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The Greatest Meme of all time... [LOSS] [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏 #24

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Text Comments (46948)
thequickblue31 (49 minutes ago)
you kill memes pewdiepie
Rick K (4 hours ago)
Hey my high school made it into meme review 👏👏
Rozack Gaming (10 hours ago)
Myles Browne (14 hours ago)
😂😂😂 the firs one was loss meme 💀
Limėi (14 hours ago)
I'm crying and screaming and foam is coming out of my mouth because R.I.P Bonus Meme and Infinity War 7 I mean 2
SlewedBoot25934 (15 hours ago)
2:45 OOHHHH OHOOOHOHOO DUNDUNDUNDA DUNDUNDUNDA *this is spartan 117. Finishing this fight*
Craig Butler (15 hours ago)
I haven’t watched a pewdiepie video is fucking years, now he’s playing Slime girls intros and watching shitposts, boy does the time fly
Mike Wazowski (1 day ago)
Everyone send this to marvel so that they can put bonus meme in infinity war 2
Illuminati ! (1 day ago)
0:01 Jesus fuckin' n....
Ribbit (1 day ago)
Bonus meme <3
Sapphiria (1 day ago)
turn the captions on you won't regret it
Jordan Jeffries (1 day ago)
that was a cookie...
Lydia Mercer (2 days ago)
Ngl I got a little emotional.
All_Mad_Around_Here _ (2 days ago)
Is it just me or does pewds say nirvana a lot lately? What is the meaning behind this? Are you a fan of nirvana too? What is the meaning?
Mark Barrios (2 days ago)
TheRadRabbidRabbit (2 days ago)
i was the 5,0oo,o0Ith view
Lively Colours (2 days ago)
OMG BONUS MEME IS BACK... just to die again 😭😭😢. Bonus Meme, killing every meme it reviews on meme review, just to be killed by meme review. Oh how the tables have turned.
Lively Colours (2 days ago)
Dang, pewds ruining Loss too hard
qearto (3 days ago)
*crying for real*
Amir Soleymani (3 days ago)
Who else doesnt get this meme.
bunbun (3 days ago)
New spicy meme! Replace this is Sparta with Plankton’s SHIAKAZING
Vangelis Kounellas (4 days ago)
| || || |-
yo i aint gay (4 days ago)
Welp...T-pose meme is dead
Joey Crespo (4 days ago)
Is this L O S S
Andrew Sanders (4 days ago)
Loss will never die
Review the meme before it’s dead and it won’t be cancerous
Krissy Stefanski (4 days ago)
Oh god bonus meme no
InfinityStar Gaming (4 days ago)
The first one is Loss 😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Ciaran Stathakis (4 days ago)
Pls bring back the bro fist
Aseng Modi (4 days ago)
5:30 now i understand the title of the video
Best greenscreen render
Me Seeks (4 days ago)
I'll be friends, you know about protonmail.com? Encryption
Dylan du Preez (4 days ago)
Abby Helmkamp (4 days ago)
Did anyone notice the captions halfway through the t-pose memes
khenjustin pangilinan (4 days ago)
| || || |__
Josiah Austin (4 days ago)
I came here to laugh, not to feel.
Eric Goldbach (4 days ago)
Is it a coincidence that bonus meme was declared dead in the same episode of loss, the meme that survived?? 🤔🤔🤔🤔hmMmMmMmmMmm
Sagoruzemo (4 days ago)
Peopl all over the world killing themselves because they lost their job and wife, i just lost bonus meme and i don... forget it i do want to kill myself .
allusernames o.0 (5 days ago)
now that they do the T pose, which is just half of the dab twice next will be two arms bent
Mr. Ocean (5 days ago)
this is so sad can we seize the means of prodcution
White Skull (5 days ago)
you need to wear a bald cap some video
DESTROYER DUDE (5 days ago)
Gmod did it first
Nathan Mascall (5 days ago)
twisted wolfy (6 days ago)
PewDiePie I'm your friend and Markymoo and JackieRooney
crippling depression (6 days ago)
I cri
Jaime Halvorsen (6 days ago)
12:12 made me laugh
R. Xader (6 days ago)
Wow. With such music everything is epic. 12:00
Ollie Cheung (6 days ago)
Great Intro
DEEZ NUTS (6 days ago)
Disney should add a bonus meme easter egg to infinity war two
FakerTV (6 days ago)
What about X pose
A Wood Plank Oof (6 days ago)
Someone cutted onions while i was watching Bonus Meme.
she don mess w/ you. (6 days ago)
*T-pose* amen.
she don mess w/ you. (6 days ago)
Smash that like BUTToN,and I hIt The BELL Pepper.
Clay Shimon (6 days ago)
He missed the loss reference in the first T POSE meme…
Erica Benn (6 days ago)
Is this loss . |. . |. | |. |. | __
Jimmy Puryear (6 days ago)
First E was the meme letter. Now it's T. lol
Leeaxze (6 days ago)
Bonus meme is not only special because its a bonus, its truly special because... its a meme.
Gshift (6 days ago)
Our earth is dying and you all are pancake batter. *G O D B L E S S*
Wet Noddle (7 days ago)
exept that the t pose is 👌:3
Jacob Maso (7 days ago)
garry'smod did it second
You shouldn’t have reviewed the loss meme. I’m very mad now
NianA (7 days ago)
I | I ! I I | I _
Dylanis chillin (7 days ago)
I’m crying right now 😭😭😭
Daily Keen Dose (7 days ago)
dude i never laugh so hard.😂
I did the T pose and my cat meowed at me because she thought I was gonna pet her 😐😐😐😐😐😐😓😓😓😓
Gigi Cannon (7 days ago)
A.J. Hubb (7 days ago)
I feel like I just read a book where my favorite character dies
This is such a normie meme, it's so trash
cola soda (7 days ago)
4:45 I will do both, you're welcome
Bouie342 (8 days ago)
! !! ∆% ©@®
Colby Star (8 days ago)
So you are not homeless anymore
CoarseGentleman (8 days ago)
the captions are a world of their own
Swen Swen (8 days ago)
Loss 2:Lost
Marko Santiago (8 days ago)
How 2 geet sebscribors? T
Daequan’s Hairline (8 days ago)
☝🏻✌🏻✌🏻☝🏻👉🏻 is this LosS
Sheep king204 (8 days ago)
Zucc a nutt
I am Yeetington (8 days ago)
"Bonus meme came back" *instantly gets ad*
No One (8 days ago)
3:42 explain ples
No One (8 days ago)
nevermind im just stupid
GamingTree (8 days ago)
How to hit that 10 minuets mark
Leo OD (9 days ago)
heres your reminder making fun of the fact you steal formats doesnt make it ok
whyamiluke (9 days ago)
Top 10 shocking anime scenes that were totally creepy
Max The Obvious (9 days ago)
Loss is the JoJo for Normies
Kpop-4-life (9 days ago)
I remember at my school we had a pep rally and there was a random basketball game in the middle where it was teachers against the basketball team. Every time one of the teachers (sometimes basketball kids) made a goal, the 8th grader guys would just stand up and make a T pose. All the 6th and 7th graders saw and they copied them too. It was weird.
KarmitDehfrag (9 days ago)
I love the intro
I am going to 5th grade
King (9 days ago)
oh damn it slime girl song i havnt heard that song in 3 years
Inky Goat (9 days ago)
when infinity war 2 comes around everyone remind pewds to bring bonus meme back
Luke Scanlon (9 days ago)
0:00 Who saw the mouse
Michael Von (9 days ago)
You were the kid at school that wanted so bad to be funny and get attention that constantly use a strange accent that only he thinks makes him sound funny but everyone else is cringing because its clearly done out of discomfort. You even have to fake laughing at urself
Purple Dog Studios (10 days ago)
I cried when he said bonus meme will die
Hikomoron (10 days ago)
"bonus meme came back" then i got an ad.
Loss never die
meme are me (10 days ago)
| || || |_
TheBritishFamOcey (10 days ago)
Damn right u add bonus meme. It's probs what YouTube monetise ur laugh u lose videos for, I mean c'mon who doesn't want to be reviewing memes and then killing them.. *and then killing one more* JUST THAT EXTRA TO GET VIDEOS MONETISED.
ERIXUP (11 days ago)
Is this normie trash
Marduken (11 days ago)
but poods, what is the rating of bonus mem? hmm
Alex K (11 days ago)
11:10 *I S T H I S L O S S ?*
Irvin Valdivia (11 days ago)
Loss is such an impressive meme that it can survive a Meme Review from Pewdiepie

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