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Today I thought it'd be funny to gather all of the mean comments from YouTube and say them about myself on my server! I want to see how long it takes my moderators and staff to ban me, or deal out some other type of punishment! W/RGA Gaming! ☑️New to my channel? SUBSCRIBE ❤️ https://goo.gl/UJ8KZV 🏆 Join ClubRGA! ▸ http://bit.ly/clubrga 📤 SUBMIT YOUR Minecraft Maps here: https://goo.gl/n2UZJL 📝 FOLLOW ME! ▸ Twitter : https://goo.gl/7isAM5 ▸ Discord : https://goo.gl/0BOmLV 📧 My P.O. Box ▸ 52 E Burdick St # 367, Oxford, MI 48371 🚩 SERVERS AND SHOPS ▸ Performium Server IP : MC.Performium.net ▸ DinoRaids Server IP : :Play.Dinoraids.com ▸ Server Store: http://performium.buycraft.net 🎵 MUSIC/CREDITS ▸ Music Used ♫ "Kevin MacLeod - http://www.incompetech.com" 👍 Don't forget to drop a like if you enjoyed this video, and subscribe with notifications enabled for alerts on future videos! Thank you for watching!
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Text Comments (356)
Mackenzie Sauers (20 days ago)
Rga u should disguise zombie pig man as diamond ore blocks around an X-ray player so when he tries to mine them they get mad and attack him
TheMemeLords (25 days ago)
Dubsmax Jr (30 days ago)
Play with doni more
UsefulBlaster (1 month ago)
Why do people think you are a goose you are clearly a potato
davy 223 (1 month ago)
JI JustIann (1 month ago)
nico hieb (1 month ago)
You should have spammed the sucks not a hater btw
bryan mathis (1 month ago)
@ RGA Gaming after trolling someone that wasn't doing anything you should show what you gave them for being a good sport about being trolled.
FarmingSoul GT (1 month ago)
I hate rga he is too kind and too nice wish i could ;)
Caden C (1 month ago)
his alt ign is Chicken_You_Out
Ace Uncanny (1 month ago)
33k views and only 1.7k likes!? Come on everyone HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON IN THE FACE 👊 AND SUPPORT THIS DUDE WITH HIS GREAT CONTENT!
Trollzor (1 month ago)
which site ? i would love to go there
Trollzor (1 month ago)
Hey RGA emm i have An issue i was Banned For Fly/speed/hacking For 13 days. But ting is i Dont Fly/speed hack At all i was useing ender pearls And my Elytra As well As Speed effects from Beacons around plz i did not Hack iam harmless Name is Sirena_wolfsbane in the Server plz would you atleast Take A look At it iam rly Anoyed Cus i havent done anyting Wrong At all
Trollzor (1 month ago)
iam sry if iam anoying you i dont wanna disturb you or anoy you. you are 1 of the few admins i Respect. i was just Steamed on the Sudden ban with out Self defence or Chance to Explain it
RGA Gaming (1 month ago)
Appeal on our site!
wendy charlesworth (1 month ago)
What server is this
Xx MrSwaggyJAIME xX (1 month ago)
#RgaIsAQuackieDuckie #DoniIsAnUglyChickenino
Fnaf master Zoller (1 month ago)
Arega I love your buds kelp up the epic work
Acri Playz (1 month ago)
RGA speaking of not liking your fans I have an instance when you did like your fans, I remember one time I was on your skyblock server I asked for you to sign my base and you did I don’t know how anyone knew you were online but I was really happy that you
Joshua Bailey (1 month ago)
Hi RGA!!!! I would love to play on performium!! I just wish you had a PvE server with McMMO. :(( PvP makes me sad and angry. D:<
xWiFi_ (1 month ago)
TheIceDragon yay (2 months ago)
you would be surprised how many morons (me included) would name themselves that.
CodZoneGaming (2 months ago)
U do realize we can see ur name in the chat bar on your screen
Juho Martikainen (2 months ago)
Well uhh why am i watching this trash?
Dylantje23 (2 months ago)
RGA A Dev or somthing has maked you imume in the config
xanderrock98 (2 months ago)
You forgot to censor your name in the chat
Sharon Clark (2 months ago)
Good he FINALLY gets a taste of his own medicine and gets banned
jacob fischler (2 months ago)
I believe EVERYTHING he said is fake!
guy the talking human (1 month ago)
cuz u uh t rex g raff
bluemario8 (2 months ago)
Now that's a funny troll
Jessy Boo (2 months ago)
Rga roast session: ft Rga, Rga, and Rga
DerpyPlayz99 (2 months ago)
Lol the thumbnail XD
chinook_user (2 months ago)
@Daniel Goodrich they are the same person
Jif (2 months ago)
Hmm my gut tells me to unsubscribe and I listen to my gut so I go bye bye from your sub list
Dashy Blitz Animation (2 months ago)
XD XD potato head 😂
Braeden Flores (2 months ago)
I have never seen anyone have so much fun insulting themselves.
ugandaknuckle #14245358 (2 months ago)
ugandaknuckle #14245358 (2 months ago)
Immunity (2 months ago)
I don't know who you are, but I will find you And I will ban you
Charliezard198 (2 months ago)
I bet everyone in the comments would flip out if someone actually said that.
Charliezard198 (2 months ago)
Did the video stop playing for anyone else at 5:59?
Pinkcreeper100 (1 month ago)
Elros (2 months ago)
the best way to get trolled is to be afk
Super Smolios (2 months ago)
heres a good insult, RGA IS A FAT, BALD DOPEY HYPOCRITE!! plz dont hate
Pinkcreeper100 (1 month ago)
I disliked
Pinkcreeper100 (1 month ago)
Eric Codecire (2 months ago)
The stuff in RGA's garbage cans is trash.
Pinkcreeper100 (1 month ago)
True, everyone else has the same
dark_noodle (2 months ago)
if his content is trash then why did you bother to go on his server
dark chris hell (2 months ago)
Doni is better
Micah Newbill (2 months ago)
all you haters i will find you and personally tell you if you do not like him shut up and dont watch it
Shadow Ninja2468 (2 months ago)
you cant ban a host if you ar the host in the vid
Flqming (2 months ago)
'I don't want to show my alts name' *types in chat*
Pinkcreeper100 (1 month ago)
Anna :D (2 months ago)
Hey Archie (captions)
GoombaNate 456 (2 months ago)
So is this owner using comments to insult owner to test staff?
Tihealy (2 months ago)
RGA = Real Goose/Geese Alert.
Micah Newbill (2 months ago)
RGA=RealGooseArmy i asked i've met him
Link_Team (2 months ago)
that took too long I would think...
Link_Team (2 months ago)
ur eld fut bold and smell much.
gamingreactor 48 (2 months ago)
Hello Chicken_You_Out!
Sir Frosty Coldswarth (2 months ago)
*Speach 100*
DarkSouls4Lyfe (2 months ago)
Your a goose. Please... DONT HURT ME, PLEASE.
ElRatix333 (2 months ago)
Lawn Mower (2 months ago)
Ur bald, fat and poopy. I'm joking lol keep up the great work (:
Blue (2 months ago)
KaiXGT (2 months ago)
His alt is Chicken_You_Out or something like that.
Do more like this
Muffin on Lean (2 months ago)
Rga roasts himself
Xcap (2 months ago)
Lol youre so funny
The ACE? Family (2 months ago)
*RGA, YOU ARE EVIL! Why are you laughing so much? How come you're evil?* *YouTube, please delete this account! RGA/NICK's account! Thank you! Bye!*
The ACE? Family (2 months ago)
Drae (2 months ago)
wow the server staff members are nice because ...... named server is perm banning people if you just tell "bad" to staff XD . you can give permission for this reason too
GAMMER BOSS (2 months ago)
starlight glimmer (2 months ago)
Doni is a duck Doni is a duck
Random Stuff (2 months ago)
Chicken_You_Out Is Ur Alt
pineapple snail (2 months ago)
u say "im not telling my name" then you show it :P
AutoPLAYZ YT (2 months ago)
Zsddestroyer (3 months ago)
"he is big stupid potato head"
ccc ccc (3 months ago)
Honk honk...
ccc ccc (3 months ago)
hi rga if you are reading this i was on a stream the chat was filled with Read more
adam Green (2 months ago)
with read more?
Master Chaos (3 months ago)
RGA The potato. I think im gonna make french fries later.... crap I dont have any potatos.....hmmm.... *stares at the potato*
7mic (3 months ago)
4:48 you CAN put a filter on words you don't want in the comment section
Peagu Mari (3 months ago)
Lol we can see rga name in chat chicken-you-out
Peagu Mari (3 months ago)
DESHAWN BARCLAY (3 months ago)
that was good god
CaveGame (3 months ago)
you should just do /execute @e ~ ~ ~ fill ~-14 ~-14 ~-14 ~14 ~14 ~14 tnt 0 replace air -1, and then it will fix your server LOL!
David Vodicka (3 months ago)
RGA is a Goose!
fatedwolfmonk (3 months ago)
i would of logged in as you and yell at all the mods about why they arnt insta banning people trashtalking you lmao
David Wilson (3 months ago)
You are a good youtuber
Felipe Cerda (3 months ago)
Odio la jente estupida que escrive las cosas en español y luego avla en ingles ijoputa
IAmTehTrueNub (3 months ago)
rga u look like a potato
MemeGodDoesntVlog 420 (3 months ago)
hi Chicken_You_Out
FreshStartYT (3 months ago)
Chicken_You_Out, nice name, RGA!
ETDRS_TONY - Minecraft (3 months ago)
RGA pls promote them
Charlotte Sbrega (3 months ago)
I HATE YOU! is what a hater would say. Nice video ☺
Jenna Wallace (3 months ago)
Okay if you don't like him don't watch the videos because saying all those mean stuff can hurt somebody really bad to where they would commit suicide to themselves which has happened like a bunch of times so back off and don't watch this videos if you don't like it instead of hurting him and I'm new
CaseyMC (3 months ago)
RGAGaming means RealGooseArmyGaming
CaseyMC (2 months ago)
No, cause it’s already RGAGaming
hi M (2 months ago)
CaseyMC That would be rgag
Potato (3 months ago)
Is Potato Head a insult now?
flaming ketchup (3 months ago)
his alt is Chicken_You_Out
Lps Emo TV (3 months ago)
Dominic Reyes (3 months ago)
Cosmos Gaming (3 months ago)
Just saying minecraft videos are cringe also I am going on every minecraft vid that was made latly and saying this because minecringe is a shit game
Arran Kelly-Warren (3 months ago)
Baldi* RGA i would have said that's just how you are and you did nothing to him {if you weren't the chicken guy}
Micah Newbill (2 months ago)
(fuck you)all you haters i will find you and personally tell you if you do not like him shut up and dont watch it
Mr. Toitle (3 months ago)
LykkeSmeden (3 months ago)
Your alt has a better skin than your main... hahaha
Kaden Clips (3 months ago)
Yeah your not gonna tell us your alt account *looks in chat* ooh chicken_you_out
Kaden Clips (3 months ago)
nevermind u probably renamed yourself in game
Kaden Clips (3 months ago)
keep up the good content!!!
Kaden Clips (3 months ago)
Kaden Clips (3 months ago)
yay rga
Kaden Clips (3 months ago)
big fan
Dominic Martin (3 months ago)
i have dorped my pickaxe
Troy Ruddock (3 months ago)
Stop disrespecting. Reply with the ever so dumb 'I'll disrespect your face.'

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