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Bugatti Veyron Gold Digger Prank

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Text Comments (86)
Muhammad Syafar (5 days ago)
Good girl
Rabby Jack (11 days ago)
Not all girls are gold diggers 💯
Dankimus (18 days ago)
Sorry but that’s the most ugliest Bugatti I’ve ever seen
Mrasanai Mog (24 days ago)
Very impressive the last girl
Jhonan 87 (1 month ago)
How much does the car cost??? When i am atleast 17 100% have the doubt i will have that
Dinosaur Studio (1 month ago)
JustAPizzaslice Slice (2 months ago)
I have a chrome lambo and none sits on it And im deadass have klambo
Eyuel Yiferu (2 months ago)
I Live in Seattle
Hit like for the last girl
ELITE KARMA BCW GAMES?? (3 months ago)
Bugatti vyron grand sport vitisse
Rahul Ahmed (3 months ago)
Gold digger + money beggar . Dirty minded girl
ponce twins (3 months ago)
Bugatti's are the best cars better than lambo's
Hari Hf (4 months ago)
fuck with car ladies
chandan raj (7 months ago)
Last girl proved that all girls are not gold diggers
aeroO bics (11 months ago)
Alana, you're a fkn cutie! :))
aeroO bics (11 months ago)
The last girl. Such a Sweet personality :))
Nombre Apellido (1 year ago)
last girl.. respect
Abdul Basit (2 years ago)
aww u should had gived a hug to the last girl lol
Anuj Kumar (2 years ago)
teri behn dian
Alexannderr Leon (2 years ago)
I can do that and i dont need a Bugatti
Jason Costa (2 years ago)
Get a life you idiots.
Dimon TNT (2 years ago)
NIce vids, dude! I did some kinda stuff in russia with my lads. Some guls didn't really cared car-stuff, but us, cocky-and-funny ))
MrE89 (2 years ago)
so what did we all learn from this one? never skip legday
Fisheye lens (2 years ago)
that sucked dirty donkey balls, you set it up all wrong, have to sit on the piece of shit parked in front of the Bugatti, then when they say no, get into the Bugatti, but this is old shit....FAIL
Sassy Sasquatch (2 years ago)
C.Ronaldo Türkiye (2 years ago)
ulan bi kz turkiyede boyle gezse yeminle eve varana kadar haşatı çkar lajsjshdgsi
Ayyıldız tim OKT (1 year ago)
C.Ronaldo Türkiye ayn
ORTHOKING (2 years ago)
Not Gold diggers he just looked like a bullshitter loser. And how come he was asking only the hot girls and not any fat girls.
Manpreet Singh (2 years ago)
Just stop... smh
janetgron Gron (2 years ago)
fake set up
xX-FLuKE-Xx (2 years ago)
Thumbs up from me for actually showing the last one. Most of these gold digger pranks are pathetic. But just because they walk off, doesn't mean they are a gold digger. It just means a flash car is not a chance to be missed if you are never likely to get in a car like that. Better one to pull would be take them in the bug but tell them they have to pay the bill when you go eat. Order lobster and champers.
Tom Samad (2 years ago)
These pranks/social experiments are actually a good "magnifying glass" to use to look deeper under society's layers. They show the true colours of some people.
Stevo Snipez (2 years ago)
That girl in the black is not a gold digger u lied to her I pretty sure girls don't like liars
Brock McClain (2 years ago)
nobody like liars and you're a bitch! #Fact
Stevo Snipez (2 years ago)
+Rektangled Potato it matters bc not all girls like liars
+Stevo Snipez why does it matter if he lied she ran after the money and u know it
Stevo Snipez (2 years ago)
+Rektangled Potato don't assume what u don't know
OsmanyGamer (2 years ago)
how can you guys afford a bugatti if the t 1.7M bucks or you guys just lender somebody to you
probably just got someone to loan it to them for like a day maybe a close friend or something
Luc Morigo (2 years ago)
That girl probably went inside the car just because she didn't want to look like a gold digger but in reality she is, like the rest of them bitches.
Matt Russell (2 years ago)
PeacemakerJMB (2 years ago)
Honestly none of the girls are at fault because the dude is being very misleading.
JAG 1502 (2 years ago)
should do it the opposite way around and see their reactions
Swiss Provider (3 months ago)
a man would fuck a girl no matter what car she drives lol
JAG 1502 (2 years ago)
Yeah bro. All these gold digger pranks are set up the same atm.
xX-FLuKE-Xx (2 years ago)
Like sit against the normal car and then get in the bug? That would be refreshing.
Al' kan (2 years ago)
bunlardac kadınlar sokakta bikiniylemi geziyor ?
The Joker (2 years ago)
ne sannediyon sen
YYZ GTA (2 years ago)
that was dumb as fuck
Free minds (2 years ago)
cheap minds are just moving around you all the time.selling and buying emotions is actually the most old job people have always done.
Free minds (2 years ago)
money turns around women and women turns around money.What a fuking world
Free minds (2 years ago)
Easy money looking for easy sex but both sides are actually victims of their own dreams and hidden tools to get them.You both are so cheap
anony885 (2 years ago)
Second girl was not at fault. She might have been shocked at the fact hat he's lying and not that he didn't own that car !
Plasma Cutter Gamer (2 months ago)
you like a person for their personality, not their money
René Schouten (2 years ago)
Ali Atlgn (2 years ago)
1.50 suriyeli
Atakan Gaming (2 years ago)
gta 5 frenklin
Sean Jayson (6 months ago)
Ayyıldız tim OKT (1 year ago)
Atakan Gaming turkmusun
Murat can (2 years ago)
+Atakan Gaming Al İşte mq qwqwe:
Memsdu78 Tkn (2 years ago)
Playstation Gamer (2 years ago)
Gold diggers hey
Justice Hambira (2 years ago)
Legs legs legs legs legs legs legs legs
Chris Spann (2 years ago)
too bad the car wasn't a Venom GT which will smoke that Veyron..lol
Ben Kolker (2 years ago)
That's Kirkland, Washington
Traxxattaxx (2 years ago)
That last one was str8 up
Carlos Jaramillo (3 years ago)
I miss Tony :(
Kaleb brown (3 years ago)
dominicanCodYT (3 years ago)
seguir a la pag de instagram rdmemeslatino
Dolphin Zob (3 years ago)
at 2:02 does he have a voice crack lol
luis antonio (3 years ago)
se burlaron jajjajaja
_ZickZack Army (3 years ago)
Nice girl and sexy
nemos422s (3 years ago)
Am I the only that thinks that it's such a doushebag move to just sit on your expensive car picking up girls it's so superficial I can't believe girls actually like that
Dualism DeeperLaws (2 years ago)
Good looking outside but empty inside american women, walk past them wtf.
Luc Morigo (2 years ago)
+nemos422s well it actually works when it's really your car, and you get to pick the girls you like, the ones with clear skin, big boobed, slim waist and firm ass.
abbie ullu (3 years ago)
+nemos422s Not be funny but all girls are like that. All they see is dollars and not just girls guys as well.
marjiuana smoker420 (3 years ago)
That dude is way to tan holy shit
Your cousin should never let you skip leg day
Brock McClain (2 years ago)
Nope, sometimes it's just genetic.
Adam Zeggai (3 years ago)
haha bitches!
Aorel (3 years ago)
2:00 dat voice crack doe
dave puri (3 years ago)
Seen this shit millions of times so i give it a thumbs down for reposting it
Did this dog just say (3 years ago)
+dave puri noice
Artur Podolski (3 years ago)
Great girl :)
ZzRelAaXx (3 years ago)
Fitness Empire (3 years ago)

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