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What The Critics Are Saying About Infinity War

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Text Comments (3412)
Goku Xeno (6 days ago)
What are you talking about Avengers Infinity War is the best movie ever made
The AV Wiz (2 months ago)
I thought the darkness was an effective part of the movie
MCPEkatsukii (3 months ago)
This movies sucks
handy864 (3 months ago)
sad true, snap out of it.
Crabclub Groot4love (3 months ago)
I think you cant be a critic because person per person differ. One critic can rate it 10 and another one 5.
ChillyCloth (3 months ago)
I'll tell you exactly what the critics are saying about infinity war. They're saying the same thing they say for every marvel movie that comes out: "Omg, best marvel movie yet." "Best marvel movie ever?" "Better than the first iron man?" "Best marvel movie since iron man". Oh and don't forget the most important word of them all. "FUN"! As a matter of fact, here's how to sum up every marvel movie review in one word. FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!!!!! 94% -- RT
Fedora Boy (4 months ago)
I think I only liked it because my favorite characters got the most lines and most story.
Onerom4728 (4 months ago)
I predict that Thanos is going to be another modern villain that is going to be iconic, just like Negan from The Walking Dead.
Bxax _xo (4 months ago)
With all the hype the sheer number of characters and my own high expectations I thought that I would be slightly disappointed but it was utterly amazing the plot characters and ending bc even though they lost it sets them up for an even stronger comeback and shows just how brutal a villain thanos is
Eddie G. (4 months ago)
Best. Movie. Ever!
DanThaBossMan (4 months ago)
This film was nothing like civil war so I don’t know what that woman was going for...
strong arm (4 months ago)
overated honestly
Jerry Silva (3 months ago)
strong arm yes it does kiddo
strong arm (4 months ago)
Jerry Silva no it doesn't
Jerry Silva (4 months ago)
strong arm yea it does kid
strong arm (4 months ago)
Jerry Silva doesn't make senses
Jerry Silva (4 months ago)
strong arm I think your life is overrated
warhawkBeyond2040 (4 months ago)
After watching Avengers Infinity War, i came out of there completely emotionally drained and i haven't felt like that since the first time i watchedThe Dark Knight. I am going to go on to say that Infinity War could quite possibly be the greatest superhero movie of all time and it was well worth the wait, the MCU started with Iron Man 1 and 18 movies later, it was definitely worth the wait. Marvel had a mission and 10 years later, it's more than safe to say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!!!!!!! Bring on part 2!!!
B A (4 months ago)
Not what i have been waiting for.
john underwood (4 months ago)
I found Infinity War ro be everything I thought it was going to be. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
El Dub (4 months ago)
Globalist propaganda this movie was
Johnny Lira (4 months ago)
Johnny Black Sixx (4 months ago)
I hate thanos so much it would've been funny if thor twisted storm breaker completely around while still in his chest to make it hurt really bad then push it completely through his chest and electrocute him with his lightning have spider-man strangle him with his webs and stab him with the iron spider legs then star lord pistol whips him and shoots him a bunch then Dr strange uses his own gauntlet on him then thor chops his head off with storm breaker I like that idea thanos is a piece of shit fuck him
rocksrahul (4 months ago)
There is light in Thanos
Half Peashooter (4 months ago)
Get lost squidward
Josue Lopez (4 months ago)
I screamed, I laughed, I was shaking, I was sobbing
FTjack AoE7AoT (4 months ago)
It was exhausting, I finished the movie dehydrated to avoid restroom break and I almost had a heart attack at the end. But if a movie is able to kill me like this, then it was a good ass movie
Kanightley (4 months ago)
The MCU right now is way better than the new star wars films.
Nairs & Stuff (4 months ago)
it gay
Kedric Simmons (4 months ago)
I feel aa though everyone wanted this movie to be great ...but unfortunately it wasnt .. one of the most unprofessionally done movies Ive seen in some time. TERRIBLE
Elle Madara (4 months ago)
Fuck the critics, this movie is a masterpiece
JGlennFL (4 months ago)
They "killed" off so many characters, you know most of them are not dead forever. Felt like a season ending cliffhanger of a TV show.
Thenameisdoom (4 months ago)
During the war in Wakanda some chick started clapping like crazy 1 row under me and i heard sobbing from the same place when the ending happened
Ben Quinney (4 months ago)
Feel good movie of the year
Abhilash Gregory (4 months ago)
Saw the movie ....BEYOND EPIC!
Lawfy D. Ace (4 months ago)
I hated civil war but loved infinity war. A lot of action but this movie shouldnt be reduced to just that
Nikhil Sonawane (4 months ago)
A crap movie, badly developed characters. The villain's CGI is terrible, bored the first half and the plot is so ridiculous that makes the heroes depend on a single character at the end of it all. And that is my opinion of Justice League. Infinity War was intense and perfect.
sorel edwin suarez (4 months ago)
Population control!
Echan_542 Donut (4 months ago)
I believe Thanos will be as popular as darth Vader in a few yrs..they will make a movie about him..
Gabriel Johnson (4 months ago)
It sucked! Not worth it watching a bunch of people loose and die! Don’t watch this movie!!
Ahmad A (4 months ago)
I don’t care what they say
Trevor Houff (4 months ago)
God i fucking loved this movie
Erikas L. (4 months ago)
I really liked the movie but there were some moments without any logic, but im used to no logic in movies. Besides people seem to unotice those illogical things bcs they see action and thats enough for them. But still movie was good
C J (4 months ago)
I wanted to see hulk fight the big evil villain 😒
robert rossiter (4 months ago)
do people really give a crap what "the critics" are saying, who the F are "the critics"
Ben Zun (4 months ago)
Too many awesome characters. Not enough screen time. Not even interaction
Da$hLife (4 months ago)
Greatest movie I seen in a whileq
Maruzibus (4 months ago)
it was just boring and had too many plot-holes to be entertaining..
Srood Jaza (4 months ago)
Srood Jaza (4 months ago)
Thanos just hakai ed everyone
Trollsey (4 months ago)
Everyone in the theater kept bitching and laughing and yelling goddamn. I dont understand why people think going to the movies is fun. Id much rather see it at home in peace and quiet
Roy McLean (4 months ago)
The follow-up to this one may end up with levels of contempt on a par with Justice League, if it ends with the equivalent of Stark in a shower- "just a dream".
Syx (4 months ago)
For everyone that hasen't seen it yet. Wait after the credits for a hint towards part 2.
Master Shake (4 months ago)
Thor Ragnarok > Black Panther
Arab KING (4 months ago)
This movie is the best
Mobb Inc (4 months ago)
Reed Redline (4 months ago)
Ok. Probably an unpopular opinion, but there has to be others out there who also share it - the movie was alright. I’ve never found the humor in the MCU movies to be humorous. Scenes with Starlord could be outright removed. The power balance seems all over the place (Scarlet witch/Thanos/Thor/etc). The pacing was odd. The fights, while entertaining, if you’re given so many will eventually become tiring. I’m also someone that thought Civil War was an extremely weak movie. This movie, yeah, better than Civil War, but I enjoyed other movies far more than IW. With all that said, the ending was good. I mean, I could help but think “this won’t matter,” just because of knowing the future movies that are in production, so that effect was kind of lost on me. But, the ending was a good setup for a hopefully good movie.
A V Ciceo (4 months ago)
Hollywood colonizing the minds of 21st century people and they don't even care hahaha
antonio young (4 months ago)
Movie was Fire
Mateo Leoz (4 months ago)
Movie sucked! Boring stupid jokes was lame
K August (4 months ago)
Maybe they should have killed Negan after Wonder Woman rescued the Tardis.
Jayant Varma (4 months ago)
What I think is that everyone is going to come back alive because of the time stone and this, is what doc.strange saw.
Khalid Hashmi (4 months ago)
negative reviewers paid by dc
Steve Peters (4 months ago)
Can't be a critic to the highest grossing movie at 675 million in its opening weekend
Mons GO! (4 months ago)
*Im sorry, Earth is closed today*
JustinHinzMagic (4 months ago)
I've never experienced a theater so silent the last 10 min of a movie... It was amazing.
Josh F (4 months ago)
Good movie, but pretty stupid in some ways. We get the ultra powerful "Vision" in Age of Ultron and in each of the following movies (especially this one) he fights like a 90 year old grandma. Same with Hulk, this time - absolutely illogical and stupid. It's the only way to make the movie end the way it does, but they should have spent less on nonsense CGI background characters and more on a more logical story line. Hopefully they'll get at least one movie in this franchise to be as good as any of Christian Bale's Batman portrayals. If it weren't for Robert Downey Jr., this franchise would have tanked 5 films ago.
IPG (4 months ago)
Truth& Logic level scaling needs tuning
Troy Williams (4 months ago)
And can someone get this man a shield!
Seeing the end made me feel like my girlfriend just broke up with me
Grr Mania (4 months ago)
It's definitely one of the few movies I'll be going back to see for a second time!
YudazOwn (4 months ago)
dr strange vs thanos was a powerful show down. It looked like dragon ball in live action for the first time..
Rogue Racing (4 months ago)
How TF do you make wiping out half the universe all light and wipe away all dark tones!? What a dunce
Bussaronius (4 months ago)
The best part is when Thanos brings Logan back and brainwashes him to kill Capt. America!
frost thehos (4 months ago)
just saw it and thanos does make a good point
Nathan B (4 months ago)
My big beef is the movie was pretty dark, marvel movies are usually pretty lighthearted, any parents taking their kids to see this expecting it to be like other marvel movies is gonna be surprised by all the stressful dark themes and strait up torture scene in this movie. I get that thanos is a big bad villain and they wanted him to look tough, but jeez this movie is gonna traumatize some children
Little Gamer (4 months ago)
I watched it it was a good movie I liked Infiniti war
Stilker (4 months ago)
Alex Ostrem (4 months ago)
Why is everything saying black panther is the best marvel movie. False. It was not that good
Ice T (4 months ago)
Thanos wins and most of the avengers die btw(for the ones who didnt know)
ZX Bajingan (4 months ago)
All critics are from DC Fans and WB
John Matthew Rala (4 months ago)
Infinity war part 1: spidey dies Infinity war part 2: (hope Ironman dies ang cpt. America cries)
Jonathan Dias (4 months ago)
Well it was a great movie. Although i was expecting more. When some of the characters disappeared at the end it felt like i was watching some sort of transformers movie when they just weirdly transformed.
TheRcEngineer (4 months ago)
Wow these critics should pull their head out of Thanos and Marvel's as...
Tobi Ojo (4 months ago)
The two best parts of the movie are when Thanos is in a sleep state from Mantis and they are trying to remove the gauntlet but Star Lord loses his cool and Thanos escapes. Or the fight between Iron Man and Thanos when Iron Man takes that awesome punch
AnakinSLucien (4 months ago)
That guy who say it is basically civil war has no idea what he/she is talking about. Civil War is shit, with sloppy logic and boring storyline, but Infinity War is one of the best and most exciting films.
Beast (4 months ago)
War three (4 months ago)
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The Hyper Pelican (4 months ago)
This movie was complete trash
king cat99 (4 months ago)
Don't look at other people's thoughts and let it change yours
Donald Piniach (4 months ago)
One punch man vs thanks, odds anyone?
minimoose (4 months ago)
Favourite marvel movie is black panther, Spider-Man, and both of the Guardians of the Galaxies as number 1
FlyJonat (4 months ago)
This movie was a part one so I wasn't too shocked of the ending. It usually happens in every part one.
Zak Stephenson (4 months ago)
anyone with thinks this movie is a masterpiece should watch a truly great film smh!
ok.7 ok.7 (4 months ago)
crictics are bias to marvel ... when DC movies ,,say otherwise
Chi Vu (4 months ago)
Im waiting for the second movie
BlueFeral (4 months ago)
I only watched for the guardians and spider man, marvel really gets ya good
Aaron Bressi (4 months ago)
It was crazy but awesome
DerWaffle (4 months ago)
"not so great parts of infinity war" Bitch where?
Daniel Awesome (4 months ago)
You may not believe it, but after watching this, I got an actual fever for one day
Shnitzle • (4 months ago)
It’s also Thor’s fault for not going for the head. Why didn’t Thanos just fix his own planet because it was the only one with population issues and also he could’ve supplied people with food and resources from his infinity stones LMAO if only there was a gem of intellect
Shnitzle • (2 months ago)
Zayah Nxt- Gen why would they lose? Don’t say because there was only one way to win because that is bull
Zayah Nxt- Gen (3 months ago)
Actually no if thor killed him the avengers would've lost
Matthew Simmons (4 months ago)
He didn't have the stones when Titan was destroyed.
oldspice051 (4 months ago)
I'd agree that the story jumps around a lot, but can you blame it with such a huge cast? I don't even count that as an issue because we've had ten years of Marvel films to get to know these characters, and there's going to be a second part to Infinity War. Honestly, I'm amazed they did that well when they were already going in with a handicap. 2 thumbs up!
Semper Sersum (4 months ago)
The green girl dies
Gordon Hamilton (4 months ago)
This Film was like every other single Super Hero Film ive seen ... Good guys,,, fight Bad guys ... and almost *LOOSE* ... *But BUT* .....................................................................Comeback ( *IN PART TWO* Off Course) To win ... awww God same story, again ... and again ... AND AGAIN ...But in a 2 part (The movie) They Win Again ... Really... REALLy ... FFS please stop !!! *It's Exactly the same shit ... Over & OVER Again* Over & OVER Again Over & OVER Again Over & OVER Again Over & OVER Again Over & OVER Again Over & OVER Again Over & OVER Again Over & OVER Again Over & OVER Again !!! *Bull Shit review ... right HERE* !!!
Randall Flagg (4 months ago)
Black Panther sucked. Worst movie out of all of them. I'm glad he died.
Milo The Russian Blue (4 months ago)
Hope Ultron makes a comeback.

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