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Dragon Ball Xenoverse - Hour Of Ascension! (Walkthrough #27)

175 ratings | 8032 views
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Text Comments (51)
Kevin Goku1 (2 years ago)
Do naroto ninja storm 2
Kevin Goku1 (2 years ago)
Good job keep it up
Tyrone Wilson (2 years ago)
super vegito vs god of destruction
Py Belles (2 years ago)
trunks and goku vs goten and trunks
Jontavious Kelly (2 years ago)
Super saiyan god goku vs super saiyan four vegeta
Yavelin Fernandez (2 years ago)
2 on 2 and youse gt goku vs pan
Crazy Elite (2 years ago)
You die a lot but aren't you supposed to kill demgria when uou are in level 80 at your max and kill him but you didn't unlock super saiyan 3 yet
LSSJ DREY (10 months ago)
Crazy Elite can't get super saiyan 3 dumbass and you can beat him at level 45 or above
raymond cortes (3 years ago)
Ssj broly vs ssjgodgoku
Marvin Galley (3 years ago)
use some other z fighters
rajae wright (3 years ago)
hey crunchyy pls can you stop swearing because me and my brother are watching
Christine Rogers (3 years ago)
Crunchy honesty Goten vs super go getta
THEmoneyWAY (3 years ago)
I like how trunks does work when he is on the other team Crunchy
CJ White (3 years ago)
Question... What's good bull s*it????
Skullking (3 years ago)
Hercule vs videl 1 on 1
jacob couch (3 years ago)
Who would win demigra or whis
Jason Evans (2 years ago)
ssgss goku vs ssgss vegeta
jacob couch (3 years ago)
Ssj god goku vs whis
AntGoochMan (3 years ago)
If you unlock the 5 shards to get the broly and bardock saga i wanna see broly vs beerus
Donte Lanier (3 years ago)
super saiyan 4 gogeta and super vegetito vs beerus and whis
Ssj bardock vs frieza
henry santos (3 years ago)
Ssj4 gogeta vs berrus
Joshua Dismuke (3 years ago)
Plz do that battle
jose zetina (3 years ago)
3 on 3 goku goten and gohan vs vegeta kid trunks and future trunks
Lazer Corn (3 years ago)
Goku vs was 1b1
King Bling (3 years ago)
gotten kid trunks vs gotenks 
TNL Infinity (3 years ago)
and sorry for spamming +iAmCrunchy1 
TNL Infinity (3 years ago)
TNL Infinity (3 years ago)
or You against Brother if you got two Controller.
TNL Infinity (3 years ago)
Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta vs Super Saiyan God Goku
Audrey Wilson (2 years ago)
Nice idea
Jomar Colon (3 years ago)
3 on 3 beerus god goku and whis vs ss4 vegeta ss3 gotanks and ultimate Gohan
Joshua Dismuke (3 years ago)
One what if battle is berrus vs whis
mathews camargos (3 years ago)
God Goku and beerus vs
minicrazii (3 years ago)
I learned so much from this game thanks to you😭
Hamzah Hussain (3 years ago)
This took me 3 hours to complete -.-
Carlos GB (3 years ago)
I got the best what if battle and that's Super Vegito vs. SSJ4 Goku . This would be close , but tbh I think Vegito would pull it off .
Mike Ortiz (3 years ago)
U vs brother
DBSupersteel (3 years ago)
Gohan goku and goten vs vegeta trunks and bra
Itachi Uchiha (3 years ago)
When u get all charcters 3v3 ssj4 gogeta, vegito, and gotenks vs. Omega shenron, kid buu, and fat buu and yes gogeta and omega are in the but us dragon balls
Carlos GB (3 years ago)
Are you serious ? That's not even a battle , SSJ4 Gogeta , Vegito and Gotenks would win easily with sweat .
Raliuus (3 years ago)
Brandon Camero (3 years ago)
Beerus vs Omega Shenron
Xerox 4567 (3 years ago)
2 on 2 gohan and goku vs vegeta and trunks
ChaoticCauseChaos3c (3 years ago)
#Im lv80 and i have bigbangkamehameha x100. big bang attack. maxumum charge.and turtle style last resort.Im trianing with goku compared to me you are somewhat good.but your my second favorite utuber oh i forgot to mention my basic attack is 100 ki super 50 strike super 50 health 60 ki 70 and stamina 90 also i have super sayain 2 which you unlock after getting ssj and going to the skill shop.After your done with the story you unlock more character slots also extra content if you find the 5 time shards and go to the nest.#Trust me
Aura Games (3 years ago)
goku gohan and gotten vs vegeta furture trunks and kid trunks
Diego Puga (3 years ago)
Great jod
Tayshaun Ezell (3 years ago)
Broly and cell vs superbuu and kidbuu
Psch0man (3 years ago)
black physics (3 years ago)
hhahahah nice vid!! iv'e watched you sit on my face ahhaha lol.
Jomari Nicolas (3 years ago)

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