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E3 CRINGE 2018

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E3 conference follwing e3 ea bethesda ubisoft and sony for epic gaming announcements awkward and cringe moments SUBMIT MEMES: https://www.reddit.com/r/PewdiepieSubmissions/ Check out A$$: http://store.steampowered.com/app/703840/Animal_Super_Squad/ (A game I helped make): MERCH: https://represent.com/pewdiepie3 TSUKI: https://tsuki-co-uk.myshopify.com :::::::My Setup:::::::: Chair:: ONLY 399 ! USA & Asia: https://usa.clutchchairz.com/product/pewdiepie-edition-throttle-series/ Europe: https://europe.clutchchairz.com/en/product/throttle-series-pewdiepie-edition/ Canada: https://canada.clutchchairz.com/product/throttle-series-pewdiepie-edition/ (Amazon affiliate links) Headphones:: http://rzr.to/edgar Camera:: http://amzn.to/2FaJFGa Microphone::: http://amzn.to/2F8gUKa Display:: http://amzn.to/2H2PhyM Light:: http://amzn.to/2CWDLTa Keyboard:: http://amzn.to/2FaJNWa Mouse:: http://amzn.to/2oOqJlG Mousepad:: http://amzn.to/2oH0tu7 __ Outro: Animation: https://www.youtube.com/user/jae55555 Song: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3e8EMTOn4g6ZSKggHTnNng
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Text Comments (29236)
Logan Brosnahan (37 minutes ago)
6:52 Someone get me a god damned bucket.
Warner1929 (1 hour ago)
😂😂Flute guy had me in tears😂😂
Debby Stragier (1 hour ago)
I hope that he will play last of us 2
o Hardy (2 hours ago)
Some say that the ea guy is still shouting "GGGGOOOOOAAAAALLLLLL"
Rachel Chui (3 hours ago)
is the flute guy playing baby one more time by Britney Spears? omg
Kaisa Zullo (3 hours ago)
What about Nintendo???? Hmmmmmm
TheHairyBiker (3 hours ago)
I low key don’t think I can watch these cringe videos anymore. My will to live is dying.
Eliosz WoW (3 hours ago)
they dont sell the game are you fucking dumb what about cd projekt red ?! witcher 3, now cyberpunk 2077 or bethesda Doom was good at 2016 now we have Doom eternal or new Metro Exodus wtf
Shafai Tahir (4 hours ago)
Trying so hard to be funny
TrillS (4 hours ago)
but the real question is: is he going to play the last of us 2?
zynbw (6 hours ago)
The only reason I get excited for E3 is because I want to see pewdiepie's reaction to the cringey moments lol
QUACKer Oats (10 hours ago)
Omfg.. ._.
itsasmoker (11 hours ago)
You get in trouble for bullying?
KingSlowpoke (12 hours ago)
I dont understand how EA still exists.
Mr. Him (12 hours ago)
4:20 I would've totally stood up and screamed "YEAHH LETS GO E3!"
CUSTOMADE13 (13 hours ago)
* no one cares* gif saved
Malena Sander (13 hours ago)
6:44 Concrafter wtf
BBB FFF (15 hours ago)
The company's at E3 just need to show the games. Have a presenter on-stage introduce themselves, then go game by game showing the trailer, then some facts about the game then move to the next one.
BBB FFF (16 hours ago)
I work hard to harass people in gaming.
BBB FFF (16 hours ago)
Andrea Renee is pretty hot.
BBB FFF (16 hours ago)
Women who work in gaming are so annoying. Why aren't they in the kitchen?
rob 998 (11 hours ago)
i actually agree with you on this one
CHEEKI BREEKI Blyat (20 hours ago)
saw thumbnail.. *ULTRA RAPID FAST CLICK*
i stupid i stupid (20 hours ago)
derpyz muffinz (21 hours ago)
Zynth (22 hours ago)
The hype does help the companies to sell games dou...
Lance Baxter (22 hours ago)
7:34 best musician
Joey Squinson (23 hours ago)
0:05 is that Michael Thompson from the Aryan Brotherhood?
LE Mei Sa O (1 day ago)
Can someone explain what does CRINGE mean ?
rob 998 (11 hours ago)
this comment is cringe
EliteTCG (1 day ago)
LMAO RAGE 2 so cringe 😭😭😭🤣🤣😭💀
Big Ron (1 day ago)
Tiheo Hojima
Roonasaur (1 day ago)
Wow - worst stagefall into the fakest podium ever . . .
Nathan Roberts (1 day ago)
“I wonder why Nintendo wasn’t on this cringe list... (not really)
Yo Mama (1 day ago)
So hype=cringe
Yo Mama (1 day ago)
Oh god no..
MusicianAdam (1 day ago)
Todd Howard is the least cringey thing about E3
Angry Durianz (1 day ago)
Thats why we go to school....
Arthur Wacker (1 day ago)
I look forward to these every year!!
drew1212 (1 day ago)
Ayoosh (1 day ago)
Michael Mota (1 day ago)
The word "cringe" makes me cringe.
Cedric Garcia (1 day ago)
Why? Why hurt me like this?
Rayne Davila (1 day ago)
U should play Detroit: Become Human
A bunch of soyboys in their natural habitat
Uv Knights (1 day ago)
So in the end he is telling to download torrent nice👍 advise kit 🐱 face
aomesthetic (1 day ago)
7:03 agreed
devilmaygta (1 day ago)
One momment that I noticed, and I hoped to see here, I think it was at Sony's Conference, in the end of a trailer, it said:" Pre-Order now" and one guy just screamed: "YOU DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO"
Teuku Nael (1 day ago)
that was painful to watch
RJV (1 day ago)
Remember that ballpit at dashcon?
HANZY (1 day ago)
Oh my days 😂😂
NinPien (1 day ago)
I'm hyped for the last of us part two but i'm not that hyped to lose 60 euro's 😂😂 But in the end it's probaly worth it because i'm still replaying the first game.
palitolove04 - (2 days ago)
RIP cayde
The Yasuo (2 days ago)
R.I.P me eyes
Therese Alejar (2 days ago)
What's with the kissing girls it's so uncomfortable. X'D (no offense)
HA-R00N FA-HA (2 days ago)
1:50 WTF?????
HA-R00N FA-HA (2 days ago)
Cheer only to pay them money
Heather Noelle (2 days ago)
I know these were kinda really the most painful thing to watch 😂😭 But goddamn it, I really want you to do a let’s play for The Last Of Us 2 (pLeAsE, for Joel boi)
Ebru Zeynep Çelik (2 days ago)
JaCK666 (2 days ago)
Coke21 DR (2 days ago)
cringE 3
AlexJade13 (2 days ago)
6:46 That's miniminter on the far right if anyone was wanting to know
Ben Oakes (2 days ago)
Music.ly ad more cringe than cringe video
Asil Şanlı (2 days ago)
Ahhh ellie why??
Enrique V (2 days ago)
This was so cringe that I had to stop the video at 8:20 and comment,saying this cringe .
GamerFreak 5777 (2 days ago)
Kingdom Hearts 3
Some Random Anon (2 days ago)
I want a game developer with the BALLZ... too make a World War game were we fight SJW's and portray them as the badguys.
Nasir Abdi Salam (2 days ago)
Play overwatch
Klondike the great (2 days ago)
I hate how my Amazon package was supposed to be at my house today but the conditions at my house are bad and it's going to be delayed by four weeks again
I____Pley Fortnut (2 days ago)
7:58 lol America in a nutshell
kenny omega tranquilo (2 days ago)
The best thing in e3 was the street fighter match btw wwe's new day and the elite
Pillowbottom (2 days ago)
At 9:02 is it me or the girl shaking her head on the left is the girl who presented EA's conference???
Robert Major (2 days ago)
You seamed tired :( Take some rest :D
Briel 000 (2 days ago)
This is what you all have been waiting for.... Elder Scrolls... BATTLE ROYAL!
Anti-HyperLink (2 days ago)
That's the tetris theme you idiot. And that flute guy is actually a master of that instrument, one of the few masters that exist. So yeah.
Anti-HyperLink (2 days ago)
Is that even the same girl that Ellie is kissing? Because she looks different judging by the two scenes that you showed, and she looks ugly. Ellie looks fine, she just doesn't unintentionally look like Ellen Page anymore. But THANK YOU! I've read about the DLC and I wasn't surprised at all by Ellie kissing a woman in the trailer. I'm sure everyone's gonna call it "pandering" or something that they don't understand. Don't worry people, I'll let you know when its pandering.
Alex Dahlin (2 days ago)
Where's your boy Marcus!?
Tai (2 days ago)
After 2016 and 2017. I can't believe people still go to this shitshow conference.
Karim Rahman (2 days ago)
Lina4 (2 days ago)
Wer kommt von Luca ☺️?
Retro dealer (2 days ago)
God damn E3 getting worse every year and wonder I didn't go. PewDiePie you should record that flute song and use it for a ringtone. To have a good chuckle every time your phone rings. I'm going to do that now.
James Fuentes (2 days ago)
When do u gonna play god of war
Darkner (2 days ago)
New meme born: I read it on the internet, so it's true.
alliancefail (2 days ago)
From the title of the video I knew what I was getting myself into. But I was not physically ready. RIP me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Albert Oliver (3 days ago)
You didn't add Nintendo this makes me so angry grr, lol.
RANDOM TRIVIALS (3 days ago)
E3 is really interesting ! But the TV guys ghuuuuhhhhhhrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!
Abin Mj (3 days ago)
EXCITION_ WEED (3 days ago)
The mid of 2018 is tooo cringy
Mykul22 (3 days ago)
Honestly this year isn’t bad at all, just the side hosts were...questionable...XD
Hafiz Sam (3 days ago)
Dunkey ? Is this your new channel ?
Lady Gaga (3 days ago)
Hit Me Baby One More time on the flute literally sent me dying.
Sabre (3 days ago)
Gat damn why did I watch this, the cringe.
Fishbones (3 days ago)
Talks about cringe, but has an outro where a guy is rapping about YouTube.
Francisco Santana (3 days ago)
Uriah Major (3 days ago)
That dude she asked to do it with her looks like the OddOnesOut.
Stew-A-Rew (3 days ago)
Why am I getting buzzfeed when I'm on ur channel pews I don't even watch them
the main man (3 days ago)
Omg sony is so liberal why?
Uriah Major (3 days ago)
Because it'll earn them a quick buck
Raihan Shams (3 days ago)
I am sad because I bought a Wii U last year and was like, "I only want a smash game so i will buy smash 4" thinking "Nintendo going to at least take 3 years to make the new smash", and you know what? Nintendo was actually fast at making it so I got smash 4 and wasted 360 bucks to realize that there is a new one coming out this year.
Raihan Shams (3 days ago)
Wow I got a Fallout 76 ad on this video
Himanshu Besoya (3 days ago)
Bethesda was good actually
Nothing Cheeseburger (3 days ago)
Fake geeks and gamers everywhere.
aydasu (3 days ago)
where is xbox? :)

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