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GTA Liberty City Stories Easter Eggs and Secrets

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GTA LCS PSP! Easter Eggs, Ghosts, Snow, Secret Places, Ghost Town, Haunted Lighthouse, Myths, Legends, Secrets, Bigfoot and more! Thanks for watching and enjoy the video! Read full description and subscribe my channel for more! Grand Theft Auto Easter Eggs! ► In this video you can find Easter Eggs and Secrets in GTA Liberty City Stories videogame! Subscribe my channel and follow my Facebook fanpage. Stay tuned for the next part and other videos and big movies! ► JizzyVideos FB fanpage: http://goo.gl/vCB9Xy Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Text Comments (454)
TheJizzy (7 months ago)
I noticed that many of you would like to see some easter eggs and secrets from Liberty City Stories on PSP. Enjoy the show :) Let me know by hitting the thumbs up if you like this serie or comment below for some next video!
MYAA KittyGaming (3 months ago)
TheJizzy cant u found death girl? In motel gta san anddress
Francesco pio Donnarumma (4 months ago)
Thejizzy shitten Short or poop
The Youtube kings (4 months ago)
TheJizzy I
Quang Nguyen (4 months ago)
TheJizzy: My favorite game, GTA, I like it 👍
Johann creencia (5 months ago)
Mr jizzy please no creepy music in the background during Easter eggs and trivias it is making the video uncomfortable you should use the creepy music during myths but not Easter eggs Try watching gta series videos his videos Easter eggs and secrets has funny catchy music like GTA VC Easter eggs and secrets it makes his videos viral
XitO GaminG (26 days ago)
Memories :") my first gta game ever
allan reaper (1 month ago)
Boy something is you need is cheat handling oke at the bridge
Ravindu Ranmal (1 month ago)
Thanks!!! Nice work.... 👌👌👌
Ravindu Ranmal (1 month ago)
Thanks!!! Nice work.... 👌👌👌
lBurstu (1 month ago)
Man, I never got a chance to play GTA LC & VC stories.. Hopefully one day they will get ported over to ps4 so I can play them :D
Samuel Fischli (1 month ago)
At ios you can see the ghost at 3:15 am
PhantomMineCGames (1 month ago)
Vincenzo that jerk! The reason he died because he set Toni up (he tries to kill him with chainsaw men and tries to kill Toni himself)
ReDDeAd Y_T (1 month ago)
This game I love it :) I ply it on my psi when I am child it's good :)
it would be nice if u change the music.
Pixel Shibe (1 month ago)
I thought you could swim in LCS.
Rijju Riyaz (1 month ago)
Any cheats for lcs
Paul Ryan Barrientos (2 months ago)
Stop making the scary music its make me scared and i can't sleep right now
Khôi Lê (2 months ago)
Can anybody tell me a the name last song of the video ? Please !
TheJizzy (2 months ago)
Insane - Loving Caliber
Biocksan Vieira (2 months ago)
Bonjour à
Mohammed The King 77 (2 months ago)
الي عربي وجاي من 2018 لايككككككك
Miguel Salor (2 months ago)
Whats the last song you used?
Miguel Salor (2 months ago)
TheJizzy Thank you men :>
TheJizzy (2 months ago)
Insane - Loving Caliber
VJLINK V2.0 (2 months ago)
Хули все по английски??? Пидоры
- - (2 months ago)
Gta Liberty city is gata 3 tofuture
Venderookie II (3 months ago)
Gta lcs is the best and its my first gta game and thanks for the easter egg your the best one
Lincoln Loud (3 months ago)
Did you know that if you hit a pedestrian and they following you inside the amunation store the store owner will come out with a shotgun. This was found in portland
Hey are those old GTA games like GTA 3, GTA LBC and GTA San Andreas GTA vice city and GTA Vc stories mission bases on real life events that's why you always say researchers in every video of yours
Over Limit (3 months ago)
What car is that at the beginning?
dark gamer (4 months ago)
thejizzy i want tell you something what happend to tommy verciti ?
Tauseef Abidi (4 months ago)
Where do you take that camera from ?
JOSEPH EKPO (4 months ago)
How do u find that big city in GTA Liberty City Stories I can,t find that big city.
Dude Arnav (4 months ago)
Vice City was referenced in a mission in lcs , but I forgot the mission's name
Flavour Towne (4 months ago)
Why do you change the music alot in parts that don’t need to be changed
Relentless Gaming (4 months ago)
Just discovered your channel and i really enjoy your videos You earned a sub from me
QuickKnockOut (4 months ago)
"big cementry" "fast boat" 😂
Dishant Das (4 months ago)
I love your channel and pls keep it on man🐳🐳🐳🐬
Aristides Rufino (4 months ago)
Uaau Incrível
israel Legal (4 months ago)
Nice channel
gamer animation life (4 months ago)
Pls what the music are?
The Dead Bro (4 months ago)
Las ventorus baby rip in the graves ... Las vnterus is a place in gta sa and its very dirty
Adrian M.N.A (4 months ago)
Why you always put creepy music? But at first the video started you put a nice music..
Ngura Fanai (4 months ago)
I saw a green sabre in a parking lot nkt so weird
Ngura Fanai (4 months ago)
I saw a green sabre in a parking lot nkt so weird
Loli Piña Gomez (4 months ago)
Zip clothes Shop in Gta San Andreas :v
Xaxati21 (4 months ago)
Harsh Vig (4 months ago)
I will like and you got 2k
The Pro 1 Ever (4 months ago)
u deserved 1M subs
Make more video please. Its so amazing
Claude's Son (4 months ago)
An easter egg is that i'm his son and he is dead so stop to find reasesons why he doesn't talk
What song is till video?
Mark Friesen (4 months ago)
you are the best
Cool Chris (4 months ago)
When I get a job which will be this year I'm going to get GTA San Andreas, GTA Liberty city stories, GTA Vice city, GTA 3, and GTA Vice city stories. At least try to get GTA liberty city stories and GTA Vice city stories.
- M4K4-R0V - (4 months ago)
I only know 2 ways to enter Blue Hell #1: Ride on the bike to make the mission 9mm Mayhem start, kill one of the targets (Don't destroy the bike) then Mark the location on where the target died, then kill the driver you are with. Then it will say Mission Failed then go to the Marked location then find the bike the target was riding, after that try jumping to the sea with the bike, then you will see the Blue Hell and then you respawn somewhere with the bike. If you want to see it again, just jump again with the bike don't worry about dying cause you won't dismount your bike when you go to the sea. #2 (You can see the Blue Hell without falling or respawning): Use the same bike from #1 then jump to the waters of Fort Staunton or Rockford then you will respawn in a tunnel that's under construction (The same tunnel from the mission "Bringing the House Down") then keep going straight to NorthEast then you have turn Right then keep following the road and you will see Blue Hell and the world above it. If you jump through the Blue Hell you'll respawn back to the spot where you respawned when you jumped to the waters. (WARNING: If you made it to the tunnel, you cannot go back to the world so it is recommended to save before trying this out, also if you want to go back the only 2 ways is to either to kill yourself like using the cheat "Commit Suicide" or destroying the bike while you're riding on it or either use Load Game to go back to your old save... I just wrote this cause it reminded me of Blue Hell when Jizzy said that... also just tell me if it didn't worked for you cause I only know that this works in PSP/PPSSPP Version and I'm not sure about the Mobile Version or PS2 Version. I hope this helps :)
GTA SERIES GAMER (4 months ago)
If the Internet cafe isn’t built yet on gta lcs,that means gta 3 is newer than gta lcs and by the way, the video is good.
Genetically Superior (5 months ago)
Half this shit was made up lol
gta lcs is better than gta 3
Erich Von Manstein (2 months ago)
True cause claude can't speak
i play this game on my phone
Johann creencia (5 months ago)
You know Mr jizzy you are a great GTA player but due to your creepy music in the background during Easter eggs and secrets it makes the video uncomfortable like for example the funny texts on the graves of characters whom Toni have slain the [email protected] cafe scene the moon and more have a creepy music playing on the background you should put your music style in a perfect genre thank you for reading
Johann creencia (5 months ago)
Mr jizzy may I request that you please next time no creepy music even in the Easter eggs like [email protected] and moon you keep playing the creepy music on the background creepy music is exceptional when it comes to facts and funny trivia's
M . N . F (5 months ago)
hey how about the train.
Vikram Sah (5 months ago)
when will you make gta sandreas facts 9
Shant PlayZ (5 months ago)
I love the music it's kinda good
I treni sono belli (5 months ago)
1st song name? well, nice video as always.
PetrifiedCritter (5 months ago)
how'd you recorded that on PSP? (or something idk)
TheJizzy (5 months ago)
It is played on PPSSPP emulator.
jammie___dodger (5 months ago)
dona lyn (5 months ago)
That game is really scary
k0va4a (5 months ago)
Please make a tutorial how to download it on android! 👍💙
skumgodd 602 (5 months ago)
Havent played this for 16 years
skumgodd 602 (5 months ago)
Shit not 16 years 11
Cyril Bollen (5 months ago)
I don't understand why this game is after San Andreas.. it's So bad an boring and the Colors are So bad, like in gta it was a bit misty and nice lights But in lcs it's just poor.. I think rockstar got a little lazy
Kaiser Krysalis (9 days ago)
Thats Rockstar Leeds game, do research.
Chanz 2346 (5 months ago)
Whenever I kill the people who’s graves come in the cemetery I just go there and act like I did not do anything.
Mr Nugget (5 months ago)
Y the creepy music
Excusemethere Mister (5 months ago)
I think the [email protected] café is red as “Twat Café”
sofiane Goumri (5 months ago)
Ilove gta3 💜
Miguel Alensonorin (5 months ago)
I didnt even notice these easter eggs..
Steroid Meat (5 months ago)
Snow was also removed from *iOS/Android* version but can be obtained by mods.
Hella Kwengin (4 months ago)
This video is absolute bullshit. Rumours? Who said that? Researchers? Who's researching the game? AND BIGFOOT? Bro your videos are great and I liked this video but please don't make up stuff.
Hella Kwengin (2 months ago)
Malaria 🙄
Malaria (2 months ago)
Unsupported Data I know you're angry and such, and I do agree: those facts are bullshit. But that guy just typed *triggered* just on joke, and you got *triggered* by his *triggered* joke. Just calm down, okay? ^^
Hella Kwengin (4 months ago)
SvelteTV you're illogical
Hella Kwengin (4 months ago)
SvelteTV shut the fuck up. You do realise saying "triggered" is not exactly racking up funny points for you. You don't know that the fact someone can make money off making bullshit videos is the most insane ludicrous thing I have heard. He is just pulling shit out of his ass
dick fageroni (6 months ago)
Can you do gta vice city stories next
xxhardforcorexx (6 months ago)
I really wish you and every other Grand Theft Auto researcher would drop the nonsense about ghosts in anything prior to Grand Theft Auto V. I think it's pretty clear that the only reason Big Foot (albeit a costume) aliens, and even a real ghost were placed in V is because Rockstar got tired of people assuming they were in the previous games so heavily so they gave the fans what they wanted so badly. The Grand Theft Auto Wikia is loaded with drivel about things that simply aren't true or even speculative. This was supposed to be an Easter egg video and you turned the second half of it into another one of those dumb myth hunter videos where you go looking for something exciting and find shit because I'm guessing you either don't know enough Easter eggs or there just weren't many.
Ankita Biswas (6 months ago)
RAKA KUNN (6 months ago)
thanks for easter eggs man
Musical Gaming (6 months ago)
Thumbs up
Mr. FreeZee (6 months ago)
These gta vids remind me of the movie that the main protagonist is.. I forgot but its either CJ or the main guy on gta 4
The EntergamingTH (6 months ago)
Your background music spooked me!
Vincenzo94 (6 months ago)
kunda subrahmanyam (6 months ago)
bro u r freakin awesome i like ur videos
Lance The Wolf (6 months ago)
nur rohmad (6 months ago)
What Is The Outro Song?
nur rohmad (6 months ago)
TheJizzy (6 months ago)
Insane - Loving Caliber
HOMIE LB (6 months ago)
The graphics in Liberty City stories kinda downgraded Compared to San Andreas
BizarrdVark (6 months ago)
In every rockstar game you can change the size of the moon XD
TheRealest Estyla (6 months ago)
One of the most underrated gta game of all time It deserves to be in the top 10 gtas Tbh
VenomousBait (5 months ago)
ZR 313 no shit. It was originally made for psp.
HOMIE LB (6 months ago)
T H E R E A L E S T E S T Y L A You cant fly a helicopter You cant swim No separate clothing options No gyms Its missing a lot of things from San Andreas
Ciferothe (6 months ago)
Damn the good ol' Gta atmosphere
X3mgamer (7 months ago)
Before you show the snow myth I was thinking about snow in GTA SA. lol
ggisfat DX! (7 months ago)
I loved this game , I used to play it in 2012-2014 on my PS2 , anyway I never finished because of the small memory card and because one of my buttons were broken :/
Fly A1 Kicks (7 months ago)
EliteMation (7 months ago)
The libertyBertie statue has the face of Hillary Clinton
HOMIE LB (6 months ago)
EliteMation de wae navigatah. Thats gta iv
Csongor Kulcsàr (7 months ago)
Hai.what is the first song name?pls
Im do scared bc i saw ghost
HOMIE LB (6 months ago)
Koto San no you didn't you weeaboo
lance ryder wilson (7 months ago)
Tq Somuch I love Gta lcs
Reevy Doge (7 months ago)
hey guys! did you see that> i saw the paulie sindacco on gta san andreas at las venturas!
Tangy Orange (7 months ago)
Would any of you watch that Likip movie if it was real? I mean come on you can go wrong with a girl on girl on girl on girl on girl movie right?
Mawdudur Rahman (7 months ago)
Bro I am unable to install the cop mod in GTA SA. Please help.
Jenal Furqon (7 months ago)
The voice is creepy
Darcat (7 months ago)
Did you really have to put this creepy af ambience in the video?
Yousef Maher (7 months ago)
Mali tity (7 months ago)
+TheJizzy Can You Make Grand Theft Auto Vice City Or Grand Theft Auto Three Beta Edition Mod Gameplay

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