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Game of Thrones 7 Jon and Daenerys The Call of Love and Blood

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The amazing 7th season in 30'. Jon and Daenerys best scenes. Enjoy it, and subscribe.
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Melinda Thomas (9 days ago)
What season from the game of thrones soundtrack did you use? I can’t seem to find them?
karimam1275 (12 days ago)
25:49 I always laugh at this!
karimam1275 (12 days ago)
10:40 Glorious the arrival of the dragons...always gives me goosebumps!
karimam1275 (12 days ago)
08:24 WTF... why is Tyrion always eavesdropping on them (Jon & Danny) ... so very weird little man!
Lisa Lovodua (1 month ago)
God, by far the best fanvid I've ever seen of them... didn't know I needed this until I saw it. thank you!
WatchTower FanMade (1 month ago)
Lisa Lovodua Thank you so much! !!!
Dr Efasa Moto Daenerys (1 month ago)
wow the music is epic ! and the show evenmore ! thanks. Good job.
WatchTower FanMade (1 month ago)
Thank You so much!!
Eat 4 Our World (1 month ago)
GODDAMN music overpowers the dialogue
WatchTower FanMade (1 month ago)
oh man, I know, some clips are like that, but only a couple. In any case ... have fun, it's just something I wanted to give to fans, for absolute free. tks for watching
Terri U (1 month ago)
Thank you...I'm saving this!  It was beautiful and epic...the music you chose was magnificent, thanks for using the original score!  You might have made it a tad easier for me to wait till 2019 for Season 8....!
Terri U (1 month ago)
Are you kidding me...You are an Artist!   Thanks again.
WatchTower FanMade (1 month ago)
Terri U Tks so much!
Tiger Soupe (1 month ago)
their heir to the throne fucks his own aunt? WTF!
beckytick (2 months ago)
I wonder why the music has to be so loud!? whoever mixed this are clearly not interested in the dialog!
Mustbe Venus (6 days ago)
beckytick the dialogue is the soundtrack. This clip isn't about the dialogue)
Lovely V (2 months ago)
I like drogo for her at first but when i saw jon snow and her daenerys i really wish they are tell the end😍😍😍 i love thier chemistry.
im villain (2 months ago)
background music just awesome 👌👍
Rozemberg Barbosa (2 months ago)
Thank you so much for your great work!! I love them both!!
Khaleesi Nicole (2 months ago)
omg season 8 is going to be amazing !!!!
im villain (2 months ago)
thanks 👍👍😍😍😍
I Sbammo I (2 months ago)
Eeeeeeyyyyyyyy, I'm back againnnnnn. Still love this
Di FR (2 months ago)
KRIS MANUELLE Dela Cruz (3 months ago)
Background music is good but its too loud, goodness i cant barely hear a word. Crap
Yajie Liu (3 months ago)
I really like your editing. Some scenes the parallel between the two characters are stronger this way. Great job!
WatchTower FanMade (3 months ago)
Yajie Liu thank you so much!
Tanja Vasiliev (3 months ago)
Why are they all dressed in black? Did I miss something? This wasn't before!...the mother of Dagon's... Jon, the king of the north & all other's too!
Lacey Mossop (3 months ago)
I think the night king has attacked now for a reason he was trying to stop jon and dany from creating the Prince that was promised e.g the child she conceived just as he attacks the wall I think jon has to sacrifice the child not dany.
Duncan Murphy (3 months ago)
Jesus Is Lord of all and that's not a joke or a to programme I have seen into the realm of the spirit and testify that Jesus is Lord. This program is brilliant.
yhamy yhu (3 months ago)
Ohhh i want to watch for this next episode winter fighting 🙄🙄🙄🙄
yhamy yhu (3 months ago)
I want the full story ohh its really nice i cant move everytime i saw it. I want to watch season 9 pls icant find it
Agent 47 (4 months ago)
Nice! I like this edit! Bravo!!!
Hassan Sattar (4 months ago)
What’s the air date of season 8 ?? I’m curious to know about the Great War
Lala Rie (3 months ago)
Rumors are April 2019 but not confirmed by HBO
Lucille Durand (3 months ago)
April 2019
WatchTower FanMade (4 months ago)
Hassan Sattar no one knows!
Hassan Sattar (4 months ago)
Exact date and day ? Please if you know it
WatchTower FanMade (4 months ago)
Hassan Sattar nex summer...:(
Odee Dillon (4 months ago)
Couldn't make the intro music louder could you? I can still hear the voices slightly.
laura o beatriz (4 months ago)
Pode colocar legenda em português?
zero604 (4 months ago)
So Jon Snow slept with his aunt...
WatchTower FanMade (4 months ago)
zero604 ....And?...
Schuylor Hayes (5 months ago)
That was actually breathtaking!! So well done! I loved it !Thank you! :)
WatchTower FanMade (5 months ago)
Schuylor Hayes thank You!
eli Alva (5 months ago)
Is it me or do the eyes on longclaw open and close between 21:17-21:22?
WatchTower FanMade (5 months ago)
eli Alva you're right. I think Jon Snow dies for the second time. One for fire, one for ice. My thought, offcorse
Lee Saun54 (5 months ago)
A Targaryen wiping out the Lannister army is poetic justice!
beth98362 R (5 months ago)
Musics to F loud!
Eduardo Nunes (5 months ago)
Ritercrazy (5 months ago)
This isn't love, it's lust. Lust has nothing to do with cementing a strong and lasting relationship.
WatchTower FanMade (5 months ago)
Oh. I See. Otherwise everybody know Jon Snow knows nothing, yet. 😂
Ritercrazy (5 months ago)
Here's a radical idea. Get married first. Commit to each other first. Make a covenant first. It is an option, maybe antiquated to some people but still an option.
WatchTower FanMade (5 months ago)
Ritercrazy why? What They have To do? They care each other so much. They proved that.
ezekiel francis tagala (5 months ago)
Good job you've earned my subscription
WatchTower FanMade (5 months ago)
ezekiel francis tagala Thank You so much!!!
Thi Huynh (5 months ago)
get rid of that music!!!!!!! awww!!
Joseph Handibode (5 months ago)
Jonerys forever
Powell Lucas (5 months ago)
Epic story telling, but it helps if you're a lip reader since the music drowns out half the dialog.
iman sheriff (5 months ago)
The dragon is alive
WatchTower FanMade (5 months ago)
Maleeha Sharieff The dragon is an ice zombie
Brian O'Neil (5 months ago)
I didn't get to see season 7 cuz I was hospitalized for a few months and I'm not going to have a chance to see it for another month so can anyone tell me if people who were at the wall like tormund died in the night kings attack
Ρούλα Καλαρά (5 months ago)
No. They are alive.
WatchTower FanMade (5 months ago)
No one knows... this were the lastest scenes... And Now, how are You? I hope better.
WatchTower FanMade (5 months ago)
Valdir Lima Tks!
Chris Mckinney (6 months ago)
Fuck they got through, and yes I new it
Bernyd Dessy (6 months ago)
Very nicely made!!
Cookinitmax (6 months ago)
Seems to me the evil that brings us all down some how shows its self through all things it's power hear is great it blinds those who can't see yet those who do see are still blind for evil is great and wicked and has no bonds with good it peruse the evil seed that has been planted in all of use to gain its space in all our hearts so try and hold strong to what is good for evil is real and it is coming for us all weather in a movie or for real .
Houston Brotherton (6 months ago)
i have only read the books to this awesome series since i have spent the past few years in prison. its awesome to actually see what the characters look like. Jon Snow was by far my favorite character.
Mia Alejandra (6 months ago)
Pitty their love will not last forever because in season 8 Jon dies at the end. However, Danny gets pregnant and comes back to King's landing after defeating the night king and when Jamie kills Cersei because she got totally out of control.
Kaye Young (6 months ago)
Kaye Young (6 months ago)
Kaye Young (6 months ago)
He looks like his friend Sam...
Kaye Young (6 months ago)
Terri Gayle (6 months ago)
Everyone, or majority keeps saying they see Jon dead. I do not think that will happen, or at least it will not be the bitter sweet ending. Jon never wanted the Leadership role, yet he got it. But let’s see what happen in 2019
amazon for (6 months ago)
Arya will kill them all
vespi57 (6 months ago)
For six seasons I awaited for Jon and Daenerys to be together. And it has happened, just as I always believed. And it's amazing. Definitely the highlight of season 7.
Ralph Dye (6 months ago)
Excellent recap. Somehow I could feel the storyline taking a full circle approach. The early peoples (after defeating a common enemy) elect Targaryen their leader. Couple of generations later, we have the "Mad King" who gets overthrown. Then, usurper dies and the scramble is on. We have the Stark's with supposedly a "bastard son named Jon. Jon's lineage is never explored. Ned Stark and a one night stand? With who? If it ever happened. And now Daenerys Stormborn, "Of the House of Targaryen". "Of The House Of" is a very subtle difference then that of being in direct line. Under the old rules (long since not used), IF the King has only daughters, first one to have a son is potentially the winner because only males could claim the throne. Jon has more of a claim than Dany and if Jon and Dany have a SON...the game is over.
Ralph Dye (6 months ago)
I would welcome anyone from the College Of Peers to comment.
happyninslave (6 months ago)
Nights Dragon so over rated. I'll catch him in my trap, and kill it.
happyninslave (6 months ago)
I'm gonna bust a nut!!
layne reeves (6 months ago)
I think that the whole message of the show is to depict the worst in Man, the jealousies & envies, the hatred that humans bear for each other, the pride & arrogance, the human selfishness, etc. Because when one thinks of the Night king and the White Walkers one realises that there is one thing they have over human beings and that is unity. In the community of White Walkers, they are all beyond race, creed, family lineages, etc. They just have one leader whom they all follow. The humans on the hand can't get beyond coveting the Iron Throne. Dany and Jon, Varys and Tyrion are a few exceptions. I wonder what the deeper meaning is behind the symbolism of the Night King representing Death.
Smriti Mishra (3 months ago)
layne reeves 3
andrea (6 months ago)
Pixie Love (6 months ago)
Fantastic!! A lot of hard work went into this. Thank you.
kate sino (6 months ago)
What great 👍 video.
john flynn (6 months ago)
stupid show ... too much unreal cruelty
WatchTower FanMade (6 months ago)
Unreal? Human history doesn't show that. But tks for your comments 😊 And Happy Christmas
n8 NoCircumciseBaby (6 months ago)
john I agree with your reason.
Princess Anna (7 months ago)
John be calling her Dany, like his dad used too. Sorry lol
The Agents ' (7 months ago)
Magnificent and perfect job. :Standing applause:
WatchTower FanMade (7 months ago)
The Agents ' thank you!❤
Tito Jr (7 months ago)
Had Jon taken her hand Viserion would be alive, but no he was showing off.
Richard Nasiel (6 months ago)
Tito Jr high
n8 NoCircumciseBaby (6 months ago)
t, good point.
ZReiCe (7 months ago)
You should’ve put audio during that cave scene it’s a nice exchange of dialogue between the two and it was a bit awkward without it
WatchTower FanMade (7 months ago)
ZReiCe I put The focus on their looks. But any opinion is good. Thanks for your comment ... And Happy Christmas!
Tito Jr (7 months ago)
Jon better ride Rhaegal, the dragon named 4 his father, and Dany on Drogon. She better get pregnant after the Night King is defeated. I am also thinking that Cersei will die in childbirth and that child will be a dwarf, that would be the Valonquar 4 it's an incest baby and will die! If she doesn't strangle it first.
WatchTower FanMade (7 months ago)
Tito Jr 😂 Hope you're right!
Christopher Barber (7 months ago)
@WatchTower FanMade (from the description): "the AMAZING 7th season..."? buddy, come on. sure, sound design and production improve annually. but writing quality for the show peaked with season 4. also you're a jerkface puppy-hating mean man!
WatchTower FanMade (7 months ago)
oh man, everyone has his perception of things. I loved this season a lot, (and also 4). Thanks anyway for your comment, and Merry Christmas.
WatchTower FanMade (7 months ago)
Merry Christmas to all those who love books https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waT3SkyUs1c&feature=youtu.be
Leslie M. Isaacs (7 months ago)
Leslie M. Isaacs (6 months ago)
n8 NoCircumciseBaby Do you know anything of history? It's actually quite accurate. But if you don't like the show, why are you watching and commenting on these videos?
n8 NoCircumciseBaby (6 months ago)
the series itself is too fake unrealistic cruelty.
American Woman (7 months ago)
Excellent Job! One small suggestion..perhaps you cold turn down the music a bit at certain important conversations.. really powerful, edited seamlessly.
BlaqGurlRock (7 months ago)
perfect!!! cannot wait for season 8
n8 NoCircumciseBaby (6 months ago)
the series itself is too fake unrealistic cruelty.
cadyc3 (7 months ago)
Really beautifully well done, thank you.
n8 NoCircumciseBaby (6 months ago)
the series itself is too fake unrealistic cruelty.
644delsol (7 months ago)
Robert's rebellion is littlefinger's lie, to revenge Caitlin
Barb DeSouza (7 months ago)
Lena Headey's face is a better actress than Emilia, yet Em gets the Emmy nod not Lena?
Bokwe Sona (7 months ago)
yes it give inspiration of laedership, love and to be strong no matter wat kind of situation u fine urself
Bokwe Sona (7 months ago)
yes it give inspiration of laedership, love and to be strong no matter wat kind of situation u fine urself
Bokwe Sona (7 months ago)
yes it give inspiration of laedership, love and to be strong no matter wat kind of situation u fine urself
Monica Nyalusi (7 months ago)
I don't ship them.i liked ingrid better
Monica Nyalusi (7 months ago)
I don't ship them.i liked ingrid better
Darren Litner (7 months ago)
I Sbammo I (7 months ago)
I Sbammo I (7 months ago)
Dany: "I assume you're here to bend the knee?" What I'm thinking: (Jon) And if I am will you say, "I do"? I'm ridiculous. Every time she says it Every time
bangyahead1 (7 months ago)
"This is the story of Jon and Dany" GRRM. If you think that the bittersweet ending GRRM has promised means Dany dies at the end of it, be prepared to be disappointed. "The first seven books has been the story of bringing them together. We arent about to see either of them killed off. This is THEIR story."
DeadlyRecon (28 days ago)
bangyahead1 I think Jon is going to die (for good) in the show, but Daenerys might die in the books.
luisiana delgado (7 months ago)
You're right.. this is their story. They are the song of ice and fire. Many People refuse to accept it but it's true
Shakazulu (7 months ago)
both die, child lives
WatchTower FanMade (7 months ago)
bangyahead1 Hope you're right! If Jon dies I'll never forgive GRRM
Marina Themis (8 months ago)
Simplement magnifique
Ty srn (8 months ago)
En español plisssss me encanta esta serie Estoy enamorada de tooooodddddooooossss los personajes 😄😄😄😄😄😄
WatchTower FanMade (8 months ago)
Ty srn 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Janet Tejada Palacios (8 months ago)
The serie is excellent Jon Snow i love you
filipiina13 (8 months ago)
Frozen Heart (8 months ago)
Shitttttt season 8 is gonna be intense 🤗
karimam1275 (12 days ago)
Let's hope so, because damn the wait is long!
Jeffery Kuhl (3 months ago)
cersei needs to die asap, i legit gritted my teeth when arya decided to go to winterfell instead of kings landing
Totto87 (4 months ago)
Winter will have come and gone and come back again before the new season arrives though. Almost tearing up thinking about it.. :(
WatchTower FanMade (8 months ago)
Frozen Heart I think so!
Joseph Sullo (8 months ago)
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Joseph Sullo (8 months ago)
Everyone check out https://salegeek.com/ for the best GOT merch! Please show some support and take a look at our most recent blog post!
soshi fate (8 months ago)
I swear they are so soft towards each other, letting their guard down for each other to enter, accept and understand. I loved their past love stories and actually settled for that only and thought they'll just be allies but seeing them finally finding love with each other together with trust and respect is just amazing. All those build up was truly worth it and in the books were their connection were written so subtle that it's lovely when you finally find its purpose as you recap. Also their tv show parallels are amazing. Great job with this video and the music 👍👏☝
Natalie Quintal (8 months ago)
Take a bow..this was awesome..you’ve earned a new subscriber..standing ovation!!
Mass Effect Dreams (8 months ago)
Love so much your video, like the music combined with the secenes and Truth in the Jonerys scene. Very beautiful video. Thanks.
Morehu Morehu (9 months ago)
Yes! Yes! Yes!!!! 😎 Jon Snow, your word is worth more than silver or gold. Without upholding our word, we are shit. 💩. Anyone that disagrees, fine by me, I'll just take it as a sign that they are fluent speakers of 💩 shit!
Valkyrie Sardo (9 months ago)
The most gag worthy relationship in GOT., a tale of adventure that peters out into a chick flick ending.
Juan Valdez (7 months ago)
I bet you don't have a girlfriend, do you?
Shakazulu (7 months ago)
fuck jonsa
Sandy Prater (9 months ago)
I really like this, but in some places the music is louder than the dialogue.
Penny Scott (4 months ago)
Sandi, I think it was perfect as I knew from watching numerous times, each episode. The sound was excellent, the music choice and quality, amazing. Thank goodness for the option to watch this video numerous times... (as I already have)
WatchTower FanMade (6 months ago)
just two, the others are ok. tks for watching and Happy Christmas!
Rxonmymind (6 months ago)
It was hard to hear the dialogue.
hstchooump (8 months ago)
Sandy Prater yes you are right. i thought noone else would notice. i am not surprisingky a musician.
WatchTower FanMade (9 months ago)
You're right. Some files had low audio, I preferred to favor the amazing soundtrack. The fandom know what they're saying 😂 . But thank you so much for your comment.
John Stables (9 months ago)
The music could have been soft enough to hear what they were saying.
WatchTower FanMade (9 months ago)
Your're right. In a couple of scenes my files had a low audio and I preferred to favor the wonderful soundtrack. But the most are ok... I guess I tought a fan already knows what they're saying. :)) In any case thank you so much for your comment e for watching. Thank You.
Alesia Gaming (9 months ago)
Oh god, i got a blue screen on this video....stahp! LoL
WatchTower FanMade (9 months ago)

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