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Game Of Thrones: Character Feature - Robb Stark (HBO)

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A glimpse into the character of Robb Stark, Ned's oldest son, with the actor who plays him in "Game of Thrones," Richard Madden. For more on Game of Thrones, go to http://itsh.bo/gHfJPE Watch Game of Thrones online at HBO GO® http://itsh.bo/eIDxfw. With HBO GO, you can watch every episode of Game of Thrones on your iPad® (http://itsh.bo/hbogoapple), iPhone® (http://itsh.bo/hbogoapple) or Android™ (http://itsh.bo/hbogoandroid) smartphone. Free with your HBO subscription through participating TV providers. Check out Game of Thrones on Facebook & Twitter: http://www.facebook.com/gameofthrones http://www.twitter.com/gameofthrones - #gameofthrones
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Text Comments (674)
Arya Stark (5 days ago)
Grey Wind :(
TWSTF 8 (30 days ago)
Dobby The Elf (2 months ago)
I miss Robb
Vanessa Dawn (3 months ago)
Imagine walking in a room seeing Robb, Jon & Drogo. 🤦🏽‍♀️😂💦
InsoManiac (5 months ago)
Lt. Col. Frank Slade (6 months ago)
Imagine him doing the role of jon snow
hoe 4 bts (6 months ago)
Ana 2210 (8 months ago)
He's so handsome 😍😍😍😍
jessc1979 (9 months ago)
Interesting, this one is slightly different on the DVD (maybe they're all slightly different and I didn't notice). On the DVD, he talks about his relationship with Jon Snow. Also, the scene where he confronts Osha was replaced by the King's arrival when Robb notices Joffrey and Sansa staring at each other.
Jordan Pilz (9 months ago)
RIP Robb I
Manar B. (9 months ago)
He's right, he was just a boy and he couldn't ignore his first love, and that's what killed him.
Josh JeanJacket Jaeger (9 months ago)
Teeboy (9 months ago)
lol he thinks he's still alive
Reyhan (10 months ago)
he is hot af
Boul Shyte (10 months ago)
good looking stark fam ugly ass lannister fam except tyrion hes a hottie
OKON (10 months ago)
Still my favorite character with Ned 🐺 🖤
wiisalute (11 months ago)
Could Thoros of Myr revive him?
The Young Wolf (11 months ago)
The King In The North!
Morales (1 year ago)
I'm gay for Richard Madden.
CMLZ YT (1 year ago)
fuck i miss him
Stannis The Mannis (1 year ago)
0:26... Good lord he looks like a teenager.
Jaegar Ultima (1 year ago)
It is very different from the book portrayals apparently Robb and Jon were fourteen in the books, kit and richard were in their mid to late 20s in the series.
ThaYoungWolf (1 year ago)
Man he was one of my favorite characters ever. He was someone I could follow.
feb kusuma (1 year ago)
I still wondering who stronger between robb stark n jon snow hahahaha
Dan B (1 month ago)
Hydrophobic spider In the series it’s hard to judge who is smarter or not I would say both Jon and Robb are similar just Jon is lucky he got Resurrected Jon is a better fighter tho (Jon saying Robb was doesn’t mean Robb truly is better)
Hydrophobic spider (1 month ago)
Dan B This video is on the series!
Dan B (1 month ago)
Hydrophobic spider I’m talking about the books
Hydrophobic spider (1 month ago)
+Dan B In the series in season 4 episode 1 Jon says Robb was better than him. Also when is it mentioned that Jon is cleverer? I seem to remember his strategy at the battle of the bastards to be kind of shit.
Dan B (1 month ago)
Hydrophobic spider In the books it says Jon was a better fighter But Jon had low self esteem so he thought Robb was better They were very similar tho Jon though is much more clever
feb kusuma (1 year ago)
He looks more beautiful when his face is clean.. So do jon snow..
feb kusuma I like scruffy men
Mete Alp Tiryaki (1 year ago)
The Real King In The North not bastard
G-Rant (1 year ago)
Alexander Kings (1 year ago)
the naive king
Nina Edwards (1 year ago)
Jeez he looks so young here!
Virginsuicde (1 year ago)
Honestly I want a series of just the Starks before they all died but everyone is too old
N. Akıncı (1 year ago)
The True King of the North not Jon Snow
S1inghyz2407 (1 year ago)
Lord Eddard Stark fucking hell mate who shat in your breakfast this morning
N. Akıncı (1 year ago)
+Lord Eddard Stark Nah I was a strak fan till last season then I fell in love with Ramsay , there is no logical explanation to it.(Iwan Rheon is a babe😃) I suddenly realised how i much i enjoy that little bastard. btw I miss Tywin Lanister we need some good 'evil' in Westeros.
Lord Eddard Stark (1 year ago)
+Neri 1903 hahaha oh please, you are just trying to be one of those hipsters and don't want to be too mainstream like everybody else... you don't really like the Boltons, your just saying it so that you can feel that you are "special" bite me, season 1 you were probably a Lannister-fanboy because that wasn't mainstream as well... Just so full of shit, you can lie to me but not to yourself...
N. Akıncı (1 year ago)
+Lord Eddard Stark bad guys?so you are the good ones? i hate it to break it to you but your last living son is a cripple, so your house is pretty much going down too. Say hi to my lovely Lords Roose and Ramsay😉
Lord Eddard Stark (1 year ago)
+Neri 1903 "ohh, look at me, I'm trying to stand out of the crowd and rute for the bad guys", hate to brake it for you, but there is no House Bolton anymore... not even one person
Virginsuicde (1 year ago)
hes so hot
0:26 he NEVER looked THAT young in the show, damn!
Kippa (11 months ago)
Probably pilot footage. Like when Tyrion is getting sucked off by Ross, he has straight blonde/black hair, but a few scenes later its curly and blonde like how we usually see it.
Batuhan Ak (11 months ago)
Maybe that's from a flashback of Brans' ?
feb kusuma (1 year ago)
Agreed. He was so much younger without armor + hairless face 😂
Conman Reloaded (1 year ago)
He actually looks 15 like he is in the book XD and ikr i think thats from the first episode when the king goes to winterfell but even then i. The show he looks like a grown ass man without the beard probably cause of the camera they used for the special features compared to the actual show but idk
Nazaleon (1 year ago)
armor add grace and makes him look older , stern
Gin Anne (2 years ago)
richard madden😭😍😍
lulujdy (2 years ago)
Makes me realize just how much I miss Robb. That, and the scene right after he found out his father is dead.
Yoga Tanaya (9 months ago)
lulujdy dont worry dude i' m here
Ahmed Lazrak (2 years ago)
Alonso Nieto (1 year ago)
+Lord Eddard Stark Defend your son!!
Lord Eddard Stark (1 year ago)
The king who lost the North
Marcelle Mikaelson (1 year ago)
NoSheetSherlock (1 year ago)
Gloria P (2 years ago)
He looks like Harry Styles
definitely not?
Akaitslilly (2 years ago)
he's so beautiful
moomtie (10 months ago)
Ata Karaman no she meant beautiful. He IS beautiful :) , beyond handsome.
William Drouin (11 months ago)
Ata Karaman It can work both ways you know
Ata Karaman (1 year ago)
I guess you meant handsome not beatiful
Aparna Pipersenia (3 years ago)
6 lannisters disliked the video
Not Sharing My name (1 year ago)
Chael Sonnen (1 year ago)
Aparna Pipersenia someone of them might be walder frei :(
Néstor Ruisánchez (3 years ago)
He WAS the king in the north. Why all Starks have to be killed???? He was the only hope for killing Lannister without a long long war, like it happened
Néstor Ruisánchez (1 year ago)
Jon Stark-Targaryen
Jester Head (1 year ago)
+Marcus Healy Hehe the hope became true !
Marcus Healy (2 years ago)
Now our only hope is John snow being resurected and raising a Northen army
Marcus Healy (2 years ago)
Now our only hope is John snow being resurected and raising a Northen army
aleceia chapman (2 years ago)
I heard that when someone asks when is the next book coming out , the author kills off a stark
Technologeek92 (3 years ago)
But he made the wrong decision with a girl. If Tywin were Robb he would have married the Frey girl just for the victory. 48 Laws of Power right there.
Carlos Mora (3 years ago)
The King in the North!
Phil Burkhill (3 years ago)
the king who lost the north
Max Tan (2 years ago)
+OneTrue King Stannis THE ONE TRUE KING
Doodle Horns (3 years ago)
Beard. No Beard.
Enrico Campagnolo (4 years ago)
use the subtitles at 0:26  i can't believe what i'm reading 
SpaceGrape (3 years ago)
Cock, bone and oil ...kinky :D LOL
Nycro (4 years ago)
He looks much more attractive with a beard lol
Jack Murphy (4 years ago)
It's not Gay if you think He's hot. We all think he's hot. I mean jeez Louise he's beautiful. 
Dubs (8 months ago)
"You're not gay if you think Rudy's hot. We all think he's hot. Jesus, you're beautiful." ~ Ray Person, Generation Kill.
Blobux Blob (9 months ago)
Like I legit want to fuck him but it's not gay right ?
Nirad802 (9 months ago)
Carl Dorrington (9 months ago)
no you defo gay
Estermont Sinclair (3 years ago)
no homo
highwind8124 (4 years ago)
Captain Idiot to the rescue.  He makes the "fell" part of Winterfell real.
Even kingstayer hated his own biological "son" lol nice statement right there.
Mr. Rootes (3 years ago)
+Jaime Lannister king's don't need politics only a good mind for king cases
Jaime Lannister (3 years ago)
+TheDanzomanzo he was acutally really bad in politics, so I don't think he would've made the good king.........but better than Joffrey, that's for sure)
TheDanzomanzo (3 years ago)
He would've been a good leader actually, just wasn't there yet. Too fast, too soon, too young.
Faith's Movie Reviews (4 years ago)
I love Robb! I'm going to miss him in season 4
Willowfern (4 years ago)
Hmm, I find Daenerys and Robb similar in that they both were forced to change from a child to a ruler very quickly (and both look pretty awesome)
Token Black (12 days ago)
Zack Durrandon fuck Danaerys she's a loose Dothraki/Targaryen whore.
Kiyan Kayser (1 year ago)
Sansa? The brutal girl?
Zack Durrandon (3 years ago)
Robb Stark is probably the best war tactician and strategist who fights his own fights he was 16 when the war started and he never lost a battle. While in other hand you got arrogant and angry girl who relay on other people and fuck them over in a blink of an eye after it's done. I respect Sansa more then Daenerys
WesterosWolf1327 (4 years ago)
Richard is a great actor and I love Robb's character. Anyone I am sure can relate to him as a young person who in difficult and dangerous circumstances has to grow and become strong. He is a Stark through and through and risks his life to protect his family which is #1 to me too. I LOVE the series and am nearly done with book one :D
roxnpennies (4 years ago)
Not sure what I stare at most: his hair, his skin, his eyes, or his mouth. All I know is that I love looking at the man. :-P
Lord Eddard Stark (1 year ago)
yes yes yes
Meryem Üzüm (2 years ago)
fucking same
Raya sh (4 years ago)
or lsning to that accent!! Amen! 
mh7667 (4 years ago)
The best character in the books and show! King in the North!
p morris (4 years ago)
andre smets (4 years ago)
0neofthem (4 years ago)
It's the facial hair
Leo Lo (4 years ago)
He's kind of stupid. I mean if he had listened to Catelyn a little bit more everything would have been really different. I feel bad for him though.
J. G. (4 years ago)
I love how he looks in the interview parts, he really looks like he's 19 or something but , in real he's like 27? Idk
San Antonio (4 years ago)
For the comments are dark and full of spoilers.
alexf02071999 (4 years ago)
He looks so different in the two interviews that are stitched together haha.
mace slot (4 years ago)
well in books he also grows up, if i remember correctly he is 16 by red wedding time
mace slot (4 years ago)
well yes every character in show is older than in books. imagine peoples reaction on khal drogo having sex with 13-year old daenerys, or killing 16-year old boy in brutal way at red wedding
LOS FRIKENCIOS (11 months ago)
GRRM is out of his fucking mind lol
Savire510 (4 years ago)
The North remembers.
Zoe (4 years ago)
i want to die in richard madden's accent le sigh <333
Luis Toledo (4 years ago)
Maester Luwin (4 years ago)
I'll have Roose Bolton's head on a spike for treason! Oh wait, I'm dead.
LOS FRIKENCIOS (11 months ago)
And him too
i always thought he had a funny faceshape
Glowyrm (4 years ago)
Well, he IS a boy but he has to act like a man, so it's fitting. Do they ever mention age in the show? He's friggin' 14 in the books, 14!!! I'm pretty sure they make the characters out to be older in the show because it might seem silly to most people that 10-14 year olds are being leaders and fucking and dying.
hey75123 (4 years ago)
The Lannisters send their regards.
jjhhuigyg (4 years ago)
i love robb
Benji (4 years ago)
"Im not a boy, im lord of winterfell" ... 4 seconds after "Robb Stark is a boy.. "
RooooK (4 years ago)
Sounds like my family. Starks...
Christrulesall2 (5 years ago)
Wow look at how young richard was. Looks like a little boy without the beard. Gonna miss him as robb. He did a awesome job and became one of my fav characters on the show next to tyrion.
Maryam Diasamidze (5 years ago)
ეს რა ბიჭი დავკარგეთ.. ჩემოო მგელო
Wablestomp2 (5 years ago)
Don't look in the comments, season 3 episode 9 spoilers.
SongNadia (5 years ago)
Interesting how both Catelyn and Cersei lose their control over their eldest sons while in the meantime their younger children get abandoned in the process
Isaac Garro (5 years ago)
Robb Stark good night sweet king :(
Alma2Awesom3 (5 years ago)
The Lannisters send their regards...
immortal4hm (5 years ago)
:) CUTE! n.n
immortal4hm (5 years ago)
:l CUTE! n.n
immortal4hm (5 years ago)
*_* CUTE! n.n
immortal4hm (5 years ago)
:D CUTE! n.n
Vanda Vandová (5 years ago)
0:26 in shot like this I'd believe he actually is 14 or something as in the beginning of book series :D
Doctor10 (5 years ago)
Robb is dead...
Richard Gill (5 years ago)
he does a great yorkshire accent
Blue Sky (5 years ago)
*weeps uncontrollably*
b3aner1994 (5 years ago)
R.I.P. Robb Stark, King of the North
featherpixieable (5 years ago)
like the stark family on facebook p.s love you Robb lol:)
fiverosestea (5 years ago)
hes so hot for no reason
Zephyrblue (5 years ago)
Flag all the spoilers!
Michael McWiggles (5 years ago)
*Genetics *Going to happen *Let me tell you Also Joffrey and Tywin die soon after Robb
Michael McWiggles (5 years ago)
And he'll be dead in a few episodes
Michael McWiggles (5 years ago)
His character dies quite soon
Aya B (5 years ago)
They made him look so much older in the new season! It's amazing.
Emily Evans (5 years ago)
Such a beautiful man.
Izoto (5 years ago)
Rob was really born to lead and rule. And a focused man at that, can't imagine how fearsome he could be.
LOS FRIKENCIOS (11 months ago)
Such a shame
Nessa Lys (5 years ago)
I'm in love with his Scottish accent <3
swoosh blade (5 years ago)
it was your own damn fault, robb
mintoreoshake (5 years ago)
his hair colour fascinates me.
steadfasteddie (5 years ago)
Damn straight you will stop replying! You are the last person who should leave insulting comments to other YouTubers. You come online because you believe it's harder for people online to detect your obvious inadequacies. Did you really think that was going to fly? Be a good retard and sit quietly so we don't have to slap you again. Remember that was your last comment. Lets see if you can actually stop yourself from commenting. My bet is you can't even handle that.

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