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How NOT to Build in Minecraft (Common Building Mistakes)

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How NOT to Build in Minecraft (Common Building Mistakes) So here i have compiled a bunch of common mistakes i've seen people do with minecraft building. Hopefully these will help you if you are struggling! Let me know what you think of the new style too! Thank you so much to https://twitter.com/CFlolia for the art :3 I use the Replay Mod for most of my videos, please support the developers: Replaymod.com Follow me! - Twitter: https://twitter.com/GrianMC - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GrianMC - Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/Grianmc - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/grianmc/ -Powered by Chillblast: Chillblast.com
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Sen (8 hours ago)
I just make a hole in a mountain and go ham at that point. I get resources and a place I can easily make look like a fortress which I'm into.
Plum Yum (12 hours ago)
0:19 but if that's the house that the creaters of minecraft made themselves, wouldn't that mean that's the correct way to build a house? what if we're all doing it wrong? what if there's no right or wrong way to build a house because in minecraft, you get to be creative? I'm only 20 seconds in and I already see something wrong with this video. ( I have nothing against you, i'm just saying. )
Man MAN (15 hours ago)
Fake mansions Are Diamonds gold and emerald Real mansions are made out of wood and Stone lol
Flying Phoenix Vlogs (16 hours ago)
Hi Grian, I'm not trying to tell you how to do your job, but I just wanted to say that you shouldn't tell people that they are doing something wrong or bad because there is no right or wrong way to build in Minecraft because everyone has different likes and dislikes about the way something is built or how they build. I know that you are just trying to give pointers to people, I just think you should word how you say that differently. Again I'm not trying to tell you how to do something I'm just giving you my opinion, and suggestion which you don't have to take.
Travis the noob (17 hours ago)
You know people can build what they like Its their imagination and creativity you can't control it
Driver 2900 (20 hours ago)
this is good advice.
Active Ayaan (22 hours ago)
Stop talking like you're my dad (I'm kidding don't come at me)
Ava Buji (23 hours ago)
The over detailed house made my head hurt >:( thanks XD
Johnathen Dana (1 day ago)
We can build eny way we want
SkStar999 (1 day ago)
People keep building pyramid rooves instead of triangular prism ones.
OGCraft (1 day ago)
I Just Love To Make Mansions INSIDE Mountains...A Very Small Piston Door With A Very Large Home
dennis lemasters (1 day ago)
nobody should be judged on minecraft because of the way they build there house
Morson kaappi (1 day ago)
This is just about aesthetics and not practicality, so in the end, the whole point of making this video was to show us off your poor taste in architecture.
Robert Lipshultz (1 day ago)
This video just makes me hate humans even more
celso chavez (1 day ago)
They look horrible! That got me man.
Cira Anderson (1 day ago)
also you can make cherry trees by using acacia, pink wool, and brain coral blocks
Maxime Deslauriers (1 day ago)
Hey, I’ve played Minecraft before. Explain the practicality of not using the same block type.
Misty Filson (1 day ago)
Black Knight (1 day ago)
The square is much easier and cheaper to make in survival, which is why most people do it
Thepuppy chocolate (1 day ago)
Invite Popbob next time he will just grief it all.
coco draws (1 day ago)
me, someone who doesn't play minecraft and will never play it: eh, i guess * clicks on video *
Narko 007 (1 day ago)
I dislike playing with my kids because they build houses like your first 3... I can't bare looking at their screen! LMAO best father award please!
Sophia Abdul-Hamid (1 day ago)
2:07 BRUHHHHHHH are you kidding me??? This isint a building tips video!! This is more like a "You all suck at building, do it my way or else I will insult you to death" video. >:( btw this video makes me want to build a diamond square house
Logan Krieg (1 day ago)
Let people build how they want
Seecooty (1 day ago)
I ate a bunch of ketchup and now my eyes hurt
Jack Survivalwolf (1 day ago)
5:13 My OCD screams at me saying the one on the left is better
Skar (1 day ago)
4444 Ben (2 days ago)
You deserve a big subscriebe!!!!!
Mini Kitten (2 days ago)
7:40 that house went poof
AnimeMeh (2 days ago)
now I feel bad....
That guy you Watching (2 days ago)
9:11 the house looks like a monster opening it’s mouth to eat you
Elian Wolfert (2 days ago)
Thank you so much! I am pretty terrible at minecraft for being a casual player since the start, I just didn't know where to start really. This helps a lot!
Lucas G. Zonta F. (2 days ago)
Você não é um noob, e você é um pro. 🤨
Classy Raccoon (2 days ago)
I dont even play mincraft im a man i play hearthstones
DROPB (2 days ago)
I was also doing mistake so I just dig down in water and make a big hall according to my stuff and decorate it
Skellykenz (2 days ago)
CosmoCortney (2 days ago)
just dig a cave into some hill and you're done
Farenhive 2 (2 days ago)
Grian : I personally don't like over detailing! Me: Ur stupid I hate u why are u a youtuber??
Witthawin Waemama (2 days ago)
Next time make a plan about making a house before you build
cimpalalla (2 days ago)
Boxbox? The riven man here?
Shaun Duggan (2 days ago)
Came here hoping there was an actual gameplay reason that some things make for a bad build. Imagine my disappointment when it's just aesthetic elitist bullshit
Skrilltrap Tutoriel (2 days ago)
i better just look for a mountain and explode the inside of it, ez
thenutestnut (2 days ago)
so make my entire house out of sponge?
Justin Thorn (2 days ago)
Please make videos tourtis and Sam
Cuda FX (2 days ago)
just look into brutalist architecture
Purple Crayon (2 days ago)
I understand both the video and the people that've disliked the video. I'm for eye-candy builds, but calling someone's building a "mistake" that they intentionally built a specific way is quite insulting to the builder I'm sure. This is probably why people mostly make How-To's instead of How-To-Not.
00 Coyote (2 days ago)
I love minecraft because I can make things as I want! I'm not trying to impress others. I love the near infinite creativity to accomplish my personal objectives. Your telling me that I am wrong demonstrates that we play for different reasons. Mine is creative outlet, yours is to impress other people! I feel bad for you. You miss the point!
Leoniidus Gaming (2 days ago)
Ok while this is good but it is only good in certain worlds. Some of these are universal but the square house isnt always bad expecially if your going for a real house look. Expecially old style houses. A good portion of real houses expecially in country areas are rectangular
Jessica Farmer (2 days ago)
Frick you
Hudl Fi (2 days ago)
There's no "wright" or "wrong" way to build
Oof nice pun
Ariel X (3 days ago)
So...I literally prefer to make my house a rectangle because I'm usually out exploring and getting mats and stuff. And they still look nice. Its a game. And people can build however they want. Not everyone wants to be stupid fancy or care about aesthetics. We just want to play to have fun or relax.
Scarelec (3 days ago)
I feel like being annoying. I thought the point of this game is that you make whatever you want, without following any rules...
Anti-HyperLink (3 days ago)
"Mistakes", because your way of doing things is right, and mine are wrong, correct?
Julius Serquina (3 days ago)
Omg so fast growing 2m to 2.5m omg last time i watched its 1.8m
Tanel Murd (3 days ago)
dont tell me how to run my game, i buld has many swastikas has i want für my house.
Theo C (3 days ago)
I put efficiency over design.
Dram Springfeald (3 days ago)
8:35 > those exist in real life and are pretty common in farming areas.
RodneySwedishFish (3 days ago)
warning: retard alert
Thank you for your elaborative argument
Orange Pixel Studios (3 days ago)
Honestly, I find myself building more rectangular/box shaped houses, but I try to add detail. Idk. I guess I'm just an fan of rectangular/cube builds
Michael Oko (3 days ago)
A bunch of real life houses and apartments are squares......
Shelton Matthews (3 days ago)
I have to say...I use my roof as a shooting range
Shelton Matthews (3 days ago)
I made a glass 'rectangular' house...I added a lava floor with a cane garden outside...I had it made with multiple chests and crafting tables...then a creeper came to tell me about jesus 😭😭😭
DracoTora (3 days ago)
A video of a person telling everyone that unless you build like them,,,, your wrong
Eggs with legs (3 days ago)
...i cant even build a square house...
Jenni Mayy (3 days ago)
I just wanna see inside of the houses... lol
Epicuser99 Spike (3 days ago)
It'ss Mincrft and inn mincraf u canot mke a mistke becus u doo wt evr u wnt. lol xd
Dominic Del Principe (3 days ago)
Aesthetics in Minecraft architecture. What *will* they think of next
RETRO JOHN (3 days ago)
I'm gonna make a house out of dirt!
tbonesam (3 days ago)
the "overhang" is called a "cantilever" and they are getting more and more popular on new houses with out any suports
if you want too make a hello neighbour style do 8:50
Perfect_Poop (3 days ago)
Why live in a house when you can just dig a hole.
Dominik Ciepłuch (3 days ago)
Grian's building:mona lisa my building:house with bad roof
AmberMetalicScorpion (3 days ago)
i feel like somebody is going to use these don'ts and make a build using just those
playgrrrr (3 days ago)
08:28 At the end of the day, all of it is subjective anyway. Strictly speaking, *any* amount of detailing or extra corners are "unnecessary" and make the structure less efficient. Without objective measurements or a set of formulated goals to achieve, personal preference is all that you're left with. That's why technical advice like "shapes like this draw attention or guide your view in this or that way" is better than saying "over-detailing is 'unnecessary'".
Syarif Zidan (3 days ago)
About the second one i have the same questions to people that uses rolex's
Baby Bear Playtime (3 days ago)
I personally was avoiding this video because I was scared of how many mistakes I made but I only made 2 so wow by the Grian loved this video
Fred Ward (4 days ago)
I mean, little kids don’t care about making a build look great (in general), they just want to play the game. Nonetheless, nice video!
Simon Hartford (3 days ago)
That applies to a lot of people, not just kids. It's a sandbox game after all, people have the freedom to do whatever they want without getting attacked. Some people just want to focus on surviving (survival mode) and therefore building a small mediocore house is more practical than building a stunning and over-detailed house. Hope that explained it for you.
Felixa Rajiph (4 days ago)
Lagiacrus Lee (4 days ago)
this video is great and all, but people don't need what a person thinks is the "way" to build in minecraft. i give a like to this video because it explains how much more effective and beautiful it is to design better than a flat boxy house. However, i dislike this video because the video title doesn't represent what is mentioned within the video, which is about your opinion on what makes you tick or happy or stuff. its not their "mistake", they don't even bother with actual design or else they would have tried. why am i here if i'm complaining? i came here because this video piqued my interest in what is the common building mistakes and what not to build, but i didn't come here for one's own idea of professionalism and what is bad, which i admit is cool to know.
Ufuk Akdeniz (4 days ago)
you are the worst youtuder i ever seen
What's a youtuder
TheMrScaleman (4 days ago)
squidward puts nose on sculptur: now its art !
Paola Perego (4 days ago)
am i the only one who hears illuminati music in the background?????
PokeGirl (4 days ago)
I like the over hang
Freddy Krueger (4 days ago)
If you guys aren't MLG PRO with at least 195 IQ, then Please do not play Minecraft. To play Minecraft correctly you have to understand how to use block variety and overhangs to funnel player vision to the main thing. Geez guys plz UNINSTALL if you make ANY of THESE Minecraft SINS! You do not DESERVE to play the best game in the world, no, in fact, it is the ONLY thing in the world that DESERVES TO EXIST!!!! Any h8ters definately have autism and more than a small amount of LIGMA.
EnzoGervacio012 (4 days ago)
i should practice making custom trees instead of using regular trees
mlhieh (4 days ago)
10 million views
Joshua F (4 days ago)
Here's a tip for over-detailers. don't do it. it's that simple.
AverageDoggo (4 days ago)
>game about being creative and making whatever you want >you're building wrong bro you gotta build the way i like it not the way you want >the government in a nutshell
MrZintac (4 days ago)
Dire huts for the win LONG LIVE THE 9X9
agedpython 0 2 2 5 5 (4 days ago)
You forgot don't build in even numbers
Random porpoise (4 days ago)
Honestly in survival mode i think 2 block high ceilings are more practical because then enderman cant teleport/spawn in your house. In creative mode, i agree 2 block high ceilings are terrible.
Sagiri (4 days ago)
There is no such thing as a building mistake, short of accidentally placing the wrong block or something.
Riot Revelry (4 days ago)
Grian is like the Gordon Ramsey of Minecraft building.
nut cracker (4 days ago)
U dont have to use more than only one block everyone can just use the block he wants there are no building rules but still well done
PataponCreeper (4 days ago)
I tried my hardest not to over detail the house I made for my friend, I managed to keep it simple but also detailed but not over detailed, I had to try not to over detail it because I tend to be a perfectionist and try to over complicate things, even in highschool, 99% of all my work was late because I tried too hard, some got me good marks, some were just not enough for marks, I was in a special class so that they didn't dock marks for lateness, one project was a month overdue, no joke, I was lucky that I didn't fail that one
PataponCreeper (4 days ago)
did you know that Notch always had the intention of villager villages to be for creative builders as there's 2 options with a village, 1. loot if of it's resources, or 2. help the village, they made the designs simple so that you could expand it more with more of the buildings, but they also allow you to improve the design to help them, make more buildings, upgrade the buildings, change the design of the buildings, and make new villager buildings, as long as the door is made of wood, they can enter, to spawn more villagers, there's a video on how to build a correct building to spawn more villagers
Roxanne Shankland (5 days ago)
The over hang one is like my house. My real house. He said that style looked bad. Rip
Skellykenz (5 days ago)
Minecraft sucks
Thank you for your elaborative argument
ArtificialDjDAGX (5 days ago)
I prefer to build bases beneath pools of water, so they're more or less impossible to detect as well as really secure.
Taking a virtial world that is about surviving into an architect sim

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