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Enola Gay (8 days ago)
Yass Computing (28 days ago)
the background song is used for the "to be continued" memes xD
TheChosenOne (30 days ago)
Appreciate ur tips, and that was hilarious when u stared at the camera and winked lmao
Student Productions (1 month ago)
Is it possible to livestream without owning a page? How?
DescriptiCringe (1 month ago)
Raffa Stazi (1 month ago)
Xxxironfistxxxx is my epic and xbox name
Raffa Stazi (1 month ago)
AB Gaming (1 month ago)
Is there like any specs you need to worry about? Like say for an example if I stream any games on Facebook, would it slow down your FPS on your game because usually whenever I stream on twitch, it slows down my FPS down to 40-60
Its Angel (1 month ago)
i thought at 1st his asian =D Sorryyyyyyy.
InfinitePower609 (1 month ago)
The saints Of tommorow (1 month ago)
how to stream the game, my game isnt coming. only the webcam footage is coming. help out bruh?
Sam Stark (1 month ago)
but how do i stream a game if im playing ps4 on my tv, stream my gameplay and myself playing on FB
Reynald Balkman (1 month ago)
where can i find ENCODING?? cuz i dont have ENCODING here. i have only GENERAL ,STREAM, OUTPUT ETC ..
Jedidiah Calipjo (2 months ago)
Link to your wallpaper?
Sanjiv Napit (2 months ago)
what app we have to download first
KyleFromYT (2 months ago)
I cant see the encoding
LTR airsoft team (2 months ago)
wow wow wow. Did not expect a YES soundtrack in the back.
TheAfterParty (3 months ago)
there was nothing in the description
Don Pedrano (3 months ago)
I thought a white guy talking but hes black. Great video man.
Blaiyne Atlast (3 months ago)
dude i download it but my steamvideo is black
Soumen Jana (4 months ago)
link plz
田中ウタ (5 months ago)
Gerald Juan (5 months ago)
do you have csgo can u give me cs go bro
Hiya, you know what!! I received great codes from codenimi. You can even get them by searching in google as "Codenimi free". You will discover loads of functioning codes here.
Gabskie (5 months ago)
how do i get obs?
quest 123 (5 months ago)
Another angry pc gamer
JustDonnie Kicks (6 months ago)
PRiMENuVaL (6 months ago)
WTG 90 (6 months ago)
Perfect video straight to the point none of extra stuff like the history of FB or some other bull.
BloodyGamer (7 months ago)
To be continued.
PrqnkMaster (7 months ago)
Who else was waiting for the to be continued?
buboy ramos (8 months ago)
tnx dude stay cool
this should be ( to be continued :( )
LeonistaSocialClub (8 months ago)
How do you get fb chat overlay whilst streaming??
ROG LABS (9 months ago)
My like for your swag speech
MegaRold (9 months ago)
Can i use my phone for reading live chats?
SuperNovah (10 months ago)
I get at least a 10 second lag... How the heck do I get rid of the annoying lag and stream in more at real time
vOrTeXisGaming (10 months ago)
who wants to stream on facebook !!!!
Ash Williams (10 months ago)
Cheryl Martinez (10 months ago)
what did u use? obyewhatt? i didnt understand=_= drop down the link
Notorious Sam (10 months ago)
OBS dawg!
PicaFromYT (10 months ago)
What if i have a low-end network?
i'm Playerz Gaming (10 months ago)
Kuntul xD
Rahul Sarkar (11 months ago)
where is ur description?
NecroVoid (1 year ago)
so i need a fucking page to go live? -_-
iiMixyMinkers (1 year ago)
when i heard the background music i was wondering if a meme was gonna happen XD
Deniz Güler (1 year ago)
button doesn't go green
Resolut1on OG (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot man now i can live my game feat. cancer gamer haha
ron cortes (1 year ago)
The fucking link men!!!
Teo Nesterov (1 year ago)
I fuckin love your accent bro! Following your ass on Facebook from now on. Will try to setup Live streaming as you explained.
can I use bandicam?
''If you don't know how to download, get TF off the internet!'' lol Had me rollin like a MF!
Luis Niederauer (1 year ago)
i want a good voice also, that´s all i need, how can i do it? hahaha
Jakub Slávek (1 year ago)
Carlos Gonzalez (1 year ago)
I know I'm late, but can you do this through a windows surface tablet?
Pro Streamer (1 year ago)
is that you ?
bacon delles (1 year ago)
r33 haa (1 year ago)
Jelis_B Inutrans (1 year ago)
do u stream last of us on fb?
The Sound Of Silence (1 year ago)
#8Gaming i cant find publishing tools on my facebook :/ can you helo me ! ?
The Sound Of Silence (1 year ago)
ure ded lezbon (1 year ago)
The Sound Of Silence helo
TECH UPDATES In Hindi (1 year ago)
GREAT video
xNINTENDOx 115 (1 year ago)
that's a lot of steps just to live stream on Facebook. but it's worth it.
eky rin (1 year ago)
thanks for this tutorial
gamer guy (1 year ago)
holly shit bitch i follow you on facebook :v :v :v
Silagane (1 year ago)
Hey uhm I use Nvidia to stream to my fb page, but is there any better way for a comment overview? I wanna anser comments during the stream but its weird when they can see my facebook name friends etc o.o
Anime Queen (1 year ago)
how do I not show my face lol but only my game
Treeck57 (1 year ago)
Anime Queen just remove video camera in the device list from obs studio. Tbh, i rarely use obs studio though.
Anti Horváth (1 year ago)
full screen game -.- fc, gta , bf , not web player adobe games dude :D
Ari Bird (1 year ago)
I was honestly expecting the to be continued meme to show up when I heard the background music XD
Dániel Budai (1 year ago)
My live video's quality is very shit, where can I use 720p?
cloneybaker (1 year ago)
Thank you for the help Barbados Slim! Helped a bunch!
lilly waters (1 year ago)
Is there a way yet to stream PS4 to facebook yet or are we still waiting?
24/7 Video Game (1 year ago)
This guy is funny👍😃
Faceless Tongue (1 year ago)
FPS @ 30 is best bit rate, imagine data flow from input to output has same speed and when data packet travel from your machine to server machine, there is loss of data and each packet @ 30 FPS has 3-4 different attributes like identity ,sequence no., data and data integrity check when it reaches server. Why data loss ? why so complex ? Because in actual it is 0 1 or simple electric current being converted into multiple transition of electric current into visual graphical audio and radio frequency signals. I'm sorry as the information I wrote maybe be not completely true but its what I remember and I don't want hate or disrespect in return. I just want to update my brothers and kids that how it actually works, check OSI layer model or ALU or Logigates to know more about the info.
JanAreru (1 year ago)
this is a facebook page :'(
Kurty Mitchell (1 year ago)
great video man. love it
Izlude Tingel (1 year ago)
how do you stream without a page, but rather just a regular profile?
almogbiton (1 year ago)
thanks bro, great video
Rudy Campos (1 year ago)
thanks for the vid breh!
BryannTheKid (1 year ago)
is that Roundabout yet?
Billboard Freshington (1 year ago)
How do you make a gaming page on youtube? Did you pick media or website or blogs? I cant find an option made specifically for gamers
Jimby (1 year ago)
that squeak at 1:49 tho
Sanji Zant (1 year ago)
How do you get Publishing tools? I have a facebook page... or do I need a certain facebook style? I don't see publishing tools anywhere.
GHOST GAMING (1 year ago)
sounds like you are naruto's brother -_- uzumaki
Edward Ed (1 year ago)
f..k you where is live game?
billyd12543 (1 year ago)
you smack your lips/tongue ever few words, it's anoying and makes you sound gay
Leyzaix (1 year ago)
i have seen people livestreaming games using their facebook account and not a gaming page how do u do that?
Pedarsag (1 year ago)
Sony needs to hurry up and add a Facebook Live function to the PS4 Share.
ArchieBRO (14 days ago)
He can't afford a PC, let him be
Gio Kise (2 months ago)
Dude as a ps4 owner I hope you do respect others opinion. Don't be a fans boy, a gamer must unit into one community.
RebornChiekoGaming (7 months ago)
Dead Prepper PC ignorant spotted
Dead Prepper (1 year ago)
PC Master Race
Awesome instructions and good video tutorial. Thank You Sir!
JuanDanny (1 year ago)
said Donald Trump. (Take this as a joke and not a harassment)
Rudeus Greyrat (1 year ago)
haaaa that roundabout music YES!
o paul (1 year ago)
bruh what if mine doesn't have an option 1280x720?
Love Me (1 year ago)
to be continued..... ayy lmao
JuanDanny (1 year ago)
eheros524 dude calm the hell down.
eheros524 (1 year ago)
It's Roundabout, fucking weeb normie
Terma (1 year ago)
how to find publish tools at my profile?
GanG GanG (4 months ago)
R1T0_iXx2k17 (9 months ago)
go make page dumb
Hayato Nakano (1 year ago)
why i can't live?
raphael maestrecampo (1 year ago)
ahm can i have a link of the obs you are using? thank in advance \m/ yahooo!
King hazy (1 year ago)
how do you stream from playstation 4 to Facebook?
King hazy (1 year ago)
it's not live when you use the share button. so far the only services that let you go live on ps4 are youtube, twitch u stream. that's why I don't get this video
MaHaD Gamer (1 year ago)
King hazy ps4 share button sai
mufu lkr (1 year ago)
music, yes - roundabout.
lady jotaro (1 year ago)
i came hear to stream jojo lol
Lester Dela Cruz (1 year ago)
fuckin jojos bizzare ending theme
FlyBoyFlako (1 year ago)
and what if I wanna stream ps4,ps3, Xbox 1.?
Chano Banano (1 year ago)
Rainbow Six Trash Talkers If you are able to connect your ps4 to your computer then just use your streaming software (like obs for example) and capture the ps4 remote window, use wire cast and stream from there.
Can you post a link to an explanation of how to stream ps4 live to fb with remote play? Trying to do that and I'm wired in.
Chano Banano (1 year ago)
+king of kingZ Oh haha yeah not gonna happen man. I am trying Restream right now. My plan is to stream to twitch and have that same twitch feed go to my facebook live.
FlyBoyFlako (1 year ago)
+Lisandro Sanchez damn I use my phones hotspot
Chano Banano (1 year ago)
I been researching this. You can use remote play but your ps4 has to be connected to the internet by an ethernet cable which I don't have.
Lady Abstract (1 year ago)
Dr. G (1 year ago)
I cannot find Publishing tools, im using Windows 7 :(

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