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HOW TO GROW YOUR MINECRAFT SERVER (BEST TIPS)! Join my server! IP: play.gonfonix.com Server Website: http://www.gonfonix.com ► Want to easily know when I have posted a YouTube video to my channel? Then check out my very own Google Chrome & Firefox browser extension! http://bit.ly/GonfonixYTExtension :) :D -- PS: There are no advertisements on the extension! -- Yes, you're welcome! :D √√ Music at the end of the video is by Kevin MacLeod. His music, including the one used within the video, is available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. License Link: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ The other music played during the video is Minecraft - Cat (MC Music Disc) Link to That Song: https://c418.bandcamp.com/track/cat Extra: √ Make sure to check out my channel about info for more channel news/info, additional things, like updates, new stuff, and etc! ► Subscribe to my YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/gonfonixytsub ∆ ✪ My Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gonfonix ✪ My Twitch: https://twitch.tv/Gonfonix ✪ My Google Plus: http://bit.ly/googleplusgonfonix (HELP ME REACH 1K GOOGLE PLUS FOLLOWERS! :D) ➡ Enjoy the video! :) Let me know you read the entire video description, by commenting "iLuvGonfonix" within the comment section below the video! Stay tuned!⬅
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Text Comments (111)
Kelcey Clark (20 hours ago)
would've been more professional if you didn't keep on dropping cuss bombs!
Gonfonix (18 hours ago)
Kelcey Clark fuck you're right. Next time...
Vexamos (3 days ago)
god you sound like an asshole why you have to keep stating things about you and your server
Gonfonix (3 days ago)
Vexamos because I'm a living god and you're a pleb
Smart Name (12 days ago)
Join my Minecraft PC anarchy server! kasos.world
Primortal J (1 month ago)
I have 2 questions and a comment, #1, what if you are a person on a limited income and you cannot afford a full domain for a website, #2, since I was never good with SQL, what about giving people my email address. and my comment, is in my opinion is your spawn building is too dark for my taste.
Tree Mods (1 month ago)
How did you make that website
Tree Mods (1 month ago)
you understand it. Glad that youre a good owner
Tree Mods (1 month ago)
omg you are so similar owner like me.... exactly
GoodClover Games (2 months ago)
Where is a good place to get cheap server hosting? I have been developing an own-hoasted server but I know it can't cope with more than about 10 people without lagg.
Dubstep Beast (14 days ago)
skynode, $1.95/gb
Ravan Hutchings (1 month ago)
Does "cheap" mean it still costs money? If so, use minehut.com! It's free!
Mati Poirier (1 month ago)
Hosthorde is amazing
Blue Fred (1 month ago)
Is Shockbyte good or bad?
Gonfonix (2 months ago)
JammTheGoat - Minecraft (2 months ago)
If you want to know how to run a successful server don't listen to a guy like this. Listen to someone who has actually done it. $65 a week isn't even enough to cover hosting for a month, let alone marketing and development. Not hating, just saving people from shitty advice. These days minecraft is all about who is the best at marketing and targetting your fanbase and giving them what they want. You have to spot things other servers don't do well and capitalize on it.
Ravan Hutchings People are entitled to their opinions, so I wouldn't feel any type of way.
Ravan Hutchings (1 month ago)
Minecraft isn't about that! I was trying so hard to make a server that everybody enjoys and I only found out yesterday that you can get money from servers! Plus, don't be rude. Imagine if you made a excellent video and then everybody started being rude - how would you feel?
JammTheGoat - Minecraft (2 months ago)
Gonfonix indeed not. That is why it's important to speak about how things really work now. You really have to have a budget of a few grand to get things started unless you want to spin your wheels. These things you talk about are important but paid advertising is an absolute must. There's still ways to "come up."
Gonfonix (2 months ago)
JammTheGoat - Minecraft You have made good money, because you have been doing it for years. New servers aren't going to make a living off it instantly.
JammTheGoat - Minecraft (2 months ago)
Gonfonix Considering I've made a living from it for over 3 years (in business for 5), yes. Anyway sorry to ruffle feathers just maybe consider that your tips aren't the key to run a truly successful long-term server. You hit on a few good topics, but ultimately there's a lot more to it these days my man. Trust me, I wish it were easier myself.
Pink (2 months ago)
Join my servers discord https://discord.gg/VjG9RR9
DoctorRobertNeville (2 months ago)
CCM.Gaming (2 months ago)
Hey I just launched a skyblock server called CCMGaming Network if you would like to join the IP is play.ccmgaming.com thanks, great video thanks for the tips!
Zenos (2 months ago)
Decent video.
TheEnemyDream Gaming (2 months ago)
I’m making custom plugins for mine, is that unique
DiamondMenHD (2 months ago)
Hi i like your ideas can you ADD me on skype i want to ASK you something my SKYPE: minecraft439
OpCraft (3 months ago)
What about skyblock
GalaxyArts (3 months ago)
Join my server IP is AuriaCraft.serv.nu
RYOB (3 months ago)
Can u pls give me shoutout my dream is too have a good server ip is MoneyPVP.serv.gs (its not free i pay for it) we have bedwars sky wars and duels and soon factions and skyblock
BlueCraft (3 months ago)
i have a network server with 4 minigames and its not new its like 5 years old or so so if you want to try it out you can Ip : BlueCraft.serv.gs Version: 1.8.X-1.12 Minigames: Kitpvp, HCF , OpFactions, SkyWars
OFFICIAL- EzMT (3 months ago)
Otaatop Emerpus (3 months ago)
Could you make a tutorial on how you do everything?
Motz n Totz inc (3 months ago)
can u come on my server?
1 - 1800 L U C I L F E R (3 months ago)
Dr_Pepper185 (3 months ago)
u should legit just complain all video liek wut u did at 8:55 ur rly gud at that tone XD i would watch 3 fucking hours of u just being savage liek that XD
Corn Chowder (4 months ago)
your server is down tho.
FC Kerry (2 months ago)
Corn Chowder join play.diversionmc.net and join DNCloud
Compete ToDefeat (4 months ago)
Well first off your server is apparently gone and the first key to success is to stick around, people like stability. Secondly 6 or 7 players with peaks nearing 20 is nothing. After being offline for a couple of years then going back up mine pulls close to that and I have done NOTHING to promote it yet. When mine was online before it was seeing averages of 50+ and peaking in the high 90's on the weekends, and I will get it there again. Some of this is decent advice but as soon as I hear you say "I don't have essentials installed" I chuckle a bit. Also voting sites are decent at best for drawing players but you have to promote it via forum posts in the right places because between those posts and word of mouth that is where you'll get most of your players. Oh and clearlag is pretty much a waste of time, learn how to optimize your server instead. I never ran it and had 0 lag... because I know WTF I'm doing. At the end you say "I've run a lot of successful servers". That''s what somebody who jumps from thing to thing and doesn't stick with it says, not somebody that's actually run a successful server. I guess that's why the server plugged in the description is already gone eh, oh so successful... I'm sure your players appreciated losing their work building and mining.
Saintally (4 months ago)
Great minds think alike? I didn't learn anything from this vid. That's a good thing. Im Already doing most of what you said. You give great tips! If you are reading this, listen to this video!
TheUltimateGamer 5565 (4 months ago)
Hey join my server IP: MCHub.minehut.gg
Ketchynet_Vlogs (4 months ago)
What if the server I made was a MCPE server? Any ideas
Ketchynet_Vlogs (4 months ago)
Yes you have 200 votes but you voted for the server 98 times
Thanks for the advice, my server needs it!
123Gaming (4 months ago)
Can you help me with my server a little
Cryptous Mercury (4 months ago)
Hey Gonfonix, I agree all the way, and thank you for telling me some of this, I really appreciate it.
Rbxvids _YT (5 months ago)
Me and my friend are making a server
SawyerWD (5 months ago)
Thanks for making this video! The tips were really awesome and I can tell you have lots of experience with MC servers (:
RJ130 (5 months ago)
I’ll go for a survival server! It’s best for me.
Quick Lemon (5 months ago)
rip headphones users at the beginning
Quick Lemon (5 months ago)
Excuse me?! The audio on this video is perfect! =)
Gonfonix (5 months ago)
Quick Lemon haha this video is old. I have nice audio quality now in my new videos :)
George Ruben (5 months ago)
Would you like to come onto my server and give me some advice if you see anything wrong?
Bugatti8999 (6 months ago)
how do you add voting in so when they vote they get a key ?
TomYTG (5 months ago)
No problemo.
Bugatti8999 (5 months ago)
Thanks for your help !!!!
TomYTG (5 months ago)
Krispx (5 months ago)
A plugin called votifier and then download a plugin called crazy crates its the best and then go to the config for votifier u need to write the ip and choose a port 31000-39000 and u can check from youtube how to set it up and then the command is /crate give (name) (Tier of the crate) (amount). But you need to add a crate first before doing that.
TomYTG (5 months ago)
Actually, that's not correct. Use NuVotifier as a voting plugin. Votifier doesn't have any rewarding system, use a plugin such as SuperbVote for rewards. In the rewards then add the command for the crate key.
ScammerRevolts (6 months ago)
Noice video.
Gonfonix (6 months ago)
TheZombieGlitchers (6 months ago)
My server is those you listed plus some minigames still adding plugins before the official release but how would you promote that kind of server>?
Origin Zone Animations (6 months ago)
Lol, 44th comment
LeanderGG (6 months ago)
Kinda funny, if you have over 500 players on and even more easy to anwser all questions
Scroll (6 months ago)
How do you make it so messages auto pop up like the /report message on your server? Also great vid! I also subbed
UnbanJif (5 months ago)
I'd use a plugin like AutoBroadcaster, or other Broadcast plugins. Just use google. If you have trouble with any of this, feel free to reply to the comment or comment on one of my videos with your issue. Cheers!
Modzilla (5 months ago)
Announcement plugins
Camden Six (6 months ago)
*Question* How do you deal with toxic people? Like people who just fight with everyone? Would you ban them?
Krazy’s Shenanigans (6 months ago)
Camden Six Just follow a rules system. Don't be biased.
Gonfonix (6 months ago)
Camden Six if they break a particular rule on your server multiple times, they have been warned and etc, then yes ban. If a player is new and just starts being a dick from the very start, then it is obvious that is what they intended on doing, so I would most likely ban. Before doing so though I'd ask to see what their intent is, and if their answer is sarcastic, then I'd ban.
xXMikeGamesXx HD (7 months ago)
How many voice cracks....
agent 1510 (7 months ago)
Nice video!
Gonfonix (7 months ago)
Morten Leander (8 months ago)
What If you have like 1000+ people Easy to Anwser people
Gonfonix (7 months ago)
Well you can't obviously.
Vexagon (8 months ago)
Hello, this video helped me out a lot. How did you make it so on your NamelessMC you have a page showing the players that have been banned or kicked, http://www.gonfonix.com/infractions/
ClayyyMC (7 months ago)
i really cant find out how to use Mycommands plugin, can you maybe make a tutorial?
Gonfonix (7 months ago)
ClayyyMC The Nameless API.
ClayyyMC (7 months ago)
GonFonix what do you use to make your website?
Gonfonix (7 months ago)
It is a plugin, called LiteBans for your server (Paid plugin). I then tied it with the website.
Nightshade (8 months ago)
My name is Jeff
Building Tutorials (1 month ago)
woah saying 2009 memes in 2017/2018 *very smart*
Matthew Harvey (6 months ago)
the killer
That’s cool
Gonfonix (7 months ago)
UnPackaged (9 months ago)
My host do not support voting for some reason, I payed a few youtubers but still not getting a steady player base. How would I get more players?
Redstone Glitch (8 months ago)
Planet minecraft, I used it on my server and got a player that had seen my ad just one hour later.
Gonfonix (9 months ago)
No.. like an actual computer host company to buy VPS or dedicated servers. Not a "Minecraft server host". Those are stupid because you no access to the full VPS (the PC) 99.9% of the time (when you technically should) and are ridiculously expensive.
UnPackaged (9 months ago)
And paying youtubers is often a really good strategy if you spend enough money on it
UnPackaged (9 months ago)
Computer host? You mean hosting it locally and then portforwarding? I've recently updated my host, so I don't think it's a smart choice to buy a new one
Gonfonix (9 months ago)
Well for one you should not be paying YouTubers to do anything and secondly.... if your "host" does not support voting... then you need to change host. Also you should be using a computer host company versus a "Minecraft one" as those are much cheaper. You just need to know how to install Minecraft server on the computer.
HPlayZ YT (10 months ago)
rly nice Video:D
Gonfonix (10 months ago)
Lets Game ty
AceTrainerSam24 (1 year ago)
Best survival Server but they bully me by:Killing me and taking my stuff
Ethan Loves Kitties (1 year ago)
Your server is awesome! I love GonFonix!
Gonfonix (1 year ago)
Oh ok thank you!
Ethan Loves Kitties (1 year ago)
BTW I am E2B2 in case you recognize.
MilesGaming (1 year ago)
I got banned by a staff after he blocked me in bedrock
Gonfonix (1 year ago)
MilesGaming Well it was most likely cause you broke a rule - hacks, etc. What was your username? I have trained my staff to the best of my ability, but I am still willing to look into your ban
Benjamin Chavez (1 year ago)
I got banned and then joined again
Gonfonix (1 year ago)
Benjamin Chavez If you are banning evading then that is against the rules!
Gud Boi (1 year ago)
got banned in da server
Gonfonix (1 year ago)
Players are banned for the right reason :) Appeal your ban on our website at least one week after the ban.
VoidShards (1 year ago)
quality content
Gonfonix (1 year ago)
ty mate :D

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