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Top 5 Halo 5 Easter Eggs

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Top 5 Halo 5 Easter Eggs! A bunch of Halo 5 easter eggs can be found within the game, but these halo easter eggs stood out to us as a few of the best so far! Voiced By TGN Partner HaloFollower's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Halo5Follower Written and Edited by TGN Partner Marco Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MarcoStyleNL Partner With TGN: http://tgn.tv/youtube-partner --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TGN Central: ➜ http://central.tgn.tv/ TGN Facebook ➜ https://www.facebook.com/TGNTV TGN Twitter ➜ https://twitter.com/tgntv TGN Squadron ➜ https://www.youtube.com/user/Games TGN Twitch ➜ http://www.twitch.tv/tgn Music by Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Text Comments (305)
minspincher gaming (10 hours ago)
play a real game of soccor
Bubba22tx ! (12 days ago)
Do another halo 5 one
STW036 ! (2 months ago)
My favorite gun in the halo series is the SAW now i can get it more easly thank!
Jack Colson (2 months ago)
2:20 that's the gravemind
YaBoyRemag (5 months ago)
That monster look really like the eeehhh the gravemind from halo 2
Raymond Jiang (5 months ago)
In halo 5s second campaign mission master has a vision of Cortana and the. Kelly says chief what’s wrong then chief wakes up in in his halo 4 pose
Abdallah Abou Abdallah (6 months ago)
I found a secret boss fight shoot 7 nifes for the cool boss fight first mission on legendary
taco 69 (6 months ago)
There is a dare to defy poster on plaza
taco 69 (6 months ago)
But who cares about that when you have talking grunts
Crispy Bacon (7 months ago)
Grunts can talk in halo 4 also
Ben Hurn (10 months ago)
Grave mind Easter egg
Cece Woodall (1 year ago)
That's actually a sandworm
The magical ghost AJ (1 year ago)
Rhino World (1 year ago)
for number one it is not a box, it is a little xenomorph
Fazlullah KHALILI (1 year ago)
cool man and your other ones to!:wink:
boxofpoland (1 year ago)
TGN Overwatch talking about halo, HaloWatch Confirmed
Dr. Wing Ding Gaster (1 year ago)
I admit it,I spent an hour to 2 hours listening to that grunt talk to that elite
Shadow King (1 year ago)
0:13 did anyone else think some of the flying things were drones?
Estela Resol (1 year ago)
consider using a sniper too see the monster closer
Noble 6 UNSC Spartan (1 year ago)
3:04 infection forms come
Ricardo Paredes (1 year ago)
you can Google it or searching on YouTube
Ricardo Paredes (1 year ago)
that was the death worm
mps23LepardC (1 year ago)
Did you every find a singing grunt on top of a balcony, you can interact also with the grunt
Polo (1 year ago)
Arachnid he's coming.... HALO 6 OMG
Armando Avalos (1 year ago)
one clan iPhone the vending machine weapon with my friends
Daniel Wood (1 year ago)
"doooooooooooooooooooooooisac. they could have named it anything! anything! planet of the brutes everbody!"if you get it, like
Alex Grossman (1 year ago)
man I wish I had a xboxone
Alex Grossman (1 year ago)
man I wish I had a xboxone
Dankest Memes (1 year ago)
Has anyone else noticed the Red vs Blue easter egg? Two of the cores that you have to destroy towards the end of the game are called Epsilon and Delta.
clumsyhumor (1 year ago)
such wow
tf2noob87 gameing (1 year ago)
Number 4 is a Star Wars Easter egg
Alexis Juarez (1 year ago)
i think the grunt was talking how they toked them and made the slaves
Southpaw Wolf (1 year ago)
Halo 5 is a bad game
this rolex (1 year ago)
I found another Easter egg on Halo 5 go to Forge mode and look on Kelly shotgun
Android 7970 (1 year ago)
The monster is from dune
Legendary Wolf (1 year ago)
I found something oddly strange when I was doing the Meridian mission. Towards the end when you have to head back to the space elevator on warthogs. As I was heading over the bridge after taking down the hijacked warthog I heard the YAY!!! sound after a corps scout hog blew up. I don't know if it was supposed to trigger something else but, it really confused me
LifeasUsual (1 year ago)
The huge monster eating the rig in the background, is one of the giant worms from Dune!
EndHunter 64 (1 year ago)
This earned you a sub
this rolex (1 year ago)
there is an Easter egg of singing runs on the mission 12 after you destroy the third time
this rolex (1 year ago)
I meant torrent
Tyny EQ (1 year ago)
2:17 is that the monster from Star Wars
coquis sanchez (1 year ago)
l found a gront that signs
Ed (1 year ago)
Was that a Worm from the movie "Dune" that devours the platform ?
gun lord (1 year ago)
a grunt on a ruin sininging and talking
Justin Cooper (1 year ago)
Xenomorph egg on the last one
Dan Man (1 year ago)
that monster that ate that rig looked a lot like a bigger grave mond
Thaddeus Hamlet (1 year ago)
Oh that's what that thing is for??!? I was just screwing around when I discovered that last Easter egg. I thought it was just a reference to the aliens from the Alien series. (looks kinda like one of their heads)
Yur i (1 year ago)
It is
FfFinnster (1 year ago)
in maridien station there is another blue vending mashen press it enuff and a sound effect will play which shouts GOALL!!!! then buck mentions sumthing about football.
MoistBabies (1 year ago)
nice dune reference 343
Juan Hs (1 year ago)
hear that on 0:32 food nipple like I'm halo combat evolved
Mert Trahan (1 year ago)
jx592 (2 years ago)
the real world needs a weapon vending machine
eenkaryono (2 years ago)
there is a crowd of grunts praying to a figure of the GUARDIAN in the battle of scenion(do not know how to spell)
Mythic. X (2 years ago)
What's the song call when the badass worm comes out???
TheFinalTitan _ (2 years ago)
Instead of, "Why are you playing with a giant soccer ball?" it's "Nothing to report here."
Cousin Vinnie (2 years ago)
What IS the song at 2:14? I've heard it before but could never find any credits.
sevan grigoryan (2 years ago)
There are a lot of hidden talking grunts as Easter eggs in this series
SuperSix4 (2 years ago)
Is that one grunt that you get a skull from an easter egg? In the blue team mission towards the end?
StrungRhyme3335 (2 years ago)
There is 1 on mission 1 on legendary
BlueStriker 27 (2 years ago)
The second vending machine sounds like the mystery box in cod black ops
Independence (2 years ago)
song at 2:30?
Stoopid Monkey (2 years ago)
Song at #2 is Darkness is coming- Kevin MacLeod. Like so others can see if you aren't heartless =)
TheGhost (1 year ago)
Stoopid Monkey "why you gotta be so heartless?" (song by kanye west)
Leland Parkhurst (2 years ago)
ive already seen the talking grunt alot of times and it really isn't hidden
Maximilius (2 years ago)
Insert Clever Name (2 years ago)
2:18 Arby! Activate the Slip-Space Thrus---
Nightmare Gabe (2 years ago)
What's the theme song on 2 Easter egg
Stoopid Monkey (2 years ago)
+Gabriel Cruz yup NP
Nightmare Gabe (2 years ago)
+Stoopid Monkey thx bro
Stoopid Monkey (2 years ago)
Darkness is coming-Kevin MacLeod
SonicDragon0628 (2 years ago)
why is his soccer ball normal I got a silver soccer ball
Ammar Mhaidat (2 years ago)
banshee ultra easter egg?
Trevor Rhodes (2 years ago)
I did the soccer ball ester why and the soccer ball was silver
James Day (2 years ago)
On a mission there is a singing grunt on a cliff, it gives you the option to punt him off
MitchTheNinjaSock (2 years ago)
what about the singing grunt
lovinmybike (2 years ago)
the master looks like its from star wars! :)
That Memey Boi (2 years ago)
2:27 That HAS to be a Star Wars reference.
Nathan Waters (2 years ago)
I saw another Easter egg there's a hidden star wars sighn when it eats it
Evo Death (2 years ago)
mr mesas box is on one halo map
Digital Dragon (2 years ago)
there's actually 2 talking grunts on the first one one on the cliff and another on a higher cliff deeper in the mountains near the edge
Boethia (2 years ago)
Please tell me what was the song in the "sandworm easter egg" ??? Loved it so much.
miner liner (2 years ago)
I dont want to encounter that worm
Lily Rogers (2 years ago)
The desert one also has got a grunt singing he the one the skull
DualSwords (2 years ago)
That monster looks like the flood
Smotheryaxe 1414 (2 years ago)
but not the one u kill in gears 2
Smotheryaxe 1414 (2 years ago)
the huge monster on the rig is a giant worm thing that sinks cities in gears of war
J Smith (2 years ago)
Watching these makes me miss the drive and fun I had playing the old halo games and just exploring finding all this stuff on my own especially halo 2, now it's just all crap I still play to see the story line but the series is just not like it used to be ever since they made reach it just started changing drastically. Oh well
Miranda Gebhart (2 years ago)
I think the monsters are reference to Star Wars is a monster ate a ship I don't know if it's from Star Wars but I think it is
zogbie9143 (2 years ago)
it's from dune
Monty (2 years ago)
@ the monster part what is a rig?
Benfairbro06 (2 years ago)
its a guardian
Hilda Cardenas (2 years ago)
Hilda Cardenas (2 years ago)
does anybody get a silver soccer ball i h5
Broke Bean (2 years ago)
my soccer ball is always chrome
drew hudgins (2 years ago)
set the place where you can never find it the way how I got to it was send a bunch of buildings and I came across two marines one actually spoke Portuguese and the other one was a hippie like I said climb the walls and if you find a staircase that those on top of building then you found it then you can find the two marines salsa right in front of the mongooses
drew hudgins (2 years ago)
there is another one on Meridian station it's um it's a Marine that speaks Portuguese with a translator doesn't translate correctly pretty funny
Craig B (2 years ago)
you can get an Ultra Beauty in blue team when you get to the part where you have to go to Shedd's grab a rocket launcher for down to this black walkway and there should be a little thing that you shoot and if done correctly and with the rocket launcher it will shoot out white just like that box that you shoot on blue team again that spawned several Banshees and then again she will start flying to and if you hijack it it gives you several things upgraded Shield sticker armor the fuel Rod Cannon explodes large multiple times it's light blue like a really light blue
Nate (2 years ago)
I found a needler in the 7th or 6th mission called "talon of the lost"
DDG (2 years ago)
i think the talking grunt is from halo wars
Anthony Sterling (2 years ago)
thats a sand worm
OnlineisOnline Fun guy (2 years ago)
It is Easter today
Ethan Sandoval (2 years ago)
there's also a hidden singing grunt also on the 9th mission as well
Stefan Clifford (2 years ago)
I could've done that in my game halo 5
unwanted ghost (2 years ago)
I got a silvery-grey ball instead.CABOOSE, WHAT DID YOU DO!!??
wolfyplays 06 (2 years ago)
I found a grant holding a skull
Cthulhoop (2 years ago)
You mean a grunt?
NorskVikingen (2 years ago)
another easter egg in the map colliseum theres a creature hiding under the map

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