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My Scene Goes Hollywood - Tropical Movie (part 2)

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In My Scene Goes Hollywood, Barbie and her friends are starring in a new movie, and they need help preparing for the big debut. You can help Barbie, Madison, Chelsea, Nolee, and Delancey as they make sets, write the script, and get dressed up for their scenes. You can then attend the movie premiere in your finest clothes to see how the public likes your creation. Check out he complete game here : https://goo.gl/rRgXLw TSM Channel on Facebook : https://fb.me/tsmchannel TSM Channel on STEAM : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/tsmchannel TSM Channel on Google+ : https://google.com/+TSMChannel TSM Channel on Blogger : http://tsmchannel.blogspot.com
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Text Comments (5)
Rosa Jessica (4 months ago)
Theres mix music from the intro overlapping the sound
scarah 245 (7 months ago)
A tropical movie cool loved the script you did where can I get this game
TSM Channel (7 months ago)
No problem. That's also our main place where we get most of our games.
scarah 245 (7 months ago)
Sweet thanks
TSM Channel (7 months ago)
Hi, Well eBay or Amazon.

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