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101 MINECRAFT BUILD HACKS. Today is a video full of tricks and tips for building in minecraft. It covers everything from small designs to tips on general building. I hope at least one is new to you! MASSIVE thank you to everyone on the wynncraft build team who helped me put these together + Pearlescentmoon who contributed too! Harder to come up with 101 ideas than you might think! Join my discord: https://discord.gg/grian Join my server: mc.grian.net Follow me! - Twitter: https://twitter.com/GrianMC - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GrianMC - Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/Grianmc - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/grianmc/ -Powered by Chillblast: Chillblast.com
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Ken K9 (11 minutes ago)
101 could of been something involved with minecraft but no still kinda like it😊😡😠😈
Ashley Drennan (17 minutes ago)
he said fence gate on 35 instead of iron bar XD
My favorite is the 16
Oofer YT (1 hour ago)
Its actually 99 tips beacuse 101 and 46 is not real tips
Flub (2 hours ago)
At number 54 baldis basics instead of buildings basics
AlfredBros 3291 (4 hours ago)
Ur a expert builder i like everything XD
Focak Nedim (4 hours ago)
13:50 IW?
TCSGaming Productions (4 hours ago)
#52 does not work in 1.13 (q.qe}
Hopeless 0311 (4 hours ago)
#17 disguising heads as fruits BRUTAL
Daniel Gamezz (6 hours ago)
I am almost using everything from you now😂😂😂
XxmrsmithxX KID (6 hours ago)
Jamesiebug (6 hours ago)
14 is animal abuse
You have so much energy😁👍🏼 and I have to SUBSCRIBE!
Chong Winkong (7 hours ago)
Actually u make a fidge by putting a dispenser under and a iron block on top the a button on the side.THATS HOW U MAKE A WORKING FRIDGE
TACHANKA 420 (7 hours ago)
Zapman 19 (8 hours ago)
Hi sign
React equip (8 hours ago)
"Hi youtube" 😂
you said def or death
Marina Codony Lleonart (9 hours ago)
You can... you can....you can.... you can
Vivian S. (9 hours ago)
PapaRika (9 hours ago)
İ liked the joke you made at the end
mc cashin (9 hours ago)
If you play quartz slabs on the ceiling it looks detailed
UnderFan (10 hours ago)
5:09 you said fence gate instead of iron bar
Naruto_SageMode (10 hours ago)
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Fevets Christ (10 hours ago)
My Favorite is 78 İts look cool and Take is Cinema or House!
Hud Xx (12 hours ago)
#decorative poop
Desireable_Pro (12 hours ago)
Thanks so much Grian, you gave me great ideas for my next up coming builds to apply for server builder!
Cherry Gardner (12 hours ago)
“A fence gate” 5:11
Yousef Battikhi (12 hours ago)
I already know EVERY TIP
Lghj Cfhhxf (12 hours ago)
Lie lie lie lie you lie with the torch
Cherry Gardner (12 hours ago)
Bryan Elelfa (13 hours ago)
I knew a few of those but I did learn a lot I will be sure to incorporate them into future builds
Roan Martin (13 hours ago)
My thoughts throughout this entire video Waterproofing my life with Flex Tape JonTron 4:53
Bryan Elelfa (13 hours ago)
I knew a few of those but I did learn a lot I will be sure to incorporate them into future builds
NOOBEULOUS RBLX (14 hours ago)
Made it to 70
MacKenzie Kim (14 hours ago)
6:11 Sign say hi youtube
GamerBoy XD (14 hours ago)
#78 looks like pants lol
i was watching Naruto, how did i get here
Natesepticeye (14 hours ago)
I left when you talked about Framing and overhangs
Nikachu plays (15 hours ago)
the sign said "hi youtube"
Cheong Seng Leong (15 hours ago)
Marella Oryan (16 hours ago)
Thank u so much u gave ma an idea 💡
William KEW (16 hours ago)
Tommy Crump (16 hours ago)
I will definitely be using some of these, as soon as my Minecraft on my XBOX starts working
AwsomeCruw _ (16 hours ago)
I think anyone with half a brain could figure out alot of these
Caden Bishop (16 hours ago)
Hi YouTube sigh
Dubinzi (16 hours ago)
2:08 Burger king foot lettuce
Hayley Beller (17 hours ago)
6:11 hi youtube!
Andrei Marsic (17 hours ago)
Spartan 482 (18 hours ago)
He sound so young *#WEAK*
#62: to upgrade the fridge to have it actually work, you can put a dispenser with a button on the side so that food will pop out of the fridge. The door will also open.
Jayfeatherr_x ! (18 hours ago)
thank you
lacucaracha111111 (18 hours ago)
OP Archer (18 hours ago)
At 6:11 a sign says hi YouTube
ebennett365 (18 hours ago)
wtf is a balustrade 13:49 and snooker cue 14:07 ???????????
Drew Anson (18 hours ago)
The sign said “hi YouTube” if anyone was wondering on the secret painting one
Oliver Connor (19 hours ago)
The 101st fact was useless
Joinal Khatun (19 hours ago)
I did the TNT one
Mike Hernandez (20 hours ago)
23 and 43 are pretty cool
superbanana908 gaming!!! (20 hours ago)
ive got a few minecraft tutorials
#81 looks like a pool table
Akram Azimov (20 hours ago)
TheGamerz75 (21 hours ago)
Sign at 6:11 says hi youtube
With stalactites & stalagmites, if you want to extend them, can you use iron bars?
Tycoon Aiden (21 hours ago)
ive built a L house in minecaraft
Ninjabro 3724 (21 hours ago)
6:11 hi youtube
SavageCabbage TNT (21 hours ago)
6:11 hi YouTube
Pawel Mlynarczyk (21 hours ago)
6:10 hi youtube
Justin F (21 hours ago)
I subbed bc of this vid XD
Happy Nub14 (21 hours ago)
Anyone notice the hi YouTube sign at 6:11
Fl1nns G4m3s (21 hours ago)
6:11 "Hi youtube"
JetpackZombie777 (21 hours ago)
14 is animal abuse
Jonas Kallgren (21 hours ago)
6:11 on the sign is hi YouTube (Easter egg)
kluzius (21 hours ago)
These are not hacks
tyler davis (22 hours ago)
I’m going to try to use as many things in this video to make the best Minecraft house I have ever made. Thanks for the tips Grian 😄
Vince Liguori (22 hours ago)
Who saw the sign on Number #42 Said "hi youtube". xD
agg69999 is my username (22 hours ago)
6:11 the sign said hi youtube
foxcraft (22 hours ago)
hay thanks buddy! now I can make the most epic house in minecraft!
Allison Gaster (23 hours ago)
GoldenAppleThree (23 hours ago)
2:19 are you serious its not worth it lol :D
Émile Lachance (23 hours ago)
6:11 hi youtube
Mr. Puffy (23 hours ago)
Did anyone notice that the background music is the season 3 my hero academia opening, or is my phone glitching because I was just listening to that
42 doesn't everyone know that
Is the instant chair like instant noodles
Goojinator (1 day ago)
hi to you too
Jonas Kristensen (1 day ago)
You or god at building
stephanie dykstra (1 day ago)
Fes bot and Gerald forever
pglazzari1 (1 day ago)
DePe Gamer (1 day ago)
pglazzari1 (1 day ago)
6:11hi youtube
pglazzari1 (1 day ago)
how are you sapost to drown in a one block of water
Helpy Fazbear (1 day ago)
pglazzari1 (1 day ago)
iw is not a word
nash (1 day ago)
Lowkey pretty helpful
Sophia Brant (1 day ago)
Very useful
Da Penguii (1 day ago)
Mario Boy73 (1 day ago)
Nice vid mate!!
Brayan Soto (1 day ago)
How do I get custom heads?
Iris Beatle (1 day ago)
6:10 Hi Youtube.

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