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Katarina Slot Machine done right! My first session on the Katarina Slots by WMS. Got 4 bonus wheels in a matter of 15 minutes. Great wins with a HUGE BIG WIN at the end! Also gave me a free spins bonus round, but these wheel bonuses were more exciting! Slot Machine: Katarina by WMS Slots a Reel Intensity Game Denom: 1c (Penny) Total Bet: $2.50 Subscribe: http:///www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=kbr420 Like and Subscribe to support my channel and to receive my latest updates when they're available! Thanks and Good Luck!!!! -kbr
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Text Comments (64)
The Angry Engineer (2 years ago)
Oh shit! When you hit that $613 my heart jumped. Good job!! Let me know if you ever decide to slot in St. Louis!
leslie hargis (2 years ago)
That was an awesomene bonus!!! :)
thegougy (2 years ago)
Great play ;), congrats and thanks for sharing.
great hits... all in 15 mins too.  thats amazing!  Never seen this one before
Wolf Foley (3 years ago)
Did anyone check out that WMS Gaming Posted? I've said this and here's the proof for you slot video makers that are getting troubled by ignorant casino staff members: They (The Slot Industry) do watch slot videos, comments, etc... It's a part of their business, not a pastime. They like this stuff. I've said it a long time ago and there's the proof. Congrats and great video!!!  A Big Fan, Wolfy :)
Wolf Foley (3 years ago)
YOU ROCK!!! Wolfy :)
Thanks Wolfy! I totally agree with ya :) 
GirlGamer GR (3 years ago)
God damnit :(I saw katarina and I thought from LoL because I didn't see the tumbnail....such a troll xD
haha. no problem. 
KenoBabe777 (3 years ago)
WOWZA SUPER NICE WIN!!!! Congrats!!!!!
Thanks KenoBabe!!! 
Ricky McGrady (3 years ago)
Very nice wins! Machines like that are a lot of fun when they continue to give!!
Jdevy - Arcade Games (3 years ago)
Lucky win! Looks like you are recording at the other places in Reno now...
Jdevy - Arcade Games (3 years ago)
+kbr420 - Slot Machine Videos It's the one with the yellow signs seen on 3:48
Thanks J! Do you know where this was from?
+WMS Gaming Thanks for the share!! Love your games. Keep up the great work! -kbr
Yeasty Loaf (2 years ago)
How much money have you made off slot machines and how much have you lost?
Scientific Games (3 years ago)
Great video! Thank you for posting! We shared it out on our Facebook today so make sure to check it out! Nothing like a great video to kick off a Monday morning!!! 
Aldo DiNatale (3 years ago)
Excellent video. Thank you for sharing!
Aldo DiNatale (3 years ago)
Hi I subed you can you sub back? Thank you!
Glad you enjoyed it Aldo! Thanks for commenting
Joseph McIntyre (3 years ago)
Dang, awesome play!
Pokie Fun (3 years ago)
Congrats, Well Done!!!
Video Diva13 (3 years ago)
Fantastic wins.
PMT Slot Hits n' Stuff (3 years ago)
Just got these games at my local. Really enjoy them.
PMT Slot Hits n' Stuff (3 years ago)
Yeah I was getting some decent play on them. I like the hot molten money one. Love the 2x and 5x wilds. Great potential.
yup, they're fun! did they treat you well T?
Grandraplady akaAMB (3 years ago)
That was great! thanks for sharing
MR.Vegas Hot Slots (3 years ago)
Awesome win!!!
Thanks much Mr. Vegas!
miss nisha (3 years ago)
Very nice!
Thank you miss nisha!
IzzySdSlots (3 years ago)
Can't believe that last one stuck -- glad they don't pull that shit when you're about to get 7x.  LOL  (Btw, what do the $$$ signs do again?)
For real!!! That was the one thing I was hoping not to get on that hit. The $ sign provides a 10x bet credit amount and then awards the multiplier. 
Catherine P (3 years ago)
Very nice bonuses. Congrats on a great video.
Aaron Sawyer (3 years ago)
dvandentop (3 years ago)
hell; yeah sick win buddy especially 25x one at the end! prefer the hot molten money version myself
Thanks +dvandentop! Hot molten...I have had shit horrible luck on every one I tried! haha. Glad it's good to you!!!
slotvideos (3 years ago)
great wins kbr! that's awesome!!
Thanks slotvideos! Glad you enjoyed it.
Amazing! ! Love the short sessions that pay a fortune. Such a delight for the player any day. Really thought to myself no way will it stop on 25 x and BOOM. Wow . Best amounts I've seen uploaded and won on this game so far
I love them too! Wish they could always be like that! Thanks David!
Vegas Enthusiast (3 years ago)
Frugally retired (3 years ago)
Excellent - congratulations! As good as most progressives. 
It was definitely good to me! The lady sitting next to me said she dumped $200 in it right before I sat down. Thanks lovetwoslot!
Shantrel White (3 years ago)
Thanks Shantrel!
JM Engelhard (3 years ago)
A nice win indeed! Congrats! ;)
Thanks JM!
McGlaven's SlotGasm (3 years ago)
Pretty incredible that 25x stuck. Nice presentation!
I was shocked it stuck too! Considering how the wheel spins, I thought it was going to pass by. Thanks McGlaven!
Very nice session. Iove the last one.
Thanks Blue! It was a great first experience! I haven't tried the game since, but hopefully it will continue to be good :)
Aaron Sawyer (3 years ago)
I used to be a huge vegas player. I've since moved most of play to Reno. They are so much looser there! As for Vegas, your best odds are off strip. Station Casinos (sunset, palace, GVR) seem to always be good to me. Good luck and hit it big! Oh, Aria if you want to record your slot videos. They totally allow it.
Aaron Sawyer (3 years ago)
We're going Vegas next month, any advice?😁
Aaron Sawyer (3 years ago)
Your welcome!
Thanks for the kind words, Aaron! Really appreciate it :) I still have a few huge wins up my sleeve. haha. I need to space them out so, stay tuned!
Aaron Sawyer (3 years ago)
I love all the video you posted specifically the big wins and jackpots... Thanks for sharing... Good luck and keep winning... Big win... Big hit!!!😄
CMCT (3 years ago)
Very nice!!!
Thanks for commenting CMCT!
Deb Apprille (3 years ago)
Great wins! My only suggestion is to leave a little more suspense for the viewers. It's not as exciting to watch when we know there will be increasingly bigger wins. Instead of "omg, that's amazing!" it's more like "okay, yep, that's what I thought would happen." Still awesome, though. :)
Hey Deb, thanks for the tip! I totally get where you're coming from. I'll try to be more discreet about it in the future ;) The reason why some of us mention it up front is lots of people don't tend to watch the entire video. So if the good stuff is at the end, well, they would never see it. :)

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