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GTA 5 - Exploring The Secret MineShaft! (GTA 5 Next Gen)

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Text Comments (11)
James Lynn (3 years ago)
You talk to much and you very over dramatic otherwise than that your a good youtuber
Branden Hansen (3 years ago)
add me ps3 msh512 please
Evan A (3 years ago)
Ad me ps3- psn=E_miester_3845
Devante Scott (3 years ago)
Add me on ps3 I'm hotfireboy200 I have a mic
Angela Howell (3 years ago)
8th comment
SuperWattodo (3 years ago)
Such nice graphics man.
Keaun Bracey (3 years ago)
Crunchy keep doing this shit its fun
The Licy (3 years ago)
epic vid crunchy keep it up
IsaacOfficixl (3 years ago)
I learnt some new Spanish words. CABRON!
Don7000 Games (3 years ago)
Capare (3 years ago)

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