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101 MINECRAFT BUILD HACKS. Today is a video full of tricks and tips for building in minecraft. It covers everything from small designs to tips on general building. I hope at least one is new to you! MASSIVE thank you to everyone on the wynncraft build team who helped me put these together + Pearlescentmoon who contributed too! Harder to come up with 101 ideas than you might think! Join my discord: https://discord.gg/grian Join my server: mc.grian.net Follow me! - Twitter: https://twitter.com/GrianMC - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GrianMC - Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/Grianmc - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/grianmc/ -Powered by Chillblast: Chillblast.com
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Text Comments (18271)
Porter Severino (2 hours ago)
Hi YouTube
music groups (4 hours ago)
why you not arcitecht yet
Liofa (4 hours ago)
Since when did British people pronounce leisure as "leesure". You've been watching too many American videos Grian.
loser-by-choice (9 hours ago)
I'm really sad 52 doesn't work anymore in 1.13.1 T-T
SilokHawk (10 hours ago)
I love how there was somehow 14 THOUSAND people that were like: "THIS IS TERRIBLE, I HATE THIS! DISLIKE!!!"
GoldenGamer (14 hours ago)
6:11 hi youtube
Refusal (15 hours ago)
I'm making a mega build based on a civilization of miniature robots, and an evil race with observer heads.
Refusal (15 hours ago)
My former - brother used to make houses with 3 doors. After i saw this, I lost one brother.
Lego Legend25 (16 hours ago)
hi youtube
D G (18 hours ago)
5:15 О, родимые Русские дороги
D G (18 hours ago)
Чертов госдеповец ещё будет обучать нас будто строить
Pink Girl Gem Aj (18 hours ago)
Thanks to your tips I now use white stained glass instead of normal and I use panes and not blocks and I also started making houses that aren't just squares :3
Darkslayer 50992 (19 hours ago)
6:11 bottom left
What's up Wyatt (1 day ago)
Rosa Studioz (1 day ago)
5:29 I see dat man at the side
john PH (1 day ago)
Aryans Bio films! (1 day ago)
“Hi YouTube” #6:11
Popster 001 (1 day ago)
Anyone watching in 2018? Like if you are.
MAD (1 day ago)
where is the hacks?
Benjamin Lingle (1 day ago)
i cant find any custom fruit skins anywere
simon dickerson (1 day ago)
When could you make portals bigger
thegamer bear76 (1 day ago)
I love the tnt trick
No Zoom Guy (1 day ago)
I love the final tip
ohhRVNG- (1 day ago)
Michael Lockhart (1 day ago)
No. 42 hi YouTube found it
Olivia Ghazali (2 days ago)
6:50 oh you don't say...
Day Time (2 days ago)
hi youtube
Simone Mccormack (2 days ago)
Its actually September and on September the 23th its my BIRTHDAY AHHHHHHHHHHHHH
BadKillY2B (2 days ago)
6:11 Hi youtube lol
Helen Luo (2 days ago)
So.. what's the 101 "Minecraft" Tip?
dat boy DONKEY (2 days ago)
I knew 99 of these
ᑭY᙭ᒪ (3 days ago)
Chappie (3 days ago)
Are you a flat earther??? Cuz of ur im not crazy part... I saw that on a flat earth video..... Im not but wtf
Lauren Ng (3 days ago)
*Decorative poop*
pumpkindoodlzz (3 days ago)
With number 38 you can also do coloured glass panes and the same colour of carpet on top ;)
FGC SniperLyfe (3 days ago)
Make another one like this but it's in 1.13.1
Jeffrey Vandenorth (3 days ago)
Omg I know all of the hacks
George Evans (3 days ago)
6:14 gives me flashbacks to Mianite
S.H. Gaming (3 days ago)
6:09 for some reason I reminded just to see what the sign says... hi back to you... person....
Puzzlebox 101 (3 days ago)
Bless u. I’m on 54 rn but eh this is rly cool
jibanyan el yo-kai (3 days ago)
new sub (me)
Hamza Miah (3 days ago)
3:37 it looks like a bull
Roary Racoon (3 days ago)
Poor cactus
Muhammed Can (3 days ago)
2 78
Natak Ke badshah (3 days ago)
Wow what a NOOB
Skill Machine (3 days ago)
1:57 is animal abuse
Skill Machine (3 days ago)
1:57 is animal abuse
The Robot Of Gaming (3 days ago)
2:21 which minecraft kid has actually done this?
Galaxy Melon (4 days ago)
6:10 youtube : oh hey dude
The Ricer (4 days ago)
Por sheep
Despujols Miyasaka (4 days ago)
This video make me want to play minecraft I love your videos👍👍👍 thanks you very much!!! Now I can build a better house 😄😄👌👌👌
Kawaii Potato (4 days ago)
Thank you so mucj Grian!!
Нюхай хуй южноамериканский кубоёб!!!
Diana Jarram (4 days ago)
On 42 there was a sighn that said hello YouTube, look for yourself 😅
paper2222 (4 days ago)
1:55 believe it or not, a 3 block high building still hits your head when you jump under it
its me (4 days ago)
Or #102: Use lots of fences to make an electrical post.
its me (4 days ago)
#44 How about a quartz slab?
Harrison Ford (4 days ago)
Jose Velazquez (4 days ago)
Number 52 doesn’t work anymore lol seen that today when I watched your failed prank video on the hermitcraft series
Tash Naidoo (4 days ago)
I also watched the whole video.
Tash Naidoo (4 days ago)
Grian really understands the beauty in Minecraft!!!
Tash Naidoo (4 days ago)
WOW! Grian is VERY GOOD at building!!!
Domas Panda Gaming304 (4 days ago)
Did anyone notice in 42 that a sign said hi YouTube. And who watching in 2018
bora ersoy (4 days ago)
These are for new starters I know %75 of these
FreddyTheFrog (4 days ago)
42 who others noticed?
Zl4sh Gaming (5 days ago)
6:11 hi YouTube
Team LAN (5 days ago)
hey stop hacking >:(
DarkMajykGaming (5 days ago)
One hand cramp later, I've written down all the hacks in this video. Ouch. It was TOTALLY worth it, though!!
Kids Account (5 days ago)
101 is my fave
bektaş Savas (6 days ago)
Çok güzel olmus
Elizabeth Afton FNAF (6 days ago)
Number 46 Me: LMAFO My friends: What so funny Me: *Shows video* My friends: WHY YOU
M. Smith (6 days ago)
Number 72 looks like Vee from Chugington😂
Jodi Wilson (6 days ago)
Some did not work
ky (6 days ago)
The video starts at 0:00
Rave (7 days ago)
*This wall is now 3 blocks THICC*
Oh No My Bones (7 days ago)
Its really interesting that quite a few of these tips were almost absolutely worldknown for the game, but now that its popularity has fallen not as many players know of them
LilMissUnicorn (7 days ago)
DaDamiæn (7 days ago)
I though the arch was legs
DaDamiæn (7 days ago)
I have xbox not computer
Alexander Saoulos (7 days ago)
Number 46 is my favourite :)
ChamaChama (7 days ago)
did anyone else see what the sign behind the painting at 6:09 xD
Donte Anka (7 days ago)
I learned at least one thing from this video.
Kai-Sih Leong (8 days ago)
Thanks Grian!
Benny Northeast (8 days ago)
I got a fucking roblox ad before this video... I hate my life...
Honorio Portes (8 days ago)
Minecraft i love u
Keoo (8 days ago)
Cough um Gerald or Jerald?
Noah Atkinson (8 days ago)
Fairly news fly starter spectrum compare officially emotional concept generous fill target.
Marion Borg (8 days ago)
hi YouTube like if you saw it
Yunchae Jung (8 days ago)
The 46th tip was the most useful tip 😂😂🤣
Marion Borg (8 days ago)
i think all of them except 46 were uesfull
RoseaBee (8 days ago)
Number 16; curently doing that in a fortress. Current state: dying a little on the inside with every realization I'm off by one block and have to redo a whole section.
Benbot714 Gaming (8 days ago)
I think 1 block center is better for buildings but 2 block center is better for mob builds
Benbot714 Gaming (8 days ago)
5:09 Fence Gate eh It's an iron bar
Gyo Cy (8 days ago)
O_o...... OMFG!!!! I TOUGH YOU WERE NOT MAKING MORE VIDEOS ANYMORE.... then I realized.... I didn't subscribe..... long ago.... (ashamed) god dam***
Isabelle Sullivan (8 days ago)
I found the very last tip VERY useful lmao
PrincessLadyUnicorn (8 days ago)
I saw the sign it said hi youtube
Killian Casalegno (9 days ago)
These are not hacks, These are tricks. Know your words.
Moist Squid (9 days ago)
Why do people dislike this wtf 14k
Music lover (9 days ago)
6:11 hi youtube

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