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GTA Liberty City Stories Walkthrough Gameplay Part 6 - Mission Failed... | 1080p (PPSSPP)

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Stay tuned for more GTA Liberty City Stories Gameplay. 🎮 MORE GTA Liberty City Stories videos - https://bit.ly/2P2YmQt Enjoyed the video? Hit 👍 "LIKE" 👍 - Thank you! 👉 Follow me! ✔️ My 2nd Channel! - http://bit.ly/2g9Xt4R ✔️Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/xChaseMoney ✔️ Facebook - http://facebook.com/xChaseMoney For Business Inquires: [email protected] Wanna Send Me Fanmail? xChaseMoney P.O Box 8399 Pittsburgh, PA 15218 Emulator Settings: https://gyazo.com/7d39bdac9ad4c8854927e0a4db129c5f https://gyazo.com/1dfedff9e0106303d4e3695dd7016b95 https://gyazo.com/2e0f3ea848c76f8e72c1d67b3f679efe https://gyazo.com/d90f3aae2d7843cded8e70a8a1f188c6 Developer: Rockstar Leeds, Rockstar North Publisher: Rockstar Games Platform: PS2, PSP, iOS, Android, Fire OS Release: October 24, 2005 Genre: Action-adventure Mode: Single-player, multiplayer #GTA #Rockstar #GrandTheftAuto
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Text Comments (221)
King Meechie (3 months ago)
1:28 when your side chick ask what are we... 😂😂😂
Z ZomaticZ Z (3 months ago)
do a vice city stores walkthrough
Black Disciples (5 months ago)
oFriendlyMxdder- (6 months ago)
gang gang gang my nigga
Khodri Yazid (8 months ago)
24:52 this is for the Montage funny asf
Dipsy (9 months ago)
25:00 that look when you know you've fucked up 😂😂😂😂😂
Austin Elliott (9 months ago)
The bitch killed the PIMP. YOU HAD ONE RULE CHASE!!!!
Van Pi’erre (10 months ago)
10:47 Got that Suge Knight 😂
Van Pi’erre (10 months ago)
9:29 Boy had that crackhead speed
Black Disciples (10 months ago)
That fat, weird humpty dumpty dude said "I'm sweating like my uncle in a school yard." Wtf his pedophile as uncle was doing boy weird as shit
S O L A C E (10 months ago)
1K Mook (10 months ago)
Why the triads got the same jumpsuit as Mike Tyson on Mike Tyson mysteries
MJKelzzz (10 months ago)
I think there’s one mission where you have to fly a helicopter
Nell TheBombshell (10 months ago)
In the words of you "Can't kill a pimp, and you can't kill Grandma" 😂😂😂😂😂
YBN Nahmir (10 months ago)
Take that dirty ahh beater off 5:53
arrogant_bihh (10 months ago)
25:00 😑😑
arrogant_bihh (10 months ago)
15:09 "COME OOONNNNNN"..... thats how we feel when we waiting on your videos
bizor22 (10 months ago)
5:43 apparently whoever mans this is dropped the soap in prison
Rambix Gaming (10 months ago)
No in this game you can't fly helicopters
keyshaun thekid (10 months ago)
GMBKOBE (10 months ago)
Lmaooooooooo 24:56
northG123 (10 months ago)
Chase shout out from London. Your walkthroughs are too funny bro. 😂If u go old school next time. U should play enter the matrix for one of ur next walk throughs
Andrew Plush (10 months ago)
Hey whats good playlist Family. im hungry asf what yall got to eat?
therudeboii9 (10 months ago)
22:37 DAYUM
Skydragon 24 (10 months ago)
Also great video homie. I enjoy your gameplays
Skydragon 24 (10 months ago)
Hey Chase I got a question how can you record your facecam and play the emulator. If you can help me I would appreciate it a lot.
zephaniah johnson (10 months ago)
Sometimes you can run this fade
davidakad (10 months ago)
25:11 when your mom give you the look after viewing your report card
GroveStreetGang (10 months ago)
you should be able to switch reversed aim
Roderick Hampton (10 months ago)
Chase new life is strange out
Tei Wa (10 months ago)
5:04 why this man look like a more fatter version of Big Smoke?
Anhad Sandhu (10 months ago)
Chase you can shoot out ur car tooo
GamerCalypso (10 months ago)
Finally!!! You was bout to catch this fade Sir but Brutha Chase Thanks for the video
William Garcia (10 months ago)
Lol man I wish you put out videos of this game at the same rate that you do for Dying Light...
ct27 (10 months ago)
Chase, are you going to do VCS too?
Blast Fried (10 months ago)
24:35 Facts, my brother. 24:43 The irony of it all was the fact a fire truck was around the corner. 😂💀
HELLA THICC (10 months ago)
Chase doing two playthroughs of my favourite games at the same time. First time I've closely followed this channel's activity on a daily basis xD
darius shannon (10 months ago)
"titty bitch" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Juntao IsMe (10 months ago)
Sup chase, u ain't doin no mo scary ish since Em 2?
Lamar J Dub (10 months ago)
"Fun fact chase ended two back to back videos with death."
Lamar J Dub (10 months ago)
Chase is the best at dying its Like watching a final destination movie.
Lamar J Dub (10 months ago)
21:44 now you interfering wit Crip Business Cuz
brolly256 (10 months ago)
lol lol get in and drive away
Lamar J Dub (10 months ago)
Chase You interfering wit piru Business blood
Lamar J Dub (10 months ago)
cue the "shaqtin a fool" theme music 13:11 He shaqtin a fool, What? He shaqtin a fool, What? He shaqtin a fool, What?
Strange Range (10 months ago)
No helicooter
Strange Range (10 months ago)
devonte bennett (10 months ago)
Love the end 😭😂 bro never fails on having me dead!! Go on and hit em wit dat ewwwww! 😂😂😂‼️
Adam Francis (10 months ago)
No helicopter man
Samuel Smith (10 months ago)
Hell yea you have to fly in the game it fucking gta lol
Faizan khan (10 months ago)
Its Getting Hard now Chase, Missions aren't always ICE CREAM!
CanadianBehelit (10 months ago)
Do you plan on playing the new episode of Life is Strange Before the Storm, Chase? It just came out today and i'm telling you, shit's about to go down!
DJ. mma (10 months ago)
24:48 YOO HOW!? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mario Bikar (10 months ago)
JD had only one dream it was to be a Made Man... "Did JD die? Did he survived? Was he made? Find out on the next chapter on Xchasemoney"
Lonestar (10 months ago)
24:55 Its Unbelievable
InGamesWePlay (10 months ago)
No you wont be flying a helicopter in game. Matter of fact, in this game if I can remember... you can't fly any helicopters in this game.
bd (10 months ago)
yo kevin watup
Mario Bikar (10 months ago)
Why JD look like he smells like onion and mustard? 😂😂😂
Kizz Emprezz (10 months ago)
you can be on the ground level you won't fail the mission.
Lonestar (10 months ago)
10:47 Got that Suge Knight
King Tyshaun (10 months ago)
when u knew that u john lue 24:54
myles1120 (10 months ago)
Ok, came back from the fade I see
Mike Graham (10 months ago)
4:32 Dat Ass Doe !!!!
IAmVenom (10 months ago)
"Titty Bitch" 😂☠️😂☠️😂☠️😂
Rockey (10 months ago)
See you got that voice message. 😂
Bryan Marin (10 months ago)
Sindaccos shooting the car Chase: sees car on fire Chase: get in and drive away Car blows up and kills chase Chase was disappointed in himself Me: 😂😂😂
Lloyd Wheeler (10 months ago)
“I thought it was gone b harder that wasn’t so bad” said the first virgin
Di Almighty Spartan God (10 months ago)
6:04 oh shit the Third Streets Saints to the left
Tiaré Mac Seóin (10 months ago)
you dont fly a single helicopter in this game. 2 things about GTA LCS: 1) you cant swim and 2) helicopters aren't really accessible.
That Boi Té600 (10 months ago)
Chase input Up, Circle, Circle, Down, Left, Circle, Circle, Right trust me you’ll love it
Michelle Neal (10 months ago)
Well I wanna see more 😂😂😂
Play Thomas Beats (10 months ago)
Chase left us on the streets for days, I'm only giving him a pass cuz Christmas is around the corner 😤
The Kyrie Irving (10 months ago)
Play Thomas Beats HE STILL DID
Andrew Plush (10 months ago)
seems fair enough
michael hall (10 months ago)
Move out the damned way!
Cyril Moore (10 months ago)
Cool video gameplay
Chyna Deveroux (10 months ago)
Kept us waiting for a week lol you know it's bad when he has us waiting that long
Nations_ (10 months ago)
10:48 LMAOOO
13laZe9 (10 months ago)
Look on the right at 9:29 😂 they look like Lil mice running round for cheese
Nations_ (10 months ago)
JD look like a white Big Smoke.
Stoney (10 months ago)
Chase I was having a bad ass day and you deadass made it better fam. Hold this W
Robert Parker (10 months ago)
Member Chase u can shoot out the car too
EmperorXaozx (10 months ago)
4:47 got me.
510 Ology (10 months ago)
Mr.Bootleg (10 months ago)
No helicopters, but there's this really annoying mission where you remotely control a mafioso's car and the camera is locked to the vehicle's dashboard.
Mysterious Stranger (10 months ago)
Mr.Bootleg I remember that one. That mission sucked.
LBU 19 (10 months ago)
Nah u won't be in a helicopter
Uba (10 months ago)
Chase look like undercover Joe Budden
LBU 19 (10 months ago)
😂😂 u don't always have to do what the game say nothin would've happened to u if u got on the ground
Black Tanooki (10 months ago)
10:42-10:52 RIP Max Payne
Chris Green (10 months ago)
Sk-_-District 1 (10 months ago)
Playlist gang in this bitch🔥🔥🔥
Brotha Chase (10 months ago)
My goddamn notification didn’t even go off🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Alpoodle _ (10 months ago)
No heli flying in this one, or planes
Zakuma The Red Samurai (10 months ago)
When you go to prison, the most important of the day is gonna be booty, a man's butt! Booty, getting some booty is more important than eating food, it's more important than drinking water
LBU 19 (10 months ago)
FINALLY in the Rock voice
Philly Cash (10 months ago)
17:55 xChasemoney how you take somebody's moped and expect it to be fast? You tellin' the moped to speed up.😂lolol
erick Johnson (10 months ago)
JD made man BG
Lilverrio Tv (10 months ago)
Chase always john ludding lol
Swank Gaming (10 months ago)
10:55 the definition of "on sight"
Mc Bullet (10 months ago)
Dead Shot (10 months ago)
No,but there is a way 2 steal a chopper.Go 2 GTA Series Videos👌
rakim Merriweather (10 months ago)
Drive get outta here chase 24.51
Jfromthehood100 (10 months ago)
About damn time!

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