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How NOT to Build in Minecraft (Common Building Mistakes)

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How NOT to Build in Minecraft (Common Building Mistakes) So here i have compiled a bunch of common mistakes i've seen people do with minecraft building. Hopefully these will help you if you are struggling! Let me know what you think of the new style too! Thank you so much to https://twitter.com/CFlolia for the art :3 I use the Replay Mod for most of my videos, please support the developers: Replaymod.com Follow me! - Twitter: https://twitter.com/GrianMC - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GrianMC - Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/Grianmc - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/grianmc/ -Powered by Chillblast: Chillblast.com
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Text Comments (36967)
Horde Horde01 (7 hours ago)
Did you just disapprove a block house where everything are blocks?
KIDS being RANDOM (8 hours ago)
A lot of people play in survival so they don’t make the House flat
True Savage (11 hours ago)
not a builds look good with these strategies. Sometimes it will make a build look worse
Emma Ce (13 hours ago)
We don’t have to make the houses like this it’s just your opinon dummy
Ryan Zain (13 hours ago)
Your'e the god of building
bloodstone dragon (13 hours ago)
not everyone are masters so don't complain if there are mistakes,ppl are doing their best,and Minecraft was made for ppl to use their own creativity and play the game the way THEY want to,and build the way they want to,some ppl hate ppl like u to complain how they play and build in a game that's meant for ppl to fully show individuality within a game,everyone plays differently,so don't complain over tiny building mistakes if its the way the ppl of Minecraft was meant to be played as
Jake the Animator (17 hours ago)
3:37 was I the only one that laughed at the words “builder instincts”
ops6412 (18 hours ago)
I think over detailing is great?
please end me (17 hours ago)
me too man, i like the profile picture by the way. By any chance is that the "when the caller ID says unknown" and it contains a picture of Joseph Tribiani looking rather mortified at the stated fact that can be presumed that someone with the identification number set to unknown has tried to contact the aforementioned character from the hit television how "F•R•I•E•N•D•S"
Nadia Seory (22 hours ago)
@grian thank you soooooo much for your advices. Now i can build way more better
Dan M (22 hours ago)
These aren't mistakes, this is your personal preference
Jack Sentance (22 hours ago)
i like to over detail it looks cool and don't complane because people like to over detail and have flat roofs
Tanglewood (1 day ago)
I know I’m late, but I don’t get how building in minecraft can have mistakes? Isn’t it the designers choice how they build? I just don’t think it should be called a mistake....
Ptaradactle Time (1 day ago)
I like to imagine your skin running around screeching at block houses
Jim Jason Pangwi (1 day ago)
Thanks for the tips grian. Now i can make my builds even worse!
Hayden Mamo (1 day ago)
In 2016 I made a castle and then after watching this video I made the castle better
LokiTheSinner (1 day ago)
Every time I see a video like this it makes me want to do the opposite of what it tell me too just because I was told not too. There is no How NOT to Build in Minecraft, only how to Build in Minecraft.
dumb fun Lol (1 day ago)
No hate but first one players might not have many blocks or the player needs a block so they need to use one block to build a home the pond one to player might want a river or a little stream or a water fall the last one a player in survival can care about their build the overdetail part a player might love to build and gets cared away the overhang a big home is kinda useless so make a over hang to see more and the detail is no required you can make two pillars at the corner the tree part yes not hard to get wood but lives are hard u need to get two iron bars and the build is hard to make it look normal is hard the way you want it to be in survival hard creative easy
Grian is basicly saying *you gotta be a good pro at building, good shape, great palat. Etc*
sausage islife (1 day ago)
I agree with most of this but none of it really matters in survival mode. In survival mode there is no need to go to that extent until your just bored.
alecplay z (1 day ago)
I make hang overs freind:that's dum(later builds a porch there)me: what were u saying
Vanna (1 day ago)
Ooooo aren't there auch thing as flat roofs irl hahaha gotcha there
Brandon Morris (1 day ago)
I kinda want to just re upload this and change the title to "How NOT to Build Relationships (Common Sociopath Mistakes)"
LokiTheSinner (1 day ago)
Alexa Misty (1 day ago)
However you could just make the ugliest noob house and then have like, a rockin' hidden base under it
be fokkinhappy (1 day ago)
*oof* my minecraft houses look always like that 0:20
Grimmreaper15 (1 day ago)
i am sorry grian i make box houses D:
If your playing on factions with the emerald,iron,diamond, and gold. The your just asking to be griefed.
AndyTheAwesome (1 day ago)
The thing is, although I usually play in creative mode, a lot of these tips are time consuming to follow in survival. In survival, resources like quartz and bricks have to be used sparingly, and even with resources like cobblestone, it's not that simple. It can take a whole 45 minutes to get a roof's worth of cobble. Often, people who play survival just want a simple shelter, not a huge mansion with ponds, custom trees, a balcony, a pool, a garden, entire rooms dedicated to looking good, etc. It's just a different play style, a different reason to play.
drodog11 (1 day ago)
You are the best Youtuber ever i am a super good builder now thank you
Gabe Genereaux (2 days ago)
the only mistake I know is building your house above ground
Dreadhawk (1 day ago)
While I agree with some of your sentiments, sometimes if your playing survival, you don't have the luxury of easily accessible infinite blocks, flying, and breaking blocks immediately. I have used some of your tips but in truth I find the insane detail equivalent to baroque music, too much depth/detail is like a tasty cake that is far too rich, if you get me. But its all subjective. Personally my builds improved a lot after seeing videos on medieval architecture, how and why it was done in certain ways. And it sure helped add to the immersion of my builds.. and the usefulness too. A good example of usefulness was when I watched this awesome video on crenelations and how they were used.. I ended up making functional crenelations on a watch tower which allow me to shoot enemies that have walked up to the walls of my fortifications whilst having cover with cobblestone wall, as well as being able to shoot enemies from a far. I have no deadzone for archery with this tactic whilst also having cover.. BUT! If my wall wasn't flat enemies like creepers who like to hug a wall until you come out of your building would have cover. TLDR, depth might look fancy and is great for creative fancy-ness but is a poor defensive stratergy. But if you are making a defensive building, the efficient model looks good, because it works. The video I mentioned https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBVPcr7VjyQ
what house design would you recommend for my Christian Minecraft server
bunbun (2 days ago)
Imma stick with my square wood huts thanks
Gamer_ 47 (2 days ago)
Ever notice how at 2:50 it looks kinda like the outline of the State of Texas
Meteor Mashup (2 days ago)
I get the build more than 2 blocks high for decoration but if it's 3 or more blocks then endermen can spawn.
Night Lock (2 days ago)
Dont change minecraft
Matthew Hood (2 days ago)
"It does work with our eyes." -Grain 2016 The guy who has the dark black void for eyes.
Ledion-da-masta (2 days ago)
I get the same enjoyment of my wood plank box then my cobble and plank mansion.
This is why you dig out a mountain and build an underground lair
Javier Jimenez (2 days ago)
Like, if you are seeing this in 2018
Oren Pease (2 days ago)
over details. "WHAT! I THINK IT'S GREAT!!!!"
JellyAnimations428 (2 days ago)
I’m a little triggered MY BUILDING IS FINNE THANK YOU
sirten maniac (2 days ago)
Thanks grian for the tips!
Deivix :3 (2 days ago)
alex rango (2 days ago)
>niqqas not making dirt house with that green top weak
the ballad of minsung (2 days ago)
Wooow I could listen to your voice for two weeks straight
Spicy Boi (2 days ago)
This was the most helpful tutorial video I have ever seen
Nice vid but people like me usually grind for diamond and i live in a 15x15x3 hole so what can .ı do with these lmao
TheHappyApple Apple (2 days ago)
I can’t even build a good house in minecraft.
Marc Gorter (2 days ago)
Don't tell people how to play this game. Let them make their own choices. There are no rights or wrongs.
LokiTheSinner (1 day ago)
Nicole Yenter (2 days ago)
I just dug a hole put torches in and outlined it
Noahs Noah (2 days ago)
I need this builder!!!
Alfredo Castro (2 days ago)
why am i here
Random Channel (2 days ago)
No offence but some of your "better" versions of you houses look demented
LokiTheSinner (1 day ago)
Trace Whitmire (2 days ago)
I would argue that there is no wrong way to build in Minecraft, you can do whatever you want
LokiTheSinner (1 day ago)
Yep that's so true.
3:40 omg
These houses look rly nice but its to complex for its main purpose , houses in minecraft are ment to be a shelter and a store house for items , and spending to much time gathering recources and building just to make it nice is simply not worthit , a wooden house with depth a overhang roof and making it up with planks glass and logs is better then building a nice house becose the looks of your house dont matter , they are built becose of their purpose
I agree
Mixie Art (2 days ago)
Some people like to have pretty houses, this video is for them. If you don’t want a pretty house simply because you don’t think you need one then that’s fine! This video is for people that like building (mostly in creative mode) I like having a good house in minecraft, mostly because I’m not a good player but still!
Tamil Hordge (3 days ago)
I agree
BurritoZac (3 days ago)
One time on survival i made a giant woodsn house using your building tips and it was great
Ninija Roblox (3 days ago)
i will say for all tricks 0\10
Ninija Roblox (3 days ago)
hey all players can build how ever they want whos with me like its commet
LokiTheSinner (1 day ago)
lasse espø (3 days ago)
could you then make a video explaining why its so important that you build a house that has all those features?
Iron ingot (3 days ago)
Two block high houses are so endermen are keeped out
Fafnya (3 days ago)
The ugliest thing in this video is the weird fucking roof textures you do tho
LokiTheSinner (1 day ago)
Fire Dude another (3 days ago)
When I first started Minecraft my houses were something like this: One layer: diamond ore Another layer: hay Another layer: wood And so on
Joseph Stalin (3 days ago)
Minecraft is a game about creativity where players can build how ever they want to build there is no such thing as a "building mistake" in minecraft you can't make a video telling people how not to build in mine craft they can build however they want and you shouldn't call their buildings "mistakes".
LokiTheSinner (1 day ago)
Raymond Wiggins (3 days ago)
2:14 they want to get raided
Kyle (3 days ago)
1:49 I'mma be real with you chief, the depth makes that house look worse
Vectorthehop (3 days ago)
Me in creative: *makes best house ever* Me in survival: Welcome to my hole in the ground!
DarkMajykGaming (3 days ago)
I really want to hug you now for some reason. Thanks a lot
yousef Sawaqed (3 days ago)
Like it
Tim De Beul (3 days ago)
The video sorts people into 2 sections or in 2 different game modes.. or styles. I'm the perfect example of a player who enjoys compact rooms where everything is close. Optimize time wasted vs. getting resources and i will maximize my time vs getting resources every damn time i play the game. So house details... NOT EVEN CLOSE, at this time or point in the game it is not of any value. So if you would give me advice at this point in the game to me... about how my base looks? I will laugh at you, even if its the truth, it isn't even valid. I only start adding attention for the details when i complete the game and have a lot of resources. Before that, for me, its a total waste of time and just totally pointless.
DTB - FIFA Mobile (4 days ago)
WTH Grian, By Making This Video You Are Just Making People Feel Bad About Their Build
LokiTheSinner (1 day ago)
Project1.0 (4 days ago)
And to those people saying its only tips look at the title
Taco Plays (4 days ago)
My house I worked for 3 hours with my friend got struck by lighting rip all that progress
Bobby (4 days ago)
I have a new house made by spruce wood and it burned and now me and my best friend is making a new house (We’re using survival mode) 1 like = 1 Minecraft lets player gets 1 like ⚠️ THIS IS NOT FOR LIKES I JUST WANT TO SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE HOW THEY ARE IDIOTS ⚠️
Project1.0 (4 days ago)
Also just finished watching NONE of these are mistakes
LokiTheSinner (1 day ago)
Project1.0 (4 days ago)
Those roofs look horable make them evan that's one mistake for you
Project1.0 (4 days ago)
Over hangs don't look bad if there ever a cliff
Project1.0 (4 days ago)
Another thing 3 blocks is the only height needed and is the best
Project1.0 (4 days ago)
Also also (I'm still waching) if you want an interesting tree put 4 jungles together
Project1.0 (4 days ago)
Also the first house looks better
Project1.0 (4 days ago)
The only mistake you can make while building in survival is not enough light
LokiTheSinner (1 day ago)
That so true
D and B Vids (4 days ago)
Absolutely love the intro
WAVE360 (4 days ago)
A tip for people who aren't very good at building, start with the roof so you don't make the house too small.
TFS 13 (4 days ago)
my dirt house is offended :)
Hanan Kader (4 days ago)
Samantha Sierra (4 days ago)
I wish I had this kind of creativity.
Ty Diakiw (4 days ago)
I can really appreciate the effort you put into this video, rather than just saying dont do this and give no examples or context you gave us content, making the video enjoyable to watch whilst still learning usefull things. I thank you Grian.
jona312312 (4 days ago)
There is no wrong way to build and there are no mistakes in building! This video is just profoundly stupid.
Amelia Stephen (4 days ago)
Whos having fun here? Not you, probably!
Jonathan Jones (5 days ago)
"try to not defy physics" goes into 3rd person view whilst flying in midair... :D
xzgamer killer (5 days ago)
I am one of a guy who do that over detail and detail
R4M80 (5 days ago)
it is 11:12 pm, I don't usually see Minecraft videos, just why Im seeing this?
Mess Fanai (5 days ago)
Ohh grian your skin is sooo kute
X Uno X (5 days ago)
Anja Hemmings (5 days ago)
It will 😎
Foxy-fox 2007 (5 days ago)
I am an absolute piece of trash when it comes to roofs.
Gaster Dr (5 days ago)
7:23 when you watch a video in 1080p 7:50 when you watch a video in 480p
Marion Borg (6 days ago)
I was a kid once and built a house out of lapis lazuli qaurtz gold diamonds and emeralds and was like OMG I LOVE this house
Kira’s Life (6 days ago)
The over details house is triggering me

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