explain why it goes through objects, yet destroys biological life (the heroes). It would even hurt Omnics by frying their circuits, so that makes sense too. And obviously he must have a very powerful way of focusing this radiation burst, or else it would kill him in the process. As for Genji, I have no clue, man. I think it’s just his ninja robot body becoming super powerful for a short time, and he just SAYS it’s the dragon inside him. I think the actual visuals of both of their dragons are simply that - visual. You wouldn’t be able to actually see radiation, and Genji probably... doesn’t even use a dragon... so it’s just really all in their imagination.
Hamza Ebrahim (11 days ago)
You can see a button on genji’s sword
Furkan Cebeci (11 days ago)
The katana you referred to as being technologically advanced is the one deflects and swift strikes, which is the one that is on his hip, the smaller one. But I'd imagine his Dragon Blade is also technologically advanced.
BlackMania (11 days ago)
This just reminds me of that comic with Moira like "Everything has a scientific explanation" and Genji is just like "I summon spirit dragons from my sword".
World in Peace (11 days ago)
Like Far Cry 3 Get the tatoo and learn the takedowns
Thatdude74 (11 days ago)
What if it’s like doctor strange, and they can’t fully handle the power so they have to use objects to fully control it, Genji’s sword and Hanzo’s arrow
no one (11 days ago)
The dragons are a kekkei genkai
Angel Medina (11 days ago)
They're nano bot tattoos
Blas_Cruz202589 ' (12 days ago)
Since the shimada brothers are Japanese and in Japanese myth/legend/folklore they could have also been the re-incarnation of the 2 dragons and that explains why they can summon the spirit dragons which are now part of their spirit.
triche cracket (12 days ago)
I like to believe they work like the god A.I programs such as anubis (which are another mystery) but the dragons are so strong they cannot be sealed behind firewalls, only in flesh if the host is strong enough (hanzo) or a technologically advanced weapon (genji's swords which casually have switches on them) if said host's body is not strong enough as before. As for being a shimada-only thing, maybe the shimadas made a lot of DNA fuckering who knows how many years ago and the programs can only respond to their DNA.
Jayden Van Der Meer (12 days ago)
If they die
Jayden Van Der Meer (12 days ago)
She can give humun life again
Jayden Van Der Meer (12 days ago)
And mercy tien??
Matthew Ross (12 days ago)
Xplain the science of mercy
Kami Neko (12 days ago)
what about zenyatta ? this monk can litteraly dive into the iris and change himself into an orbe of healing light and he' an omnic quite interesting theories but i don't think they explain everything separatly maybe zenyatta and the shimada brothers have something in comon more than science an omnic who can use the iris without being build for it and two brothers humain (with one cyborg) who sumone dragons hmm there surely more than science but i don't know maybe blizzard want to keep some unreal details
SargraS (12 days ago)
What about zenyata? Arn´t his abilitis chi baised or magic baised? i mean with all this religion and harmoni stuff it wouldnt seem right if he would implant himself specific technolegy or upgrades, maby his iris is simular to hanzos and genjis abilitis and genji could heve even learned abit from him and hanzo just find it out himself. Maby?(sorry for my bad english)
GoldenMenas (12 days ago)
what about mei? her regen ability the ice block i forgot the name
xYuushax (12 days ago)
Dragon shaped laser beam...
Noah Lim (12 days ago)
Ching Chong japppys
A glass of wataaa (12 days ago)
Maybe it is Magic.....Duhhh
Bork Bork (12 days ago)
what about re- *gets mercy 1.0 PTSD* nevermind..
Acituanbus (12 days ago)
It's not possible via Chi, it's cheese. Case solved.
Banana (12 days ago)
I agree with your nano tech. Maybe that's why the dragons comes from hanzos tattoo
Cheikh Ndiaye (12 days ago)
Thumbnail lookin like a tide pod💀
Jonas Rinder (12 days ago)
what about mecree is that sciens?
Typical (12 days ago)
So for hanzo the person that gave him his tattoo is a magician? ??
Kent Cross (12 days ago)
The scientific explanation of........ "Spirit Dragons" ...............okay man just play the video game
Francisco Carrera (12 days ago)
Its spiritual
Richard Smith (12 days ago)
It appears like 'hard light' is a mental manifestation of physical objects. Not only can hanzo and genji 'summon dragons' with it, but it is also the tool symmetra uses. 'Chi' is just the mental thought process their dragons derive from. For symmetra, it's her imagination. It is what she means by 'step into my reality'. She can use hard light to convert objects in her imagination into reality. That is what that thing on her head is. She is able to take advantage her autism and her heightened imagination from it and turn that into her strength. I think this is exactly what the shamada brothers are doing with the dragons.
Matin Phantom (12 days ago)
Dem durgens are personas
Joshua Loveridge (12 days ago)
The dragons we see in the animated short may be the brother dragons' mother, father and grandfather hence the name "SPIRIT dragons" Read more
Jake Ryker (12 days ago)
I go with ancient alien tech since Hanzo does say only the Shimadas have it xD with the lore and all~
Laura Solis (12 days ago)
La tercera teoría tiene mucho sentido sobretodo cuando piensas en el interés que tiene talón en los shimada. Probablemente Moira quiere tener la oportunidad de trabajar en el ADN de un shimada que al parecer controla a la perfección sus poderes como lo hace Hanzo. Por otro lado también explicaría como carajos sobrevivió Genji cuando Hanzo le arrancó las dos piernas y el brazo derecho.
Rod Allen Rolda (12 days ago)
I pretty sure the dragons aren’t light or nanobots cause dragon strike passes through matter. Matter absorbs light and bounces them back. With the light theory, dragons should disappear once it hits anything or bounces them back. If it’s nanobots, dragon strike should produce a impact force when it hits anything which it doesn’t. The spirit/ Chi thing is pretty spot on. Since getting hit by the dragon strike doesnt result to physical injuries. (Just like in the “dragons” animated short) I like to think that dragon strike disrupt a person’s chi equilibrium thus causing them to faint or die. In genji case, by releasing he’s built up chi and channeling it to his sword, He gains a boost in power to both his blade and body.
Hydro Potato (12 days ago)
_only a Shimada can control the dragon_
Kairi Sparda (12 days ago)
Honestly I'm more interested on Mccres's, is it a bionic eye, mere skill or he too has some kind of spirit thing? considereing he doesn't even use his robotic arm to shoot only to FTH and to punch you lol
Omega DryZeYT (12 days ago)
UFOs visited Grand Grand Grand Grand hanzo/genjis granddad and then they have then Powers od dragons
julian johnson (12 days ago)
Wait if it’s hardlight then how does hanzo a arm turn blue

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