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The Wire - Cold World

68 ratings | 9247 views
Song: "When I die" Link to instrumental: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xa1m1eTVSjY
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C. DX (9 months ago)
This is a really good video.
TVandFilmPersonality (9 months ago)
really good
MrBoskovitch (1 year ago)
love it, thx
mathew idicula (1 year ago)
In the end the only thing that matter is to keep on moving.
mathew idicula (1 year ago)
My favorite quote from Poot, World goes one way people another. We're all mired in the human condition sometimes I think to have hope to have faith is the only way out of our myopia.
Tracy Mcgrady (1 year ago)
nicely done
lordvoldemort578 (4 years ago)
perfect video.
TheNikolatesla34 (4 years ago)
whats the son btw
TheNikolatesla34 (4 years ago)

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