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Here's Why I've Already Spent $28,000 On My 2005 Ford GT

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GO READ MY COLUMN! http://autotradr.co/Oversteer THANKS TO BODEN AUTOHAUS! https://www.bodenautohaus.com/ instagram.com/boden_autohaus THANKS TO HG AUTOHAUS! http://hgautohaus.com/ FUTURE FORD GT UPDATES ON MORE DOUG DEMURO: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG72WbiCvdB6JKU-3YRP8Kg I bought my 2005 Ford GT a month ago, and I've already spent $28,000 on it. Today I'm explaining why my Ford GT has already cost me $28,000, and I'm going over some of the costs associated with owning an exotic car. FOLLOW ME! Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/ddemuro Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/dougdemuro Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/dougdemuro DOUGSCORE CHART: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KTArYwDWrn52fnc7B12KvjRb6nmcEaU6gXYehWfsZSo
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Jason McMillan (2 hours ago)
This is like a picture from life's other side. When you talk about financing your cars in order to keep your cash free I can't help but say to myself "what cash?" :) For me personally, I have financed all the decent cars I've had in my life because there was no cash, and I'm too stupid and hooked on performance to drive around in a shitbox and save for a home instead. That being said, this is starting to sound like a whinge. I sincerely wish you the best Doug. Doing something you love for a career, making enough money to have options, and still making sure you have fun. You're living the dream. :)
Mahadir Sarwar (9 hours ago)
That......thumbnail tho
Jared Champagne (10 hours ago)
If you did your research Doug, you’d know that the 5.4 gasser that ford made for some of its cars and heavy trucks, was the least reliable engine ever produced in the US in the 20th century. I’m sure the GTs is a little bit different, but the same design. Terrible top end and timing issues, spark plugs blowing out of the head, burning oil. And those super chargers seize up all the time. Shoulda bought a Zr1 with that kinda money. Cheaper and way faster.
Jared Champagne (10 hours ago)
Even though you make huge money, its weird that a bank would allow you to get that many auto loans, even though all of us understand why you’d do, banks aren’t into letting people borrow tons of money for impractical reasons lol. I make plenty of money to do it, but banks gave me a weird look when i wanted to pull a loan on a sporty car after I pulled a loan on my truck.
AdwikTRM (11 hours ago)
Doug, the type of person to have his parents read an owner’s manual to him as a bedtime story
Michael Dingding (18 hours ago)
your house is a mess Doug. I noticed because you said so.
Dylan Jane (19 hours ago)
"...dude can you afford this thing or not??" Lmao dead
Man Media (20 hours ago)
This Guy is great!! Big Inspiration for me and my Channel!!
Ramses Stafford (1 day ago)
GTA San Andreas Bullet
mhkia (1 day ago)
Taj Molen (1 day ago)
Dealer tags are pretty good loop home too
eliot joe (1 day ago)
Doug the type of guy to return his shopping cart to its rightful area.
sayharris (1 day ago)
Enjoy man enjoy🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽
I Am The Aether (2 days ago)
New Hampshire, Oregon, Delaware,  Montana & Alaska is where to register your car. If you want to piss away 17k (after tax money) which means you need to make 34k for Calirforniastan...go ahead.
Trex1268 (2 days ago)
For the price I'm just curious why you didn't go with a Audi R8 V10?
Stanley Banks (3 days ago)
Got pimped $360 for 5quarts of oil.hahaha
Goobert Froobert (3 days ago)
Ain't gonna lie I thought this was a GTA 5 video.
Antiglobalist (3 days ago)
Nice to hear an honest decent guy for once. So tired of all the cheating criminal parasites. In Sweden you could never deduct the car though. Basically if you have any personal pleasure at all from an item then it's non deductible. But I guess you may have more liberal tax laws in the US. I wouldn't put too much trust in other youtubers though since they probably have no clue about legal matters. Better to check directly with the IRS to avoid unpleasent surprises.
jo camble (4 days ago)
The guy with the Montana plates is laughing all the way to the Bank !
VNISHPT 70 (4 days ago)
Love the 05 Ford GT, what an amazing looking car. Smart choice to get the clear bra (presume Expel?) but just a heads up it likely won't protect against rock damage spun from large trucks frequently encountered on freeways or otherwise but you prolly already know such. You could get a HQ nosemask to drop on if you are going to drive on roads that are frequented by those types of vehicles which provides add'l protection to the front end from such (where it seems they usually occur). Glad to see you are enjoying the supercar & maintaining your investment.
Lambr00 (4 days ago)
What insurance company is this?
Alexander Wingeskog (4 days ago)
The insurance was not that high, I had a bigger (around 2100 USD in early 2000 money) yearly for a Nissan SR13 200SX CA18DET (1992 car) in Sweden...
Zachary (5 days ago)
How does Doug have so much money?
BrEEzy TonY (5 days ago)
Lol my ‘12 5.0 cost 270$ a month
crazyswampbob12ga (5 days ago)
Sounds like something a hoarder would say....jk your vids are great.
Marty Masters (5 days ago)
Doug is the type of guy to purchase a $400,000 car with 17k registration while living in a $350,000 rental home
Henrik John Reis (5 days ago)
In Sweden we do not have such crazy tax systems on cars, but other taxes are question-oriented.
Stan Youngers (5 days ago)
I really appreciate a very nice exotic car, and you do an incredible job on your channel explaining things. Question: are you rich, or are you a working class car guy?
Agility (5 days ago)
My 2003 acura rsx is 312 a month...
Andy De Los Santos (6 days ago)
@5:51 the noise I make when daddy Doug posts a new video
ilia Barasoud (6 days ago)
In Vancouver costs 100 dollars to get a custom plate And 40 bucks every now and then. Feels bad to spend 17 grand on a plate ey?
Liam S (7 days ago)
YouTube is getting crazy with ads. Not your fault but I'm out.
phunkym8 (7 days ago)
that sweet youtube money
Fill0016 (7 days ago)
Mean while in Denmark... 150% tax on cars and pays about $2k for insurgence for a BMW 5-series from 2006
Jeremy Sawatzky (7 days ago)
I dont know that the GT3 owner saving 10k is such a big deal, maybe the guy owns 10 cars and probably has people to set it up for him on each car he buys. 10x10 = 100k saved. If I had one car yea I probably wouldnt bother.
Rikorage (7 days ago)
Pretty awesome video. I'm gonna look into getting that clear film on my car once I restore the paint on it, the clear coat is gone in some spots and I want to repaint it someday.
Dan Wright (7 days ago)
Pyro Z (7 days ago)
DD your wife must be awesome. My wife would have left me if I spent that much money.
Dusty Rains (8 days ago)
Good for you Doug on the taxes. Don't be like Trump.
grjr (8 days ago)
Thumbs up for paying your taxes! One of my pet peeves is seeing people driving around in fancy cars and them not having proper plates on their CA cars. It just stinks of someone who's a cheat. If you can afford to pay for the car, you can afford to pay the tax. Those of us with far less do, so the rest should as well.
waleed50336 (8 days ago)
5:05 why would they arrest you if you get a Montana number ?
Edward Henry Harriman (8 days ago)
Another ploy to avoid taxes, at least here in Idaho, is to not transfer the title into your name if you plan on flipping a classic car - let the next owner deal with that. Or, also in the antique/classic car world, falsify the bill of sale stating a lower paid price. We have lots of 'Good Christians' here that do that regularly (for some reason the LDS do this more that any other group I do business with). The fact this is a felony does not bother these people at all. I pay my taxes but here in Idaho we have a 1% in the car culture that fell they do not have to...
Ernest Pobee (8 days ago)
THIS is me watching a Doug demuro video
AJ Niebler (9 days ago)
I have a 2010 kia sportage... I payed about 700-800/per 6 months... before my accident.
1 (9 days ago)
But why not register in Montana when you can save sooo much
Aidil Adha (9 days ago)
Start feeding the poor with your money bro...
JoeEastern (9 days ago)
Doug I thought you only had 10k in your bank account lol
k k (10 days ago)
I don't understand why he needed to pay sale tax of buying a used car from the prior owner. Who knows how much you spent on it?
Musi Mir (10 days ago)
This is just a hunch but...I'm guessing any shop that does GT500s can do a Ford GT
xElvis Rivera (10 days ago)
idk Doug i feel like you stink my guy
Ryan Scarfone (10 days ago)
Dan Con (10 days ago)
I used to own a Jaguar F-Type SVR, and spent more money on mods than I spent on the car. Now I am broke.
Marc B. (10 days ago)
The insurance on that car...is almost what I pay, in Fla. on my little 13yo 4cyl.CAR!!! I paid $150 a month for insurance on a New Civic in the late 80's, at 18yo. $120 on a USED VW Rabbit, and now I am almost down to the $100 a month level for a freaking 13yo 4 cyl. nothing car!!! With not 1 accident in my life, or a ticket!!! Not 1. And he pays THAT little for THAT car? F U Doug! Insurance companies are worse than a prostate exam....WITH lube!
Ted Sommers (10 days ago)
Then WHY do they put a useless back seat in so many sports cars?
BOMBON187 (10 days ago)
Doug the type of guy to get liability insurance only on a $100,000 car.
SD Cleveland (11 days ago)
I love political Progressives! T.R. All the way! I agree; pay your taxes and stop whining like a Conservative crybaby!
Jasper Marra (11 days ago)
Your garage is very untidy, are you a hoarder or something?
TURNS2STONE89 (11 days ago)
Too many Liberals in Cali Doug, but love the car.
ukfan4sure1 (11 days ago)
California... The land of Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Diane Feinstein, and Kamala Harris. No thank you. Congrats on your car, Doug. And, your $17K tax bill. I would have registered the car in Montana and gave the money to a nice charity. As you mentioned, your credit union could have recommended one. All California is going to do is blow it on a sanctuary city anyhow.
Wong Elfski (11 days ago)
They got you with them taxes pimp. Spreading wealth in loans and dodging Montana and you write off the car! Wtf man llc that shit and scorp the taxes
Jose pinto (11 days ago)
great video hi from massachusetts
Chosen Idea (11 days ago)
Doug the back seats thing isn't in the US, it's other countries. You've traveled. My car had back seats in Europe, but the North American model didn't (it's not because they're sticking kids in the back over seas).
Jon Becker (11 days ago)
There should be a cap on how much tax is charged on a tag. That’s ridiculous. Alabama is 2%. Nobody should have to pay more than $5k for a tag for any car. That’s government theft.
MichHenr99 (12 days ago)
Good thing the license plate tax is only 150% here in Denmark :)
Harry Curtis (12 days ago)
So you have to pay for a license plate as well, even if it comes with the car in the usa?
Josh Slone (12 days ago)
Doug is the type of liberal who wants to fix climate change but buys a super car, then cry's over the coal mines which mine the coal which is used to bend the steel to build his super car.
cdc 194 (12 days ago)
The voice crack at 5:50 seemed out of place for a Dough DeMuro video... is he trying to send us a secret message?
Thik Moter (12 days ago)
Congratulations on the new purchase! I almost never comment on videos, but I wanted to give you props for not complaining about paying taxes. You sound a lot like I do on the subject. I won't pontificate about it here, but you're not only really entertaining to listen to but also a thoroughly decent person. I look forward to your next videos! Take care! Chris
magic wand (13 days ago)
So one can't live inside a million dollar car ? Wtf ? I bought this 4 bedroom house 214,000 and yes did needed some work back then but fixed it up wt help of my Mexican friends and almost 30k..now appraised for 389.00 .. God Bless Doug Demuro
madeleine (13 days ago)
FYI: This is NOT a exotic sports car
Peter Napoli (13 days ago)
I’m paying $2,760/ year for a 2018 Camry.. the 4 cylinder... with no options...with a clean drivers license.
Trailblazer King (13 days ago)
$28,000 Thousand Dollars ..!!! That's not bad it's allways expensive getting a new car as you have Standard's that you have to carry out its like a must to do..!! Just so you feel better about the Future of the car life while it's in your care. As lots of new classic car owners "dont" realise that with having a classic car its important that you understand your only a custodial carer of the car evern thought you own it .
Trailblazer King (13 days ago)
I allways use a "classic car insurance" bumper to bumper insurance and I too have a very desirable number plate "S63L AMG" and it looks Amazing on my Designo mango cashmere white and full CARBON exterior & interior & ceramic brakes S63L AMG CAR.
Trailblazer King (13 days ago)
"Jeremy Clarkson" lov the Ford GT and had ONE of these and it NEVER worked properly allways in the Garage is it the same with you Doug .holy shot your just mentioned the Clarkson thing...!!!wizard Doug
Jarad C (13 days ago)
California is just a big trashcan now
RyTrapp0 (13 days ago)
PenFed Cred union, huh? ...NOTE TO SELF...
Bogdan Toma (14 days ago)
Can you help explain why would anyone freak out about "plates in montana"? I mean, from what tou say is legal, so why would there be an issue? Isn't there freedom? Maybe that guy had a stolen vehicle, which was reported, otherwise it seems illogical to freak out.or i dunno, haven't paid his fines, or other stuff he is doing, and by no means having a car licensed in another state.
Joe Stump (14 days ago)
Absolutely loved the "I'm an adult" shot about paying taxes. Since when did paying it forward become a bad thing eh?
Nathaniel Mata (14 days ago)
Lol.. I was gonna ask about the garage.
Yoseph Abukhalil (14 days ago)
A lot of bullies on here
Left in The SmokeSD (14 days ago)
turn that into a Plymouth Superbird and that's my baby
Moti 604 (14 days ago)
This guy sucha idiot always dumps money into shitboxes and pays so much on labour for easy jobs any one can do at home it's still just a Ford
evan (14 days ago)
Doug the type of guy to turn on his turning signal and stick his hand out the window so you know he’s turning
Stephen Wood (14 days ago)
How dont care how old i am or how much money i have, i will never “like” paying taxes
commander316 (15 days ago)
The point is that your state government did absolutely nothing in exchange for your $17,000. That should be enough to avoid the theft.
Christopher (15 days ago)
I kinda skipped around the video a little bit, & the GT is cool, but why is your garage so messy?
Jonathan Perez (15 days ago)
Was it smart to put his coverage up on his Ford gt?
BarnStangz (15 days ago)
This guy better hope he never loses that YT money or he'll be in the poor house.
TableRocked (15 days ago)
Authors of “Doug is the type of guy” comments are the type the rest of us sane car enthusiasts should flag their stupid, crude, and inane comments in hopes they or YouTube will get them to share their repetitive immature “wit” and “wisdom” on a more suitable channel.
The Great Host (15 days ago)
Fuck your shitty taxes
Glaux De (16 days ago)
In Germany we have to pay 19% Taxes on everything we buy.
ChumpyChicken2 (16 days ago)
Trump would get rid of the taxes and regulations in California. MAGA2020
The Seeker (16 days ago)
Doug get some wheels and a rap to protect it and keep enjoying your car👍
TreeroyJ (16 days ago)
$2800 for oil change, new battery and new gauge.... Think you got shafted there
Leonidas Sabr (16 days ago)
You didnt mention the financing terms?
TreeroyJ (16 days ago)
Can someone explain to me why he has to register the car? I get that sales tax is applied to a car being registered on the road but this is a second hand car, surely it's already on the road and already registered?
sclogse1 (16 days ago)
Tax loopholes? The bigger you are, the better they are. Trump purchased a building on credit in New York way back in the 70's, and in order to avoid paying taxes on it every year, leased it back to the city of New York for 100 years. That break plus his claimed losses in Atlantic City has allowed Don to not pay any tax at all for many years.
TreeroyJ (16 days ago)
Doug the type of guy to rent his house but buy a $200,000 car
sclogse1 (16 days ago)
I can see the kids reaching into the Christmas stocking. Walnuts. Then more walnuts.
Serge Couture (16 days ago)

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