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The Men Who Made Jon Snow - Game of Thrones

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These are the men that influenced The King of the North.
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Sakthi vel (1 day ago)
If everyone leaves the wall, only ghost will gaurd the wall. Ah
Cecilia Miller (6 days ago)
Yes so its too bad the MEN in Jon's life don't tell him stuff BEFORE they die. Ned Benjen Aemon Ser Mormont
Blaklyon Den Radio (8 days ago)
Thanks for the classic rock in your intros
Darryl Jackson (13 days ago)
Kill that boy inside you and let the Man be Born!
A J (11 days ago)
" Kill the boy, Jon Snow. Winter is almost upon us. Kill the boy and let the man be born.” - What a fantastic actor Peter Vaughn was! Goosebumps!
michael paiva (19 days ago)
"Your better than NO ONE!" . Well according to the show No One is pretty damn good! 😜
Ibkappa (24 days ago)
Everybody always tells Jon they’ll speak to them when they return but never return lol
Eagle (27 days ago)
Benjen definitely knew. That look he gave Jon had more meaning than we know.
nick hamilton (27 days ago)
Good Episode Damo ..Makes me think of the journeymen in my life who got. me going along more better
Billy Thornton (27 days ago)
Enjoyed this vid and especially the ending , excellent work.
Dennis Hamilton (1 month ago)
Uncle Benjin was a great underrated hero.
Akhilleus Uggo (1 month ago)
Kill the boy , and let the man be born ... Epic !
Emmaliana 991 (1 month ago)
I'm still sad ang angry cuz one of Stormborn's dragon died...
13th Evergreen (1 month ago)
I'm not a Stark....... As if we all knew..... Na.. I thought he was going to be an Alien
DoNot my Donut (1 month ago)
Joseph Denver 2.0 (1 month ago)
Wish I could’ve seen more Robb and Jon together. Really sucks how badly he died. The red wedding is probably the most gruesome scene I’ve ever watched in a show.
Varun Madhavan (1 month ago)
I'm pretty sure Rhaegar Targaryan was literally the guy who made him...
Ads One (1 month ago)
The last time Jon Snow would bend the knee! 17:50
gammkrab (1 month ago)
Haha even jeor calls john for Lord Snow
gammkrab (1 month ago)
<3 jeor and jorah
Pervertigo (1 month ago)
they've been around 10 000 years or more and still in the dark ages pretty litterrally...stupid people?
Mehdi Tq (1 month ago)
Kill the boy and let the man be born
Uzi Gadafi (1 month ago)
I just noticed Theon holding two pups. Were they the two that belonged to the two boys he "killed" or to the two Starks that he caused problems for?. Hmmm
A Black (1 month ago)
Damn, see how quick Theon was to kill the pups. The man moved in like 2.5 seconds. Superb subtle foreshadowing.
5280z007 (1 month ago)
wish I can subscribe twice
Muhamad Hendarto (1 month ago)
Jon snow
mike kopp (1 month ago)
ned. next time we see each other, well talk about your mother, i promise. benjen, we wiil speak when i return. robb. next time time ill see you, you will be all in black. none of the starks wanted to deal with jon. the true wolf, they knew
bigfriki (2 months ago)
Where's Janos Slynt? :-P
Snider AdvancedGameplays (2 months ago)
Wait isn’t Ghost one of the larger wolves out of the 6
Cystus (2 months ago)
Great title and video.
2way bklyn (2 months ago)
Great vedio
The Fronherr (4 months ago)
Have you ever noticed that Uncle Benjen is Jons only family member who will keep his status as Uncle Benjen, Regaldles if its Jon Stark or Agon Tagaryen
TheOrangex88 (1 day ago)
LePoupon13 I subscribe to that line of thinking too, the mystery knight was Lyanna, King aryes tell his son Rhaeger to find the mystery knight, and comes back empty handed. Lyanna known for being a huge tomboy like Aria, and Benjen smacked right in the middle of one of the biggest scandals in the kingdom’s history
LePoupon13 (2 days ago)
TheOrangex88 Ben knew about r+j he joined the Nights Watch so he could one day protect Jon from Robert, master Aemon was left alone on the wall so it was the safest place for him when he became of age. Ben helped Lyanna get her horse and armour for her to be the Knight of the laughing tree, also teased her for crying at Raegar's song
TheOrangex88 (17 days ago)
Benjen knows what he is to Jon, Ned feels very conflicted about how to feel about it, at least I would be. I wonder if Benjen ever knew who Jon really was? Ahh doesn’t matter he was still his nephew, he always will be.
Stephen Holcomb (1 month ago)
Never thought about that. Clever observation. I always wondered more about how much truth of Jon's parentage that Benjen actually knew about. Also, I wondered how much Aemon knew about him. Being blind does bring out some added intuition.
Maxine Ward (4 months ago)
stop the press!! theon is holding lady and nimeria, bran holding summer, robb is hold grey wind and shaggy dog, jon and ghost of course. this leads me to believe theon and arya have some very important interaction in season 8, as theon has already helped sansa, both robb and greywind, shaggy dog and rickon are all dead; bran and summer have their unique journey to the 3eyed raven; jon and ghost are still kicking on their own story; some how theon has to help arya so this initial vision foreshadowing is complete.
Copee (4 months ago)
What is the name of the great actor who portrays Ser Alliser Thorne.
Copee (4 months ago)
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (4 months ago)
Owen Teal
strayster2 (4 months ago)
This is one of your best compilations by far.
TWSTF 8 (4 months ago)
The comments are dark and full of spoilers!
Brian Fox (4 months ago)
Ned: his father figure Tyrion: a fellow bastard with sound advice and wisdom Benjen: uncle and savior Jeor mormont: mentor Aemon: bestows wisdom Samwell Tarly: Bro Alliser Thorne: Enemy that forced Jon to mature as a man Mance: Frenemy who helped Jon broaden his perspective of the world Ygritte: First love Ghost: Bestfriend and loyal companion Tormund: Jon’s right hand Davos: Jon’s advisor Dany: Jon’s second love Nights watch: Family Just how I see the key people who have shaped Jon snow and his development
Marc Rivera (22 days ago)
+Steven Granati "All dwarves are bastards in their father's eyes" lol
Steven Granati (1 month ago)
Tyrion isn’t a bastard.
Dave Ogorman (1 month ago)
The Donald Funk (1 month ago)
Brian Fox stanis Taught Jon a little to
glorilol 95 (4 months ago)
Brian fox oh this is better then
Oswald Thatendswald (4 months ago)
When he finds out he's a Targaryen and realizes that Aemon was his great-great uncle. Poor Jonno.
taylor trash (4 months ago)
you have good taste and commendable efforts but the video quality is shit
Toby Woodman (4 months ago)
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 damn son
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (4 months ago)
sounds like you need to purchase the bluerays. i wonder what you think this comment accomplished?
İbrahim Çakmak (4 months ago)
kill the boy Jon Snow and let the man be born
Jerome Steib (4 months ago)
Funny thing is that this was probably very “Rhaegar” of Jon, as he was known to believe in prophecies and superstitions.
k pax (4 months ago)
They could not have picked a better man to play Jeor Mormont. He is a great bear!
Jalal (4 months ago)
"Kill the boy and let the man be born." -Aemon Targaryen
DarkLight523 (4 months ago)
Although he was a dishonorable killer and mutineer, Karl Tanner did teach Jon that in a fight you should do whatever it takes to survive. Spitting in Jon's eyes gave him a momentary advantage. Later, Jon defeated the Styr, Magnar of the Thenns, by spitting in his eyes and capitalizing on that advantage by taking a hammer to his skull.
Cecilia Miller (6 days ago)
Yup. You're nufin ifn your not learnin everyday
Cecilia Miller (16 days ago)
That is so kool you tied that togethet. Jon is nothing if not a good student. Thank Goodness. He and Dany CAN'T die. He needs to pass on all that wisdom to new generation especially since these dudes are "dropping like flies" .
Jamie Stewart (4 months ago)
Benjen: "Here, a man gets what he earns. When he earns it." John now has been Lord Commander, killed, resurrected and named King in the North. Earned every one of those things arguably!
Cecilia Miller (16 days ago)
Sure Did.
Todd Wolfe (4 months ago)
The people who say the writing in this show isn't good just makes me shake my head. I think the dialogue is everything it should be for the rawness of this show, and the character development? I mean, it's off the charts how well it's done. We really get to see here what shaped Jon Snow, every flawed character he learned from, to the most noble. Daemon, you must have studied the hell outta this series to make this. As much as I love GOT, I don't think I'd have the stomach to study it. So, thank you!
Danaani (4 months ago)
What's song in intro?
FloydTaylor (5 months ago)
Ned, Tyrion, Braden, Jeor, Sam, Halfhand, Mance, Alliser, Stanis, Davos, Thormund, Aemon.
Scott Kazmer (5 months ago)
Kill the boy. Let the man be born!
Scott Kazmer (5 months ago)
Someone now believes in grumkins and snarks. Huh?
Eliuth T. (5 months ago)
Uncle benjen looks like adam driver
Sylvia Sebregts (5 months ago)
Thank you for assembling these clear storylines, I admire your work.
Debora Norton (5 months ago)
Nearly all of these men will die that were in this opening scene.
Brendan French (5 months ago)
OMG this is your diamond, you making cool new partnerships. 10/10 Daemon, I'd join your rebellion any day!
tulkas 42o (5 months ago)
What would happen if a blackfyre had a dragon and the sword at the time of the next attempt to get the throne.
Patrick Häuser (5 months ago)
Jon Snow: "I´m not a Stark". No, he´s a Targaryen ;)
Cecilia Miller (16 days ago)
Elyn Shadow (5 months ago)
He is a Stargaryen. Just like Theon is a Steyjoy... He can't be a fully Targaryen, cause he never saw himself as one. He is a Stark, raised, but not named. So he is a Stargaryen.
Oscar Kobe (5 months ago)
Reoccurring theme for Jon 'We'll speak when we return'
Cecilia Miller (16 days ago)
+EliteWarrior1026 YUP.
EliteWarrior1026 (19 days ago)
Oscar Kobe That's like the 'what could possibly go wrong' of the Starks!
Kelsey Hughes (5 months ago)
I could compare Jon to Optimus Prime. Optimus was a file clerk and Jon a bastard. Both were thrown into leadership positions they didn’t want, but they accepted the burden and responsibility with all that they are. They would fight any battle so no else would have to.
Cecilia Miller (16 days ago)
Love 💘 that comparison
CharlizeQ (6 months ago)
You forgot Sam!!
Lydia Quinn (6 months ago)
Jon had something special at his core but there were some great teachers along the way. This was goosebumps good. Thank you.
Cecilia Miller (16 days ago)
Yup . Aemon's line" kill the boy and let the man be born." CLASSIC.
Tad Dawson (6 months ago)
Amazeballs vid
culero connors (6 months ago)
thanks for this!!!
Michel laust der Affe (6 months ago)
realy nice made, great work, brother!
Dylan Matusek (6 months ago)
Another great video, thank you so much
Tisha Anderson (6 months ago)
The puppies!!!! 😍😍😍
Tisha Anderson (6 months ago)
The puppies!!!! 😍😍😍
Donna Cee (6 months ago)
Awesome! You do great work.
youness amrammou (6 months ago)
hey man thx for the great job plz the men who made khaleesi once again thx a lot for all of this :)
Blue (6 months ago)
Say Daemon!! Here is another fuckwit who is stealing from you!!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCecyqFGFD37rle_ErVghPiA/videos?shelf_id=0&sort=dd&view=0 I really hate these bastards.
Blue (6 months ago)
Burns my ass. They steal the titles and your written intros too!! Being a thief is bad enough. Being a lazy thief? It passes all belief. Who do you think these clowns are? Children who want to be popular? Russians fucking with us? Let me guess, you've had to address this more than ten times. Disgusting.
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (6 months ago)
thanks I'll take care of it.
meemee keykat (6 months ago)
i love your channel so much! thanks for the hard work
aqu1r3 (6 months ago)
How I wish aemon targeryan had figured out Jon's lineage before he died.
Could you do one like this but about Daenerys?
Derek Poe (6 months ago)
Just wanna say out of all the GOT youtube channels yours is BY FAR my favorite. Great videos and GREAT taste in music. Keep up the fantastic work.
Alex (6 months ago)
Mate u gotta sick taste in music
Eric Grabowski (6 months ago)
Uncle Benjen knows!!
Stephanie Spain (6 months ago)
I really love your POV videos! I’m a huge fan of the show and a even bigger book fan!! My son has been begging me to let him watch the show but he’s only 13 and I haven’t felt comfortable b/c the first 5 seasons were full of boobs etc. BUT your POV videos are PERFECT for him to watch and get an idea of what’s going on without being exposed to everything else. I have really enjoyed sharing this whole GOT experience with him...Thanks to you!! Keep them coming 👌😊
Stephanie Spain (6 months ago)
tripsaplenty Shae was a prostitute which state on multiple occasions. Not to mention the whole incest thing with Deny and Joh and most scenes with Oberyn and Ellaria together are taking place in a brothel. Just my thoughts and options 😊
Stephanie Spain (6 months ago)
dono Thank you! I should have be more clear. 😊
Stephanie Spain (6 months ago)
tripsaplenty As I stated previously, there is a handful of relationships that I would consider healthy and consensual!
tripsaplenty (6 months ago)
Stephanie Spain There is Samwell and Gilly, Tyrion and Shae, Jon and Ygritte, Jon and Dany, Robb and Talisa, Dany and Drogo, Greyworm and Missandei, Dany and Daario, Oberyn and Ellaria, and more. Sure the relationships don't always begin or end positively but that's life, eh.
dono (6 months ago)
that's a fair point i hadn't thought of, and again i didn't mean to criticise you i just never understood the sexual content over violent content in terms of censorship.Yes, you're right that context is important and in this case i agree with you. thnx for a surprisingly civil youtube discussion. cheers
Coqui Negra (6 months ago)
Ciaran Hinds is so good looking
Mr Incognitio (4 months ago)
Coqui Negra really?
First world problems (6 months ago)
Eddard really did protect Jon and never told anyone not even his wife where Jon really came from
tommy soprano (6 months ago)
My bad you saved the best for last! Big thumbs up now
Håkon Lileng (6 months ago)
Nice video, but why did you not include Samwell Tarley?
Frank Castle (3 months ago)
I love the Mormonts. A Mormont taught Jon how to be a leader. A Mormont fought with Robb Stark A Mormont protects Daenarys Targaryen. A Mormont gave the Starks fighting men in the Battle of the Bastards. Can't go wrong with a Mormont.
Aristak Nagarajan (6 days ago)
A Mormont was the first one to call Jon the King in the North
Cecilia Miller (16 days ago)
I sooo agree. Long Live House Mormont!
antifusion (1 month ago)
Aye lad, can't go wrong with a fooking Mormont!
rebuke rebuke (1 month ago)
Mormonts are the personal sponsor of jon snow, they gave him a sword, he fought ramsay with a mormont shield
Chris Medina (6 months ago)
After reading the books 3X, rewatching series backwards from 7-1 lol, immersing into this amazing world that seems more "real" in many ways than this insane realm. SO FOOKIN HAPPY THIS SHOWED UP ON MY WALL 💝😅🐺🐺🐺
khushboo khan (6 months ago)
Thank you. Love from India❤
Stone Alvarado (6 months ago)
I just realized. Targaryens are born with WHITE HAIR. Jon was born with black hair, but huge Dire Wolf has WHITE HAIR! And snow is WHITE! The perfect mix of Stark and Targaryen! Foreshadowing out the ass since the beginning!
Cecilia Miller (16 days ago)
An incredible breakdown! THANKS Brian. Good Job!
Paul Jones (19 days ago)
Stone Alvarado LMAO @foreshadowing out the ass since the beginning.
Franco Nogueira (6 months ago)
Daemon made me watch GOT. I used to hate it for no reason. Thanks man!
spirittammyk (6 months ago)
I used to be put off of it because of the exploitation and violence towards women, but once you cut all that out, there is a good story to be told without all of the needless nudity and sex.
pOuDiI wicked (6 months ago)
Daemon you really hooked me up on game of thrones I just wanna say thanks alot
HARALD BLUETOOTH (6 months ago)
finally someone who doesn't forget or ignore Stannis' role..thank you man you are a goodfella :)
robot (6 months ago)
maester aemon played the biggest role in jon snows transformation imo
Louis Criscione (6 months ago)
Why's Alliser Thorne on the list? If I remember correctly, he plotted to assassinate Jon Snow Julis Caesar style. All the other men were his ally, friend, companion, and mentor--not wanting him dead.
Cecilia Miller (16 days ago)
Because you mature rather quickly when you KNOW someone you might even break bread wirh cant stand you. 1 enemy does that. Lesson learned
k pax (4 months ago)
It's ironic that Alliser Thorne was at the Wall because he was a Targaryen supporter. If he had only known who Jon was.
Elyn Shadow (5 months ago)
Your enemy can make you who you are... sometimes anger or hate can make you do more things than sweet love
Seth Ritchie (6 months ago)
Ser Daemon, Us common folk drink secret toasts to your health and cry out for our true king.. All because of your amazing videos lol. Seriously though Ser, your work is greatly appreciated.
Cecilia Miller (16 days ago)
+DarkLight523 haha Cute!
DarkLight523 (4 months ago)
I may not be a learned man, but you will address the One True King as Your Grace. :)
VinessaGaming (6 months ago)
I love this title!
Karla Marie (6 months ago)
what about Samwell tarly
Elyn Shadow (5 months ago)
I guess he is part of the Brothers of the NW
Mildred Marshall (6 months ago)
well done
Stefano Dogg (6 months ago)
Daemon. You are the one who got me hooked on GOTs. I killed my TV many years ago and only heard about it a few years ago. Many thanks
lolli (6 months ago)
Daemon - what a great video (once again) - to a degree, we are all products of our environment and Jon has a good heart & head - you brought that out in this video!  Thanks for all your work & helping us make it through the long night!
Daniel Baucom (6 months ago)
Thanks so much Daemon! Coming home after a hard day and seeing you posted a new video really lifts my spirits. God bless you Daemon
willie may (6 months ago)
Well I think Stannis is Alive.
Elyn Shadow (5 months ago)
in the books he certainly is
TheOfficialSub (6 months ago)
I'm a simple man I see a Daemon Blackfyre video I watch it.
Miss Poste *argw27 (6 months ago)
Hear, hear
Mr Person01 (6 months ago)
Jon should've listened to Stannis. Send Thorne into exile or kill him.
rwest1833_MGTOW (6 months ago)
Well done Blackfyre!!!

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